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3rd Place in the OSMA AGM Photo Contest “First Sun” Taken by Lynn Westaway

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger


March 2012


NEXT SCHEDULED BOARD MEETINGS Face to Face Board Meetings April 18 May 29/30 Aug 24/25 (in District 10) Oct 10

July 11 Oct 26-27 (AGM)

BOARD MEETING – February 29 Note: The minutes are now available on the website starting with Fiscal Year 2011/2012. /BoardMinutes Synopsis:  New Provincial Director Rob Scott was welcomed to the OSMA Board  Accepted financial statements for December 2011 and January 2012  Elmer Buchanan Vice Chair Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission attended as a resource person for the OSMA Board and the OSMA Chair.  Know that animal care and transport are increasingly important  OSMA will increase its membership in FFC (Farm & Food Care) to the silver level  Directors will take part in OFPMC Director training on April 4  The Board approved three years of support for a research project entitled “Effect of targeted selective deworming at lambing on

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Haemonchus burdens on Ontario sheep farms with anthelmintic resistance” A new Chair of the Audit Committee will replace Fraser Hodgson now that he is Vice Chair and has signing authority Three AGM approved resolutions will be referred to CSF OSMA will send a letter of support for the CSF application to AAC for National Renewal Plans are now finalized for the all industry sector meeting, April 19 that will address future industry planning During the meeting the Board received committee reports. It should be noted that the Governance Committee has many points to address in refining and adding to policies before reporting back to the Board. Action items flowing out of the Board meeting can be found with the minutes on the OSMA website.

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

March 2012


Ontario’s Risk Management Program (RMP) For Sheep Producers Please visit the Ontario Sheep website ( for press release and more future information on the program. Final payments for 2011 will be before the end of March. Premium rates set for RMP livestock plans – visit

New participants – Submit a 2012 application to Agricorp by March 16, 2012. As a new participant you may enrol after this deadline has passed, provided you apply before the end of the first reporting period in which you have eligible production. You must meet all eligibility criteria.


PREDATION AND WILDLIFE DAMAGE Ontario has increased the compensation farmers can access for damage caused by predatory wildlife. Through the new Wildlife Damage Compensation Program livestock producers can receive compensation when their livestock are injured or killed by predatory wildlife. The new program expands the current list of wildlife species and variety of livestock that farmers can be compensated for, and increases the maximum compensation rates for farmers. The maximum compensation is now $1,200 for purebred and $300 for non-purebred sheep. Value depends on assessed animal value. For more information visit: dation.htm

NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR PRODUCERS UNDER THE AGRICULTURE-WILDLIFE DAMAGE COMPENSATION PROGRAM As of April 1, 2012 ALL producers will be required to have a Premises ID and a Farm Business Registration (FBR) number in order to receive compensation for livestock that are killed or injured by predators eligible under the new wildlife damage program. To obtain a Premises ID number please fill out the online application at or call 1-888388-7223 To obtain an FBR number please contact Agricorp at 1-888-247-4999 or at to register and choose from one of the three accredited farm organization Predation –Wildlife Committee: Mark Ritchie (Chair); Chris Kennedy; Luann Erb; Dick Kuiperij; Murray Hunt; Jennifer Johanson

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

March 2012

ACC FARMERS' FINANCIAL RELEASES CASH ADVANCE APPLICATIONS TWO MONTHS EARLY Guelph, Ontario, Canada ACC Farmers' Financial (ACC) announced yesterday that it will be releasing Advance Payments Program (APP) applications for crop inputs two months earlier than previous years.

applicants are no longer required to have their financial institution complete the Priority Agreement found within all APP applications when there are no liens registered against their agricultural products.

"This early release will give growers the opportunity to complete the application when more time is available and will allow earlier approval and access to funds," stated Jaye Atkins, CEO ACC Farmers' Financial. Although advancement of funds occurs April 1, 2012, the earlier availability of applications allow producers to complete the forms and submit for pre-approval.

ACC is a nationally appointed administrator of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Advance Payments Program (APP). The APP program was designed to help growers with their production period and give easier access to cash advances for crops they are planting during the program year. The first $100,000 is interest-free with an additional $300,000 available at prime rate.

2011 advance rates have been used in order to achieve this earlier release of funds and growers are expected to use their 2011 production insurance figures when completing the application.

For more information on the Advance Payments Program or other financing options available at ACC Farmers' Financial please visit our website or contact one of our Lending Officers to discuss your options. Applications will be mailed to clients later this month but will also be available on our website or through the ACC office February 1, 2012.

