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ADVOCATE The official publica on of the Ontario Simmental Associa on

Cover Picture Taken by Taika von Königslöw Marywood Simmentals Palmerston On

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From the Editor YEARLY CONTRACTS The Advocate is the official publica on of the Ontario Simmental Associa on. The emphasis of the magazine is to keep Ontario Simmental breeders informed about past and up-coming events; provide a resource for marke ng and adver sing; and, to support Simmental youth programs. We also highlight local and interna onal news items that impact cow-calf operators and the beef industries as a whole. Areas of interest include: animal health; beef trade and market issues; the latest research ini a ves; and, consumer a tudes toward beef.

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Upcoming Events 2014 November 29, 2014

December 31, 2014

Marywood Simmental Sale Deadline for OSA Futurity nomina ons to Debbie Ellio Carson’s Sales Arena Listowel Profit Making Herd Bulls with Simmental & Commercial Females December 31, 2014 more informa on at www.marywood.ca Deadline for RAWF Judge nomina ons to Debbie Ellio

December 8 - 14, 2014 IRCC Christmas Internet Sale Bid online at www.liveauc onstv.com More info at www.indianriverca lecompany.com

December 31, 2014 Deadline for 2015 OSA membership paid

July 30 - Aug 2, 2015 Canadian Simmental Conven on 2015

2015 January 7, 2015

February 28, 2015

Grey Bruce Farmers' Week- Beef Day Program featuring - Canadian Ca le & Beef Industry: The Big Picture, Aaron Goertzen, Economist, BMO Capital Markets and Feeding For Tomorrow, Jason Calhoun, Owner/Manager, Calhoun Ca le Co., Swalwell, Alberta

Bar 5 Farms online Bull & Female Spring Produc on Sale Online

March 14, 2015 4th Annual Vente de taureaux Synergie Bull Sale Ste. Sophie de Levrard, PQ

January 24, 2015 Beef Symposium and FarmSmart Conference March 21, 2015 Rozanski Hall, University of Guelph 9am - 4:30pm Ferme Gagnon Annual Bull Sale Program featuring livestock keynote speaker, Don Schiefelbein, Cheneville, PQ Minnesota

February 17, 2015 Ca lemen's College Sponsored by Zoe s Animal Health Interna onal Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto No registra on required for this event. Stay tuned for more details

March 7 2015 OSA annual general mee ng Best Western / Peterborough Ph 705.742.3454 If you are planning on a ending and would like to stay for dinner please contact Debbie Ellio before February 2l, 2Ol5.

July 30 - Aug 2, 2015 February 18-19, 2015

Canadian Simmental Conven on 2015 Lindsay, ON

Beef Farmers of Ontario Annual General Mee ng Interna onal Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto Stay tuned for more details. Advocate


