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ADVOCATE The official publication of the Ontario Simmental Association

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The Advocate is the official publication of the Ontario Simmental Association. The emphasis of the magazine is to keep Ontario Simmental breeders informed about past and up-coming events; provide a resource for marketing and advertising; and, to support Simmental youth programs. We also highlight local and international news items that impact cow-calf operators and the beef industries as a whole. Areas of interest include: animal health; beef trade and market issues; the latest research initiatives; and, consumer attitudes toward beef. For more Information: Josh Wooddisse Ontario Simmental Member Services Manager www.ontariosimmentalassociation.com

OSA Advocate

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OSA Board of Directors 2017 - 2018 Tina Hiddink President

Brittany Barkley Vice President

Brad Turpin East Central Director

Term March 2020 Wild Oak Farms Bloomfield, ON 613 399-3239 wildoak@xplornet.ca

Hi Tech Farms Term March 2018 Ingleside, ON 613 360-1936 brittanybarkley@hotmail.com

Term March 2018 Brandlee Simmentals Stirling, ON 613 848-4208 brandleesim@hotmail.com

Dave Milliner Director

Laura Robson Director

Lindsay Mitchell Director

Term March 2018 Waydamar Simmentals Dundalk, ON 519 375-0122 dgmilliner@everus.ca

Term March 2019 Robson Acres Millbrook, ON 705 932-3216 lrobson_11@hotmail.com

Term March 2018 Rick-Sha Farm Moorefield, ON 519 504-1937 lindsaym86@hotmail.com

Scott Dykstra Director

Pat Taber Director

Grace Oesch Secretary

Term March 2018 Simmgen Land and Cattle Co Jarvis, ON 905 768 4281 dykstras@optionsdsl.ca

Term March 2020 Megens Cattle Company Mount Albert, ON 905 473-7491 patmegens@gmail.com

Gravandale Simmentals Wellesley, ON 519 656-2199 gravandale@netflash.net

Jerry Barber Director

Norm Plume Ottawa Valley Director

Term March 2019 Barlee Farms Shawville, PQ 819 647-3770 jerry@petropontiac.ca

Term March 2018 Evergreen Odds Cardinal, ON 613 657-1968 normplume@sympatico.ca

OSA Staff Josh Wooddisse Member Services Manager memberservices.osa@gmail.com New Mailing Address Ontario Simmental Association c.o. Josh Wooddisse RR1, 8491 Con 14, Palmerston ON N0G 2P0

OSA Advocate


Upcoming Events & Sales March 2 M&L Cattle Company Bull & Female Sale Indian River, ON