"There have been numerous changes in the Commodity Loan Program Application and the Advance Payments Program for the 2012 year to simplify the loan application process," stated Atkins. An example of this is that as of October 2011,

RELIGIOUS & ETHNIC HOLIDAY’S For more information on the Holidays please click the link below to go to the OSMA website: Religious & Ethnic Holidays - - Market Information – Market Reports

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

March 2012

GENERAL INTEREST AUTO DIALER We have incorporated an ‘ auto dialing or phone system’ that will allow us to call producers at their homes. The purpose of this is to use the auto dialer as a tool for the District Executives to have the office call their producers and leave messages regarding events that they can attend or information that might

benefit them. Recognizing that producers do not want to be inundated with many calls, we are using it wisely and we have given them the option of going on a ‘no call’ list. We are proud of this innovation and believe this is a first in the Ontario meat commodity sector.


CANADIAN AGRICULTURAL LOANS ACT (CALA) PROGRAM The CALA program builds on and replaces the previous Farm Improvement & Marketing Cooperative Loans Act (FIMCLA) program. The CALA program is a financial loan guarantee program that provides farmers easier access to credit. Farmers can use these programs to establish, improve and develop farms.

For more information click on the following link:

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program > Programs and Services or - Choose programs & services – Choose Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program.

LIVESTOCK AUCTION TRACEABILITY INITIATIVE (LATI) The Livestock Auction Traceability Initiative (LATI) will provide contributions to assist primarily in the alteration of animal handling structures, which will enhance traceability capabilities at high-risk, high through-put sites where animals from different herds co-mingle.

For more information click on the following link: - Choose programs & services – Sort A-Z then choose Livestock Auction Traceability Initiative

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March 2012

GROWING FORWARD A commitment by Canada's federal, provincial and territorial government that supports the development and implementation of best practices in four key areas: 1) 2) 3) 4)

Environment and Climate Change Business Development Food Safety and Traceability Biosecurity

For more information: Call 1-888-479-3931; e-mail Or visit their website by copy and paste of the following link:

AGRIWEBINAR – LEARNING WITHOUT LIMITS Presented by The Canadian Farm Business Management Council. Date



March 26

Mario Leclerc

Optimizing Dairy Revenue

Visit the website to access over 100 archived webinars, and to subscribe to their mailing list. Website:

FARM CREDIT CANADA Where do you want your operation to be in five years? Do you know how to get there? For information on upcoming workshops visit: or call 1-888-332-3301

ONTARIOFRESH.CA WAS LAUNCHED IN FALL OF 2011 Registration is now open for, the new free website and online community that is being created to expand the market for buyers and sellers of local Ontario food. The aim is to make connections across the food service value chain, linking bulk

buyers, chefs, restaurants, caterers and distributors as well as growers and producers. You can register your business’ profile at or by calling 1-888-249-9399 or 647-426-8420.

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

March 2012

UPCOMING EVENTS For more information on any upcoming event please visit the OSMA website at: Events (

ONTARIO SMALL RUMINANT INTERNAL PARASITE SEMINARS Tuesday, March 20th Floradale Mennonite Church (22 Florapine Rd, Floradale) Thursday, March 29th – Napanee Lions Hall, Napanee (57 County Rd 8, Napanee) Wednesday, May 2nd—New Liskeard Kerns Hall, New Liskeard (279279 Milberta Rd) 8:30am to 4:20pm Please register by calling the Agricultural Information Contact Centre at 1-877-424-1300 (No registrations will be accepted at the door.)

Sheep Information Workshop March 24 – Norwood, ON Sheep Information Workshops being set up for those new in the sheep industry or farmers wanting to update their skills and abilities. Workshop includes: Sheep Breeding, Feeding, Health and Farm Management. Registration is necessary. To register or for more information, please contact Ed Hughes at 705-559-8230

VALUE CHAIN INNOVATION FORUM 2012 April 3-4: Delta Meadowvale Conference Centre, Mississauga; The Why and How of a Successful Agri-Food Business in the 21st Century. One of the key speakers is Jack Barclay – With a lamb processing company in Australia that has adapted to market demands by partnering with producers. For more information and to register go to

FARM & FOOD CARE’S AGM April 17: 9 – 4 PM. 665 King St. N., Waterloo. The organization came into existence on January 1, 2012 upon the amalgamation of the Ontario Farm Animal Council and its sister group AGCare. The meeting will feature the theme of “Building Better Bridges” with a focus on sustainability that will include perspectives from farmers, retailers and the food service sector. The keynote presentation, “Building bridges starts on the farm” will be given by the husband and wife team of Troy and Stacy Hadrick. David Smith, VP of Sustainability for Sobeys, Inc., will speak on the topic of “The shift from ‘trust us to show us’ and other changing challenges of sustainable food – from the farm to the grocery store”. Tim Faveri, Director of Sustainability and Responsibility for Tim Hortons Inc., will focus on the issue of “What does sustainable food look like? Committing to both today and a better tomorrow – the Tim Hortons approach.” The early bird cost to attend is $75 per participant. The cost will rise to $100 per person after the March 27 early bird deadline. Registration for the AGM can be done online at

