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Fall 2012

Official Official Publication Publication of of the the Ontario Ontario Simmental Simmental Association Association


Advocate | Fall 2012

Designed by melDesign

Designed by melDesign

Advocate | Fall 2012


Ontario Simmental President's Message


As we move into the Fall season I would like to take this opportunity to update all the OSA members and friends on some of our upcoming activities. The Royal Futurity Simmental Show and the Royal YCS shows have changed to the Friday this year. So please join us on Friday November 3rd, 2012 commencing at 2pm to watch and cheer on those who are participating. We wish everyone Good Luck. The RAWF Simmental Beef Show will also be on Friday November 3rd commencing after the YCS Show. The winners of the Ron Wooddisse Carcass Class will be selected and announced at the Simmental Show. We will be auctioning a heifer donated by Donovandale Farms as a fundraiser for the OSA programs and youth programs. We hope to see you there and please join us for the after show social to share some good times with old and new friends. Selections are taking place for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair All Beef Breeds Sale to be held Saturday November 4th, 2012. Please consider attending to support your fellow breeders. Don’t forget to check out the 2012 Membership Directory included in this edition as well as the upcoming events section. If you have an upcoming event you would like us to include in future editions of the Advocate please forward to Melissa Ledoux (melissaledoux@me.com) or myself (donovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com). Debbie Elliott will be accepting Age Verification entries until September 15th, 2012 for the 2012 Age Verification Contest. The Winner will be selected at the 2012 RAWF.

Melissa Ledoux Graphic Designer 348 Allen street, Shefford Qc, J2M 1E7 melissaledoux@me.com www.mel-design.ca Published show results, sale results, events, annoucements, etc. will only be listed in the Advocate if delivered to the graphic designer in writing or email. Simmental related photographs you wish to share are also encouraged.

The deadline is fast approaching for the Cattleman of the Year Award. If you know of a commercial cattleman that you would like to nominate, please forward your nomination to Debbie Elliott (dje@djfarmscattle.com) prior to September 1, 2012.


If you are looking for promotional material to hand-out at sales, shows, etc we have available for purchase the OSA “trading card” which was developed as an education card aimed at children. The cost per 100 is $20.00.

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This summer has not been kind to farmers as we have experienced exteme heat temperatures and droughtt situations in many areas of our province. We have all experienced challenges with our hay and cereal crops making it difficult. Let’s hope for gentle rains, warm sun and plenty of green grass. Have a safe end of summer and all the best for the months ahead. Keitha Harris-Donovan

President, Ontario Simmental Association

Yearly Card Ad



YEARLY CONTRACTS Receive 10% discount on regular rates with exception to the cards ads. YEARLY CONTRACTS Consists of 2 issues Must be a paid OSA member to advertise * 1 year | Membership $30 3 year | Membership $85 *Prices may change according to printing costs. ADVERTISING & COPY


All advertising, copy, and photographs must be submitted by the following dates ISSUE1



Advocate | Fall 2012

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DUE: Dec 31st DUE: July 31st

OSA Board of Directors 2012 President

Keitha Harris-Donovan T613.257.2617

dovovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com Vice President

Dan O'Brien


dan.obrien@sympatico.ca Past Vice-President

Billy Elmhirst

South West Director

Kevin Howatt


kevin.howatt@watergroup.com East Central Director

Glenn Wotton


elmtreefarms@i-zoom.net Director

Tina Hiddink





Carla Nolan


Grace Oesch






David Milliner




Debbie Elliott

dje@djfarmscattle.com CSA President

Ron Nolan




CSA Director & Director

Kara Enright




With my grade 10 history course the final requirement was to find something that I was interested in that had to do with Canadian history and complete a display project on it. Me being raised with cattle wasn't going to do fashion or hockey, I decided on what I was most interested in - Simmental cattle. The project was fun learning; where the first animal was imported to; where the name originated from and even who the first animal in Canada. Now try and tell a city teacher what beef cattle are let alone Simmental and that the world doesn’t revolve around Holstein “milking cows”. The next step was to find artifacts, now try and find an artifact for Simmental! So I decided on the next best thing to bring a live Simmental animal, my two bull calves; DeeBran Kummins and DeeBran D Kinsman. They didn’t believe that I would actually bring them but I did. The people that know me well know that I live, breath, dream and eat Simmental! The next challenge was how to display it at the museum most of the projects were just propped up against the wall or on a table for display. Where mine needed to be secure; some place where they could poop, pee and eat! Once I found a spot it was great, I was concerned that no

