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Shacks razed in fires MANDLA MAHASHE


ore than 100 residents in Cossovo informal Settlement were forced to rebuild their homes yesterday morning after their shacks burnt to the ground. The raging fire, which engulfed the Samora Machel settlement, devoured 88 shacks on Tuesday afternoon. Residents alleged that one of them must have left her house with the stove on. Xolani Joja, a community leader said: “She was cooking when the stove caught fire and the house was engulfed in flames.” Residents claimed she was cooking a very fatty sausage, which has the tendency to spill fat when cooked. He said that this was the third fire in the area since the beginning of the year, fortunately, there had been no reported injuries or fatalities. “No one has been reported injured or deceased and many people are rebuilding their homes. “It’s sad because many people lost their belongs because the fire took place while they were at work. “They couldn’t save their goods. “This is particularly painful as people are looking forward to the festive season,” said Joja. He said that they were working with the city and home affairs department to make sure that people receive accommodation, building materials as well as their identification documents. “Unfortunately the only solution to shack fires is the building of proper houses for the people and we are confident that the City and other stakeholders are working hard to make this a possibility,” said Joja. This loss was preceded by another shack fire that took place on Saturday afternoon in New Rest informal settlement in Nyanga where 10 shacks were destroyed. On Wednesday the local ward councillor Siphiwo Nqamnduku was on the scene waiting for disaster relief.

Residents of Cossovo infomal settlement in Samora Machel are busy rebuilding their structure after a fire razed them to the ground on Tuesday. PHOTO: LULEKWA MBADAMANE

“People from the housing department, we are also waiting for people to gather what is

left so that we can start the identity document process.

We are trying our best to assist,” said Nqamnduku.



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CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

Flowers are not for the faint hearted in love I was walking down Adderley Street the other day-in the company of a colleagueafter a hard day’s slog, when I caught sight of the glint in his eye, a sure sign of uneasiness. I quizzed him, and he let go that as we were walking past the ubiquitous flower sellers, shivers ran up his spine. He further revealed that he was suffering from anthophobia-the morbid or irrational fear of flowers, since he associated these with death. This gave me pause for thought, and realised that we, as Black people, have developed processes that are far more different than other nations. I figured that my poor friend was not the sole anthophobist here. Even with matters concerning romance, I have seldom come across one of us presenting their love interest with flowers. It is not even a topic that comes up for discussion, mind you. Yho. I imagine a guy disembarking from a taxi at a busy rank-after workwith a bouquet in hand, for the benefit of a loved one. Imagine also the jeers, the taunts, leers, with gaped mouths. Suffice to say that by the time he gets to the door of his conquest, his romantic ego would have been crushed to smithereens. Black people just ain’t cut from that cloth. Anthophobia aside, there is some consolation about the way we do things, though. Black Friday. A phenomenon that occurs every last Friday of November of every year, where most shops sell wares at half the normal price. Why they call it thus, I do not know, but what I know for sure is that Black people come out in droves to take advantage of the specials on offer on this day. Some even start queuing outside these businesses a day before the actual spree. Blacks and freebies are like yours truly and his glass; joined at the hip. Black people did not even feel insulted with the connotation behind this day. I understand it is steeped in the history of slavery, where slaves went for a song on the last Friday of November of every year. Hence Black Friday. Well, I, for one, do not have a prob-

Credit providers check The financial situation of South Africans creates the “perfect breeding ground” for abuse by credit providers, Summit Financial Partners CEO Clark Gardner told Parliament on Friday. He said 40% of credit active consumers in the country have impaired credit records – this amounts to about 10 million people; 31% of the 85 million credit accounts in the country are in arrears; and only 7% of South Africans are financially independent when they retire.

ON THE RUN lunga adam

lem with that. Why can’t people be allowed to spend their hard-earned cash the way they feel like, for just once a year. We know how expensive food and clothing items are these days. The timing could also not have been better, what with Christmas lurking on the horizon. This debate just wouldn’t be worth it without the mention of the Tupperware. Only the totally blind would not notice that in almost every Black household, Tupperware takes pride of place, in the kitchen or the dining room. I think these give households a semblance of dignity and tradition. This reminds me of those word frames which seemed a permanent feature in most homes in our younger days. Some of the messages would read thus: “Undibilisela amanzi nje awakho ayatsholoza” to “Ndibulale kodwa xa uphakamisa icephe, uze ucinge abantwana bam.” Some of these inscriptions bordered on the hilarious and harsh. When one was at a house headed by a single parent and saw these frames, one somehow got the feeling that this was a woman scorned. Sadly, and with the passage of time, there are less of these nowadays. These days, people choose to vent their aspirations and anger on social networks. Our people also seem to attach great value to public holidays now. Well, dear reader, I wanted to indulge you more on this topic, but I gotta bounce off, before my better half asks: “Baby, undithengele ntoni for i World Aids Day?” Peace.

People with disabilities from Vukuzhambe take to the streets.