March 31 Mid Western Ontario Simmental & Angus Bull Sale Hanover, ON

March 3 Ontario Simmental AGM at Holiday Inn Peterborough, ON

April 7 Destiny Bull Sale Keady Livestock Market, ON

March 11 Source for Success Bull Sale Indian River, ON

April 14 River Point Cattle Co. & Guests Bull Sale Glencoe, ON

March 17 Ferme Gagnon & Guests 19th Annual Bull Sale Cheneville, QC

July 5-8 Ontario Trillium Classic YCS Show Lindsay, ON

March 24 PIC Bulls Sale Listowel ON

October 14 River Point Cattle Co. & Guests Fall Gala Sale Glencoe Ontario

March 26 Earley Livestock Bull & Female Sale Kerwood, ON

November 14-17 Future One Sale, Online

OSA Advocate


President’s Message – Tina Hiddink Itès hard to believe another year has gone by. At our farm we are enjoying the arrival of “bouncing” calves. Hope all is well on your farms at this time as well. I want to thank the 2017 OSA Board of Directors for their support during this fourth year as OSA President. In 2017 the OSA Board also took advantage of the OSA By-Law Article 5: 5.3 and appointed 2 directors for a 1-year term, Scott Dykstra and Lindsay Mitchell as representatives, living west of the GTA. Their contribution was greatly appreciated. I also want to personally invite all of you to the 2018 OSA – AGM being held at the Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront, 150 George Street N., Peterborough, Ontario on March 3rd, 2018, starting at 1:00 P.M. Reminder that you have to be a 2018 OSA member to vote. Again in 2018 we welcome the Ontario Charolais Association by joining us at the “corn fed” beef buffet dinner. Dinner tickets are $35 in advance or $45 at the door. After the dinner we are again planning an auction with the proceeds used to help offset the cost of the annual meeting. We invite all of you to either donate or purchase an auction item at our fundraising auction. It is all in great fun! In 2017 the Canadian Simmental Association encouraged all the provinces to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Simmental cattle in Canada. The CSA provided $4,000.00 based on their pre determined criteria to assist with organizing events in each province. In Ontario there were three promoted events: i) Dinner and dance held on July 22nd, 2017 at the Lindsay Exibition Grounds held in conjunction with the OYCS summer event. Scott Dykstra and Brad Turpin helped organize with Bob Mark New Holland, Lindsay to display farm equipment at the event. A driving farm tour was organized, thank you Sylvia Meghan, followed by a BBQ roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. Current CSA members with 25+ years were given anniversary certificates by the OSA Board in recogition of their years breeding Simmental cattle. This was followed by a fundraising auction, the evening ended with live entertainment provided by Flash Back!. ii) The celebrations continued at the Royal Winter Fair. After the Simmental Show a luncheon, organized by Carla Nolan and family, Ontario Simm-Belles that was enjoyed by all. It was a great opportunity to socialize with long-time Simmental breeders. Again we were able to hand out anniversary certificates. iii) The Ottawa Valley Simmental Club held a fundraiding Dance on November 25, 2017 that was well attended and enjoyed by all who came. The weather could have been better! “ Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”. Again we thank you all. In 2017 the Canadian Simmental Association established the Award of Excellence program to promote, and recognize the top registered Simmental bulls and females that are exhibited at shows across Canada each year. The Award of Excellence (AOE) program is to encourage Simmental breeders to attend multiple shows in different locations, and provinces that qualify for this program. In Ontario the two shows selected by the CSA for 2017 to qualify for the Award of Excellence points program were Lindsay EX and Carp Fair. Following the final show- Canadian Western Agribition, the Canadian Simmental Association tabulated points for the Award of Excellence Show Female and Bull of the year. OSA Advocate


We congratulate two of our OSA members for placing in the top 5 for Show Female of the year: # 1 Barlee Lexi Lou 1C- Owned by Barlee Simmentals (Jerry Barber), Clarendon, QC- Total of 165 points #5- Academy Hill Azula 5A- Owned by Alliance Simmental Farm (Mike McCart), North Gower ON- Total 77 points The Bright Light’s Futurity had 8 entries (6 heifers and 2 bulls) the OSA Board continues to promote this event at the RAWF. The 2017 RAWF Open Simmental Show was also well attended with over 140 head of cattle shown. Thank you to all the exhibitors and the volunteers that helped make this event a success. I encourage you to look at the pictures in this issue of the Advocate. Again “Many hands make light work”. The OSA Board continues to support youth initiatives. In 2017 we were able to provide a lined winter toque with the 50th Anniversary logo to 166 Ontario 4-H members who showed a Simmental/Simmental commercial animal as their 4-H beef project. We encourage our members to contact Josh Wooddisse on Monday’s, the day he commits to OSA work. We have to appreciate that he was hired on a part-time basis. He can assist you with all your promotional and advertising needs. You can contact him at memberservices.osa@gmail.com. The OSA Board also encourages the membership to call any Director if you have concerns, comments, ideas to promote the Simmental breed in Ontario. Tina Hiddink

