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Dry cleaning vs steam cleaning – which is best? No matter how you may have tried to keep your carpet clean, you still have dirt and grime and stains that have accumulated over the years, and now you need carpet cleaning services. Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are often the two methods used for cleaning carpets, but you may wonder which method to choose and which one offers the most benefits?

Why Steam Cleaning Isn’t a Chemical Free Method In the debate over steam cleaning versus dry cleaning, there is a myth that t needs to be cleared up surrounding steam being used to clean carpets. Many commercial and home cleaning machines use hot water that releases vapor, but the steam itself is not what cleans the carpet. The machine sprays detergent on the carpet and hot w water ater activates the detergent on the fibers of the carpet-alkaline alkaline is used for synthetic types of carpet fibers, and acidic is used for wool and more natural fiber carpets. To suck up the excess water on the floor, a wet-vac vac is then used. Many people prefer the steam cleaning method because they are concerned about the dry cleaning method using chemicals that can affect their health and the environment. The only chemical chemical-free free way to clean a carpet is by just vacuuming it because even the use of everyday wate waterr is considered using a chemical. Often, when people ask if their carpets can be cleaned without the use of chemicals, what they are asking is if their carpets can be cleaned safely? With most carpet cleaning services, the answer to the question is yes, an and d your carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning vs steam cleaning – which is best? company will often use a cleaning solution that can clean your carpet safely without harmful side effects. By using a hot water extraction system during the rinsing phase with a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer, this is often enough to rinse away any cleaning solution that has been used leaving behind a minimal amount of residue in the carpet. There are also non-toxic toxic and hypo hypo-allergenic allergenic cleaning solutions free of any perfumes or dyes that can be used for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Steam Cleaning Means Longer Wait Times You can either rent a carpet cleaner or buy a steam cleaner. Rented steam cleaners usually rely on hot tap water to function correctly, while cleaning machines leased from your local grocery or hardware store may use a heating element. Both types of machines work by placing a cleaning solution in the machine and then moving the machine slowly back and forth over the carpet. The machine then sucks up the excess water and dumps it out. Typically after you have steam cleaned your carpets, you have to stay off them for approximately 12 to 24 hours until they dry. Sometimes the carpet will shrink after all the remaining fluid dries. If, however, your carpet is made of natural, untreated fibers, then this should d not be a concern.

Professional Steam Cleaning Dries Faster

Dry cleaning vs steam cleaning – which is best? You may want to consider hiring a professional to steam clean your carpets. Often they have more powerful cleaning machines or a machine that is attached to a vehicle. Because they do use a more powerful steam cleaner and it is a professional system, it can spray more detergent into the carpet fibers and also suck up much more water. Carpets did professionally often take less time to dry. The prices for carpet cleaning services will vary depending on the area in which you live and also the size of the room. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can also reduce the appearance of wear and tear and maintain that like like-new appearance for your flooring.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Means less Wait Time You may ay also opt for dry cleaning your carpet using cleaning solvents or dry chemicals. When you place these chemicals on your carpet, they will break down the dirt hiding in your carpet fibers. Often the name “dry” cleaning is misleading since professionals do use a small amount of moisture in the application solutions that work with the dry compounds they use. Dry cleaning, however, does offer time benefits. You can use your floors almost immediately after the cleaning is finished. Dry cleaning chemicals are most m often used in retail and industrial settings for this very purpose.

Dry cleaning vs steam cleaning – which is best? Convinced that you need a professional carpet cleaner cleaner?? Call the pros at OnTarger Carpet Cleaning Services today at (480) 977 1010 for your free estimate!

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Dry Cleaning vs steam cleaning – which is best.  

This is an ongoing debate in the carpet industry. Dry carpet cleaning or steam carpet cleaning: Which one is better? Read out the blog to ge...

Dry Cleaning vs steam cleaning – which is best.  

This is an ongoing debate in the carpet industry. Dry carpet cleaning or steam carpet cleaning: Which one is better? Read out the blog to ge...