Disabled call for care at facilities MANDLA MAHASHE


isabled residents from Gugulethu and other areas took to the streets to voice their concerns on Monday. The march which was organised by the Gugulethu Disabled Development Forum culminated with a demonstration at the Gugulethu Day Hospital and Bongolethu Mall. According to GDDF member Nomonde Mbebe, people living with disabilities are not catered for in the community especially at the two facilities where they staged the demonstration. She said that they as well as the elderly were subjected to long lines and there was acute lack of facilities for the mobility impaired. “One of the most heartbreaking things is that frail and disabled are not made a priority and as a result we spend the whole day here just to get medicine. Our aides are not allowed to come into the hospital, which would be bearable if they had porters but there aren’t any,” she complained. She noted that the attitude of staff at the day hospital was unprofessional and that they had lost all confidence in the doctors and nurses(at the clinic). “I have an artificial leg and everytime I come here, the doctors seem shocked when they have to examine me. The nurses have

bad attitudes and they seem to not have any patience,” she explained. She said that they were forced to march as their efforts to get the management to cooperate have all but failed. As she spoke to journalist their frustration was evident as they were refused entry into the hospital with security telling them that they had no knowledge of them having a meeting with the management. Calls by visibly annoyed councillors Luvuyo Zondani and Sharon Manata also fell on deaf ears. Manata said although she was disappointed with the attitude at the clinic, she was not surprised However, the memorandum was handed over and the marchers proceeded to the nearby mall, which opened in 2008. She said: “I have first hand experience of the negligence at this facility(clinic). Last year I saw a six year old asthmatic child gasping for air after being given an oxygen mask without a oxygen. At the mall, Mbebe complained that the facility floors were slippery and it was very difficult for people living with disabilities to walk there. Mbebe said that they will continue to advocate for the improvement public facilities for people living with disabilities. “People with disabilities struggle to find parking,” she said.

First impressions last, but people change as seasons do We have become accustomed to the analogy that first impressions last, while others believe in the direct opposite. Let me put the spotlight on some issues we seem to ignore, although in the end these have an impact on how people perceive you. Whatever you say or do leaves an image of your character. Whether we like it or not, we do get into categories. For instance, there are rowdy people who you would do all in your strength to avoid. Likewise, there are loquacious people, who would not even grant you the right of reply. I take care to avoid such people. Off course there are those people who make you laugh the very minute you meet them. These people fall in the category of people I’d rather spend the whole time with, because they tend to make our days.


Thobile Ndzube These are the categories I’m referring to. Out of this may develops friendships that may or may not last forever. If the bond that develops is formed out of positive ideas then it should bring more positive results. Also if it was formed under negative/ bad ideas, sometimes it bodes negative

ideas. So now if the same people happen to do something awful to you after you have made acquaintance with them, do you hold that against them and resolve never to mingle with them. Which brings me to ask: Do we re-categorize a person based on their behaviour? Does it matter if it was their first impression or last impression? Do we just forgive them and say it is just a small slip up or do we blindly say never to speak to them again. I believe though that a person can change their behaviour and this can lead to them being categorized into a more progressive group. Are you one of those who have moved up the ladder and that has changed the way people categorize you? I led a foolish life in the past. We should all strive to be better impressionists so that we can live a better life and get acceptance from others.


CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

MK veteran still lying in morgue MBONGISENI MASEKO


lulami Raymond Gqokoma, the MK veteran who passed away in a fire at the Sizamile Old Age Home in Langa, has still not been buried, as finding his next of kin is proving difficult. Gqokoma, 60, died after his room caught fire at home. He was the only one who succumbed to the hazard. Leticia Vaphi, who runs the centre, said the fact that the old man was still lying at the morgue was cause for concern. “We need to find his next of kin in order to do the DNA, to determine his identity,” she said. “(Although) We are so sure that it is him that died in the fire, but police say what if it was not him. Police have registered him as an unknown, which means we have a missing person here, because we never saw him again after that incident.

This is badly affecting all of us here. We are not happy at all,” Vaphi said. Vaphi received information from Home Affairs that Gqokoma is registered as married to Nomapha Tshewula and that they have three children together. She said she was told that his family lives in Mthatha, in the Eastern Cape. “That came as a shock to me, because he never indicated that he was married and that he has children. His nephews also said they were not aware that he was married and that he had three children. I was told to bring a letter from the police station which will give them a green light to give me the information about his wife and children, but the police are not helping me in this regard,” she added. Lelethu Gqokoma, the deceased’s nephew, said they are also shocked about the claims that the deceased was married and that he had children. “We do not know that he was married and

that he has children. We are surprised about that information. We understand that it will take time for him to get buried and that there is a procedure that must be followed,” Gqokoma said. .Meanwhile, Buyiswa Matuka, who was admitted in hospital after inhaling smoke during the incident, is still fighting for her life at Tygerberg Hospital. Vaphi said the reason Matuka-who has been a resident at the centre for four yearsis still in hospital is that she has a “weak health.” .Vaphi also said a volunteer, who worked as a security guard at the centre, was released on bail after he was charged for the murder of Mawethu Ndonyana, 52. Ndonyana was involved in a fight with the suspect on the evening of 11 October and died in Groote Schuur Hospital the following day as results of his injuries. She said the family of the suspect contributed R8000,00 for Ndonyana’s funeral.

