Ontario Simmental Advocate Spring 2014

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7260 Hwy 12,Brooklin, Ontario, L1M 1Y2 Farm: 905.655.4966 Cell: 905.213.2612



OS4 /*,u,u/a/ Best Weslern / Peterborough Ph 705.742.3454 lf you ore plonning on ottending ond would like ro stoy for dinner pleose contoct Debbie Elliotl before Februory2l,2Ol4. CostforDinnerif bookedbeforeFeb22 $25.00 / aiterFeb22orotthedoor$35.0O

0SA would like to recognize und thonk the lollowing sponsors of the Bonners sl lhe 2013 Royul Ullinter Foir. Your support is opprecioted. Bourhord liveslock lnternctionsl


Hollridge Simmentols


(onodiun Simmental (ountry

Notionol Crossfield, AB

Dr. Evereti ond Morylon Holl



Sound, ON




Bernord ond Lise Leohy ond lomily




Donovondole Formt



Dove ond Goyle AAilliner

Gerold ond Keilho Donovon


Dundolk, ON

. Ashton, CN

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Iums in memory ol Lorry Behnke

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. The Robson

Evergreen Odds .



Plume .

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in Memory of Bennie Vonce .

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Honk, Tino ond Brondon Hiddink. Bloomfleld, ON

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. Weilesley, CN

. Don ond Jonel Munro . Sutton, ON Arkuty Simmentols . Russell Code . Perth Rood, ON BIo& River [otms

BlC, Guelph, ON. 0'Bden Formt


Don O'Brien

. Winchester,



Port Elgin, Ontorio

NAPAAuTo Poris


Combridge, Ontorio

Mople Key


Konoto, ON

Advocate I Spring



Hello from the Volley:

We storted off our post yeor with o well-ottended Annuol Generol Meeting. Following thot wos ihe Simmentol lnnovotions presentotions in Guelph in July orid

wropped up with the Royol in November.

We hove odvertised in eoch of the Ontorio Beef issues throughout the yeor os well os the officiol publicotion of the Ontorio Cqttle Feeders, the"News fe.ld. We hove utilized our poge regulorly in the Simmentol Country mogozine, os well os publishing o Spring ond Foll issue of the Advocote. The OSA is in o relotively comfortoble finonciol position with o Bolonce Sheet in excess of $30,000. The Boord is ot o crossroods os to whether to continue on the present poth of running by the seot of our ponts ond continuing to odvertise

in the previously mentioned publicotions, or whether we should look ot hiring or controcting someone to monoge the Associotion. Hirinq someone would deflnltely toke some-of the lood off the"Directors but ot the some"time it will most definltel(, droin the cosh reserves over o relotively short period of time. The Boord will bl seeking input on this issue ot the upcoming AGM. We ore tremendo-usly lucky to hove the dedicotion ond personol time offered by our OSA Boord of Directois, os well os the continued efforts of Groce Oesch ond the services of our Professionol Accountont, Debbie Elliott. I would Iike to thonk eoch of you for helping lo moke the posi yeor o success. This yeor we hove two retiring Directors ond my term os representotive for the

Otiowo Volley is olso finished. lf you would [ike to let your nqme stond for nominotion pleose let ony of the Directors know.

I think it wos in 2002 thot CSA put out posters promoiing $,l,200.00 Simmentol colves. We ore finolly bock to 2002 ond obove. Cottle prices ore ot record highs ond the demond for Simmentol genetics is very strong, ihere is o bright future"for those who hove stuck with it for the post yeors of chollenges.

Looking forword to seeing everyone ot the Annuol Generol Meeting on Morch

0l in Peterborough. Sincerely.

Don O'Brien

Precdo,rf, 0,ttarro Shneda/ 4eeoa /ht/'l(


Advocate I Spring 2014



Treosurer De64<" t%hfr


T6t3 761 .2403

T5 1 9.345 2785

don. obrien@sympotico. co


Post President

Ke.l/a Tanz.arDaaaran

Eqst Cenfrql Director


dovovondo le-si




Ek/4& ?rlaaaro c705 B7B 1713


elmtreeforms@i-zoom. net

Vice President




c61 3 .399 3239

Od"la ?rolaro

lino. hiddink@scoiiobonk.com


Post Vice-President

OSA Director & GSA Director

A,//r/ E&aArrdr c705.76 r .0896


ircc@nexicom . net

dgm illiner@everus. co



E4aie Oe;il T5I9 656 2199

Kara t,4nql, T613.478 3404

grovondole@netf osh.net



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Advocate I Spring



Kyle occepted the nominotion. Kyle wos ve.y fovourobly

lndion River Cottle Compony nomirole. The seco.der is Victorio McEloon. trr Scoli Shooke from l(onsos Stute University ond SFI Simmentsb in Kon:rs BIO not ovoiloble ot tirr"e o[ printing l.

