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“S  tem cells, euthanasia… I loved the ethical debates that these topics ignited. ” I was always interested in bioethics – even before I heard the term. Stem cells, euthanasia… I loved the ethical debates that these topics ignited and how the outcome of such debates could so profoundly affect individuals’ lives. In grade 12 I took a law class (funny now that “the law” can be taught in a single course) and in a light bulb moment realized that practicing health law was my calling. In my law school application I commented that I wanted to offer the legal and ethical perspectives in health care decision-making. I am proud and grateful that I am on the same path I set out to follow when I was just 17 years old. I recently re-visited this very question and decided to return to where I began. In January 2013 I opened the doors to my own practice where I am now striving to accomplish these very goals. I have an interesting mix of work in both health law and other areas. My corporate and employment files reflect my upbringing in a family of entrepreneurs. And my Family Health Law™ files reflect my passion for helping others and engaging with fascinating ethical issues. To some it may be an odd mixture, but I tell people I have chosen this path because I am “a lawyer with a heart”. And that is why I went to law school.

Lisa Feldstein Lisa Feldstein Law Office Professional Corporation Markham


Why I Went To Law School: The First 100 Stories  
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