Dee's History Project

Cover Picture Taken by Brian Robertson, at Jeff MacCrostie's farm Romac Cattle Co. Ripley, ON Summer 2012

If you have a cover shot for the Advocate,

please send it to Melissa.

one would view my project during the open house since I was placed by the tractor exhibits where no one comes. Once they heard I had "baby cows" on displays there was a crowd. Try to get through city people’s heads that they were bulls not cows-there is a difference. Even my own friends where scared to get near them but after I explained to everyone and they read my displays about what all us Simmental breeders already know what the bred can offer they became really interested where they could buy Simmental meat and not Augus. I really enjoyed putting this together, showing my friends what I really am interested in and proud of. I do wish to thank the Ontario Simmetal Association for the use of the display banners they showed everyone clearly what the cattle were about and the different colours and that black doesn’t really mean only one type of breed. I also want to say a Big thanks to the D J farms crew who also helped me get things to the open house on time. After completing this project and meeting the public I have realized the work that still needs to be done to help the Simmental breed excel and get in the minds of not only the breeders and cattlemen but also the urban public to understand their food options.

Dee-Anna Elliott • DeeBran D-a division of DJ Farms Advocate | Fall 2012


Member’s List 2012 Ontario Simmental Association

1 Arnold, Brad & Val

Weiser Heights Stock Farms 3517 Glanworth Drive Londo, N6L 1J5 wiserheights@gmail.com T519.686.6718

2 Barber, Jerry


R.R. 3, Shawville, J0X 2Y0 petropontiac@picanoc.ca T819.647.3770 | C613.203. 3217


Barkley, Larry & Rhonda

Hi Tech Farms

R.R. 3, Ingleside, K0C 1M0 larrybarkley@sympatico.ca T613.537.9654 | F613.537. 9654

4 Batty, Rick & Cindy

Wyecrest Farm

7260 Highway 12 N. R.R.#1, Brooklin, L1M 1Y2 rbatty@look.ca T905.655.4966 | F905.655.4966

5 Bauer, Mike

Pig Haven Farms

385435 20 Sr Amaranth, R.R.#1 Shelburne, L0N 1S5 bauer.stockfarms@gmail.com T519.925.0013

6 Bischof, Diane & Claire

Farm Bischof

40-18th Avenue Roxboro, Qc, H8Y 3A6 info@simmentalbishof.com www.simmentalbishof.com T514.684.2480 | F514.683.9667

7 Bouchard,Brian

Bouchard Livestock International Box 1409, Crossfield, AB, T0M 0S0 T403.946.4999 | F403.946.4919 info@bouchardlivestock.com www.bouchardlivestock.com

8 Burns, Charles

Kingfield Farm

1314 King Vaughan Road Maple, L6A 2A5 cburns37@hotmail.com T905.773.4472 | F905.773.4472

9 Burns, Michael

Kingfield Farm

1314 King Vaughan Road Maple, L6A 2A5 cburns37@hotmail.com T905.773.4472 6

Advocate | Fall 2012

10 Burns, Sterling

Burns Simmentals

1842 County Rd#10, R.R.#1 Perth, K7H 3C3 T613.267.3134

11 Cartwright, John & Margo

Boss Cattle Company

34303 Clarke Road R.R.#2, Granton, N0M 1V0 bosscattle@quadro.net T519.225.2978 | F519.225.2907

12 Cheslock, Harold & Anne

Meadow Lock Farm

P.O. Box 249, Metcalfe, K0A 2P0 T613.821.3102 | F613.821.0129

13 Cholch, Wolfgang & Lis

Landwolf Farm

842 Port Elmsley Road R.R.#5, Perth, K7H 3L7 wlchsimmental@hotmail.com T613.267.8477

14 Code, Russel K.

Arkacy Simmentals 7232B, Franktown Road Richmond, K0A 2Z0 T613.838.2694

15 Conquergood, Stan

Maple Key Farm

4239 Hwy 21 R.R.#1, Port Elgin, N0H 2C5 conquergood@bmts.com T519.832.2366 | C519.353.8810

16 Crawford, Reed & Jane

River Point Cattle Company

22950 Taits Road R.R.#4, Glencoe, N0L 1M0 riverpointcc@hotmail.com www.riverpointcattlecompany.com T519.287.5286 | C519.857.7333