suggesied by mony Weslern bosed breeders, oll comment-

ing on his integrity, repulotion, knowledge ond experience lhot he hos goined from iudglng leodlng shows oi Edmonton Formfoir lChorlois -2OlOi ond this post foll both the Commerciol Shryr ond Bull Pen Show ot Agribition, os highltghts ol the multiple shows he hos sorted. With this

& Llndo Stewort & So.rs nominote The seconder is Mike ol Siewort Livesiock Borry Wesner of Wesner livestock [nt. from (holmers lndiono Forms 300 ocres - Corns Soybeons & hoy Ron of Ron

Borry roises Simmentol & Angus cottle, showing oll over

yeor being

o Nofionol

Show, whol could be more fitting

then o YCS groduote from one of the elite herds of Conodo

thot ore offe:ing over 3O0 bulls in there 201


4 29t\ Annuol

buil sole, from lhere block, red ond fullblood breeding. We

will llnd Kyle to be o true Simmentol breeder ond promoter, who will cory the messoge from the RAWF in regords to the


Hos ludged livestock show in Woshington DC - Utoh - Ohlo - lndiono - lllinois

depth of quolity lrom oll breeders exhibitlng.

Hos worked lor Fomer Coop os feed consultonl for cofite

& hogs 4: 3:

Todd Compbell, Desliny Simmentols nominotes

Jeon O'Connor, Triple Rose Simmentols nominotes The seconder is Russell Code, Arkocy Simmentols

The seconder is Glenr Wotten from Elm Tree Form


Kyle [ewis, the fourth generolion of lewis Forms in Sprute

BIO not ovoiloble ot time o{ prinling




Bruns From South Dokotu

As orooer identificotion of onimols is the bosis for the purebred industry, this is the most importont foctor o breeder should consider. Animols con be turned owoy from shows, soles, ond for export purposes becouse of improper, ind,istinct, or iust,ploin erroneous tottoos. Plocing o tottoo on on onimol should be o simple mottei, but it seems it couses mony breeders problems moinly becouse not enoulh core is token ot the time the tottoo is opplied. Reod these tips over, inspect your cottles tottoos when yo, hbre o moment, evoluote your present technique, ond see if you con improve on your own tottooing method. Tools of the Trode tottoo pliers, smoll brush (o toothbrush works well) for rubbing poste into the tottoo letters, rog.for.cleoninq

eor, olcohol os solvent to wet iog with to remove wox, tube of poste ink. Dont stoie the tottoo letters in o pile ot the bottom o[ o contoiner point will become bJnt or dull. Cleon, shorp, stroig'ht needles moke for good tottoos.

Applyinq tottoo select o spot between the ribs, well into eor ond well owoy from the hoiryedges o[ the eor. Press firmly ond 1..1"o'r"."or"rsino the eor owoy from the pliers if necessory to ovoid teoring the skin. Note i[ the punctures mode ore indistinct Lor""it to heol fo, t week ond try ogoin. Avoid hitting o rib, o-s this couses excess bieeding ond will result in one ";;'[rp;J, side'o[ the puncture being too shollow ond the other side too deep, moking o poor tottoo. N.B. Extremely importont to thoroughly cleon the dirt ond wox flom the eor. Apply the poste ink to the eor. There ore mony types of inks, but poste is recommended. Colors vory, but green works best. Dont out the ooste directlv on the tottoo needles, work the poste into the punctures with the brush. lf ony blood oppeors, opply more poste ond rub it in Lntil it stops. lf the tottoo is o good one, the excess ink moy be removed immediotely, but usuolly it is left on to help minimize bleeding. Dont ploce tottoos in the hoiry edges. Remember when doing colves, ploce the tottoo well into the eor. As the colf grows, the hoiry edge works into the eor.

A good tottoo, well into the eor, owoy- from the hoiry outer edges ond ploinly visible is the desired result. Ploce the breeder leti-ers in the

top, running between the first ond second ribs.