President’s Message – Tina Hiddink What a summer this has been! The weather in most areas in Ontario this summer were cool and wet. Forage yields were good with higher numbers of bales being wrapped to get haying season over. So it has been a pleasure to enjoy the beau ful fall weather we have experienced. We also agree that stocker and produc on sales have exceeded our expecta ons. The 2014 ca le markets are strong, repor ng record prices weekly. Our summer shows and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (RAWF) are now behind us. It was definitely a memorable me if not as a par cipant, definitely as a spectator. The OSA hosted the 2014 Na onal Show at the RAWF with 128 Simmentals shown by 49 Exhibitors. The judge for the Simmental Show was Kyle Lewis from Spruce Gove, Alberta. The championship winners were: Grand Champion Bull: MFS Junior 3A exhibited by Spud Isle Farms Grand Champion Female: RPCCBlk Wild Fire exhibited by River Point Ca le Co. Grand Champion Fullblood Female: Elmtree Ms Zander 2B exhibited by Elm Tree Farms Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor: Indian River Ca le Co. We congratulate all the winners and thank all the exhibitors for making this a memorable event. Each exhibitor was given a show jacket sponsored by New Holland, CSA, Simmental Country and YCS and we also thank the banner sponsors for the 2014 Simmental Na onal Show, OSA Bright Lights Futurity Show and a very successful YCS Show and Compe on. The Wine and Cheese recep on was Sponsored by the Ontario Simm-Belles and we sincerely thank Carla Nolan for organizing this very successful event. We all know there are other volunteers in the background and again we thank them for their me and dedica on. We couldn’t have done it without you. At the 2014 OSA – AGM we listened to our membership and we hired Josh Wooddisse as our OSA Members Services Manager in September. He has been busy promo ng our Simmental breed by a ending ca le events, upda ng our web page, upda ng the Advocate. We encourage you to contact him if you need promo onal material to distribute at ca le and stocker sales. He can also assist you with your promo onal and adver sing needs. You can contact him at memberservices.osa@gmail.com or call at 1-519362-5373. The Manitoba Simmental Associa on hosted a very successful CSA – AGM and Na onal Junior Show at the Elkhorn Resort in July 2014. There were seven OSA members that were able to a end. Sophie Wo on from Li le Bri an, Ontario was elected President of the Na onal YCS. We congratulate her on this posi on and we also want to take this opportunity to thank her for comple ng the du es of the 2014 Ontario Ambassador and her assistance at the RAWF. The Ontario Simmental Associa on has been chosen to host the 2015 CSA Conference (AGM) and Na onal YCS Show. Planning is now underway and the event will take place in Lindsay, Ontario from July 30 to August 2, 2015. To host this event we need volunteers and sponsors. Please contact Josh Wooddisse, OSA Member Services Manager or any OSA Director. We also congratulate Sophie and Mariah Wo on who received the Dr. Allan Dixon Scholarship from the Friends of Canadian Simmental Founda on. A presenta on was made at the Simmental Na onal Show by Bruce Holmquist, General Manager and David Milliner, CSA Director.



We can not stress enough that the CSA and OSA want to encourage and look forward to two way communica on with our membership to answer ques ons, concerns or comments. We all agree it is a good me to be in the beef business. It is definitely a great me to be in the Simmental beef business.

The events/deadlines to keep in mind are: 1. OSA Futurity nomina ons to Debbie Ellio by December 31, 2014 2. RAWF Judge nomina ons to Debbie Ellio by December 31, 2014 3. 2015 OSA membership paid by December 31, 2014 4. OSA – AGM on March 7, 2015 at the Best Western in Peterborough 5. 2015 CSA Conference and Na onal YCS Show in Lindsay from July 30 to August 2, 2015.

Tina Hiddink

There was a great turnout at the Simmental Na onal Show at the Royal Winter Fair. Everyone showed extremely well. Congratula ons to the winners. We took pictures of the show, they are available on the OSA website, www.ontariosimmentalassocia on.com.



Opinion Piece

A discussion about parasite control in your herd Taika von Königslöw, MSc and 2015 DVM Candidate

Most producers will agree that parasite control is necessary in their herd. The most obvious reasons are the reduced weight gain seen in ca le with significant parasite loads and clinical illness seen in calves. However, there are other measurable benefits to controlling parasites such as improved feed efficiency, fer lity, and health that I will discuss in this ar cle. To begin, let’s go back to the basics. What do I mean by parasites? I’m not going to go through the extensive list of parasites in Ontario in this ar cle. Instead, I’ll generalize by talking about internal parasites (such as those causing scours) and external parasites (such as lice). Both types of parasites can have a measurable effect on your ca le. When parasites are around in high numbers the effects are visible and obvious. For example, calves with clinical coccidiosis (an internal parasite) will have varying degrees of scours and poor weight gain. Cows covered in lice will divert energy away from feeding and growth into scratching. Weight loss is easy to measure, but heavy parasite infesta ons can also have a nega ve impact on harder to see traits such as carcass composi on1 with reduced muscling and fat that will cost you when you send your ca le to market. What are the benefits of a parasite control program? Weight gain is the easiest measurable benefit to parasite control. Ca le that are dewormed typically have improved average daily gains, feed conversion, and carcass quality 1. Improved reproduc ve performance, associated with increased body weight, has also been linked to parasite control in beef ca le. In replacement heifers, it is linked to a reduc on in the me it takes for them to reach their breeding weight 1. In cows, it is also associated with increased body weight, increased concep on rate, increased milk produc on, reduced calf mortality, reduced calving to breeding intervals, and improved life me produc on 1,2. There is also a link to decreased suscep bility to other diseases 1, likely in part due to the be er body condi on and reduced stress in ca le that are not itchy and uncomfortable with internal and/or external parasites. A benefit I haven’t discussed yet is the reduc on in the me and money spent trea ng severely affected animals, not to men on the reduc on in number of animals lost to severe clinical illness. To summarize, a parasite control program will allow your ca le to be er turn feed into growth, produc on and health. This will save you me, money, and earn you more when you go to sell your ca le. The big ques on is who do I treat, with what, when and how o en? This is tricky to answer in Ontario since every producer will have somewhat different facili es, management rou nes and prac ces, stocking density, pastures, calving seasons, and more. To make it even more complicated, there are also a number of different products on the market and each one will have different parasite coverage and meat withdrawal mes. Your best op on is to work with your local veterinarian to determine the best combina on of products and treatment schedule for your farm.