17 Crozier, Dawson

Clearbrook Simmentals

546 Haley Road R.R.#3, Renfrew, K7V 3Z6 dcrozier@enrtco.net T613.432.5843 | F613.432.5843

18 Dance, Don & Shirley

Northfork Cattle Co. R.R.#3, Bright, N0J 1B0 T519.632.7285

19 Dobbie, Jeff & April

Dobbie Simmentals

R.R.#4, Spencerville, K0E 1X0 jadobbie@jcis.ca T613.658.3181

20 Donovan, Gerald &

Keitha Harris-Donovan

Donovandale Farms

529 Glenashton Road, R.R.#3, Ashton, K0A 1B0

donovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com www.donovandalefarms.com T613.257.2617

21 Elford, Bill & Dorothy

Elforado Farms

235961 Beaver Valley Rd. R.R.#1, Kimberley, N0C 1G0 banddelford@gmail.com T519.599.5044

22 Elliott, Dennis & Debbie

DJ Farms

7062 Line 26 R.R.#2, Staffa, N0K 1Y0 dje@djfarmscattle.com www.djfarmscattle.com T519.345.2785 | F519.345.2799

23 Elmhirst, Bill & Juanita

Indian River Cattle Co.

R.R.#1, Indian River, K0L 2B0 ircc@nexicom.net www.indianrivercattlecompany.com T705.295.2708 | F705.295.3369

24 Enright, Darold & Kara

Enright Cattle Company

326 Hunt Rd, R.R.#2, Tweed, K0K 3J0 kara_langevin@hotmail.com T613.478.3404 | F613.478.0016

25 Eurig, Larry & Judy

Crimson Tide Fleckvieh 311371 Hwy 6N, R.R.#3 Mount Forest, N0G 2L0 larryeurig@hotmail.com www.crimsontide.ca T519.323.3167

26 Farrell, Donald & Cathy

Far-L Farms

R.R.#2, Ripley, N0G 2R0 T519.395.3346 | F519.395.3346

27 Gagnon, Yves & Diane

Ferme Gagnon

426 Route 315 Cheneville, Qc, J0V 1E0 ferme_gagnon_farm@hotmail.com T819.428.3502

28 Gibbons, Vaughn & Cindy

Gibbons Farms

1787 Stevensville Rd. Stevensville, L0S 1S0 4gibbons@sympatico.ca T905.382.3879 | C905.651.3274

29 Glasman, Miles & Bonnie

M & J Farms Simmentals Box 1179, Russell, MB, R0J 1W0 mjfarms@inetlink.ca T204.773.3279

30 Goldie, Herb

Benchmark Simmentals

Box 429, 345 Cameron St. East Cannington, L0E 1E0 hgoldie@personainternet.com T705.432.3120 | F705.432.3120

31 Hagerman, Ernie & Agnes

Mountain Road Simmentals Box 73, 440 Mountain Road Tamworth, K0K 3G0 T613.379.2980

32 Hall, Everett & Marylon

Hallridge Simmentals

R.R.#3, Owensound, N4K 5N5 eahall@bmts.com T519.371.0683 | F519.371.1221

33 Hansen, Jack

Otter Creek Farm

101 Scoble Townline Road Neebing, P7C 0C2 ottercreek@tbaytel.net T807.627.6185 | F807.344.8210

34 Harris-Donovan, Keitha

Donovandale Simmentals

529 Glenashton Road Ashton, K0A 1B0 donovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com www.donovandalefarms.com T613.257.2617

35 Hicks, Jeff

Creed Ankony Farm

44 Ryan Road, Rhinebeck, 12572 T845.876.2215

36 Hiddink, Hank & Tina

Wild Oak Farms

R.R.#1, 631 Wilkes Road P.O Box 250, Bloomfield, K0K 1G0 tina.hiddink@scotiabank.com T613.399.3239 | F613.399.1151

