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OSMA Producer Education Day and AGM October 26 & 27, 2012


“The Grass is Always Greener” Taken by Cameron Murphy

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District Elections See Page 9

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012



NEXT SCHEDULED BOARD MEETINGS Face to Face Board Meetings July 11 Aug 24/25 (in District 10) Oct 10 Oct 26-27 (AGM)

BOARD MEETING – May 30       

Financial statements to March 31 were accepted Predation committee is working with OSCIA on a fencing program and Guardian Dog letter to go to municipalities Osma will support the systematic literature review on Risk factors for Anthelmintic Resistance in Sheep Budget presentation will happen at the July Board meeting All districts have new display boards for use at district events OSMA and Scrapie Canada to work on developing an education document The Board reviewed the draft CSF Budget and Draft Business plan and suggested changes for the up coming year

PROGRAMS Ontario’s Risk Management Program (RMP) For Sheep Producers Please visit the Ontario Sheep website ( for press release and more future information on the program. Final payments for 2011 will be before the end of March. Premium rates set for RMP livestock plans – visit .

New participants – Submit a 2012 application to Agricorp by March 16, 2012. As a new participant you may enrol after this deadline has passed, provided you apply before the end of the first reporting period in which you have eligible production. You must meet all eligibility criteria.

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

PREDATION AND WILDLIFE DAMAGE Ontario has increased the compensation farmers can access for damage caused by predatory wildlife. Through the new Wildlife Damage Compensation Program livestock producers can receive compensation when their livestock are injured or killed by predatory wildlife. The new program expands the current list of wildlife species and variety of livestock that farmers can be compensated for, and increases the maximum compensation rates for farmers. The maximum compensation is now $1,200 for purebred and $300 for non-purebred sheep. Value depends on assessed animal value.

NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR PRODUCERS UNDER THE AGRICULTURE-WILDLIFE DAMAGE COMPENSATION PROGRAM As of April 1, 2012 ALL producers will be required to have a Premises ID and a Farm Business Registration (FBR) number in order to receive compensation for livestock that are killed or injured by predators eligible under the new wildlife damage program. Predation –Wildlife Committee: Mark Ritchie (Chair); Rob Scott; Chris Kennedy; Dick Kuiperij

For more information visit: dation.htm

NEW YOUNG FARM LOANS FOR CANADA Young and beginning farmers will find it easier to start and grow their farm businesses with the help of a new $500 million loan program, introduced by the federal gov't and FCC yesterday. This new loan offers qualified producers who are under 40 years of age loans of up to $500,000 to purchase or improve farmland and buildings. Producers between the ages of 18 and 39 make up approximately 16% of Canadian producers, according to the 2006 Census. The FCC Young Farmer Loan includes features and options that address this demographic, and support their long-term success. These include: - variable rates at prime plus 0.5% and special fixed rates - no loan processing fees The Young Farmer Loan enhances FCC's suite of existing products and services that support young

producers, such as the FCC Transition Loan, FCC Business Planning Award, FCC Learning events and publications, FCC Go Ag! events, and FCC Management Software for both accounting and field management. The program is being welcomed by farm groups. The Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA) President Martin Unrau said financing is one of the biggest obstacles facing many young producers wanting to start or expand a farm business. "There are plenty of young people who love agriculture and want to start their own business, but just can't make the numbers work. Providing young people with the opportunity to secure loans that are tailored to their age and stage in life is crucial to keeping them in the industry," he said. For more information on the FCC Young Farmer Loan, visit

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

RELIGIOUS & ETHNIC HOLIDAY’S For more information on the Holidays please click the link below to go to the OSMA website: Religious & Ethnic Holidays - - Market Information – Market Reports


We want to hear from you

PREDATION COMPENSATION OSMA's Predation-Wildlife Committee is interested in hearing of concerns you may have with compensation for predator kills. The province has recently made some major changes to the process of compensation for predator damages. The committee has heard unconfirmed reports of problems with the

implementation of the new regulations. Please let us know if you have encountered problems with the revised compensation program. Email your comments to Jennifer at

AUTO DIALER We have incorporated an ‘ auto dialing or phone system’ that will allow us to call producers at their homes. The purpose of this is to use the auto dialer as a tool for the District Executives to have the office call their producers and leave messages regarding events that they can attend or information that might

benefit them. Recognizing that producers do not want to be inundated with many calls, we are using it wisely and we have given them the option of going on a ‘no call’ list. We are proud of this innovation and believe this is a first in the Ontario meat commodity sector.

UPDATE ON HOW TO OBTAIN A PREMISES ID Premises Identification Numbers can be obtained from the Provincial Premises Registry (PPR) now operated by approved service provider Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI). The PPR is the only official provincial registry for obtaining Ontario Premises Identification Numbers for agri-food businesses. Premises Identification numbers issued before April 1, 2012 are still valid.

