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OSA Advocate


OSA Advocate


ADVOCATE The official publication of the Ontario Simmental Association

Cover Picture Provided by Kalie Dufault, Dunraven Simmentals. If you have a cover shot for the advocate please send it to: memberservices.osa@gmail.com

In each edition, sale results, events and announcements, will only be listed if received by the graphic designer in writing or email. We encourage you to share Simmental related photographs of your animals and operation.

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The Advocate is the official publication of the Ontario Simmental Association. The emphasis of the magazine is to keep Ontario Simmental breeders informed about past and up-coming events; provide a resource for marketing and advertising; and, to support Simmental youth programs. We also highlight local and international news items that impact cow-calf operators and the beef industries as a whole. Areas of interest include: animal health; beef trade and market issues; the latest research initiatives; and, consumer attitudes toward beef. For more Information: Josh Wooddisse Ontario Simmental Member Services Manager www.ontariosimmentalassociation.com

OSA Advocate

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OSA Board of Directors 2017 - 2018 Tina Hiddink President

Laura Robson Director

Norm Plume Ottawa Valley Director

Term March 2020 Wild Oak Farms Bloomfield, ON 613 399-3239 wildoak@xplornet.ca

Term March 2019 Robson Acres Millbrook, ON 705 932-3216 lrobson_11@hotmail.com

Term March 2018 Evergreen Odds Cardinal, ON 613 657-1968 normplume@sympatico.ca

Dave Milliner Director

Brittany Barkley Vice President

Brad Turpin East Central Director

Term March 2018 Waydamar Simmentals Dundalk, ON 519 375-0122 dgmilliner@everus.ca

Hi Tech Farms Term March 2018 Ingleside, ON 613 360-1936 brittanybarkley@hotmail.com

Term March 2018 Brandlee Simmentals Stirling, ON 613 848-4208 brandleesim@hotmail.com

Scott Dykstra Director

Pat Taber Director

Grace Oesch Secretary

Term March 2018 Simmgen Land and Cattle Co Jarvis, ON 905 768 4281 dykstras@optionsdsl.ca

Term March 2020 Megens Cattle Company Mount Albert, ON 905 473-7491 patmegens@gmail.com

Gravandale Simmentals Wellesley, ON 519 656-2199 gravandale@netflash.net

Jerry Barber Director Term March 2019 Barlee Farms Shawville, PQ 819 647-3770 jerry@petropontiac.ca

OSA Staff Josh Wooddisse Member Services Manager memberservices.osa@gmail.com New Mailing Address Ontario Simmental Association c.o. Josh Wooddisse RR1, 8491 Con 14, Palmerston ON N0G 2P0

OSA Advocate


Upcoming Events & Sales OCTOBER 14 Ottawa Valley Simmental Club Harvest Sale Metcalfe, ON

NOVEMBER 8-11, 2017 Farm Fair International Edmonton, AB

OCTOBER 15 River Point Cattle Co. & Guests Fall Gala Sale Glencoe, ON

NOVEMBER 18 Central Ontario Cattleman's Choice Sale Hoards Station, ON

NOVEMBER 3 - 4, 2017 Masterfeed National Junior Beef Heifer Show Toronto, ON

NOVEMBER 20-24, 2017 Canadian Western Agribition & National Simmental Show Regina, SK

NOVEMBER 3, 2017 Royal Fair Simmental Futurity Show (starting at 9am) Toronto, ON

NOVEMBER 25 Marywood Classic Sale Listowel, ON

NOVEMBER 4 Royal Elite All Breeds Sale Toronto, ON

DECEMBER 31 RAWF Judge nominations to OSA member services OSA 2018 Futurity nominations to OSA member services