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

March 2012

St. George’s Banquet Hall, St. George’s Banquet Hall,

KINGSTON SHEEP DOG TRIALS, 25 t h ANNIVERSARY CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Aug 10-12: Among the 2012 attractions will be the Birds of Prey and Jungle Cat World shows, Flyball and Agility demos, K9 Unit and sheep shearing demos, the Craft and Artisans fair, Sheep to Shawl competition and auction – all attractions that appeal to kids and adults alike! And introducing a special 25th Anniversary feature The Celebrity Chef Trials. For more information and to register go to:

DISTRICT INFORMATION Note: For further information and details about your District please contact your District Secretary

District 1: Please contact your District Secretary for date and location of your next District meeting Apr 5: District meeting - not confirmed May 3: Bill Davies (trapper and livestock evaluator) speaking on Coyotes – habits, prevention and claims June: Working on a Saturday sheep dog demonstration – details to follow Aug: Local sheep farm tour in District – Details to follow Sept: Annual meeting in Rutherford Contact: District Secretary: Michelle Prudom at 519-845-3998 or District 1 Website:

District 3: Contact: District Secretary - Neil Mesman 519504-3089 or email:

District 4: Last Saturday of every month: Breakfast at 9 am at Devine’s in Jarvis. Join us for sheep chat, good people and good food. March 20: 7:30 at Kohler Ag Center. There will be a Q&A session with a vet regarding Parasites and Q Fever. Contact: District Secretary - Sharon Petheram 519443-5844 or email:

District 2:

District 5:

Meetings usually held the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm. For more information contact Glen Porteous at or Keith Grein at

Meetings are usually last Wed. of every month, Location TBA

Contact: District Secretary - Kyle Harrison 519369-3954

March 28: 7:30 pm District meeting April 25: 7:30 pm District meeting Contact: District Secretary - Lene Band phone: 905-877-2969 e-mail:

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

District 6: March 22: 7:30 pm Stroud-Innisfil Community Centre Banquet Hall – Rex Crawford as guest speaker on lambing and lamb health. Contact: District Secretary – Grant Cowan phone: 705-436-2236 or e-mail:

District 7: April: Sheep 101. Cost will be $150. For more information contact Rebecca Parker at or 905-259-1102 Contact: District Secretary – Donna Aziz phone: 905-852-9252

District 8: March 19: 7 pm District Meeting; Westdale Park Public School, Napanee, ON Guest will be Kurt Hennege a naturalist from Kingston on the topic of dealing with the Species at Risk and the effect on farming. For info contact Debi April 21: Farm visit at Jim Bennett at Elginburg May 26: 1 pm Farm visit at Dana Vader in Prince Edward County Contact: District Secretary – Linda Huizenga phone: 613-477-1393

March 2012

Fertility and Ram and Ewe Nutrition. For more information, contact Shanna Armstrong 613-4338255 / March 29th – 8:30am to 4:20pm Ontario Small Ruminant Internal Parasite Seminars Napanee Lions Hall, Napanee (57 County Rd 8, Napanee) Please register by calling the Agricultural Information Contact Centre at 1-877-424-1300 (No registrations will be accepted at the door.) May 19: Pasture day at Moore farm in Kinburn. Demonstration for electric fencing for rotational grazing, sheep shearing, and planting millet. Contact: District Secretary – David Bentley phone: 613-256-1628

District 10: District 10 Website: Apr 28: Location TBD – Field day for new producers. Activities to include hoof care, tagging, administering meds, collecting and storing fecal samples, tail docking, castration, selecting sound breeding stock, shearing and wool preparation and much more. Aug 4: Performance tested sheep sale Sept 22: Fall tour to Woolgrowers in Carleton Place Contact: District Secretary – Gary Lapier phone: 613-989-2792

District 11:

District 9:

April 13/14: Booth at the Earlton Farm Show

March 24, 2012 - District 9 Education Day - this will be held at the Horton Community Centre from 9 AM to 12 noon. Guest speakers will talk about Ram

Contact: District Secretary – Debra Garner phone: 705-563-2761 or e-mail:

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

March 2012

OTHER DISTRICT ORGANIZATIONS Victoria County Sheep Producers. Third Wednesday every month starting at 7:30 Sunderland Co-op Boardroom at Oakwood Location Membership is $20 per farm per year. Contact: Doug Walden - 705-324-7478 March 21: District 7 will be holding a traceability education presentation Southwestern Sheep Farmers Formerly known as Middlesex Sheep & Lamb Producers