Obtaining a Premises Identification Number for your agri-food business is an important step towards traceability in Ontario. To register your premises or update your information, please contact AGSI:  Online:  By phone: 1-855-697-7743 (MY PPR ID)

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012


Wool Depot in Northern Ontario CCWG would like to advise sheep Producers that a new wool depot has been established for Northern Ontario and is now open. The contact information is as follows: Ernie Tobler 019132 Frontier Rd. RR#3 New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0 Home: 705-647-4801 Cell: 705-647-0411 Please call depot in advance of delivering your wool. All bags should be identified with your name and address. For further information call CCWG at 1-800-488-2714


CANADIAN AGRICULTURAL LOANS ACT (CALA) PROGRAM The CALA program builds on and replaces the previous Farm Improvement & Marketing Cooperative Loans Act (FIMCLA) program. The CALA program is a financial loan guarantee program that provides farmers easier access to credit. Farmers can use these programs to establish, improve and develop farms.

For more information click on the following link:

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program > Programs and Services or - Choose programs & services – Choose alphabetically the choose Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program.

LIVESTOCK AUCTION TRACEABILITY INITIATIVE (LATI) The Livestock Auction Traceability Initiative (LATI) will provide contributions to assist primarily in the alteration of animal handling structures, which will enhance traceability capabilities at high-risk, high through-put sites where animals from different herds co-mingle.

For more information click on the following link: - Choose programs & services – Choose alphabetically then choose Livestock Auction Traceability Initiative

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

GROWING FORWARD A commitment by Canada's federal, provincial and territorial government that supports the development and implementation of best practices in four key areas: 1) 2) 3) 4)

Environment and Climate Change Business Development Food Safety and Traceability Biosecurity

For more information: Call 1-888-479-3931; e-mail Or visit their website by copy and paste of the following link: gforward/2011-index.htm

AGRIWEBINAR – LEARNING WITHOUT LIMITS Presented by The Canadian Farm Business Management Council. Currently: The Agriwebinar season is complete. Information on upcoming speakers and topics will be posted at a later date. Visit the website to access over 100 archived webinars, and to subscribe to their mailing list. Website:

FARM CREDIT CANADA Where do you want your operation to be in five years? Do you know how to get there? For information on upcoming workshops visit: or call 1-888-332-3301

ONTARIOFRESH.CA WAS LAUNCHED IN FALL OF 2011 Registration is now open for, the new free website and online community that is being created to expand the market for buyers and sellers of local Ontario food. The aim is to make connections across the food service value chain, linking bulk

buyers, chefs, restaurants, caterers and distributors as well as growers and producers. You can register your business’ profile at or by calling 1-888-249-9399 or 647-426-8420.

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

ADVANTAGE ON-FARM FOOD SAFETY WEBINARS The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) will be hosting 9 webinar sessions on Good Agriculture Practices for your farm, available at no cost. An Introduction to Traceability Learn how traceability works in a farming operation, the selection of technology and how other operations are handling traceability. Webinar - Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 12:00 pm (noon) – 1:00 pm Food Safety on Multi-Commodity Farms Identify the risks associated with a multi-commodity farm, the good agricultural practices which address those risks and how they apply to your farm. Webinar -Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 12:00 pm (noon) – 12:40 pm Hygiene and Sanitation Learn how to develop and implement a worker hygiene program for both the pack house and field as well as a building and equipment sanitation program. Webinar – Tuesday, September 25, 12:00 pm (noon) - 12:50 pm Preparing for an On-Farm Food Safety Audit Interpret what to expect from an audit, the general requirements of a food safety program, and applying the tools needed for a successful audit. Webinar Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 12:00 pm (noon) – 1:00 pm Using Food Safety to Market Your Products Make your food safety practices work for you in the marketplace. Understand how keeping your customers informed about the food safety efforts you have made can benefit your business. Webinar Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 12:00 pm (noon) – 12:40 pm

Manure, Compost and Compost Teas Identify what is required to create or maintain a good growing base for your agri-needs. This workshop will outline Good Agricultural Practices when using manure and compost teas, demonstrating proper implementation for better soil, growing for tomorrow. Webinar Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 12:00 pm (noon) – 12:45 pm Getting Started in Food Safety Learn how to identify the role food safety plays in farming operations; analyze the associated risks and what good agricultural practices are and how they apply. This module will also explain the resources OMAFRA has to offer to help reduce your risks. Webinar –Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 12:00 pm (noon) – 12:45 pm 3-2-1 Assessment of Your Farm Operation for Food Safety Asses your present farm practices for food safety and develop an action plan to ensure your operation is meeting the best practices. This module is interactive and uses computer resources to assess your risks. Webinar -Thursday, February 28, 2013, 12:00 pm (noon) – 12:45 pm Register today! Register online at ety/producers/webinars.htm Registration closes the day before each workshop. A confirmation email will be sent following registration with the workshop teleconference/webinar details.