NOVEMBER 5 Royal Fair Simmental Show (starting at 9am) Toronto, ON

MARCH 3, 2018 Ontario Simmental Association AGM Holiday Inn Peterborough, ON

OSA Advocate


President’s Message – Tina Hiddink Summer came and we’re now asking were did it go? In 2016 we heard numerous conversations about the heat and drought conditions. No feed! Now we have 2017! There are areas in Ontario that had too much rain, not enough or did okay. In the Quite area we experienced LOTS of rain. It seemed like we dealt with rain daily. Livestock farmers in our county finished 1st cut in mid to late August. On our farm we finished 1st cut and 2nd cut and were darn lucky to have baled/wrapped forage with no rain on our crop even thought the test results are not encouraging. My wish is that everyone was successful meeting the forage needs of their cattle for 2017. 2017 is a special time for the Simmental breed as we celebrate 50 years of Simmentals in Canada. The CSA has encouraged each province to celebrate this milestone. The OSA held their first event in Lindsay, Ontario on July 22, 2017 in conjunction with the YCS Junior Show. A day of events took place including an afternoon farm tour at the farm of Paul and Robin Brown to “check-out” their new cattle finshing barn and visiting Pickseed’s demonstration plots were Sylvia Megens told us about new forage crops being tested. There were approximatly 100 people in attendence to enjoy a catered roast beef buffet dinner. The OSA Board handed out 25 year certificates to those in attendence, followed by a fund raising auction and concluded with a dance lead by the Flashback Band. Thank you to Mark’s New Holland for their equipment display and New Holland’s continue support to the CSA. Again we thank all the attendees and the volunteers who made this event possible. We are currently making plans to continue the 50th Anniversary celebration at the Royal Agricutltural Winter Fair. Stay tune for further updates. I want to thank the OSA Board for their support allowing me to attend the CSA – Convention and National YCS Show in Fredericton, New Brunswich from August 10 –13th. This was an opportunity for me to attend the Provincial President’s meeting with the CSA Board of Directors. This is definitely an opportunity that should be taken advantage of as this allows candid conversation between all parties. The Maritime Simmental Association hosted a great event. The location was excellent, the food was great and the they kept us busy. It was announced the 2018 CSA Convention and National YCS will be hosted by Alberta Simmental Association taking place in Olds, Alberta. The summer shows and fairs are well under way. I encourage our members to attend these events and enjoy the comraderie. As cattle producers we are resilient and encourage breeders to continue to market Simmental cattle. There is definitly a market, as confirmed by CSA and the increase in registrations.

OSA Advocate


We encourage our members to contact Josh Wooddisse if you need promotional material to distribute/ have available to display at local events i.e. plowing matches, cattle shows, cattle and stocker sales. He can also assist you with with your promotional and advertising needs. You can contact him at memberservices.osa@gmail.com. The events/deadlines to keep in mind are: 1. OSA 2018 Futurity nominations to Josh Wooddisse by December 31, 2017 2. RAWF Judge nominations to Josh Wooddisse by December 31, 2017 3. 2017 OSA membership paid by December 31, 2017 4. OSA – AGM on March 3, 2018 at the Holiday Inn in Peterborough. Tina Hiddink

OSA Advocate


OSA Advocate


OSA Advocate


Not Enough Feed for the Winter? Getting through the winter when feed is scarce and expensive means getting the most out of every forkful. It is really an on- going management strategy in well-run and profitable herds where production costs are constantly pared to the bone. Planning ahead from the first sign of drought for available winter feed (quality and quantity) can get the bulk of the herd through winter without spending too much money or without sacrificing productivity the following year.

Match Feed Nutrients To Animal Needs  

  

Save best feed quality for after calving, next best for 60 days before calving. Group cattle by feed requirements to reduce over and under feeding: 1) mature cows in moderate to good condition, 2) thin and older cows, 3) replacement heifer calves, 4) bred yearling and rebred two-year-old heifers (or group 2,3 and 4 together). “Test, don‘t guess” – Feed test and balance rations based on actual nutrients in the feed. Feed or inject vitamins; feed minerals free choice with salt or mixed in grain; use protein supplements with low quality roughages, especially with thin or young, growing cattle. Boost feed in cold weather, especially to young or thin cattle.