Slulami Gqokoma is yet to be buried.


Community icon to be buried to rest This weekend will see the laying to rest of Matthew Sunnyboy Cabadiya this Saturday. Cabadiya, 83, died last week after a short illness and his funeral procession will take place at t Mary’s Catholic Church in Nyanga. He was known for his work assisting the community from his days working at the council office during the apartheid days. He assisted residents with housing evictions problems, housing evictions, police arrests, harassment, and deportations to the Bantustans. After bending the oppressive laws of the

Matthew Sunnyboy Cabadiya

Call Miss Labahn: 079 795 6391

time he was dismissed and went on to work among others as a court interpreter, hotel switchboard operator. He initially worked as a teacher. He was born 6 May 1933 in Bethulie Free State and later went on the study at Moroka institution where he qualified as a teacher. In 1963 he married Lillian Jacobs, first and for most devoted to his family, close relatives, Catholic Faith, friends, neighbours and broad community. He was articulate in Afrikaans, English, Sesotho,isiXhosa and a mixture of the Cape fly/tsotsi taal. He loved African culture, tradition and the indigenous knowledge and beliefs system. He is pre-deceased by his younger brother Themba and loving wife. He is survived by his daughters, son, cousin brothers, granddaughter and sons.

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Gauteng taxpayers throw in their lot Gauteng had the largest number of taxpayers for the 2015 tax year in South Africa, according to the latest tax statistics report. The report, which is published jointly by National Treasury and the South African Revenue Services (Sars), was released on Tuesday. It takes the tax register as at March 2016. There was a total of 18.2 million registered taxpayers which was up 8.4% compared to the previous year. Of these, on-

ly 4.8m of taxpayers were assessed. The aggregated taxable income was R1.3trn. However, the tax liability of assessed individuals came to R268.5bn. Fin24 previously reported that personal income tax (PIT) was the largest source of tax revenue, contributing 36.4% of total tax revenue collections in 2015. A total of R136.1bn of income tax payments of the province was assessed.




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CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

Film course produces graduates



usaka Community Hall in Nyanga was the venue for a graduation ceremony for a group of learners who had done a six months film and television course. And according to Deputy Minister of Communication, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, the crop of 35 graduands were the best in the country. They had taken part in the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority course, which was held over six months. The programme is intended at up-skilling unemployed youth and graduates with film and television production skills, thus enabling them to respond to the digital media environment. The programme has benefitted 150 learners and was rolled out at three centres in the Eastern Cape (70), Western Cape (40) and Gauteng (40). Ndabeni-Abrahams applauded the learners for being top achievers in the country regardless of attending classes in a community hall, which is not conducive for learning. “We have given you the skills to fulfil your mandate. Now you can make money by taking videos in birthday parties, funerals and other gatherings. We have given you the skill to tell stories and produce local content,” Ndabeni-Abrahams said. She encouraged other youth to apply for the web development programme, which is aimed at giving training about graphic design and also Information Technology (IT) support. Nick Green, from Atos, the company which facilitated the training, said they have offered job opportunities to 50 top achieving learners from the participating

Raymond Dakuse of MICT SETA, Andile Nogata of SABC, Nick Green of Atos, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, deputy minister of communications, Mandisa Matshoba, Member of Parliament, Bishop Gampe Mbuba and Theo Olivier, and the learners at the back. PHOTO: MBONGISENI MASEKO provinces and 10 of them will be coming from Nyanga. He congratulated the graduates and advised them to utilise the skills they gained. Raymond Dakuse, from MICTSETA, said they were, at first, worried that the classes would be conducted at the hall. “We were sceptical about allowing you to attend classes here, but the councillor insisted that it was the right is now time for you to utilise the skills that you have been given. You do not have to start with producing big films,” he said. The SABC’s Andile Noganta said: “This is a huge deal. You should be proud and trilled of yourself. As the SABC, we have a heavy mandate to produce local content and it is costly. We are looking for future producers

of local content.”. Khaya Yozi, an MP, said he was grateful to the deputy minister for coming up with such a course. “It is beautiful to have such a working relationship with national government. This community is blessed to have a deputy minister who always listens to our challenges. This programme was not a joke, it was very serious. “Do not play with opportunities that you are given. I am happy that we have succeeded on the programme,” Yozi said. He said he had received over 100 applications for the programme and that he is also sitting with dozens of CVs from youngsters who want such opportunities. Each learners received a stipend of about

R3, 500 per month for the duration of the course. Abrahams said there is a need to train youth in producing animation(cartoons), an industry which is making inroads but received less attention from local producers. She revealed that a three year course to produce animation would cost about R150 000. Also in attendance during the ceremony was Gugulethu MP Mandisa Matshoba and Bishop Gampe Mbuba. Themba Monethi, one of the achievers in the programme hailed it as “great” and a launching pad for a career in the film industry. He also thanked Ndabeni-Abrhahams for coming up with the idea of the programme.

