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Enabling kids through the magic of snow sports

About Ontario Track 3 For more than 42 years Ontario Track 3 has been the only provincial organization dedicated to long-term adaptive alpine sports programs for children with disabilities. Track 3 started at a single Collingwood location assisting a small number of young amputees. The name “Track 3� comes from the three tracks left in the snow by an amputee skiing with one ski and two outriggers. Since then, Track 3 has grown to a registered provincial charity with 12 locations, 15 programs, and 2 regional affiliates in Kitchener and London, Ontario.

over 400 volunteers (program directors, instructors, assistants & support staff) Our volunteers also assist grade 7 & 8 schools when they are planning their school ski days. When Ontario Track 3 is involved, students with disabilities are not left behind. They gain the opportunity to experience

the thrill and excitement of skiing and snowboarding alongside their classmates and peers. Today, Ontario Track 3 serves hundreds of children each year that have a wide variety of cognitive and physical disabilities. Over 400 volunteers actively participate annually under the stewardship of an Executive Director and an elected Board of Directors that provides management expertise, planning and organizational governance. Track 3 has developed a comprehensive instructor training and certification program which is critical to the safe and consistent delivery of high quality programs. Specialty adaptive equipment such as sit-skis, sliders, outriggers, harnesses and braces are used to address a wide variety of special needs. Track 3 also owns an inentory of ski gear and portable buildings placed at several ski hills for equipment storage and to provide a safe and dignified learning and social environment for our kids. Ontario Track 3 relies solely upon funding from a combination of sources including student fees, fundraising events, third party events, in-kind donations in the form of lift tickets and facilities, government project grants, individual donations and corporate donations and sponsorships.

Your opportunities for corporate participation Corporate partnerships and collaborative fundraising efforts are critical to Ontario Track 3’s success and continuity. You can help make a difference. Your involvement enables us to deliver our programs, alleviate wait-lists and enable more kids on the ski hill.

a student’s participation in our program for one year costs $1,850 Employee Engagement Ontario Track 3 offers the perfect opportunity for your organization to bring your employees and customers together with the shared vision of enabling kids through the magic of snow sports. A positive organizational culture is nourished by a common sense of purpose and peer engagement is the single most influencing factor when comes to employees going the extra mile. Here are just a few ideas of how you can engage your employees with a sense of purpose: • Create a committee of hands-on volunteers who participate on the hills with the kids • Turn your company picnic or golf tournament into an event with a purpose • Offer pro-bono services for advertising, printing, marketing or professional services • Create an employee giving campaign to support Ontario Track 3

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Corporate Sponsorships Serving over 200 kids with disabilities, Ontario Track 3 has an annual budget requirement in excess of $400,000. Corporate sponsorships are critical to the success and continuity of Track 3 services. Your organization can make a meaningful difference by making donations or becoming a sponsor. Here are a few opportunities for your corporate sponsorship: • Volunteer Appreciation Sponsor • Uniform and Apparel Sponsor • Sit-Ski & Equipment Sponsor • Portable Facility Sponsor • Busing and Transportation Sponsor • Course Conductor & Instructor Training Sponsor • Marketing & Communications Sponsor

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Participation in Events Ontario Track 3 promotes three major fund raising events each year. Corporate participation in these events is critical to achieving our fund raising goals. Our average annual cost per student is $1,850. Money raised from these events goes to instructor training, volunteer recruitment, transportation, lift tickets, facilities and specialty adaptive equipment. As an event sponsor, your organization has access to bulk ticket reservations and receives special recognition with your name and logo displayed on the Track 3 website, in our marketing material and at the events. Become a Track 3 event sponsor at the: • Autumn Steam Whistle Winterlude Carnival • Friends and Family Race Day • Summer Golf Tournament.

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With your donation to Ontario Track 3, you are enabling kids with disabilities Ontario Track 3 Ski Association is a volunteer based charity enabling kids with disabilities to discover their confidence, develop their talents and achieve their physical potential through the magic of snow sports.

Making a difference for hundreds of kids each year Ontario Track 3 delivers professionally certified adaptive ski and snow board programs that are designed for kids with disabilities needs. Our goal is to change lives by enabling our students with the same opportunities and experiences that are available to other children within their schools, families and communities.