OSA Advocate


Canadian Simmental Award of Excellence 2017 The Canadian Simmental Association’s Award of Excellence is a program established in 2017 to promote and recognize the top bulls and females in the Simmental Breed that are exhibited at shows across the country each year. The top 5 AOE show Females of 2017 were: #5- Academy Hill Azula 5A- Owned by Alliance Simmental Farm, North Gower ON- Total of 77 points #4- Boss Lake Ms Elle 638D- Owned by Boss Lake Genetics and Ty-D livestock, Parkland County AB – Total of 100 points #3- CMS Soda Pop 425B- Owned by Blackgold Simmentals, Lloydminster, SK- Total of 103 points #2- New Trend Karizma 5C- Owned by New Trend Cattle Co, Strathmore AB - Total of 119 points #1- Barlee Lexi Lou 1C- Owned by Barlee Simmentals, Clarendon, QC- Total of 165 points The top 5 AOE show Bulls of 2017 were: #5- RJY Chip 18E- Owned by High Country Simmentals, Breton AB- Total of 76 points #4- VCL Dagger 605D- Owned by Double Bar D Farms, Grenfell, SK- Total of 90 points #3- RJY Casino 11C- Owned by High Country Cattle Services, Breton AB- Total of 101 points #2- BGS/BM Captain Scream 63D-Owned by Blackgold Simmentals/Canadian Sires, Lloydminster,SK- Total of 109 points #1- KDL Dunraven Dude 14D - Owned by Dunraven Simmentals, Calumet Island, QC- Total of 131 points

Congratulation to Barlee Simmentals the owner of Barlee Lexi Lou 1C for placing first, in the first ever Canadian Simmental Association’s Award of Excellence top female & congratulation to Alliance Simmental Farm the owner of Academy Hill Azula 5A.

OSA Advocate


OSA Advocate


Everything you should know about the breeding season What condition should my cows be in for breeding season? Cows should be at a body condition score of 3 (on a scale of 1 to 5) after calving, and replacement heifers at 3.5. This is considered moderate body condition. Thin cows at calving tend to take longer to return to normal cycling, and thus a 10 to 20 percent lower conception rate than cows that are in moderate condition. Most of the nutrients would have a cow consumes go into maintenance and producing milk for her calf; weight gain is the last priority when all other bodily requirements are met. My cows are cycling, why are they not catching? There are several reasons why cows are not catching even though they are apparently cycling. The breeding season should begin 2 or 3 months after first calving date, and not immediately after. This is to allow the cow's bodies to get back into normal estrus activity. Their reproductive hormones right after calving are not cycling normally like they would when they are not pregnant, plus the uterus needs time to shrink back to normal size. The first few estrous cycles are usually irregular in timing, and this is normal. Other reasons cows are not catching is that there may be females with cystic ovaries in the herd. Cystic ovaries tend to allow cows to be in heat all the time, but no matter how long they are with a bull they do not catch. Cystic ovaries are often associated with over-conditioned cows. Bulls may also need to be checked. If there is more than one bull in a corral with several females and these bulls are almost identical in size, regardless how many females are coming in heat, fighting is likely to occur. A bull may be suffering from an injury or malady that is affecting his ability to breed, from lameness to a broken penis. He may even turn out to be less fertile with poor sperm motility or abnormal sperm structure than first thought. A breeding soundness exam done by a veterinarian can rule most out these problems. Can nutrition improve fertility? Nutrition can either improve or ruin fertility in cattle. Cows receiving poor nutrition tend to take longer to reach their first heat period after calving, and are less likely to successfully conceive on time in the breeding season. Pregnancy rates suffer as a result, as does the subsequent calf crop. Cows generally need more energy and protein during lactation than they do during pregnancy. The rule of thumb for cows is 7 percent protein in mid-pregnancy, 9 percent protein in late pregnancy, and 11 percent protein in lactation or post-calving. Energy requirements increase in a similar manner. Bulls also need to have good nutrition to be able to successfully breed and produce a calfcrop. Since a bull is worth half of the entire cowherd, and they tend to pay more attention to females in the breeding season than to feed, it is very important that he is on a good nutritional program before and after the breeding season. After the breeding season he will have lost some condition, and will need to be on a good nutritional program so that he can build up that weight and maintain it in preparation for next season.