Veggie smoothies the way to healthy lifestyle MANDLA MAHASHE An initiative that started as just another Kasi garden has blossomed into a possible solution to malnutrition, especially for the young. The School Smoothie Gardens and Community Project blends fruit and vegetables into tasty smoothies for young children and the community. According to Ntombi Mukahiwa, its founder, the project has been a hit with the young and old which is great for improving health among residents. “The project began as a community garden in Khwezi Park in 2014 where I was staying at the time. The idea to make smoothies came about on the second year of the project when I read about it online. I was captivated with it as it was in line


with my aim to promote health and fight malnutrition,” she explained. She said that the initiative aims to give locals an alternative to unhealthy fast foods. The smoothies consists of spinach, ginger, peppermint and any combination of fruits such as bananas, apples and pears. “Many people in South Africa are suffering from diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive tract illnesses and other chronic diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles. Public health is also affected for the worse by junk food, processed, and non-nutritious food. Medicines can also cause side effects to the body. Our children are growing up in homes where green, leafy vegetables are often over cooked until they lose the nutrients that should feed the body cells,” she explained. Running the project on her own with the help of the schools she runs the project from, she provides smoothies once a week to learners at Vukukhanye Primary and Fezeka Secondary Schools. She says she hopes to make this a regular feature but she only works with one blender and is trying to find financial support. “I want to conduct it much more frequently but I’m in need of funds to buy more blenders and get more people to work with so that we can produce more,” she noted. She currently receives support from Urban Agricultural Supplies, which helps her with tools and compost to start the gardens. “Its not only about money, I need more people, gardening requires labour,” she said. Contact her on:

SSGC founder Ntombi Makuhiwa (in black dress) with learners and parents at Vukukhanye Primary in Gugulethu. Inset: Learners at Vukukhanye enjoying some smoothies


CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

College grads dazzle with magic T

he College of Magic, Cape Town’s only magical arts organisation, honoured its graduating 2016 class and exemplary students in a dazzling ceremony held at Rondebosch Boys’ High School on Saturday. The College of Magic, now in its 36th year, is the only organisation of its kind in the world and offers a six year on campus diploma that covers all aspects of the magic theatrical performing arts. Following six years of learning the mysteries of magic, including how to entertain

audiences around the world and meeting internationally renowned performers, 17 teenagers from across the Mother City, finally bid farewell to their magical studies at the glittering Senior Graduation event. The 2016 Course Six class has been fortunate enough to be a part of a very successful year for the College – one that has included spectacular gala shows like the Imagine! Family Spectacular at the Artscape Theatre in May, sold-out public performances, a week-long Spellbound Show at the V&A Wa-

terfront in October and incredible trips to international magic conventions. For 2016 Senior Student of the Year, Qaqambile Mnqika (15), from Khayelitsha, who represented the College and South Africa at the Magic Live Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in August, it’s been a whirlwind of fantastic moments: “What a great journey…phew! Studying magic has introduced me to a world of possibilities and the belief that with magic, I can do anything I set my mind and wand to.

The College of Magic honoured its graduating class and exemplary students in a dazzling ceremony held at Rondebosch Boys’ High School on Saturday.

Teacher’s dream comes true as donations flood in MANDLA MAHASHE It was smiles all around at Sokhanyo Primary School as donations poured in, in response to a teacher’s call on social media for help. Teacher Namhla Sombexe received overwhelming response from a funder after sent a post on Facebook, about her initiative to collect shoes and uniforms for impoverished learners from the Gugulethu school. She said that Facebook friends responded positively to her call and received about R6000,00 worth of material on Tuesday. She said that apart from Old Mutual, local restaurant Rands Cape Town also made a donations. Sombexe said: “Having worked with a lot of the children and having visited their homes, I have discovered that some of them come from very poor households, where there isn’t even food to eat. So, a uniform and stationery would be out of the question in such a situation.” She said she was happy to receive such a great response for her noble cause and she was least expecting it. “I went to ask for help online and expected to get help from friends, and I was happy

when Tim Mohao, from Old Mutual told me that they will help out. I was also happy to find that Mshayi Mbeki, the co-founder of Rands, wanted to help us,” she said. Old Mutual donated R5000 for the purchase of shoes, stationery and sanitary towels for learners in the upper grades at the school. Rands donated about R1000,00. Mohao said that he was touched by the initiative and it was in line with their annual donation initiative as well. “I was moved when I saw her post and decided to inbox her as we also had the same concerns. We decided to partner with her as part of our Care & Share initiative where around this year we make donations to suitable causes,” he said. Sombexe said that she was very elated with the support and that it was not the end. “Unfortunately there is a lot more to do as there is still a big shortage of uniforms and that this would be our next area of focus,” she added. School principal Thetha Sithole, said the school was grateful for the selfless deed.