1) Example of gastrointes nal parasite transmission; 2) Example of internal and external parasites of ca le Both images obtained from theca lesite.com, ar cles 1159 Advocate


Case example: A cow-calf opera on in Southwestern Ontario has an April/May calving season and wants to use an Ivermec n pour-on product. When should they use the product? Table 1: When to apply pour-on Ivermec n for best effect 3


Spring turnout on pasture**

Fall when they come off pasture (indoors)



Fall when they come off pasture (indoors)

Replacement heifers

3 weeks a er spring turnout on pasture

Fall when they come off pasture (indoors)


Spring turnout on pasture**

Fall when they come off pasture (indoors)

** Only if these animals were not treated the previous fall *** Calves born in Feb/March should be treated in July if dams were not treated the previous fall

What parasites does the product cover? •

Gastrointes nal roundworms, eye worms, mites, lungworms, lice, ca le grubs, and hornflies.

I am now going to talk a bit about drug resistance in internal parasites and how you can prevent this in your herd. I want to bring up the topic because there has been a rise in the number of reported cases of drug resistant internal parasites. 3 How does this happen? By trea ng every animal every me you kill most of the internal parasites carried in your animals, but a small number of hardy, drug-resistant parasites can remain and mul ply. What could this mean for your herd? The drug resistant parasites won’t be killed when you treat your ca le and they will be the ones that mul ply and get deposited in your pastures for other animals to pick up. Any of the weak or suscep ble parasites that are picked up will be killed when you next treat your ca le with dewormer. Over me the drug resistant parasites will take over and become the main parasite found in your ca le. At low burdens, these parasites won’t have a large effect on growth or produc on, but once they get to a high enough number you will start to see sick ca le that don’t recover a er treatment with your regular dewormer. What can you do to prevent this on your farm? You can treat animals selec vely and monitor your herd’s internal parasite load. How? You can perform a drench check. This is a test of to see how well your dewormer is working in your herd. It works like this: 1) Treat your ca le with your pour on dewormer as planned; 2) Wait 2 weeks, then take fresh manure samples from at least 10 cows; 3) Submit these samples to your veterinarian and have them pool the samples to perform a fecal egg count. 3 The result of the test should show that your ca le have no parasite eggs in their manure at that me. If there are a substan al number of eggs then you can make a plan with your veterinarian to inves gate the reason. This may result in the recommenda on to use a different drug class (e.g. switch from ivermec n to fenbendazole) at next treatment. Taking manure samples can be as easy as flipping a clean sandwich bag inside out over your hand and grabbing a small handful of fresh manure or having your veterinarian take samples for you. Talk to your veterinarian to create a sampling plan and schedule that will work on your farm. Feed is expensive; make sure your animals are pu ng all of their energy into growth this winter. Every cow calf opera on is a bit different; work with your veterinarian to design the best and most prac cal parasite control program for you. It pays to feed your ca le, not their parasites. References: 1. J.A. Hawkins. (1993). Economic benefits of parasite control in ca le. Veterinary Parasitology. 46: 159 – 173. 2. B.D. Perry and T.F. Randolph. (1999). Improving the assessment of the economic impact of parasi c diseases and of their control in produc on animals. Veterinary Parasitology. 84: 145 – 168. 3. A. Peregrine. (2014). VETM*4460 Food animal medicine and surgery lecture notes. Guelph, ON: University of Guelph.