37 Horst, Dwayne & Andrea

Dwayann Simmentals 7455 Sideroad 9 W R.R.#4, Arthur, N0G 1A0 dhorst@distributel.net T519.848.5948

38 Howatt, Kevin

Poplar Simmentals

R.R.#1, Auburn, N0M 1G0 kevin.howatt@watergroup.com T519.523.4338

39 Huber Rolf E.

Sanmar Simmentals

86 Sideroad J, R.R.#2 Tiverton, N0G 2T0 T519.368.3031 | F519.368.3032

40 Hurley, Allen

Maple Hill Farm

R.R.#3, Echo Bay, P0S 1C0 T705.248.2841

41 Imrie, Ray & Doris

Ridge-View Farm

12675 Maple Ridge Rd. R.R.#4, Winchester, K0C 2K0 raegimrie@hotmail.com T613.774.6155 | F613.774.6155

42 Irwin-Childs, John & Patricia

South Down Simmentals 5299 Concession 7 R.R.#4, Uxbridge, L9P 1R4 irwinchildsjohn@gmail.com T905.852.9756

43 Kern, Erich & Doris

Kern Simmentals

R.R.#1, Hanover, N4N 3B8 dek@bmts.com www.kernsimmentals.com T519.369.6447 | F519.369.6447

44 Kerr, Art & Marilyn

Kerr Farms

481 Frank Green Road Westport, K0G 1X0 artmar@live.ca T613.774.5909 | F613.774.5909

45 Kerry, Glen & Shari

Fairview Simmentals

85 Scugog Line 6, Port Perry, L9L 1B2 gandskerry@andrewswireless.net T905.852.6887

46 Lacroix, Anna Mae

3 Generations Simmentals 2519 Graham Street Box 66, Pakenham, K0A 2X0 T613.624.9282

47 Laniel, Yvon

Blazing Simmentals

4806 Frank Kenny Road, Vars, K0A 3H0 ylaniel@travel-net.com T613.835.3564

48 Leahy, Bernard & Lise

Leahy Stock Farm

3113 Highway 28 R.R.#4, Lakefield, K0L 2H0 bern.leahy@gmail.com T705.652.5216 | F705.652.0295

49 Lewis, Terry

Rockridge Farm

3746 Larry Robinson Rd. Russel, K4R 1E5 terrycharles1947@hotmail.com T613.821.3479

Lyons, David

50 R.R.#1, Harriston, N0G 1Z0 T519.323.2489

51 MacCrostie, Jeff & Zoe

52 MacIntyre, Kevin, Tracy & Morgan

Xcel Livestock

6864 Boundary Road, Russell, K4R 1E5 ktmacintyre@xcellivestock.com www.xcellivestock.com T613.445.0506

53 Masters, James B.

Knollbrook Farms

R.R.#4, Sideroad 15 142239 Grand Valley, L0N 1G0 knollbrookfarms@sympatico.ca T519.928.3354

54 Matthews, Ivan & Kathy

Rosemead Farm

3724 Trim Road, Navan, K4B 1H8 rosemeadfarm@hotmail.com T613.835.3363

55 Matthews, Scott

Keystone Livestock

33 rue Morel Compton, Qc, J0B 1L0 scottmatthews01@gmail.com C519.766.5187

56 McCart, Michael

Alliance Simmentals PO Box 542, North Gower, K0A 2T0 T613.836.8096

57 McFarlane, Bob & Donna

McRobdon Simmentals

R.R.#6, 9548 Wellington Road 6 Mount Forest, N0G 2L0 mcrobdon@wightman.ca T519.323.1780

58 McGrath, Donald & Lorna

Donlor Simmentals

2494 Baseline Road R.R.#1, Elmvale, L0L 1P0 T705.322.1320

Ron & Dianne 59 McKay, 286 Townsend St.