Staff, learners and members of Old Mutual during the handover at Sokhanyo Primary in Gugulethu. PHOTO: MANDLA MAHASHE

Thank you to the College of Magic! ” This year’s Silver Medallion award winner is Aaron Simon (18) from Plumstead. The Silver Medallion is the highest accolade awarded to a graduate of the College of Magic who has perfected his craft to an excellent level of performance. “I can hardly believe it! It is such a huge honour to be recognised for my magical craft with a Silver Medallion,” said the excited teen. Each year, the College also honours staff, students and graduates for long service, community service and excellence in magic theatrical performance and its allied arts. The 2016 honourees included Odwa Bauti, Grant Best, Xolile Dyani, Olwethu Dyantyi,Jamian Fortune, Vuyolwethu Foslara, Anela Gazi, Caitlin Hutchison, Faris Jacobs, Mpumelelo Makeleni, Nokutenda Masiyanise, Sonwabile Mekuto, Qaqambile Mnqika, Zaakia Mohammed, Siyamthanda Mzangwa, Siphesihle Ndayi, Tamarin Philpott, Duncan Shelver, Aaron Simon, Yonela Sipoko, Grant Staniland, Hayley Tomes, Seshen Thaver, Yonela Toni, Ian Van Niekerk and Fazielah Williams. In addition to the Senior Graduation, the College of Magic hosted a junior ceremony for its younger students who are progressing to the next captivating level of their wizardry training. Exemplary honours were awarded to 13 year-old Sesona Gagana as 2016 Junior Student of the Year. Registration for the College of Magic’s entry level Course One for aspiring Harry Potters is now open. Course One will commence on Saturday 28 January/ Saturday 4 February, 2017 and fees are R490 per month or R2 700 for the entire course (Includes lessons, notes, magical equipment and allied arts such as puppetry, juggling and mime and clowning sessions.)


CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016



CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

The different roles of law officers MONIQUE DUVAL


e have all seen them around Cape Town: the Metro Police officer, the Law Enforcement officer and the Traffic Services officer. Dressed in their various uniforms and while driving their various types of vehicles, they go around town conducting their various duties. In some cases, this is causing much confusion among the public about who does what, who is responsible for dealing with what issues and who should be taking action. In this week’s edition if Municipal Matters, City Vision chats to the City’s Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith. Smith says the safety and security directorate consists of six main departments, namely: Metro Police, Traffic Services, Law Enforcement, the Public Emergency Communication Centre (PECC) 107, Disaster Risk Management and Fire and Rescue Services. There are also additional entities like the Special Investigations Unit and Internal investigations and the Neighbourhood Watch Support Unit. In the Metro Police department there are 554 operational staff members and Smith says these officers attend to an average of 350 complaints as they mainly act on proactive policing of hotspots and crime threats identified by the South African Police Service (Saps) and communities. The Law Enforcement department has 465 Law Enforcement officers, 186 learner Law Enforcement officers and 279 volunteers. Smith says they handle more than 5 000 complaints each month, but this figure fluctuates. The City also has 379 traffic officers, 18 traffic wardens and 46 traffic inspectors. “Between January and May 2016, 8 557 complaints were received – an average of just over 1 700 a month. In addition, the department receives hundreds of other complaints via email and Whats-App that will not reflect on the control room statistics.” Smith agrees that the role of each of these officers is often confused. “Some do not know the difference between

Traffic officers carrying out their duties. Saps and the City’s enforcement agencies and often confuse the roles. Saps is the primary agency responsible for crime prevention. The City’s Metro Police support the Saps but also do autonomous operations.” In addition, he says they have also noted that many confuse the departmental identity of officers. “They will call a Metro Police officer a traffic officer or vice versa. The reason for this confusion is perhaps the public being unclear as to the role of each department. A close match in terms of branding colours between the Metro Police and Law Enforcement and the uniforms of Traffic Services and Law Enforcement may contribute to


this confusion.”

Metro Police Q. What is the primary role of a Metro Police officer? A. The department’s mandate includes securing municipal property, municipal bylaw enforcement, traffic control and crime prevention. Q. What can a Metro Police officer not do? A. The mandate does not extend to conducting criminal investigations or detaining suspects – these functions are the responsibility of the SAPS.

Law Enforcement Q. What is the primary role of a Law Enforcement officer? A. A Law Enforcement officer’s core function is to enforce municipal bylaws and regulations and to ensure the general safety of the public whether on beaches, public places and public roads, among others. They also deal with standard-of-living complaints. Law Enforcement officers are peace officers and their powers are set out and gazetted as per the relevant section in the Criminal Procedure Act. They can arrest, issue notices and search and seize in terms of those powers. They can also arrest perpetrators for contravening all Schedule 1 offences. They are also appointed as traffic wardens and many of them are appointed fisheries control officers.

Traffic Services Q. What is the primary role of a Traffic Services officer? A. The Traffic Services Department is committed to improving road safety by providing effective driving licence services and traffic enforcement. They are responsible for enforcing the City’s traffic laws and clamping down on offences such as speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving recklessly. . All emergency complaints should be to the emergency centre by dialling 107 from a landline, 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or @pecc107 on Twitter.