Calving me is just around the corner When to help and when to call the vet? For those of us that calf in the winter months there is an added stress of ca le having reduced movement due to increased stocking density with the cold weather, which can lead to calving problems. Knowing when and how to help is an important part of responsible calving management. Calving losses are o en due to calving problems that can be treated on the farm during the early stages of calving by keeping a close eye on the cow, and a closer eye on first me calvers. The trick is to help with calving is to take no ce when something is abnormal. So what is normal? There are three stages of calving: Stage 1: Four to 24 hours before calving the cervix begins to dilate. Animals may appear in discomfort, or isolate themselves from the rest of the herd. O en the tail will rise, switch back and forth with mucous discharge from the vulva. Stage 2: Is when the calf arrives. Typically this takes 2 to 4 hours and is where the water bag and calf come through the pelvic canal. Stage 3: Final stage where the placenta or a erbirth is shed; this typically takes place eight to 12 hours post birth. Signs to look for when something is not normal or the cow or heifer is having problems: •

The cow ac vely strains for 40 minutes with no progress

90 minutes have passed since the water bag first appeared

The legs emerge with the surface of the hooves poin ng up

Only the head, tail or one hoof emerges

An uncalved cow is mothering another calf

A cow has demonstrated greater than 5-6 hours of anxiety

Upon signs of difficulty it is important to get a closer look to plan out the next step(s). Assistance by pulling the calf should only be done when there are two front legs and a nose or two hind legs and the tail can be guided into the birth canal. If the calf is out of posi on, work between contrac ons to move the calf back to provide space to align the legs and head correctly ensuring to cover the teeth and hoofs with your hands to reduce injury to the birth canal. If the posi on is too difficult to correct in 20 minutes, or two strong people cannot pull the calf you should call your veterinarian or an experienced ca le producer.

Figure 1. An anterior presenta on.

Figure 2. A posterior presenta on.

Figure 3 Two front legs presented with head back between legs.

Figure 4 Twin calves entering the birth canal.

Images obtained from Oklahoma State University E-1006 by Animal Science Department Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Advocate


One of the most common problems with calving is an oversize calf; a large calf or the pelvis is too small. A common cause of an oversized calf is improper sire selec on for the cow being bred leading to miss matched gene cs. To iden fy if a calf is too large for natural birth measure the following: •

If the front feet fill the pelvis and you can’t get your hand beside them.

If with gentle pulling you cannot get the head and feet into the pelvis at the same time; two people using body weight only (e.g. 250 lbs).

If the heifer/cow has been actively straining for 30-40 minutes and hasn’t been able to push the head and feet (or the tail head if coming backwards) into the bony part of the birth canal.

Other complica ons that could require a caesarean sec on are: •

Incomplete opening of so ssues of the birth canal

Twisted uterus

Misshapen pelvis

Fetal monster

The post-calving stage has a couple common complica ons to keep your eye on as well: prolapsed uterus and retained placenta. If you find the cow has a prolapsed uterus, restrain the animal away from the rest of the herd in a posi on to minimize damage the uterus. If there is a delay in veterinary arrival, cover the uterus with a wet towel or blanket for protec on and from cold and keep moist. For a retained placenta, the placenta or a erbirth will typically come away by 24 hours post calving; there is minimal concern unless the cow is running a fever and “off feed”. A call to your vet may recommend daily an -bio c injec ons if the placenta doesn’t fall away a er 24 hours and a visit if there is no response in three days. The most common outcomes of calving problems are: weak calf due to lack of oxygen from a prolonged calving process, nerve damage, fractured legs from excessive pulling due to improper placement of calving chains or twine, or death. These are all situa ons that we don’t like to see and cost money and me to our opera ons. These complica ons can be minimized with strong breeding selec ons and a good calving season plan. Before calving what should you do? Make sure you have a plan when calving starts that you are ready with the first cow/heifer starts to bag up. Your plan should include an area or pen that is clean and dry to isolate the animal if there is a calving problem. It’s a good idea to have on hand disposable sleeves, lubricant (such are non-detergent soap and warm water), calving chains with handles, calving jack, an bio cs, flashlight, paper towel, a pail, and a list of contact phone number so everyone know who to call if something is going wrong. With this in mind we wish you all the best with your upcoming calving season! by Josh Wooddisse