Box 514, Clinton, N0M 1L0 rdmckay@bell.net T519.482.7775

60 McKinlay, James & Joan

Silver Springs Simmentals R.R.#1, Ravenna, N0H 2E0 jmckinlay@bmts.com T519.599.6336

61 Meek, Blythe & Ruth & David

Meekabode Farm

9770 Sideroad 15 R.R.#1, Erin, N0B 1T0 brmeek@sympatico.ca T519.833.0463 | F519.927.9146

Romac Cattle Co.

62 Milliner, David & Gayle

2jmaccrostie@bmts.com T519.353.4731

R.R.#1, Dundalk, N0C 1B0 dgmilliner@everus.ca T519.923.9188

R.R.#3, Ripley N0G 2R0

Waydamar Simmentals

Advocate | Fall 2012


Samuel & Ronald 63 Misener, 13165 Boyne Road R.R.#3, Chesterville, K0C 1H0 T613.448.3291

64 Moore, Ryan

Moore Field Simmentals 831 Bland Line Caven, L0A 1C0 ryanmoore@i-zoom.net

65 Mueller, Christoph & Berta

Ferme Terra Nossa 2678 Boyd Settlement, Huntington, J0S 1H0 T450.264.5865

66 Munro, Dan

Black River Farms 301 Catering Road R.R.#1, Sulton, L0E 1R0 branzake@sympatico.ca T416.996.9658

67 Murray, Pat

Cedar Creek Simmentals

750 Robinson Road Peterborough, K9J 6X2 patmurray5@yahoo.com T705.292.5323 | F705.292.6706

68 Naismith , Marilyn C.

Naismith Farm

1301 Campbell Drive, Arnprior, K7S 3G8 marilyn.naismith@gozoom.com T613.623.3782

69 Neuman, Nelson & Nancy

Neuman Simmentals

2826 Fifth Line Road, Greely, K4P 1N2 nancy.neuman@bell.ca T613.821.5567

70 Nolan, Ron & Carla

Bar 5 Simmentals

636077 Holland Euphrasia Townline Markdale, N0C1H0 bar5admin@xplornet.com T905.607.2204

71 Norwood, Charles & Geraldine

Norwood Family Farm

573-10 Little Crosby Lake Rd R.R.#1, Westport, K0G 1X0 nff@rideau.net www.members.kingston.net/nff/ T613.273.2255

72 O’Brien, Dan

O’Brien Farms

13214 County Rd 13 Winchester, K0C 2K0 dan.obrien@sympatico.ca T613.761.2403

73 O’Connor, Jean

Triple Rose Simmentals 7232 Franktown Rd. Richmond, K0A 2Z0 triple_rose30@hotmail.com T613.838.5559


Advocate | Fall 2012

74 Oesch, Ivan & Grace

Gravandale Simmentals

1201 Lichty Rd, R.R.#2 Wellesley, N0B 2T0 gravandale@netflash.net T519.656.2199 | F519.656.2199

75 O’Neill, Rob & Family

Maplerose Farms

R.R.#1, Priceville, N0C 1K0 rroneill@everus.ca T519.924.3074

76 Orser, Lorne & Linda

Lorolin Simmentals

P.O. Box 145 4595 Bellrock Rd, Verona, K0H 2W0 lorolin@sympatico.ca T613.374.2403 | F613.545.5802

77 Pearson, John & Kathy

Academy Hill Livestock Box 157, 108 Charlotte St. Grafton, K0K 2G0 j.kpearson@sympatico.ca T905.349.3415

78 Plume, Norm

Evergreen Odds

1003 Scott Road, R.R.#1, Cardinal, K0E 1E0 normplume@sympatico.ca T613.657.3636

79 Rauscher, Julius & Donna

Delta RHO Farms

4593 Brookfield Road R.R.#4, Welland, L3B 5N7 deltarho@hotmail.com T905.732.2774 | F905.732.2774

80 Reekie, Harold E.

Harold Reekie Farm 416139 10th Line, R.R.#1 Clarksburg, N0H 1J0

81 Reicheld, Fred & Glen

Jarvis Simmental Farms

R.R.#3, Jarvis, N0A 1J0 T519.587.2190 | F519.587.2190

82 Robson, Laura

Robson Acres

1679 Zion Line, R.R.#1, Millbrook, L0A 1G0 nrobson@nexicom.net T705.932.3216 | F705.932.2895

83 Schuller, Andrew & Family

Prospect Hill Simmentals

8464 Revere Drive R.R.#3, Granton, N0M 1V0 info@prospecthillsimmentals.com www.prospecthillsimmentals.com T519.672.8880 | F519.672.8729