Minimize the Herd’s Feed Requirements   

  

Use herd records to keep only the best breeding cows or replacement heifers. Pregnancy test. Cull open cows, bad feet, legs, udders, eyes, temperament, hard calvers and poor mothers. Use Body Condition Scores (BCS) to manage the herd. Year round feeding management should target a goal of moderate to good condition (BCS ≥2.5) at calving because cows will cycle and breed sooner than thin cows (BCS ≤2.0). Cows going into winter with BCS ≥3.0 can afford to lose 1/2 BCS or about 100 lbs. Thin cows need up to 30% more feed over winter than cows in moderate condition in order to gain enough weight to achieve BCS 2.5 at calving and up to 70% more feed than a cow carrying some backfat (BCS ≥3.0). Manage feed to reduce waste – feed on clean snow, use “tombstone” bale feeders, feed under a hot wire, use moveable bottomless bunks from drill stem or other pipe, use old mine conveyor belting to make portable feed troughs, grind and mix with more palatable roughages – whatever works! Treat cattle for external parasites (warbles and lice). Internal parasites may also be worth treating, on advice of a veterinarian.

OSA Advocate


Maximize Value of Feed Supply 

Ammoniation of straw and chaff improves dry matter and energy digestibility, crude protein content and rate of passage. Ammoniation can increase an animal’s voluntary intake of digestible energy from straw or chaff by as much as 50%. Ammoniated straw and chaff should still be feed tested and will still need supplementing with minerals, vitamins and possibly some grain, especially for thin cattle or young cattle.

Supplement low quality roughages such as mature range grass, slough hay, stubble and straw or chaff piles or rows in the field, etc. They are too low in protein (and energy, minerals and vitamins) to support sufficient microbial growth in the rumen for optimal digestion. Supplementation with natural protein or NPN + grain will allow animals to get much more feed value out of the same feed – range pellets, lick tanks, molasses tubs or a home- mixed grain-protein-vitamin-mineral supplement

Grinding coarse or poor quality feeds will increase feed value by increasing intake and reducing wastage. Mixing with moderate quality roughages will increase palatability and/or dilute anti-nutritive factors such as nitrates. Feed test the mixtures so exact nutritional information is available. Don’t grind too fine (3/4 or 1" screen max.) and don’t grind at all if cattle can get enough to eat without.

This was adapted from the farm animal council of Saskatchewan inc, publication “Not Enough Feed for the Winter?”, www.facs.sk.ca.

OSA Advocate


OYCSA Trillium Classic 2017 Lindsay, Ontario on July 21-23, 2017


Champion Bred & Owned Female DYLN Equalizer 106E - Dylan Foley

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Female RVCC Red Honey Dew 02D - Blair Williamson

Progeny of Dam - Shelby Crawford

Champion Female IRCC NJM Delicious 626D - Alexa Avelar

Get of Sire - Katie Elmhurst

Champion Bred & Owned Male DYLN Electrified 103E - Dylan Foley

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Male IRCC Dynamite 663D - Katie Elmhirst

Breeders Herd - Dylan Foley

Champion Crossbred JMF Dixie 601D - Johnathan McNeil

Reserve Champion Crossbred Brandy’s Derry 93D - Brandy Thaxter

OSA Advocate

Reserve Champion Female IRCC Debutante 634D - Katie Elmhirst


OSA CELEBRATING THE CSA 50TH ANNIVERSARY The Lindsay Exhibition, Lindsay, Ontario July 22nd, 2017

The OSA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Simmental Association, in Lindsay, ON on July 22, 2017 with the OYCSA Trillium Classic 2017 show. We had a great time on the progressive farm tour were we visited Paul Brown's feedlot with new barn and the Pick Seed research plot. In the afternoon we had a roast beef banquet with more then 100 people in attendance. The OSA Board handed out 25 year certificates to those in attendance, followed by a fund raising auction and concluded with a dance and live entertainment by the Flashback Band.