Enabling physical development For many able bodied youth, physical activities, sports and recreation are key ingredients that keep them engaged in school, keep them healthy and are the centre of their personal and social development. The reality is that kids with disabilities are often excluded from these critical aspects of life because of systemic barriers including a lack of programs, instructor training, adaptive equipment and resources. Ontario Track 3 enables hundreds of kids with disabilities to become full participants in some of Canada’s healthiest outdoor winter sports. Qualified adaptive instructors use specialty training and adaptive equipment to remove barriers that Track 3 kids experience in their daily lives. We deliver programs that enable each child’s physical, personal and social development. In many aspects of life, a small bump can be a significant barrier. At Ontario Track 3, a mountain can become a child’s life enabler.

Enabling social integration There is equality on the mountain. When kids participate in Ontario Track 3 programs, we look beyond disabilities and adaptive equipment. We don’t talk much about barriers or set arbitrary limits. Obstacles become challenges and gravity represents an opportunity. Track 3 kids ride the lifts together; they develop self confidence together; they celebrate each other’s accomplishments and make great friendships that last a lifetime. When we enable a child with positive social experiences, independence and confidence, their lives change forever.

Enabling thrills and excitement Ontario Track 3 enables kids to safely experience the thrills and excitement that come with alpine skiing and snowboarding. In everyday life, we are justifiably protective of kids with special needs. Wheel chairs, walkers, canes and prosthetic limbs come with their limitations. Delayed cognitive development, visual impairment, hearing impairment, syndromes and diseases raise safety concerns that typically result in the conservative path. Our professionally trained adaptive instructors use specialty equipment on safe terrain to give Track 3 kids the thrills and excitement that every child should have the opportunity to experience.

Enabling volunteers with the right skills Volunteering is no minor commitment. Each season, over 400 volunteers contribute their valuable time and talents to Ontario Track 3 and to the children we serve. Every volunteer attends a minimum of two days of on-hill training plus additional orientation, certification and upgrade courses. They incur travel time and travel costs and then they selflessly deliver seven weeks of direct student services.

Your generous financial contributions help us attract, recruit, train, certify, retain, insure and appreciate our corps of volunteer heroes. Each volunteer role has its own unique training and certification standards including program directors, ski instructors, snowboard instructors, teaching assistants, equipment technicians, bus captains and support staff. We enable volunteer heroes with the training and resources and in turn, they create smiles and change lives.

Our facilities Ski hill partners are critical to the success of Ontario Track 3. Programs are run at each of the prestigious locations listed here. As a corporate sponsor or as an employee engagement partner you will gain valuable exposure at many of Ontario’s private clubs, resorts and municipal facilities. Regardless of your business, there’s a pretty good chance that the members and guests of our ski hill partners are your target audience too. Become a corporate sponsor - you’ll be in good company.

14 programs at 13 locations The locations of our programs: Alpine Ski Club - Collingwood Batawa Ski Hill - Batawa Beaver Valley Ski Club - Markdale Caledon Ski Club - Caledon Centennial Park - Etobicoke Craigleith Ski Club - Collingwood Earl Bales - North York Glen Eden - Milton Hockley Valley Resort - Orangeville Mount Baldy - Thunder Bay Mt. St. Louis/Moonstone Ski Resort - Moonstone Osler Bluff Ski Club - Collingwood Ski Hawks (Visually impaired) – Various locations

Our yearly fundraising events LU D WINTER E 2016

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Winterlude Carnival Staged at the iconic Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto, this annual autumn event attracts a fun crowd. Over 400 carnival participants engage in games, food, music, dance, auctions, tours, and of course the Steam Whistle’s own brew. • Sponsorship Opportunities • Prize and Auction Donations • Bulk Ticket Purchases


3M9 N M5V e Park, 25 5 B re m n e r B lvd , To r o nto , O

Friends & Family Race Day Held at Ontario’s prestigious Craigleith Ski Club, this annual winter event is designed for anyone who loves the outdoors. Whether its family fun races or gates for advanced skiers, the fun doesn’t stop on the hills. Great food, entertainment and prizes are complemented with snowshoe tours and free snowboard or ski lessons. This is a great event to entertain clients, recognize employees or just get away with the kids. • Sponsorship Opportunities • Prize and Auction Donations • Bulk Ticket Purchases

Annual Golf Tournament This is not just another golf tournament. Combined with the traditional scramble format, this perfect day of fun is loaded with vision and purpose. Attendees can’t help but feel how much of a meaningful difference we make in the lives of Track 3 kids. Games are played; kids from the programs show up to help and friendships are strengthened. It’s not just golf. We take pride presenting a Track 3 experience - that finishes on time! • Sponsorship Opportunities • Prize and Auction Donations • Bulk Foursome Opportunities

61 Advance Rd, Unit 4, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2S6 Telephone: 416-233-3872 • Toll Free: 1-877-308-7225 Email: •

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