This guide is adapted from Oklahoma State University E-1006 by Animal Science Department Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Advocate


BANNER SPONSORS NATIONAL SIMMENTAL SHOW Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto Saturday, November 8, 2014 NATIONAL SIMMENTAL SHOW


CHAMPION JUNIOR HEIFER CALF Bouchard Livestock Interna onal Crossfield, AB

RESERVE CHAMPION BULL CALF Wild Oak Farms Hank & Tina Hiddink Bloomfield, ON

CHAMPION BULL Wild Oak Farms Hank, Tina and Brandon Hiddink Bloomfield, ON


JUNIOR CHAMPION BULL Mcrobdon Simmentals Bob & Donna McFarlane Mount Forest, ON


Hallridge Simmentals Dr. Evere and Marylon Hall Owen Sound, ON

CHAMPION SENIOR HEIFER CALF RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION BULL Prospect Hill Simmentals Andrew Schuller Des ny Simmentals and Family Granton, ON Todd and Karen Campbell Meaford, ON RESERVE CHAMPION SENIOR HEIFER CALF

SENIOR CHAMPION BULL Leahy Stock Farms Bernard and Lise Leahy Marywood Simmentals and Family Lakefield, ON JoshWooddisse & Taika von Konigslow JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Waydamar Simmentals Dave and Gayle Milliner Dundalk, ON RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Donovandale Farms Gerald, Keitha Donovan and Family Ashton, ON SENIOR CHAMPION FEMALE Rockridge Simmentals Terry Lewis & Family Russell, in memory of Florence Lewis RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION FEMALE V5 Simmentals In Memory of Bennie Vance Kanata, ON GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Bar 5 Stock Farms Ron and Carla Nolan Markdale, ON RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE Flo-Lar Farms In memory of Larry Behnke BULL CALF CHAMPION Robson Acres The Robson Family Millbrook, ON

RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION BULL Canadian Simmental Country GRAND CHAMPION BULL Burns Simmentals Sterling and Mona Burns Perth, ON RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BULL Indian River Ca le Company Billy & Juanita Elmhirst Indian River, ON PROGENY OF DAM Alliance Simmentals Farms Mike McCart North Gower, ON BREEDERS HERD O awa Valley Simmental Club GET OF SIRE Poplar Simmentals Kevin Howa Auburn. ON

CHAMPION HEIFER Gravandale Simmentals Ivan & Grace Oesch Wellesley, ON RESERVE CHAMPION HEIFER Black River Farms Dan and Janet Munro Su on, ON

RON WOODDISSE MEMORIAL CARCASS CLASS 2014 CHAMPION BULL Beef Improvement Organiza on, Guelph, ON. 2014 RESERVE CHAMPION BULL O’Brien Farms Dan O’Brien Winchester, ON 2014 CHAMPION FEMALE Maple Key Farms Stan & Sharron Conquergood Port Elgin, ON 2014 RESERVE CHAMPION FEMALE Tom Henderson Custom Meat Cu ng Chesterville, ON

CHAMPION FULLBLOOD FEMALE BBBG Groupe Quebec PREMIER EXHIBITOR Royal Agricultural Winter Fair PREMIER BREEDER Royal Agricultural Winter Fair



THANK YOU NATIONAL SIMMENTAL SHOW Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto Saturday, November 8, 2014

THANK YOU Bar 5 for the coffee and refreshments the morning before the show Judge: Kyle Lewis Spruce Grove, AB Ringmen: Evere Hall Owen Sound, ON & Darryl Snider Viking, AB Ontario Simm-Belles for Hos ng the Wine and Cheese Social Bruce Holmquist, Margo Cartwright, and all the other great volunteers Show Partners: Canadian Simmental Associa on, Canadian Simmental Country, New Holland Agriculture, Young Canadian Simmental Associa on for providing us Na onal Show Jackets for the show.