OSA Advocate


Ontario Simmental Members 2017 Brad & Val Arnold Wiser Heights Stock Farms 21355 Cherryhill Road Thorndale, ON N0M 2P0 wiserheights@gmail.com 226 376-5482

Alex Cameron 1141 Peniel Rd Woodville, ON K0M 2T0 acameronfarms@gmail.com 705 878-3054

Jeff & April Dobbie Dobbie Simmentals R.R. 4, 816 Country Road 21 Spencerville, ON K0E 1X0 jadobbie@jcis.ca 613 658-3181

Jerry Barber Barlee Farms Box 689, RR#3 Shawville, PQ J0X 2Y0 jerry@petropontiac.ca 819 647-3770

Todd & Karen Campbell Destiny Simmentals 156476 7TH Line, R.R. 2 Meaford, ON N4L 1W6 tcampbell@rbafinancial.com 519 538-5103 www.destinysimmentals.com

Gerald & Keitha Donovan Donovandale Farms 529 Glenashton Road, RR3 Ashton, ON K0A 1B0 donovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com 613 257-2617

Brittany Barkley & John Dew Hi Tech Farms 14505 Dafoe Road Ingleside, ON K0C 1M0 brittanybarkley@hotmail.com 613 360-1936

Dennis Carew Carew's Simmentals 180 Hickory Beach Road, RR #3 Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0 carew_farmer@hotmail.com 705 887-9649

Kaylea Donovan Donovandale Farms 529 Glenashton Road, RR3 Ashton, ON K0A 1B0 donovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com 613 257-2617

Larry & Rhonda Barkley Hi Tech Farms 14661 Dafoe Road, R.R. #3 Ingleside, ON K0C 1M0 larrybarkley@sympatico.ca 613 537-2441

Stan & Sharron Conquergood Maple Key R.R. #1, 4239 Hwy 21 Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C5 conquergood@bmts.com 519 832-2366

Scott Dykstra Simmgen Land and Cattle Co. 1834 Concession 9 Jarvis, ON N0A 1J0 dykstras@optionsdsl.ca 519-661-8713

Kurtis Black & Chelsea O'Connor Whitewater Livestock 1839 Garden of Eden Road Haley Station, ON K0J 1Y0 whitewaterlivestock@gmail.com 613-585-3873 www.whitewaterlivestock.com

Reed & Jane Crawford River Point Cattle Company 22950 Taits Road, R.R. 4 Glencoe, ON N0L 1M0 riverpointcc@hotmail.com 519 287-5286 www.riverpointcattlecompany.com

Kade Earley Circle K Simmental 2211 Napperton Drive Kerwood, ON N0M 2B0 kade.earley@gmail.com 519 709-7839 www.earleylivestock.com

Tyler, Jen, Emma, Margaret Brooks Brooksland Farms 142 Clarke Rd Paris, ON N3L 3E1 jenb@ayrmutual.com 519 770-9664

Chris & Gorica Davis Heritage Hills Farm 780 Duncans Line Keene, ON K0L 2G0 cdavis67@live.com

Mike & Nancy Earley Earley Livestock 2211 Napperton Drive Kerwood, ON N0M 2B0 earley@lweb.net 519 661-8713 www.earleylivestock.com

Charles & Michael Burns Kingfield Farm 1314 King Vaughan Road Maple, ON L6A 2A5 cburns37@hotmail.com 905 773-4472 OSA Advocate

Kevin & Whitney De Decker Velian Farms 482 Smith Rd Roslin, ON K0K 2Y0 velianfarms@outlook.com 519 500-8930

Bill & Juanita Elmhirst Indian River Cattle Co. 1870 Settlers Line, R.R. 1 Indian River, ON K0L 2B0 ircc@nexicom.net 705 295-2708 www.indianrivercattlecompany.com 14

Ontario Simmental Members 2017 Dylan Foley Dylan Foley Simmentals 2755 Thomas Dolan Pkwy, Box 28 Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0 foleysimmentals@gmail.com 613 913-9423

Dwayne & Andrea Horst Dwayann Simmentals 7693 Wellington Road 109, R.R. 4 Arthur, ON N0G 1A0 dhorst@rogers.com 519 616-2252

Vaughn & Cindy Gibbons Gibbons Farms 1787 Stevensville Rd. Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0 4gibbons@sympatico.ca 905 382-3879

Rolf E. Huber Sanmar Simmentals 86 J & I Side Rd Tiverton, ON N0G 2T0 rhuber@bmts.com 519 368-3031 Cell: 519 832 - 0701