Chairman - George Molson, 519-695-2936, Secretary/Treas – Marilyn Walker, 510-287-5637, Grey Bruce Sheep Management Club Location: Grey Gables in Markdale Western Ontario Lamb Producers District 2 and 3 area Ontario Suffolk Sheep Association


OSMA Website – Have you visited OSMA’s new website yet. If you haven’t, please take a moment to check it out. The following are just a few of things you will find. About Ontario Sheep - Messenger - OSN Programs, Services Market Information - Locators – Lamb, Guardian Animals, and Breed Sheep Production Information - Lamb Nutrition and Recipes Current Initiatives - Virtual Farm Tour Research Projects - Links and Videos News - Kids Corner Events

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger


HELP US KEEP YOU INFORMED To keep you up to date on current events by phone and email please make sure that we have your current information. TELL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND NEIGHBOURS TO UPDATE THEIR INFORMATION Contact us by calling 519-836-0043 or emailing

Important Dates for Mandatory RFID Tags For more details, see attached CSF Notification called “Sheep Industry Continues Toward Mandatory RFID Tags”  Starting July 1, 2011  Ketchum Kurl lock and Allflex dangle tags will no longer be available for sale to  sheep producers as Canadian Sheep Identification Program (CSIP) tags. Retailers will have until Oct.  1, 2011 to sell any remaining stock.   All animals born or tagged after January 1, 2012 are encouraged tagged with approved CSIP RFID  tags   Approved CSIP RFID tags include the Shearwell Data Ltd SET tag and the Allflex RFID Button Tag.   If you tag an animal which will still be in the population as of January 1, 2013 (i.e. breeding stock)  with a non‐RFID tag, that animal will be non‐compliant after January 1, 2013. As a result, you will be  required to retag the animal with a CSIP approved RFID tag and cross‐reference with the old  identification number if the animal is to leave the farm after January 1, 2013.   After December 31, 2012 the Ketchum Kurl lock #3 and the Allflex dangle tags will be officially  removed from the list of approved tags for the CSIP and will no longer be accepted at sales,  abattoirs or by CFIA as official CSIP tags for shipping, transfer or sale of sheep in Canada.  For more information, please go to    

March 2012

Nuffield Canada Farming Scholarships

News Release: 2013 Nuffield Farming Scholarship Applications Open (Innisfail, AB – March 8, 2012) The Canadian Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust is accepting applications for their 2013 program. Applications are due by April 30, 2012 and forms can be downloaded from the Nuffield Canada website at Three scholarships of $15,000 each are available for 2013. Nuffield Farming Scholarships are awarded to enthusiastic individuals, with a passion for agriculture and a desire to expand your knowledge, pursue new ideas and to share your findings with others. Applicants should be in mid-career, be between the ages of 30 and 45 (although exceptions are made) and must have a minimum of five years agricultural business or farming experience plus the management ability to step away from their current duties. The Scholar must travel for a minimum of ten weeks, with a minimum leg of six consecutive weeks. Scholarships are not for those involved in full-time studies or for the purpose of furthering research projects. "The Canadian Nuffield Farming Scholarship provides innovative Canadians with the funding to travel internationally to expand their personal horizons while exploring agricultural issues and opportunities in a global context," said Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote, Chair and 2003 Scholar. "We are focused on developing the practical, managerial and commercial capacities of each scholar to enable them to be better farmers, business managers and leaders and to make a significant contribution to the future of Canadian agriculture.� The scholarships are awarded to men and women who are judged to have the greatest potential to create value for themselves, their industries and their communities through the doors which will be opened and the opportunities provided for life-long learning and improvement. The scholarships are awarded on the strength of the applicants’ vision, enthusiasm and determination to pursue their goals. A Nuffield Farming scholarship is a life changing experience. Scholars receive a 'golden key' to the best production, management and marketing systems in every corner of the world. In addition to embracing the 'world's best' in agriculture, scholars gain life-long friends form around the world, and a deep understanding, and global perspective, of the politics, cultures and challenges of world agriculture. A key part of the scholarship is the opportunity for winners to study a topic of interest to themselves through out their travels. Scholars must complete their project within two years of

winning the award and are expected to produce a written report and present their findings at the Nuffield annual general meeting as well as to others in their industries. Canadian Nuffield Scholars are also required to participate in the Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) where they will meet with scholars from other countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and France to exchange ideas and experiences, and join a network of people who are at the cutting edge of primary industry. Applications must be received by April 30, 2012. Application forms are available from the Nuffield website For more information on Nuffield Canada, visit or for questions about the international element, visit For more information: Rod Bradshaw Secretary, Nuffield Canada (403) 224 2633

Messenger News Letter - March 2012  

Messenger News Letter - March 2012

Messenger News Letter - March 2012  

Messenger News Letter - March 2012