The use of o floshlight speeds up the reoding of tottoos, but well ploced, distinct tottoos-should require no oid to reod them. Dont confuse 6's orid 9's. Once you've plocetr the tottoos in the pliers, check on o piece o[ cordboord before plocing in the eor.

ffi rc tlE--LnEIHIII&8[GtlrrYr; A deon eor is

step to o s'f(cessful

loltoo. (iooino eors mov olso


necessory 16'ovdld interlerenie lrom hoir.

sricbid ribs. The ink should thoroughly

Sonilizino lollooino eouiomenl one



rroy'to follo* Etsicirity protocbl.


moteriols is the lirsl step in getting reody to

Keeo o firm orio on lhe tolf or kid to ovold ony mo-vriment thol rould couse

lolloo. Alter severol weeks, fie totloo should betome leoible os the dried ink flokes out ol the iolf's or kid's eor. Pictures loken


the Bosics of ldentifying (olves>>, University of Arkonsos.

ln this instollment of Top Ten morketing tools, I discuss the need to comply with proper lnternet etiquette, known os "Netiqueite". This term refers to the expectotion thot lnternet users will follow generolly occepted conventions, or sociol behoviours, when using the lnternet. This orticle will describe "Netiquette" expectotions when creoting ond distributing morketing emoil messoges (Emoil permissions); ond the right to use photogrophic imoges (Copyright permission). Lef's stort with Emoil Do's qnd Don'ls!


Do odd o compelling "Subiect line" which con be seorched ond found eosily. Don't miss out on this prime piece of emoil reol estote. An interesting "Subiect line" hooks people into reoding the content of your emoil - thot's the whole poini.

r Do

re-reod ond spell check your outgoing emoil - your professionolism is ot stoke. Set your emoil progrom to outo

correct errors os you type, ond do o finol spell check before you hit the "send" button. o

Do remember to provide your contoct informotion


oll of


lnclude links to your website, blog, Focebook poge, etc. You con outomote this in your emoil progrom under "insert signoture", ond then you iust hove one click to insert oll your contoct info into eoch emoil you send out. lt's the courteous thing to do, so people con reoch you.

. Don'l send "spom"

(unsolicited commerciol emoil). Only send emoil to those with whom you hove on estoblished relotionship (see "Emoil Permissions" porogroph below). Spom hos grown


exponentiolly over the yeors ond todoy omounts to opproximotely 80 to 85% of oll the emoil in the world.


USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the body of your emoil - it considered the equivolent of "shouting" ot someone! lT'S NOT POLITE TO SHOUT!II is

. Don't reveol

other recipients' emoil oddresses in the "TO" ot "CC" boxes. lf you ore sending out o bulk emoil messoge to I 00 recipients - you ore reveoling whot should be I00 confidentiol

emoil oddresses. lnsteod put your own nome (or o generic nome such os "Recipient List" ond use your own emoil oddress) in the "TO" box. You con then put your 100 emoil oddress list in the "BCC" box - ond no other recipients' emoil oddresses will show up in the delivered emoil copy. e


Don't outomoticolly hit the "reply oll" button if you only need to "reply" to the originol sender - everyone is overlooded with unwonted ond unnecessory emoil. Don't odd to the problem. Don't use o former emoil on "Subiect A" to send o new emoil on "Subiect B". lt mokes it difficult for the receiver to file ond retrieve. Stort with o fresh emoil or, if you must use o previous emoil, ot leost be sure you chonge the subiect line to your new topic.

. Don'f obuse the options of flogging your emoil os "importont" or requesting o "delivered" or "reod" receipt. lf you olwoys use these options {it's the equivolent of "crying wolf") ond no one

will poy ottention to ony of your emoils.

who hos:


. .

purchosed o product or service from your business in the post

i.e. o previous customer purchosed o product or service from your business recently on existing customer




signed up to receive o periodic newsletter, or speciol offers from

your business o initioted contoct with your business by emoil, telephone, written correspondence, or submitted comments or on enquiry on your website's guest book or "Contoct Us" form


provided you with their business cord or ploced on entry form in

your "free drow" box Let's soy your "Emoil permissions" list becomes is too cumbersome to