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

UPCOMING EVENTS For more information on any upcoming event please visit the OSMA website at: Events (

Purebred Sheep Breeders of Ontario Annual Show and Sale July 7: Carson’s Sales Arena – Show starts at 10 am and sale will start at 1 pm. Top quality Purebred Genetics and a fine selection of commercial ewes. Call Jim Driscoll for more information at 519-6385703 or email

Ontario Suffolk Sheep Association 6th Terminal Sire Ram Sale July 21 – Sale time 1 pm at Carson’s Sales Arena – Listowel, ON. For more information contact Glen Porteous at 519-794-4548 or or Karen Hayward at 519-371-8487

KINGSTON SHEEP DOG TRIALS, 25 t h ANNIVERSARY CANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Aug 10-12: Among the 2012 attractions will be the Birds of Prey and Jungle Cat World shows, Flyball and Agility demos, K9 Unit and sheep shearing

demos, the Craft and Artisans fair, Sheep to Shawl competition and auction – all attractions that appeal to kids and adults alike! And introducing a special 25th Anniversary feature The Celebrity Chef Trials. For more information and to register go to:

CANADA’S OUTDOOR FARM SHOW September 11 – 13 – Canada’s Outdoor Park, Woodstock, ON. Watch for details on the 2012 show at

2012 INTERNATIONAL PLOWING MATCH September 18 – 22 – Waterloo Region, “Cultivate Country Celebrate Community”. Check for regular updates at

OSMA PRODUCER EDUCATION DAY AND AGM October 26 & 27 – Holiday Inn, Scottsdale Drive, Guelph, ON

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

DISTRICT INFORMATION Note: For further information and details about your District please contact your District Secretary

Consider Taking a Role on Your District Executive


District AGM are coming soon. Consider running for one of the following positions. More detailed descriptions available on the OSMA website at Provincial Director: This year elections for District Director will be held in District 1, 4, 7, and 10. The role of a Provincial Director is to promote the best interest of the entire sheep industry in Ontario and work to fulfill the Mission Statement of OSMA. A Provincial Director must be a team player and previous Board or Committee experience is an asset. District Chair – Provides leadership to District sheep producers and ensures open two-way communication between District producers and the OSMA Board of Directors District Vice-Chair – Provides support for the District Chair and steps in for the Chair when necessary Secretary/Treasurer – Can be separated into two positions or held by the same person. Responsible for keeping meeting minutes and keeping District finances in order. This person is the main liaison between the OSMA office and the District Committee.

District 1: Please contact your District Secretary for date and location of your next District meeting June/July: No meetings Aug: Local sheep farm tour in District – Details to follow Sept 6: Annual meeting in Rutherford Fire Hall Oct: Sheep conditioning at Barb Dickenson’s farm in Sarnia Nov 1: District meeting at Rutherford Fire Hall Dec 6: Christmas meeting and pot luck at Wyoming Church Contact: District Secretary: Michelle Prudom at 519-845-3998 or District 1 Website:

District 2: Meetings usually held the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm. For more information contact Glen Porteous at Contact: District Secretary - Kyle Harrison 519369-3954

District 3: Contact: District Secretary - Neil Mesman 519504-3089 or email:

District 4: Last Saturday of every month: Breakfast at 9 am at Devine’s in Jarvis. Join us for sheep chat, good people and good food. Contact: District Secretary - Sharon Petheram 519443-5844 or email:

District 5: Meetings are usually last Wed. of every month, Location TBA Contact: District Secretary - Lene Band phone: 905-877-2969 e-mail:

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

District 10:

District 6: Contact: District Secretary – Grant Cowan phone: 705-436-2236 or e-mail:

District 7: Contact: District Secretary – Donna Aziz phone: 905-852-9252

District 8:

District 10 Website: Aug 4: Performance tested sheep sale Aug 24 & 25: Provincial Director Board meeting and tour Sept 22: Fall tour to Woolgrowers in Carleton Place Contact: District Secretary – Gary Lapier phone: 613-989-2792

District 11:

Contact: District Secretary – Linda Huizenga phone: 613-477-1393

District 9:

Contact: District Secretary – Debra Garner phone: 705-563-2761 or e-mail:

Contact: District Secretary – David Bentley phone: 613-256-1628


Victoria County Sheep Producers. Third Wednesday every month starting at 7:30 Sunderland Co-op Boardroom at Oakwood Location Membership is $20 per farm per year. Contact: Doug Walden - 705-324-7478 Southwestern Sheep Farmers Formerly known as Middlesex Sheep & Lamb Producers

Chairman - George Molson, 519-695-2936, Secretary/Treas – Marilyn Walker, 510-287-5637, Grey Bruce Sheep Management Club Location: Grey Gables in Markdale Western Ontario Lamb Producers District 2 and 3 area Ontario Suffolk Sheep Association

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012


OSMA Website – Have you visited OSMA’s new website yet. If you haven’t, please take a moment to check it out. The following are just a few of things you will find. About Ontario Sheep - Messenger - OSN Programs, Services Market Information - Locators – Lamb, Guardian Animals, and Breed Sheep Production Information - Lamb Nutrition and Recipes - Virtual Farm Tour Current Initiatives Research Projects - Links and Videos News - Kids Corner Events


HELP US KEEP YOU INFORMED To keep you up to date on current events by phone and email please make sure that we have your current information. TELL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND NEIGHBOURS TO UPDATE THEIR INFORMATION Contact us by calling 519-836-0043 or emailing

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

OSMA and the Industry – Messenger

June 2012

Messenger June 2012  

Messenger June 2012