Gugs Mall upper deck to host trendy fashion show by local ZANDILE MATEBE Gugulethu self taught stylist Malusi Malefane will be hosting the Bello Diamond fashion show which will be staged on the Gugulethu Mall upper deck on Saturday. The event will feature the summer season collection of brands such Imprint, Kudu, Faith Couture, ATG Ekasi and B Creations. Bello Diamond is also a modelling school founded by Malefane and its models will grace the runway during the event. “We wish to create pride within our community by ensuring that this event exhumes unknown talent, creative and continue to be a benchmark for other projects. We intend to carry an identity in which the community can associate itself with it

and draw strength in moving forward in creating employment and sustainability by it becoming an annual event. We also aim to increase and redefine events within the Western Cape townships,” he said. “The event will incorporate some unisex pieces, keeping in line with the gender-bender trend currently coming into season. The collections are also cited to excite audience with some swimwear pieces. Bello Diamond will be sharing the presentation stage with emerging local designers and International designer Mzukisi Mbane. We exist because our ethos is to change lives through fashion and lifestyle,” he added. He said that they hope to magnify the fash-

ion talent within the townships by giving a an opportunity to the small brands. “It will be high profile fashion event that will suit our target market, which will involve local designers, fashions houses and premium well-known brands that the market is familiar with. This will also be an opportunity to introduce and expose small fashion brands. The chosen day being 3rd December is to commemorate World AIDS Day/Week and certain proceedings of this event will go towards J.L Zwane HIV/AIDS home & Neighborly Needs both NGO’S based in Gugulethu,” said Molefane. General access will be R150 and R200 for the VIP.

Malusi Malefane to host fashion show in Gugs.

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CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

McCoy back to his roots in Gugs A

fter a full house performance at Guga S’thebe in Langa in June, saxophonist McCoy Mrubata is back to do another gig on Sunday, December 4, with his longtime pianist friend Paul Hanmer at Kwa Sec in NY 138 no. 52 Gugulethu. Brought back by popular demand in association with Concerts SA, Jazz in the Native Yards McCoy and Paul will be joined by his friends to play some of their favourite cocompositions and from several of his CDS. McCoy’s performance is part of the Concerts SA Venue Circuit, which aims to foster a love and support for live music in our communities, as well as anchor small and medium sized venues in urban and rural Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape. Jazz in the Native Yards uses different venues in the Western Cape to promote music appreciation in the jazz genre. This second concert for McCoy is one of

many concerts it has produced with support from the Concerts SA Venue Circuit programme. In March and April McCoy toured the USA with superband Uhadi, performing with South Africa’s most sought after musicians like Paul Hanmer, Herbie Tsoaeli, Feya Faku and Justin Badenhorst. McCoy says it is more than fitting to come home to perform after such a long time. He recently launched his DVD, McCoy Mrubata Live at the Market Theatre. The DVD was shot during the International Jazz Day launch last year as part of the celebrations. In May he was part of a South African Dutch exchange band that performed at the Amersfoort Jazz Jazz Festival Netherlands. He has also released a CD that was recorded last year In Switzerland called McCoy Mrubata Live at the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club.

Concerts SA is a joint South African/Norwegian live music development project housed within the SAMRO Foundation. Concerts SA receives financial, administrative and technical support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SAMRO, the SAMRO Foundation and Concerts Norway. Working with musicians, promoters, venue owners and audiences, and providing support to the sector through research and skills development for music professionals, the project aims to build a vibrant and viable live music circuit in southern Africa. It also aims to develop an interest in and appreciation of live music by showcasing music performances and conducting workshops at schools. The gig starts at 3pm, tickets are R60/pensioners and students tickets available at the door. For more information Luvuyo Kakaza: 060 960 8935

McCoy and Hanmer

Local on his way up with new CD release MANDLA MAHASHE Bulelani Mpengesi a hip-hop artist from Gugulethu is about to finally release his debut full album after three year absence on the shelves. The rapper, who made his initial impact in the local music scene as the other half of duo called 3D, will be releasing On My Way Up on Friday. He said that the 21 track disc is to appease his fans who have been calling for him to release in years. “Even though we were still performing and released a solo mixtape in 2013, 3D last released an album in 2011. In that time I have been making music and I feel that now is the right time to release the album,” he said. He was quick t assure his fans that the group was not splitting and will be releasing an album in the next year. He said that fans shouldn’t al-

so worry about him neglecting his raw style that made him popular among the local music scene. “I still deliver in my usual style but I have flirted with the current sound of hip-hop. I have partnered with trusted producers such as Khosh who produced Driemanskaap’s Izulu Lam and PlanetEarth who is a well known beat maker,” he said. He said that he still vocal about social ills such as crime, violence and substance abuse as in old. “I also spend a lot of time in my music expressing my thoughts and view on life. I’m sure the people that have been following my career will enjoy the album,” he said. He said that his album will be available from him as it was independently released and his lead track On My Way Up is available on Soundcloud pages.