Al and Carol Green 3460 Gladstone Dr RR#1 Mossley, ON N0L 1V0 alcarolgreen@gmail.com 519 269-3582 Ernie & Agnes Hagerman Mountain Road Simmentals Box 73, 440 Mountain Road Tamworth, ON K0K 3G0 debed@bell.net 613 379-2980

Allen Hurley Hurley Simmentals R.R. #3 Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0 705 248-2841 Julie Denison & Ross Giles Fusion Livestock 3282 9TH Line RD Metcalfe, ON K0A 2P0 fusionlivestock10@gmail.com 613-229-4813

Everett & Marylon Hall Hallridge Simmentals 177470 Conc. 5, RR# 3 Owensound, ON N4K 5N5 everett.hall@eastgen.ca, eahall@bmts.com 519 372-7877

Erich & Doris Kern Kern Simmentals 262422-18th Normanby RR# 1 Hanover, ON N4N 3B8 dek@bmts.com 519 369-6447

Keitha Harris-Donovan Donovandale Farms 529 Glenashton Road Ashton, ON K0A 1B0 donovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com 613 257-2617

Art & Marilyn Kerr Kerr Farms 481 Frank Green Road, RR#2 Westport, ON K0G 1X0 artmar@live.ca 613 273-5909

Hank & Tina Hiddink Wild Oak Farms 631 Wilkes Road P.O. Box 250, R.R. 1 Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0 wildoak@xplornet.ca 613 399-3239

Glen & Shari Kerry Fairview Simmentals 85 Scugog Line 6 Port Perry, ON L9L 1B2 gandskerry@andrewswireless.net 905 852-6887

OSA Advocate

Anna Mae Lacroix 3 Generations Simmentals 2519 Country Road 29, Box 66 Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0 613 624-9282 Bernard & Lise Leahy Leahy Stock Farm 3113 Highway 28 Douro-Dummerr, ON K0L 2H0 bern.leahy@gmail.com 705 927-2946 David Lyons R.R. #1 Harriston, ON N0G 1Z0 519 323-2489 Jackie MacGregor & Nathan Latchford J-Star Livestock Box 288 Beachburg, ON K0J 1C0 jstarlivestock@nrtco.net 613 281-1477 Roger Maloney M & L Cattle CO 2420 Jermyn Line, RR#1 Indian River, ON K0L 2B0 roger@mlcattleco.com 705 295-6439 Kyle & Jessica Marttin Martinvale Farms 5701 Hwy 37 Tweed, ON K0K 3J0 martinvale06@gmail.com 613 848-9150 James Masters Knollbrook Farms 142239 County Road 5 East Garafraxa, ON L9W 7K8 knollbrookfarms@xplornet.ca 519 928-3354


Ontario Simmental Members 2017 Craig Matthews Rosemead Farm 3724 Trim Road Navan, ON K4B 0B6 cmatthews20@hotmail.com 613 835-3363 Ivan & Kathy Matthews Rosemead Farm 3724 Trim Road Navan, ON K4B 0B6 rosemeadfarm@hotmail.com 613 835-3363 Michael McCart Alliance Simmentals P.O. Box 542 North Gower, ON K0A 2T0 alliancesimmentals@gmail.com 613 836-8096 Victoria McEldon McEldon Acres 686 Carveth Dr., RR#2 Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0 victoria_mceldon@hotmail.com 705 932-2232 Bob & Donna McFarlane McRobdon Simmentals 9548 Wellington Road 6, RR #6 Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L0 mcfarlanehealth@gmail.com Cell: 519 323-7250 James & Joan McKinlay Silver Springs Simmentals R.R. 1 609027 12th Sideroad Ravenna, ON N0H 2E0 jmckinlay@bmts.com 519 599-6236 Sylvia Megens P.O. Box 113 Goodwood, ON L0C 1A0 s.megens@hotmail.com 905 904-0609

OSA Advocate

David & Gayle Milliner Waydamar Simmentals R.R. 1 225641 Southgate Road 22 Dundalk, ON N0C 1B0 dgmilliner@everus.ca 519 923-9188

Nelson & Nancy Neuman Neuman Simmentals 2826 Swale Road Greely, ON K4P 1N2 nancy.neuman@hotmail.com 613 821-5567