OSA Advocate


How much bull power will I need for my herd? Generally, one bull can service 20 cows in a breeding season. However, yearling bulls (10 to 15 months of age) will only be able to breed 10 to 15 females. Older and more experienced bulls (24 to 30 months of age or more) can run with 25 to 30 cows during the breeding season. A bull will breed less cows and heifers if in a large pasture over 10 or 20 acres because of the time needed to travel from servicing one female to go chase another. However, larger spaces may reduce rivalry incidences of similar-aged bulls that are of the same age and size as the other. Why do I need to breed my heifers ahead of my mature cows, and how old should they be when bred? Replacement heifers will need to be bred 21 to 30 days ahead of the main cowherd because they require a longer period of time to return to normal cycling activity and display heat after calving than mature cows. When heifers are bred before the main cowherd they will calve earlier in the season; this gives you a chance to watch your heifers for potential calving problems. First-calf heifers, after calving, should be cycling normally by the time the main cowherd is going into the breeding season the following year. At that time they will be bred at the same time as the rest of the mature cows. The breeding season for heifers should be around 45 to 60 days long. Heifers should also be 65 to 70 percent of their potential mature weight by the time they are around 15 months of age. What is the optimum length of the breeding season? Ideally, the breeding season should be 45 to 60 days long, with at least 70 percent of the cowherd conceived within the first two weeks. Longer breeding seasons usually mean a longer calving season; and a longer breeding season gives less chance for late-coming calves from late-calving cows to reach target weight upon weaning time. Late-calving females tend to have lower weaning weights than early-calving cows; late-calving cows are more prone to wean younger, smaller calves than those cows that calved early in the calving season. Longer breeding seasons tend to hide those cows that have poorer reproductive performance, reducing their chances of being culled. Shortening the breeding season from 150 days down to 90 days over a couple years will reveal those females with poorer fertility, and enable you to tighten up and shorten the calving season considerably while improving pregnancy and conception rates, and give a more uniform calfcrop with improved weaning weights.

This was adapted from the Ag-Info -/www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/faq8390 OSA Advocate


2018 Ontario Simmental Association AGM March 3, 2018, 1:00 p.m. Holiday Inn, Peterborough, ON Agenda items include  Election of the Royal Judge (candidates listed below)  Ryan Haefner, Sleepy Hollow, NY  Cam Sparrow, Vanscoy, SK  Riley LaFrentz, Bienfait SK  Discussion on Royal Simmental Show  2018 Futurity Entries  Election of 2018 Directors  Banquet with the Ontario Charolais Association  Fundraising Auction to follow the meal Banquet The Ontario Charolais association will join us at the banquet and Ontario Corn Fed Beef will be served. If you book before March 01, 2018, the meal cost is $35.00 per person. At the door, it will be $45.00 per person. In order to confirm your dinner reservations please send an e-mail to Josh Wooddisse at memberservices.osa@gmail.com. OSA Auction to Support Youth As many of you are well aware the OSA in conjunction with the OCA host an annual auction following the AGM dinner. At this time we are reaching out to you, the membership, for your help in supporting the auction. If you can bring a donated item for the auction please let Brittany Barkley know. The proceeds from the auction items will be used to help offset various costs presented to the OSA when supporting youth programs OYCSA and 4H. If you have any questions, contact Brittany Barkley at brittanybarkley@hotmail.com. Location Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront 150 George Street North, Peterborough, ON K9J 3G5. Book your room today 705 740-6581.

