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NOV. 19 - 25, 2009


Darryn Doull and the artist-curator ZACK MACRAE

Our featured artist from last week, Darryn Doull just had a unique and interactive exhibit in the Zavitz gallery. Installed was Doull’s physical representation of a role that he is currently pursuing: the artist-curator. “If you’re the curator,” explained Doull in a chat on Monday, “a good curator, you should be thinking about the artists that you are curating. You should also be concerned with how you present that work, if you’re going to be an artist about it as well; you have to try and do the artist justice without cutting yourself short.” For Doull, the traditional gallery space does not present the work to the viewer in the most effective way. “Part of the problem with many exhibits,” said Doull, “is that the viewer interacts with the space in the same way. When you change the space, the viewer has the opportunity to interact with the art in a fresh way.” Doull created a kind of exhibit within an exhibit; an interactive and encompassing presentation of works by fellow specialized students and other Guelph artists. “The whole thing is called SPA(spaces)CES. it’s a broad title for this whole approach. It’s making spaces within the space,” said Doull.

As viewers came into the gallery they were able to walk through the gallery and actively search out the small shelves where the work was placed. “People would come in and walk around the space and start to find these little treasures and then want to find them all, so it turned into kind of a treasure hunt.” The role of the Artist-Curator is a fine line. Doull put a lot of energy into making the space in the gallery different, focusing more on the presentation of the work than the work itself, having the artists create their pieces in only two days. “First and foremost I think of myself as an artist. Making the space is my primary concern; to enable that space to also be another area to encounter art.” The role of the artist-curator is like balancing an equation. As an artist, Doull put 80 per cent of his energy into creating the gallery space and 20 per cent into the curatorial aspect. “If you balance it out too much you begin to sell yourself short as an artist,” said Doull. Doull’s exhibit, although somewhat inaccessible to a viewer not thinking of its conceptual implications, was an interesting look into the emerging role of the artist-curator.


Darryn Doull’s exhibit in the Zavitz gallery presented the role of the Artist-Curator


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November 19th 2009  

The Ontarion`s 10th issue.