84 Silva, Joe A


1095 Nance Road, Cambridge, N3H 4R7 joe_a_silva@hotmail.com T519.648.2456

85 Stewart, R & L and Sons

R & L Stewart and Sons

23401 Big Bend Rd, R.R.#2 Newbury, N0L 1Z0 Juataboutrlstew@aol.com T519.695.6124 | F519.693.4279

86 Stoddard, Kirk

Todd Simmentals

85 Golf Rd, Box 20, Waterloo, Qc, J0E 2N0 toddfarms@hotmail.com www.toddfarms.ca C450.521.8561 | C450.521.2148

87 Sullivan, Claire

Sully's Farm

475 Ennis Road, Ennismore, K0L 1T0 sullysfarm@hotmail.com T705.292.7166 | F707.292.6854

88 Sullivan, John & Linda

Sullivan Simmentals

232 Highway 105, Box 69 Kazabazua, Qc, J0X 1X0 sullivan.simmentals@bell.net T819.467.2713 | F819.465.2713

89 Tardiff, George & Laverne McGee

Mc-Tar Farms

1925 Centre Line, R.R.#2, Norwood, K0L 2V0 gftardiff@hotmail.com T705.696.3288

Livestock Corp 90 Transcon Box 700, Okotoks, T1S 1A8

transcon@transconlivestock.com www.transconlivestock.com T403.938.6680

91 Turpin, Brad & Tracy

Brandlee Simmentals 482 Cooke Road, R.R#1 Stirling, K0K 3E0 brandleesim@hotmail.com T613.395.4794

92 Vance, Mrs. Barb

V5 Simmentals

1920 Marchurst Road, Kanata, K2K 1X7 T613.839.5274

93 Walker, Gordon & Ruth Ann

Walker Valley Farms 2574 Centre Line Road R.R.#1, Stayner, L0M 1S0 T705.428.0079

94 Ward, Robert

Wardcrest Farms

43565 Roberts Line R.R.#1, Union, N0L 2L0 wardcrest@primus.ca T519.782.4347F519.782.4873

95 Williams, Shane & Joanne

Jet Stream Livestock R.R.#2, Orton, L0N 1N0 jetslivestock.@aol.com T519.787.1323

96 Wood, Donald & Patricia

Otonavista Farm

1261 Atchison Road R.R.#1, Fraserville, K0L 1V0 otonavista-wood@nexicom.net T705.939.6671

97 Wood, Katie

Red Ribbon Livestock

R.R.#1, Fraserville, K0L 1V0 redribbonlivestock@yahoo.ca C519.821.6654

98 Wooddisse, Mary Ellen

Marywood Simmentals

R.R.#1, Palmerston marywoodsimmentals@gmail.com www.marywood.ca T519.638.3571 | F519.638.5135

99 Woods, Richard & Diane

Woods Simmentals

2096 Middle Road R.R.#2, Kingston, K7L 5H6 dewoods@sympatico.ca T613.546.6195

100 Wotten, Glen & Pat & Family

Elm Tree Farms

1761 Little Britain Rd R.R.#1, Little Britain, K0M 2C0 elmtreefarms@i-zoom.net T705.878.1713

ÂŤ It's a Girl! Âť Newest addition to Wiser Heights Stock Farms, Thorndale Ontario. Molly Isabel Arnold, born February 2nd, 2012, weighing 9lbs 10oz. Proud parents are Brad & Val Arnold and big brother Colin.