Show Partners



BANNER WINNERS NATIONAL SIMMENTAL SHOW Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto Saturday, November 8, 2014 Champion Jr Female Calf River Point Ca le Co. Glencoe, ON RPCC Red Bu erscotch 244B

Champion Bull Calf Indian River Ca le Co. Indian River, ON IRCC The Bomb 403B

Reserve Champion Jr Female Calf Indian River Ca le Co. Indian River, ON IRCC Bombshell 418B

Reserve Champion Bull Calf Indian River Ca le Co. Indian River, ON IRCCBoomshakalaka434B

Champion Sr Female Calf Greyledge Simmentals Cookshire, QC Greyledge Behave Yourself

Junior Champion Bull Spud Island Farms Cornwall, PE MFS Junior 3A

Reserve Champion Sr Female Calf Indian River Ca le Co. Indian River, ON IRCCBallerina406B

Reserve Junior Champion Bull Carissa Cabral Erin, ON Des ny Blackbelt

Junior Champion Female Keystone Livestock, Jetstream Livestock - East Garafraxa, ON Jetstream Amaze 25A

Senior Champion Bull Todd & Karen Campbell Meaford, ON Des ny Brawler

Junior Reserve Champion Female Barlee Farms Shawville, QC Barlee Abbey Road

Senior Champion Female River Point Ca le Co. Glencoe, ON RPCC Blk Wild Fire 206W Senior Reserve Champion Female Maple Key Farm Port Elgin, ON Maple Key Flirt

Reserve Senior Champion Bull Donovandale Farms Ashton, ON Donovandale Pol Pres ge

Breeder's Herd Des ny Simmentals Meaford, ON Get of Sire River Point Ca le Co. Glencoe, ON Progeny of Dam Indian River Ca le Co. Indian River, ON Premier Breeder Award Indian River Ca le Co. Indian River, ON Premier Exhibitor Award Indian River Ca le Co. Indian River, ON

Grand Champion Bull

Grand Champion Bull Spud Island Farms Cornwall, PE MFS Junior 3A Reserve Grand Champion Bull Todd & Karen Campbell Meaford, ON Des ny Brawler

Reserve Grand Champion Bull

Grand Champion Female River Point Ca le Co. Glencoe, ON RPCC Blk Wild Fire 206W Reserve Grand Champion Female Keystone Livestock, Jetstream Livestock - East Garafraxa, ON Jetstream Amaze 25A Advocate

Grand Champion Female

Reserve Grand Champion Female 14



Ontario Simmental Members 2014 Brittany Barkley 14661 Dafoe Road Ingleside K0C 1M0 brittanybarkley@hotmail.com

Hi Tech Farms Larry & Rhonda Barkley 14661 Dafoe Road Ingleside K0C 1M0 larrybarkley@sympatico.ca

Wyecrest Farm Rick & Cindy Batty 7260 Highway 12 N. R.R. #1 Brooklin L1M 1Y2 battyrick@gmail.com

Farm Bischof Diane & Claire Bischof 88 rue St.-Andrew's Baie d'Urfe H9X 2V1 info@smico.com

Bouchard Livestock Int'l. Brian Bouchard Box 1409 Crossfield T0M 0S0 info@bouchardlivestock.com

Burns Simmentals Sterling Burns 1842 County Rd #10 R.R. #1 Perth K7H 3C3 burnsm@live.ca

Kingfield Farm Charles Burns 1314 King Vaughan Road Maple L6A 2A5 cburns37@hotmail.com

Destiny Simmentals Todd & Karen Campbell R.R. 2 Meaford N4L 1W6 tcampbell@rbafinancial.com

Landwolf Farm Wolfgang & Lis Cholch 842 Port Elmsley Road R.R. #5 Perth K7H 3C7 wlchsimmental@hotmail.com

Arkacy Simmentals Russel K. Code 7232B Franktown Road Richmond K0A 2Z0

Maple Key Stan Conquergood R.R. #1 4239 Hwy 21 Port Elgin N0H 2C5 conquergood@bmts.com