Rick, Marsha & Lindsay Mitchell Rick-Sha Farm 8215 Concession 14, R.R. 1 Moorefield, ON N0G 2K0 lindsaym86@hotmail.com 519 638-3568 Cell: 519 504-1937

Gary Neuman Cedar View Simmental 7203 Belmeade road Osgoode, ON K0A 2W0 garyneuman@icloud.com 613 880-5757

Bryan Morano 3584 Town Line Orillia, ON L3V 6H2 ashleybalkwill@hotmail.com 705-527-3867

Ron & Carla Nolan Bar 5 Simmentals 636077 Holland Euphrasia Townline Markdale, ON NOCIHO bar5admin@xplornet.com 519 986-1330

Ron & Donna Morano Ronda Brae Farm R.R. 2, 25989 Foxmead Road Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0 donnammorano@gmail.com 705 835-3649 Christoph & Berta Mueller Ferme Terra Nossa 2678 Boyd Settlement Road Huntington, PQ J0S 1H0 450 264-5865 Dan Munro Black River Farms 301 Catering Road, R.R. #1 Sulton, ON L0E 1R0 branzak@sympatico.ca 905 722-9658

Dan O'Brien O'Brien Farms 13214 County Rd 13 Winchester, ON K0C 2K0 dan.obrien@sympatico.ca 613 761-2403 Jean O'Connor Triple Rose Simmental 7232 Franktown Rd. Richmond, ON K0A 2Z0 triple_rose30@hotmail.com 613 838-5559

Ivan & Grace Oesch Gravandale Simmentals R.R. 2, 1201 Lichty Road Wellesley, ON N0B 2T0 gravandale@netflash.net Pat & Janal Murray, Steve & Lava Murray 519 656-2199 Cedar Creek Simmentals 750 Robinson Road Lorne & Linda Orser Ennismore, ON Lorolin Simmentals K0L 1T0 P.O. Box 145, 4595 Bellrock Road pmurray@pvnccdsb.on.ca Verona, ON 705 7686091 K0H 2W0 lorolin@outlook.com 613 374-2403 Cell 613 572-0061 16

Ontario Simmental Members 2017 John & Kathy Pearson Academy Hill Livestock Box 157, 108 Charlotte St. Grafton, ON K0K 2G0 j.kpearson@sympatico.ca 905 349-3415 Norm Plume Evergreen Odds 1003 Scott Rd RR#1 Cardinal, ON K0E 1E0 normplume@sympatico.ca 613 657-1968 / 613 223-1457 Fred & Nicolaus Reicheld Jarvis Simmental Farms R.R. #3, 1076 Haldimand Road 55 Jarvis, ON N0A 1J0 paulreicheld@icloud.com 519 587-2190 Laura Robson Robson Acres 1679 Zion Line Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0 robsonacres@gmail.com 705 932-3216 Brad Snider Maple Falls Simmental 967 Simmons rd Odessa, ON K0H 2H0 bradsnider@sympatico.ca 613 386-3773 Cell: 613 328-8575

Clair Sullivan Sully's Farm 475 Ennis Road Ennismore, ON K0L 1T0 sullysfarm@hotmail.com 705 292-7166

Josh & Taika Wooddisse Marywood Simmentals 8491 Concession 14, Palmerston, ON N0G 2P0 marywood@marywood.ca 519 362-5373

John & Linda Sullivan Sullivan Simmentals 232 Highway 105, Box 69 Kazabazua, PQ J0X 1X0 sullivan.simmentals@bell.net 819 467-2713

Glenn & Pamela Wotten Elm Tree Farms R.R. 1, 1761 Little Britain Rd Little Britain, ON K0M 2C0 elmtreefarms@i-zoom.net 705 878-1713

Pat Taber Megens Cattle Company 7569 Durham RD 30 Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0 patmegens@gmail.com

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Brad & Tracy Turpin Brandlee Simmentals 482 Cooke Road, Stirling, ON K0K 3E0 brandleesim@hotmail.com 613 848-4208 Barb Vance V5 Simmentals 1920 Marchurst Road, Kanata, ON K2W 0G8 613 839-5274 Braeden Weppler Weppler Cattle Company 117078 Grey, Tara, ON N0H 2N0 braedenweppler@gmail.com 519 375-2625