101 Wright, Carl & Laurie

Car-Laur Simmentals

R.R.#1, Hanover, N4N 3B8 lwright@bmts.com T519.369.3658 | F519.369.3658

102 Young, Bill & Nancy

Forever Young Simmentals 3250 Hwy 21, R.R.#3 Tiverton, N0G 2T0 bnyoung@bmts.com T519.369.5576

103 Younger, Robert

Anabob Farms

611441 Southgate Road 61 R.R.#2, Mount Forest, N0G 2L0 robert.younger@hotmail.ca T519.323.9879

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Advocate | Fall 2012


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In today’s highly challenging times, improving your marketing strategies by taking advantage of free or cost effective marketing techniques may make the difference between barely surviving and thriving. It’s my goal to help you with your time and resources crunch by offering you a series of Marketing Tools articles. Starting with this issue, I will provide basic information at the rate of one tool per issue. Each tool will be offered in sequence so you can construct your marketing plan from the ground up. Should some of these tools stir your interest and you want to go into more detail, you are invited to read more on my Marketing Tips blog (www.horsescoops.com/blog/) MARKETING TIP #1 – THE BARE BONES OF MARKETING Marketing is more than just advertising, it’s really the whole environment surrounding your cattle business. While that may sound intimidating, don’t worry, you are already employing marketing strategies on a daily basis. You just may not recognize it as such. Let’s say you are in town picking up mineral from a local feed store, who politely asks you how things are going? You reply “Great, we’re really excited about our new calf crop.” A customer in line behind you asks, “What kind of cattle do you raise?” And the conversation takes off. Well, you’re not just having a conversation, you’re marketing – good for you! THE NO. 1 ABSOLUTE “MUST-HAVE” MARKETING TOOL : But, do you have a business card to give this customer, or to leave some behind at the feed store? Does your business card accurately describe your operation? Does it include your contact information, and list your email address and website? Serious business people have business cards and they make the effort to distribute them as often as possible. Should we, as serious cattle-business people, do any less? If you don’t already have business cards, please, start here. Commercially printed business cards are not all that expensive. You could even print them yourself on your computer very economically, but be sure to choose good quality card stock and to use a classy design because you only get one chance to make a good first impression. If you think you don’t need business cards, then how would that customer from the feed store manage to remember who she spoke to at the store? How would she contact you? Or look up your website? WHAT OTHER TOOLS DO YOU NEED? Having your business card in hand jump starts the marketing cycle. That customer from the feed store notices your website address on your business card and looks up your cattle operation. Your website offers her an on-line sign up form so she can receive regular email updates or a monthly newsletter. The email or newsletter sign up permits you to be in touch with her on a cyclical basis. This increases your opportunities to sell her on your program. (Okay, so you don’t have a website yet, never mind a monthly newsletter – we’ll deal with that in later articles.) While each of these marketing tools can stand alone, they work so much harder for you when they support and complement each other. If you have other printed materials such as business stationery, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, or you place advertisements in cattle magazines, sale catalogues or industry directories, make sure they contain all your contact information including your telephone number, email and website addresses. You’d be surprised how often I notice one or more of these critical identifiers are missing! To hopefully whet your appetite for what’s to come – here are the top ten Marketing Tools articles to follow in subsequent issues 1. The Bare Bones of Marketing (covered in this issue) 2. Identifying and Developing Relationships with your Customers 3. Writing & Submitting News Releases 4. Showcasing your product or services in public places 5. Marketing through Email, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking sites 6. Net Etiquette (Website & Email “do’s & don’ts”) 7. Measuring the effectiveness of your website (is it working for you?) 8. Building business networks & positioning your business within the industry 9. Building credibility to generate customer referrals 10. After sales service In the spirit of mutual learning and sharing, I invite your comments and feedback (positive and negative), which you can post on my website’s blog or submit direct to the editor of this magazine. See you next issue. Marnie Somers is a freelance writer and web designer. Her articles have been published in numerous horse and cattle magazines across North America. She is the designer/webmaster for the Manitoba Simmental Association, among numerous other agribusiness clients. Somers has been a media/marketing consultant to the horse industry since 1997, and has presented Marketing Tips seminars. Somers may be contacted via email at: marnie@horsescooops.com. Her Marketing Tips blog may be found at www.horsescoops.com/blog/. 10

Advocate | Fall 2012

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Advocate | Fall 2012


show RESULTS OYCSA Trillium Classic 2012 | Dundalk, Ontario | July 27th and 28th 2012

Judged by : Mr. David White


Champion Pee Wee Showman: Reserve Champion Pee Wee Showman:


Champion Novice Showman: Reserve Champion Novice Showman:


Tyler Falconer Denver Campbell Katie Falconer Travis Fulford


Bailey Campbell Hannah Fulford

Grand Champion Female Kaitlyn O’Neil with a 2 Year Old pair: Maplerose Kesha with Maplerose Miss Kacey

Champion Intermediate Showman: Katie Jones Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman: Alexa Campbell

Reserve Champion Female Alexa Campbell with a Senior Yearling: Destiny Target Shandy

Champion Junior Showman: Reserve Champion Junior showman:



Champion Senior Showman: Reserve Champion Senior Showman:

Brittany Barkley Grant Milliner

Grand Champion Showman: Reserve Champion Showman:

Grant Milliner Brittany Barkley

King & Queen of the Ring from Beachburg Fair h July 28th 2012

The King and Queen of the Ring are selected from all breeds entered in the Contest. 12

Advocate | Fall 2012

show RESULTS London Junior Beef Expo | London, Ontario | March 10th 2012

Jack Oates – Supreme Female

Sarah Heights – Reserve Female

Orangeville Youth Forum 2012 | Orangeville, Ontario | April 7th 2012

Sarah Heights – Supreme Female

Jack Oates – Reserve Female Advocate | Fall 2012




There were 4 entries

Dee-Anna Elliott

Brian Robertson


Sophie Wotten Branden Elliott

Dee-Anna Elliott

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Advocate | Fall 2012

Partner's for Progress Sale Vol.2

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Simmental Show Commencing at 2 pm Futurity Show, YCS Showmanship Open Beef show November 3rd, 2012

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Advocate | Fall 2012


RAWF 2012 Banner Sponsors CHAMPION JUNIOR HEIFER CALF Bouchard Livestock International Crossfield, AB

JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Waydamar Simmentals Dave and Gayle Milliner • Dundalk, ON

RESERVE CHAMPION JUNIOR HEIFER CALF Hallridge Simmentals Dr. Everett and Marylon Hall • Owen Sound, ON

RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Donovandale Simmentals Gerald and Keitha Donovan • Ashton, ON

CHAMPION SENIOR HEIFER CALF Prospect Hill Simmentals Andrew Schuller and Family • Granton, ON RESERVE CHAMPION SENIOR HEIFER Leahy Stock Farms Bernard and Lise Leahy and Family Lakefield, ON

SENIOR CHAMPION FEMALE To be announced RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION FEMALE To be announced GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Bar 5 Stock Farms Ron and Carla Nolan • Markdale,

RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Flo-Lar Farms in memory of Larry Behnke BULL CALF CHAMPION Robson Acres The Robson Family • Millbrook, ON RESERVE CHAMPION BULL CALF Evergreen Odds Norm and Barb Plume • Cardinal, ON JUNIOR CHAMPION BULL Ferme Bischof in Memory of Beat Bischof • Roxboro, QC RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION BULL

Bright Lights Futurity 2012 Banner Sponsors


CHAMPION BULL Enright Cattle Company Kara and Darold Enright • Tweed, ON

RESERVE CHAMPION HEIFER Black River Farms Dan and Janet Munro • Sutton, ON

RESERVE CHAMPION BULL Wild Oak Farms Hank, Tina and Brandon Hiddink Bloomfield, ON


CHAMPION HEIFER Gravandale Simmentals Wellesley, ON


Advocate | Fall 2012


Destiny Simmentals Todd and Karen Campbell • Meaford, ON SENIOR CHAMPION BULL V5 Simmentals in Memory of Bennie Vance • Kanata, ON RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION BULL Canadian Simmental Country • Calgary, AB GRAND CHAMPION BULL Burns Simmental Sterling and Mona Burns • Perth, ON RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BULL Indian River Cattle Company Billy and Juanita Elmhirst • Indian River, ON

PROGENY OF DAM Alliance Simmentals Farms Mike McCart • North Gower, ON BREEDERS HERD Ottawa Valley Simmental Club GET OF SIRE Poplar Simmentals Kevin Howatt • Ashburn, ON PREMIER EXHIBITOR Royal Agricultural Winter Fair PREMIER BREEDER Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

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Advocate | Fall 2012



Advocate | Fall 2012

Advocate | Fall 2012