River Point Cattle Company Reed & Jane Crawford 22950 Taits Road R.R. 4 Glencoe N0L 1M0 riverpointcc@hotmail.com

Dobbie Simmentals Jeff & April Dobbie R.R. 4 816 C Rd 21 Spencerville K0E 1X0 jadobbie@jcis.ca

Donovandale Farms Gerald & Keitha Donovan 529 Glenashton Road R.R. #3 Ashton K0A 1B0 kharris@psfdh.on.ca

Kaylea Donovan 529 Glenashton Road RR3 Ashton K0A 1B0 kharris@psfdh.on.ca

Peter & Carolyn Doris 2612 County Rd 2 Otonabee-South Monashan K9J 6X8 cpdoris@nexicom.net

DJ Farms Dennis & Debbie Elliott R.R. 2 7062 Line 26 Staffa N0K 1Y0 dje@djfarmscattle.com

Indian River Cattle Co. Bill & Juanita Elmhirst R.R. 1 Indian River K0L 2B0 ircc@nexicom.net

Enright Cattle Company Darold & Kara Enright 326 Hunt Rd R.R. 2 Tweed K0K 3J0 kara_langevin@hotmail.com

Crimson Tide Fleckvieh Judy & Larry Eurig 311371 Hwy 6N RR #3 Mount Forest N0G 2L0 larryeurig@hotmail.com

Ferme Gagnon Farm Yves & Diane Gagnon 426, Route 315 Cheneville J0V 1E0 ferme_gagnon_farm@hotmail.com

Vaughn & Cindy Gibbons 1787 Stevensville Rd. Stevensville L0S 1S0 4gibbons@sympatico.ca

M J Farms Simmentals Miles & Bonnie Glasman Box 1179 Russell R0J 1W0 mjfarms@inetlink.ca

Mountain Road Simmentals Ernie & Agnes Hagerman Box 73 440 Mountain Road Tamworth K0K 3G0



Ontario Simmental Members 2014 Hallridge Simmentals Everett & Marylon Hall R.R. 3 Owensound N4K 5N5 eahall@bmts.com

Otter Creek Farm Jack Hansen 101 Scoble Townline Road Neebing P7L 0C2 ottercreek@tbaytel.net

Donovandale Simmentals Keitha Harris-Donovan 529 Glenashton Road Ashton K0A 1B0 donovandale_simmentals@hotmail.com

Wild Oak Farms Hank & Tina Hiddink P.O. Box 250 R.R. 1, 631 Wilkes Road Bloomfield K0K 1G0 wildoak@xplornet.ca

North Star Genetics Tom & MIke Thomas Howard 473 Chester Avenue Newmarket L3Y 6S7 tshoward@live.ca

Maple Hill Farm Allen Hurley R.R. #3 Echo Bay P0S 1C0

Ridge-View Farm Don & Doris Imrie Imrie Maple Ridge Road 12675 Mapleridge Road Winchester K0C 2K0 ridgeviewfarm@hotmail.com

Kern Simmentals Erich & Doris Kern R.R. 1 262422-18th Normanby Hanover N4N 3B8 dek@bmts.com

Kerr Farms Art & Marilyn Kerr 481 Frank Green Road Westport K0G 1X0 artmar@live.ca

Fairview Simmentals Glen & Shari Kerry 85 Scugog Line 6 Port Perry L9L 1B2 gandskerry@andrewswireless.net

3 Generations Simmentals Anna Mae Lacroix 2519 Country Road 29 Box 66 Pakenham K0A 2X0

David Lyons R.R. #1 Harriston N0G 1Z0

Knollbrook Farms James B. Masters 142239 County Road 5 East Garafraxa L9W 7K8 knollbrookfarms@sympatico.ca

Rosemead Farm Ivan & Kathy Matthews 3724 Trim Road Navan K4B 1H8 rosemeadfarm@hotmail.com

Alliance Simmentals Michael McCart P.O. Box 542 North Gower K0A 2T0

McEldon Acres Victoria McEldon 686 Carveth Dr. Millbrook victoria_mceldon@hotmail.com