OSA Advocate


2018 Simmentals Royal Winter Fair Judge Nominees Ryan Haefner, Clinton, IL Ryan grew up on family farm in Illinois running approximately 150 head of beef cows and row crop farming 1500 acres. In 2007, he moved to New York in 2007 to be farm manager for Hudson Pines Farm in Sleepy Hollow, NY and held that position for the past 10 years. Hudson Pines had 200+ head of Simmental cattle with marketing focused around proven donors and Show Heifer prospects. During his tenure, HPF was fortunate to have bred and exhibited multiple National Champions as well as experience several victories Iin the Yards� at the National Western Stock Show. Since the passing of Mr. Rockefeller in early 2017, followed by the record setting Dispersal of Hudson Pines farm in October 2017, Ryan has moved back to Illinois. He is now in the process of rebuilding his own high percentage Simmental cow herd which currently consists of 40 mature cows. He has also started his own Agri-Marketing Consulting business focused around registered seed stock. Nominated by: Tom Stillman Seconded by: Cam Sparrow, Vanscoy, SK Cameron Sparrow is from Vanscoy, Saskatchewan, a third generation western cattleman. He runs a purebred Charolais cow herd and a small grain farm owned by himself and wife Kerrie and three daughters. The Sparrow family operates over 10,000 acres and aprox. 400 cows in their cow/calf operation. Sparrow genetics can be found across in the US, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries in Europe. Cameron has judged both in Canada and the US. He has also judged multiple national breed shows and most national junior shows and 4H regionals. The list is too long to itemize. We saw Cameron judge the National Junior Beef Heifer show at the RAWF and where particularly impressed by the depth of comments he made about the Simmental cattle exhibited as the most consistent and competitive group of all breeds. Cameron has humbly accepted his nomination and hopes to travel to the RAWF with his daughters this fall to share the RAWF experience. Nominated by: Todd Campbell Seconded by: Pat Murray Riley LaFrentz, Bienfait SK Riley, along with this parents and brother run Wheatland Cattle Company. A 170 head purebred Simmental operation that has been in the limelight at the Canadian Western Agribition since 2006, winning multiple premier breeder and exhibitor banners and breed championships. Most recently they came home with supreme champion female at the 2017 first lady classic. Riley, attended Hutchinson Community College in Kansas and Kansas State University on a livestock judging scholarship and was very successful. He has judged across North America. Wheatland have an annual bull sale at the end of march which has seen a lot of breed changing bulls sell over the years. Riley would be honoured to evaluate cattle at such a prestigious show. Nominated by: Connor Morse Seconded by: Jay Hiltz OSA Advocate


2017 Simmental Show, Toronto, ON

Junior Calf Champion BLACKRIVER MS. IVANKA 95E Black River Farms, Sutton, ON

Reserve Junior Calf Champion IRCCEUPHORIA754E Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River

Judge - Dave Durie Jr. Vegreville, AB

Senior Calf Champion BARLEE HONEY BEAR 1E Barlee Simmentals, Shawville, QC

Reserve Senior Calf Champion RPCC BLK ELSA 234E River Point Cattle Co., Glencoe, ON

Champion Percentage Female GCC SHADY LADY 128D Scott Show Cattle, Drumbo, ON

Junior Champion Female KADE'S MISS KNIGHT 20D Earley Livestock, Kerwood, ON

Reserve Junior Champion Female IRCC DARLIN' 613D Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River

Reserve Champion Percentage Female SSC BREATHLESS 18E Scott Show Cattle, Drumbo, ON

Senior Champion Female BARLEE LEXI LOU 1C Barlee Simmentals, Shawville, QC

Reserve Senior Champion Female KADES MISS MRL 62Z Earley Livestock, Kerwood, ON

Champion Fullblood KINGFIELD ELEANOR Kingfield Farms, Maple, ON

Grand Champion Female

OSA Advocate

KADE'S MISS KNIGHT 20D Earley Livestock, Kerwood, ON

Reserve Grand Champion Female BARLEE LEXI LOU 1C Barlee Simmentals, Shawville, QC


2017 Simmental Show, Toronto, ON

November 5, 2017

Bull Calf Champion RICK-SHA ALLY ENFORCER Rick-Sha Farm, Moorefield, ON

Reserve Bull Calf Champion IRCC EINSTEIN 720E Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River