Jason, Kelly, Hazel & Sally Stillman Jase Simmentals 1891 6th Line RR#2 Havelock, ON K0L 1Z0 jasestillman@hotmail.com 705 778-7961

Shane Williams & Joanne Handley Jet Stream Livestock 071455 10th Line, East Garafraxa, ON L9W 7A1 jetslivestock@aol.com 519 787-1323

Tom, Andrea & Montana Stillman Tonette Farms 143 Preston Rd Havelock, ON K0L 1Z0 AStillman@peterborough.ca 707 957-7890, 705 930-8106

Richard J. Wooddisse Richwood Simmentals 7562 Side Road 6, Moorefield, ON N0G 2K0 richwooddisse@gmail.com 519 638-3245

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Simmental History Simmental is an influential breed of cattle whose history dates back to the Middle Ages. Early records indicate that Simmental cattle were the result of a cross between large German cattle and a smaller breed indigenous to Switzerland. The name Simmental is derived from the name of the area where the cattle were first bred the Simme Valley. Parisien, the first Simmental bull in Canada Technically, the Simmental designation includes several breeds in Europe. The name is given specifically to the breed in Switzerland, while in Germany and Austria it is known as Fleckvieh, and in France as Pie Rouge. The Pie Rouge includes three separate herd book registries namely Abondance, Montbeliard and Pie Rouge de l'Est. In Canada the breed is known as Simmental.

Parisien, the first Simmental bull brought into Canada, was imported in 1967. By 1969 the Canadian Simmental Association was incorporated under the Livestock Pedigree Act. Excellent performance in production of milk and beef, plus exceptional adaptability to a variety of environmental influences has led the Simmental breed to worldwide popularity and distribution. There are approximately 35 million head of Simmental in Europe, where they are most popular. Export to a number of other countries has resulted in an excellent representation on all five continents. Simmental breeders in a variety of countries have achieved favorable results in the crossing of Simmental with British and continental breeds. In sub-tropical areas, crossing with the indigenous breeds (eg. Brahman, Zebu) has resulted in calves exhibiting a great deal of hybrid vigor with an excellent rate of gain and an ability to withstand environmental pressure. Generations of selective breeding, with the objective of maximizing milk and beef production at minimum cost, have created a well-balanced hereditary proponent that is highly adaptable, heavily muscled, fine lined, and well conformed. Docility and exceptional mothering traits are other outstanding characteristics of the breed. Color varies from gold to red with white, and may be evenly distributed or clearly defined in patches on a white background. The head is white and often a white band appears over the shoulders. The majority have pigment around the eyes, helping to reduce eye problems which occur from bright sunlight. The heavy muscling, extraordinary length and overall size and weight of the animal are combined to produce a well fleshed carcass of solid red meat with a minimum of waste fat. In meat production, Simmental are more than competitive with all other breeds, as their body length gives a higher percentage of choice cuts. To assist cattlemen in selecting bulls that fit their needs, the Canadian Simmental Association has developed the beef cattle industry's most comprehensive Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) system. This system enables buyers to identify traits such as easy calving and low birth weight; weaning and yearling growth performances; and maternal traits such as milk, calving ease, and weaning weight.

This was sourced from http://www.simmental.com/ OSA Advocate


OSA Advocate


Upcoming Sales & Events Check out our website www.ontariosimmentalassociation.com

Mission Statement To represent and assist the breeders of Ontario in the development and marketing of Simmental.

The OSA    

Promotes the Simmental breed by placing Ads in the Simmental Country, Ontario Beef magazine and the Ontario Feeders magazine. Puts on the Royal Winter Fair Show, and supports the youth shows. Attends and promotes the breed at the Ontario Beef AGM, Ontario Feeders AGM & other trade shows. Awards any 4H member showing a Simmental with a Simmental gift for completing the 4H beef club.

Benefits of being a OSA Member   

Support the OSA in marketing the Simmental breed in Ontario. Receive the Advocate 1 year | Membership (HST incl.) before Jan 31st $50 or $55 after Jan 31st.

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