McRobdon Simmentals Bob & Donna McFarlane R.R. #6 9548 Wellington Road 6 Mount Forest N0G 2L0 mcrobdon@hotmail.com

Black Gold Cattle Co. Shawn & Erin McIntosh 41329 Morris Road R.R. #4 Brussels N0G 1H0 shawnanderinmcintosh@live.ca

Ron & Dianne McKay 286 Townsend St. Box 514 Clinton N0M 1L0 rdmckay@bell.net

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Waydamar Simmentals David & Gayle Milliner R.R. 1 225641 Southgate Road 22 Dundalk N0C 1B0 dgmilliner@everus.ca

Ronda Brae Farm Ron & Donna Morano R.R. 2 25989 Foxmead road Coldwater L0K 1E0 donnammorano@gmail.com

Ferme Terra Nossa Christoph & Berta Mueller 2678 Boyd Settlement Road Huntington J0S 1H0

Black River Farms Dan Munro 301 Catering Road R.R. #1 Sulton L0E 1R0 branzak@sympatico.ca



Ontario Simmental Members 2014 Cedar Creek Simmentals Pat & Janal, Steve & Lava Murray 750 Robinson Road Peterborough K9J 6X2 pmurray@punccdsb.on.ca

Bar 5 Simmentals Ron & Carla Nolan 636077 Holland Euphrasia Townline Markdale NOCIHO bar5admin@xplornet.com

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Jarvis Simmental Farms Fred & Nicolaus Reicheld R.R. #3 1076 Haldimand Road 55 Jarvis N0A 1J0

Robson Acres Laura Robson 1679 Zion Line R.R. 1 Millbrook L0A 1G0 robsonacres@gmail.com

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Elm Tree Farms Glenn & Pamela Wotten R.R. 1 1761 Little Britain Rd Little Britain K0M 2C0 elmtreefarms@i-zoom.net

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Ontario Simmental Members 2014 Forever Young Simmentals Bill & Nancy Young R.R. 3 3250 Hwy 21 Tiverton N0G 2T0 bnyoung@bmts.com

Become a OSA Member The OSA • Puts on the Royal Winter Fair Show, supports the youth shows. • Promotes the Simmental breed by Ads (Simmental Country, Ontario beef, Ontario feeders) • A ends the Ontario beef, Ontario feeders AGM & trade shows • Any 4H member showing a Simmental gets a Simmental gi for comple ng the club Benefits of being a OSA Member • Receive the Advocate • Your Farm will be put in the OSA Directory that will be put out next year for the CSA AGM *OSA membership cost $30 for a year and $85 for 3years For more Informa on Josh Wooddisse - Ontario Simmental Member Services Manager www.ontariosimmentalassocia on.com or memberservices.osa@gmail.com

The Dr. Dixon Memorial Scholarships The Dr. Dixon Memorial Scholarships valued at $1,000 each were awarded to Mariah Wo en of Kitchener, Ontario, Sophie Wo en of Li le Britain, Ontario and Andie Hadway of Didsbury, AB. Mariah Wo en is obtaining her BSc in Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo. Mariah is very involved in 4H, has been an ambassador for the Lindsay Exhibi on as well as assis ng with maintaining the herd health and breeding for her family’s farm Elm Tree Farms. Sophie Wo en is in her 3rd year at the University of Guelph studying Communica ons. She is currently the President of the Na onal Board for the Young Canadian Simmental Associa on. Sophie also finds me to be involved in 4H, and is ac vely involved in her family’s farming opera on Elm Tree Farms.



Carp Fair - "Best Li

le Fair in Canada"

Show Resaults for the Fullbloos Simmental Show Sunday, September 28th, 2014 For over 150 years Carp Fair showcases everything from Agricultural Exhibits, to Live Musical Performances. 1. Bull calf, born on or a er January 1, 2014 Donovandale Farms Ashton, ON 2. Female, calf born on or a er January 1, 2014 Elm Tree Farms Li le Britain, ON 3. Heifer, born January 1, 2013 to February 28, 2013 Cassidy Pinkham Metcalfe, ON 4. Female, born January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 Alliance Simmental Farms North Gower, ON 5. Female, born prior to January 1, 2012 Donovandale Farms Ashton, ON