Junior Champion Bull KDL DUNRAVEN DUDE

Reserve Junior Champion Bull DESTINYCURRENCY Destiny Simmental, Meaford, ON

Dunraven Simmentals, Calumont Island, QC

Senior Champion Bull SULLYSCALIBER Leahy Livestock, Douro, ON

Grand Champion Bull RICK-SHA ALLY ENFORCER Rick-Sha Farm, Moorefield, ON

Progeny of Dam Destiny Simmental, Meaford, ON

Breeder's Herd Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River, ON

Reserve Grand Champion Bull KDL DUNRAVEN DUDE

Get of Sire Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River, ON

Dunraven Simmentals, Calumont Island, QC

Premier Exhibitor Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River, ON &

Destiny Simmental, Meaford, ON Premier Breeder Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River, ON OSA Advocate


2017 Bright Light Futurity Show

November 3, 2017 Champion Female IRCC EĚ CLAIR 742E Indian River Cattle Company, Indian River

Reserve Champion Female BARLEE HONEY BEAR 1E Barlee Simmentals, Shawville, QC

Champion Bull DONOVANDALE BAILOUT Donovandale Farms, Ashton, ON

Reserve Champion Bull JSTR DF CHICK MAGNET 706E J-Star Livestock, Beachburg, ON

Judge - John Dolliver, AB

2017 Ron Wooddisse Memorial Performance and Efficiency Award

Herdsman Award: Jetstream Livestock, East Garafraxa, ON Champion Female WAYDAMAR BLK ELVIRA 68E Average Percentile Ranking of 24.25% Sired by Richwood Admiral 26A Waydamar Farms, Dundalk, ON

Reserve Champion Female MCROBDON MISTRESS 54D Average Percentile Ranking of 25.3% Sired by Richwood Admiral 26A McRobdon Simmental, Mount Forest

2017 Hall of Fame inducted: Fred Reicheld

Champion Bull MARYWOOD VALENTINO 102E Average Percentile Ranking of 24.6% Sired by Richwood Admiral 26A Marywood Simmentals, Palmerston

Reserve Champion Bull WAYDAMAR BLK CAPTAIN BLIGH 36E Average Percentile Ranking of 24.92% Sired by Richwood Admiral 26A Waydamar Farms, Dundalk, ON Ring Steward: Katie Wood & Everett Hall

OSA Advocate


OSA CELEBRATING THE CSA 50TH ANNIVERSARY at the Royal Winter Fair November 5, 2017 The OSA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Simmental Association, in Toronto, ON on November 5, 2017 at the Royal Winter Fair. The OSA Board handed out 25 year certificates to those in attendance, followed by a fund raising auction. Thank you to Bar 5 for the coffee and refreshments the morning before the show. Thank you to the Simm-Bells for hosting the Wine and Cheese social after the show celebrating the CSA 50th Anniversary. Thanks to all the volunteers that help put on the Royal Simmental Show.

OSA Advocate


2017 NATIONAL JUNIOR BEEF HEIFER SHOW RESULTS November 4—5, 2017 The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Judge: Cameron Sparrow, Vanscoy, SK

Simmental Class

Champion Simmental Heifer & Reserve Grand Champion Heifer KADE'S MISS KNIGHT 20D Kade Earley, Kerwood, ON

Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer DESTINY VISION REGINA, 1168789 Travis Fulford, Markdale, ON

Congratulation to the Scholarship Winners The Friends of the Canadian Simmental Foundation Scholarships which are valued at $3,000 each, were awarded to Jessica Sperber of Rimbey, Alberta and Matt Bates of Coboconk, Ontario. Jessica is currently attending West Texas A&M obtaining her Masters of Animal Science. Matt is at the University of Guelph studying towards his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Matt Bates

The Dr. Dixon Memorial Scholarships, in memory of Dr. Allan A. Dixon are valued at $2,000 each were awarded to Breana McKenzie of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and Michaela Lievre of Woodstock, Ontario. Breana is currently at the University of Calgary studying her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology. Michaela is attending the University of Guelph obtaining her honors in Agriculture. Michaela Lievre