- you hove so mony contocts ond/or you hove so mony emoil morketing messoges to send out (woo hoo!). You con move up to using emoil compoign monogement sofiwore such os Constont Contoct or Moil Chimp (some fees will opply) to outomote the process ond sove you loods of time. Such softwore olso provides stotistics on delivered/ opened moil which con be useful. However, when you stort using these progroms you will be required to sign off thot oll your contocts ore "Permission-bosed". So you might os well keep your contoct list(s) l'clson" right from the stort ond not be considered o "Spommer". hondle

PHOTOGRAPHIC COPYRIGHT PERMISSIONS: Most of us ore owore thoi it is not "kosher" to downlood proprietory sofiwore, music or other originol conteni, without poying for it. Copying other's ortistic works for personol goin is prohibited by Conodion low. Copyright infringement seems to gel fuzal for some folks when it comes to purchosing photogrophic imoges. Just becouse

you bought o photogroph imoge from o professionol photogropher of o show or event, doesn't necessorily give you the "oll uses" rights to thot photogroph. You must ensure you hove the photogropher's permission to use fiot imoge (digitol or printed) for ods in publicotions, or plocing on your website, or sending out with o medio releose. Some photogrophers build "oll uses" rights into the originol price of the imoges you purchose. Others moy chorge on odditionol fee. Contoct the photogropher to find out, ond request written permission to reuse the photo(s). Get oll your ducks in o row ond hove thot documentotion reodily ovoiloble.

When submitiing photogrophic imoges to o mogozine editor, to your webmoster, or occomponying o medio releose, be sure to include the photogropher's nome (for photo credit) ond the informotion describing the imoge - o "cutline" or coption for the photo. Netiquette is not only o nicety; it's o meosure of your everydoy business

proctices. lt's one more indicotion thot you ore o reputoble person running o respectoble operotion. ln the morketing industry we like to soy "perception is reolity". Whoi it meons is thot your customers' perceptions o[ you ore their reolity, ond will couse them to wont to do business with you, or noil Guord your business imoge corefully. Mornie Somers is o freelonce writer ond web designer. Her morketing tips orticles hove been published in numerous cottle publicotions ocross Conodo. She is the designer/webmoster for numerous livestock

EMAIT PERMISSIONS: So, when is o legitimote emoil morketing messoge not considered "Spom"? When the sending porty hos implicit or octuol permission from the oddressee to moke contoct. Typicolly this meons hoving on estoblished business connection with the oddressee, such os someone

producers ond other ogribusiness clients. She olso hos o thriving sideline sending out bulk Emoils on beholf of clients to promote upcoming cottle soles or new herd sires. Somers moy be contocted vio emoil ot: mornie@horsescoops.com. Her Morketing Tips blog moy be found ot

www.horsescoops.comlblogl Advocate I Spring 2014



Grond Chompion Femole. Morgon Moclnlyre with Ruby's Dreom I 3OX

Peewee. Foythe Borkley

Reserve Chompion Femole. Kotie Folconer with Mople Key Flirt



Reegon Sowyer

Junior. Nicole Giles lntermediote. Angeline Sullivon Senior. Ashley McNevon

Chompion Bul/. Andreonno Sullivon with Sully's Triple A Reserye Chompion Bul/. Brittony Borkley with Hl-Tech Amoretto

OVERAII AGGREGATE POINTS Chompion Showperson . Angeline Sullivon Reserve Chompion Showperson. Ashley McNevon

Peewee. Foythe Borkley

Novice. Emmo Folconer Junior. Nicole Giles


lntermediote. Vivion BoiV

Heifer Colf . Croig Motihews with Rosemeod Amoretto Yeorling femole. Kotie Folconer with Mople Key Flirt



Britlony Borkley

&OwnedYeorling. Brittony Borkley with Hi-Tech Zoiro 2yrold cow. Koyleo Donovon withlF Ebony! )oy 1217Y Moture cow. Morgon Moclnlre with Ruby's Dreom l3OX Bred


Chompion Showperson Angeline Sullivon

Reserve Chompion Showperson

Grond Chompion Femole Morgon Moclnlyre with Rubys Dreom l3OX

Reserye Chompion Femole

Advocate I Spring 2014

Ashley McNevon

Kotie Folconer with Mople Key


April26127,2Ol4 ?/rzrn /oarut New locotion. Morkhom Ontorio Foirgrounds

l, 2Ol4 OS4 /('a%al q4,rou/



Peterborough, Ontorio

July 25rh


- 27th,2014



Elkhorn Resort

Morch 22123,2014 ?rluteta /a.ao Da*ta /ara:az

Riding Mounloin Notionol Pork, Monitobo

3ol â‚Ź"f,

London, Cntorio

July 25th - 27rh,2014 Tlaaa'oal ?OS Sdoa,

Mqrch 29|h,2Ol4 1Aa ?'7O 8?O Teuea &q/l Sdlp

Erickson, Monitobo

Corson's, Listowel

Soturdoy April 5th @ I pm Taauwo Oaz 8q/1, Sale with Sounders Chorlois Keody, Ontorio

October l8lth,2Ol4

*atteat Sale 2Ol4

Metcqlfe, Ontqrio

November 7rh - I6rh,2Ol4 ?tAdaAr /alo Roqal 4/rt "rdrrcral Notionol Simmentol Beef Show Show Doy ond Time



U.5 $immentals 613-A39-5274

Fullblood Cattle with the Commercial Man in Mind Sarb Vance

,92O Narchurst Road, Karata, ON, KzK ,Xz

Visitors Always $/elcome

ivan & 3racr

nssch ft"T;ii'ill,ii*'**' NOB 2TO

Phone:519-656-2'199 Fax:5'19-056-219S Email: gravandale@netf lash.net


Advocate I Spring 2014

Darold & Kara Enright 6t3.478,3404

Reed, Jane, Shelhy & Josie Crawford

126 Hunt Rd., RR#2, Tweed, ON, KOK 3J0


22550 Toils Rd , Glencoe, ()N NOt l,\.10 H 51 9.287.5286 o C 519.857.7333

ko r o _l o n gev i n

www. enrigh

@ h otm o i l. co m

tcorle carnpo n y. co m

riverpoi ntcc@hohoi l.com




Regkl Red, Blac:k, Fleck & FR Simmentuls crsl Xegld Polled HereJorels 11:





613-399-3219 l:: 613-399-l 'I'rrra's


wildoak(r?rxplomet.ca Cell: (t13-921-5727 L{ank's Cell: 611-96 1-9174

B.- & R "-

& Brandon Hidclink

Hank, Tina

Jcmes E Mcslers of oll times 9.928.3354

Bor 5 Simmentol Form # 636077 Hollond - Euphrosio R.R.#3, Morkdole, orFrcr 5 19.986.1 FARTI/I



330 I FAx 5 l 9.986.4736 5,l9.986.,l330

tMAlL bor5od mi n@xplornet.com WEB



Andreqs Buschbeck

(H.r 5 I 9.270.3258

D::.AiI]{A & BiANOEII EILIOTT RR2 Staffa, Oniario NOK 1Y0 \19.3*5.27 85 r x 519 .3 45.27 99 riuarL die@d jfarrnsraltle.com . www.difarmscattle.com

ltllRt Ron & Corlo Nolon 905.330.5299 I mRm 519.986.2450 Otft



Advocate I Spring



O'Brien Sarms Superior quality local beef

&x* art*. &laelx

BIS *rlcttta&et )an O'Brien 613-7


your colves to quolify for the

&e,v rdss&&{558 MrMe&t&L e&&s&$$ s&,&55 Conlocl Scott Bo&well ot BIO 519.767.2665

6l-2.103 dan.obrien@symp:rtico.ca

Andrew Schu!ler & Family


Mike McCart ?.O. Box 5{2


Xo(h eower, ON, (OA 1TO

farm Ofice Fax

and '




8464 ievere Drive R. R. #3, Granton, ON, NOM 1VO (s19)225-2151 (519) 672-8885


web site: www.prospecllrillsimmentals.com email:info@prospecthillsimmentals.com

A Division of Apans lnc


tarry &

161 3.s37.2441 r 161


larryba rkley@sympati:o,ea

D$NOVANDAI.[ $irnrnenta

uLLm&x grMllEx?*h5


,t0flil-tfl0,,.*Hrilty 232 r'YY t05 - 80X 69

N"'*IZU* t'X


CI,mFC suttivan.simmentats@bett



Um:m! Doris &Don hnrie


Mapleridge Rd.


xoc 2Ko

Fullblocd/Fleckviegh Hornedl?olled Simmenlals l!!

Advocate I Spring 20'14


61 3-774-61 55

lax:6 3-774-61 55 1


Ashton, 3n1*rio


$13-;,?-2517 e*li: 513-22r-{.Xt3 3ulls for Sale

$rriw*xg nssr is our 2Ol4 tqlves lrom our new llomozygopr SNstk llerdsiret