There was a great turnout at the Simmental Show at the Royal Winter Fair. Everyone showed extremely well. Congratulations to the winners. We took pictures of the show, they are available on the OSA website, www.ontariosimmentalassociation.com. OSA Advocate


2017 Simmental Banner Sponsors CHAMPION JUNIOR HEIFER CALF Bouchard Livestock International Crossfield, AB

JUNIOR CHAMPION BULL Gravandale Simmentals, Ivan and Grace Oesch, Wellesley, ON

RESERVE CHAMPION JUNIOR HEIFER CALF Hallridge Simmentals Dr. Everett and Marylon Hall Owen Sound, ON

RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION BULL Destiny Simmentals, Todd and Karen Campbell, Meaford, ON

CHAMPION SENIOR HEIFER CALF Martinvale Farms Kyle & Jessica Martin Tweed, ON RESERVE CHAMPION SENIOR HEIFER CALF Leahy Stock Farm Bernard and Lise Leahy and Family, Douro, ON

SENIOR CHAMPION BULL Wild Oak Farms, Hank, Tina and Brandon Hiddink, Bloomfield, ON RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION BULL Ontario Simmental Association

GRAND CHAMPION BULL JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Canadian Simmental Country Calgary, AB Tonette Farms Tom & Jeanette, Andrea, Montana & Tate Stillman RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BULL RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Indian River Cattle Company, Billy and Juanita Elmhirst, Indian Donovandale Farms Gerald and Keitha Donovan and family, River, ON Ashton, ON PROGENY OF DAM SENIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Alliance Simmental Farms, Mike McCart, North Gower, ON Rockridge Simmentals, memory of Florence Lewis BREEDERS HERD RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Canadian Simmental Country Calgary, AB V5 Simmentals in Memory of Bennie Vance GET OF SIRE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE M&L CATTLE COMPANY, Roger Maloney , Helen Lynett and Waydamar Simmentals, Dave and Gayle Milliner, Dundalk, ON Family, Indian River, OM RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Flo-Lar Farms in memory of Larry Behnke

CHAMPION PERCENTAGE FEMALE Academy Hill Livestock, John and Kathy Pearson, Grafton, ON

BULL CALF CHAMPION Robson Acres, The Robson Family, Millbrook, ON


RESERVE CHAMPION BULL CALF Barlee Simmentals, Jerry and Laurie Barber, Shawville Que

CHAMPION FULLBLOOD Kern Simmentals, Erich & Doris Kern, Hanover ON

Bright Lights Futurity Banners and Sponsors Champion Bull Genex Cooperative, Inc

Champion Female Black River Farms, Dan and Janet Munro, Sutton,ON

Reserve Champion Bull Ottawa Valley Simmental Club

Reserve Champion Female Simmgen Land and Cattle Co. Jarvis, ON

Ron Wooddisse Memorial Performance and Efficiency Award Banners and Sponsors Champion Bull Evergreen Odds Farm, Norm & Donna Plume, Cardinal, ON

Champion Female Maple Key Farms, Stan & Sharron Conquergood Port Elgin, ON

Reserve Champion Bull McRobdon Simmentals, Mount Forest, ON

Reserve Champion Female Kelly Cattle Company Aidan Kelly, Belwood ON

OSA Advocate


Become an OSA Member The OSA • Puts on the Royal Winter Fair Show, supports the youth shows. • Promotes the Simmental breed by Ads (Simmental Country, Ontario Beef, Ontario Feeders) • Attends the Ontario Beef, Ontario Feeders AGM & trade shows • Any 4H member showing a Simmental receives a Simmental gift for completing the club Benefits of being a OSA Member • Receive the Advocate • Your Farm will be put in the OSA Directory that will be put out next year for the CSA AGM 1 year | Membership (HST incl.) $50 or $55 before Jan 31st For more Information Josh Wooddisse - Ontario Simmental Member Services Manager www.ontariosimmentalassociation.com or memberservices.osa@gmail.com

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