ISIMEMO SEZIMVO ZOLUNTU MALUNGA NESICWANGCISOBUME BEMALI YOLWAKHIWO LWEZINDLU OLUNOKWENZEKA KWISIZA SESIKOLO ITAFELBERG, EKAPA A. UMXHOLO Isiza saseTafelberg eSea-Point sikumgama omalunga ne-3.5km ukusuka embindini wedolophu yaye siphahlwe siphahlwe zizitalato i-The Glen, Main, Milner, Herbert neHeathfield. Isayithi le yekaRhulumente wePhondo leNtshona Koloni yaye ineziza ezibini: isiza 1675, kunye nesahlulo esingabhaliswanga sika-1424, eSea Point esimalunga ne-17,054sqm ubukhulu. Isikolo samabanga aphakamileyo iTafelberg sasikwisiza 1424, ngelixa kwisiza 1675 kwakukho ibhloko yezindlu ezazisaziwa ngokuba zii-Wynyard Mansions. Ezi ziza ziphantsi kwe-Urban Conservation Area yaye sona isiza 1424 sinezakhiwo eziliqela ezilixabiso ngoba zililifa lemveli yaye zikwaqulethe nobutyebi benkcubeko yeli. Ukususela ku-1899 kwamane kusongezwa izakhiwo kwesi siza kulungiselelwa isikolo esibizwa ngokuba yi-Ellerslie kwalandela neSikolo samabanga aphakamileyo iTafelberg kamva, nesaphuma kwesi siza ngo-2010. Kwisakhiwo esikwisiza 1675 kwaphunywa ngo-2012 yaye ngoku imeko yaso ixekethekile. Isiza esi kwakunikiswa ngaso sakhutshwa kwithenda ngo-2015, kulandelwa imigaqo yomthetho. Isiphumo saloo thenda saba sisivumelwano sentengo phakathi kweSikolo iPhyllis Jowell Jewish Day School, kodwa esixhomekeke ekubeni ikhabhinethi yephondo inako ukurhoxa kwikhontrakthi yentengo, isigqibo eso engekasithathi okwangoku. Isigqibo sekhabhinethi yephondo saxhonywa de kube kuvulwe inkqubo yokuva izimvo zoluntu okwesibini emalunga nonikiso lwalo mhlaba, nebe sisivumelwano emva kwesigqibo senkundla. Zingama-8583 iimpendulo ezingenileyo emva kokuba ivulwe okwesibini inkqubo yoviwo-zimvo zoluntu. Emva kwale nkqubo yesibini Ikhabhinethi yephondo yenze isicelo sokuba iSebe lezoThutho neMisebenzi yoLuntu (“i-DTPW”) iqulunqe isicwangciso sezimali seendidi ngeendidi zezindlu ezinokwakhiwa kwesi siza, ukuze ikhabhinethi ithi xa ihleli icamngca, iphonononga nobunyani bezimvo zabantu ezingenileyo, ibe nofifi nomfanekiso-ngqondweni wokuma kwezinto eziphathelene nalo mba. Ukutsho oko ke, isicwangciso sezimali simalunga nendlela ecetywayo ezinokusetyenziswa ngayo ezi ziza, ziphelele okanye inxalenye yazo, kulwakhiwo lwezindlu. Phambi kokuba isingenise kwikhabhinethi isicwangciso sezimali, ukutsho oko, phambi kokuba ikhabhinethi icamngce, ixoxe ngaso, i-DTPW ipapasha iinkcukacha zendlela abangasifumana ngayo abo banomdla ukuze basiphonononge, ngaloo ndlela bekhuthaza intatho-nxaxheba yoluntu. B. SIFUMANEKA NJANI ISICWANGCISO SEZIMALI Abanomdla wokusifunda esi sicwangciso-mali se-DTPW esingolwakhiwo lwezindlu kwisiza iTafelberg, nesiqulunqwe yi-DTPW ngokwesicelo seKhabhinethi yePhondo leNtshona Koloni, bangasifumana ngezi ndlela zingezantsi. Isicwangciso-mali sikwispredishiti se-pdf yaye nabani na osifunayo angasifumana ngezi ndlela zilandelayo: 1.

ngokusivula kule webhusayithi –, okanye


ngokubhalela kule imeyili: enze isicelo sokuba ithunyelwe; okanye


ngokuba aye kuzilandela kule dilesi: Nomb. 9, Dorp Street, eKapa phakathi kwentsimbi ye-10 kusasa ngentsimbi ye-3 emva kwemini ukususela NgolweSIhlanu 18 KweyeNkanga 2016 ukuya kutsho NgoMvulo 12 kweyoMnga 2016.

C. ISIMEMO SOKUVAKALISA IZIMVO Abanomdla mabazibhale phantsi iziphakamiso zabo malunga nesi sicwangciso ze bazingenise ngolu hlobo: UMlawuli oyiNtloko: ULawulo lwee-Asethi ezingenakuFuduswa: Umgangatho wesi-4, 9 Dorp Street, eKapa, 8001; okanye Private Bag X9160, Cape Town, 8000, okanye ngefeksi kule nombolo (021) 483-7682; okanye nge-imeyili kule dilesi: Zonke izimvo zabantu ezibhaliweyo mazingeniswe ngale ndlela ichaziweyo ngentla ingabethanga intsimbi ye-17h00 ngoMvulo umhla wama-30 kweyoMqungu 2017. Yonke imibuzo mayibhekiswe kuMnu John Titus, ngomnxeba kule nombolo 021 4835214 okanye kule dilesi ye-imeyili:

Bulelani Mpengesi is back with his new album.


CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016



CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

Fisherfolk allege quota inequality MARTHA QUMBA

D Members of Small Scale Fishing Community toy-toyed inside the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (Daff) offices last week. PHOTO: MARTHA QUMBA

isgruntled fisherfolk held a protest outside the offices of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (Daff) offices last week. They are members of the Small Scale Fishing Community, who were protesting against the non-granting of fishing quotas. They said they filled in some fishing license forms at the Daff offices a month ago


ISixeko saseKapa siya sisiba siSixeko esiqhagamisheleneyo. Sondlale iintambo zobuchwepheshe obusebenzisa iimicwe yeglasi ukuhambisa i-data ezili-780km ngeendleko ezingaphezu kwama-R250 ezigidi saza safakela iindawo zokufumana i-Wi-Fi ezingama-301 kumaziko angama-80, kwaye iphulo lethu le-Smart Cape liqinisekisa i-intanethi neekhompyutha ezingahlawulelwayo kuwo onke amathala eencwadi oluntu – nto leyo ivumela abafundi ukuba baqhagamshelane nemfundo engcono. @CityofCT


and when they went to collect them, were instead informed to fill in appeal forms first. Fisherwoman Fannie Kewana, said they were angry because Daff is talking another language and making things difficult for them. “I don’t understand this appeal(process)... How do you appeal without seeing a letter(informing of your failure to acquire the licence first). What do you appeal for. There’s a list of people who received licences; our names are not there. Kewana said out of 205 applications, only five people have received licenses. He alleged that the majority of recipients were all the big White companies. “The government keeps on giving fishing licenses to the Whites... we want to do fishing because there’s wealth in it. Why should certain people benefit because they’re White. It’s not fair,” she said. Siphiwo Ronnie Mbele from Langa Small Scale Farmers added that they’ve been fighting with the government for a long time. “This year we went to parliament and submitted our demands as communities. As communities we demanded fishing rights. We’ve been coming here for a long time but there has been nothing tangible in return. It’s frustrating,” he says. Maxwell Ngubeni believed there’s no transparency in the process because some were chosen over others. He further said that in 2012 they went to court and the ruled in their favour, however the government never considered that. The majority of them felt that the government is fooling them and reluctant to issue them fishing licenses because they are Black and poor. Women who are the majority in their organization accused the government of not being serious about the issue of transformation. Lindiwe Sihawu from the Agiyonke Fishing Company based in Gugulethu agreed that women are the majority because they are the backbone of the society. “I got involved in fishing because it’s economically viable. “I want to import fish and also to know how to manage my business. The government wants us to suffer.” Another woman who refused to be identified also said they are hungry, and also accused the government of not respecting them. Yonga Booi, the Small Scale Fishing Community Chairperson said people applied for fishing rights and their applications were rejected. “I feel our rights are violated and they gave our fish to the big companies. They always tells about inadequate resources while they gave 8000 tons of horse mackerel to Buyambo Global Trading, a White owned company. They always tell us there’s not enough fish, while the White companies are catching fish. The intention of the department is to delay the process. The season started on 15 November and we are going to have a black Christmas because we don’t have fishing rights. There were 230 applicants but only 25 were successful and it’s an insult for our communities,” he says. He said every person should have access to marine rights and resources. Craig Smith, Director of Small Scale Fisheries Management, said applicants who did not meet the prescribed fishing criteria and that are unsuccessful in their applications to be recognised as a small-scale fishermen, were given an opportunity to appeal the decision within 30 days and to give further information in support of their application. “I think communities are confusing what their leaders promise them and not what the department says. “The whole process of implementing the small-scale fishery process is prescribed in law. We can’t deviate from that,” he said.


CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

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CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

Graduating Intshinga Primary School in Gugulethu held a graduation cere­ menoy for learners between Grades R to 7 at the school on Friday.

To inspire the learners, staffers donned their own graduation gowns and sashes. From the back, standing are Nokhanyo Makeleni, Ntombi Mcengwa, Longezo Philisani, Vuyokazi Binqi, Hazel Ngcongca, Nomfuneko Madlingozi, Thandi Stuurman, Bongiswa Varrie and Nomvuyo Gqoloza. In front are, from left, Nandipha Nkaliseng, Weziwe Buti, Zethu Ntshiba, Nwabisa Ndyileka and Awethu Rhasi

Grade 7 learner Siphosethu Gumpe proudly displays the Principal’s Award for best learners. She is flanked by Vuyokazi Binqi, Hazel Ngcongca, Graham Memani and Thandi Stuurman .



LOOKING FOR WORK? We have many vacancies such as Admin, Driving, Banking, Retail(Cashiers), Cleaning, Security and many more.



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WISE GUY SECURITY TRAINING CENTER PSIRA accredited courses Grade E, D, C, B & A Armed response CASH IN TRANSIT & FIRE ARM TRAINING Computer, receptionist courses offered Call: 082 374 7472 / 021 3767196

Bongiswa Varrie and a group of Grade R learners

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Hazel Ngcongca and colleague Bantu Mketsu flank the learners DHET NO: 01999 2102 Accreditation Umalusi no: 14FET 02000011PA Nursing Programmes now open Diploma in Business & Management Studies (N4-N6), National & Intl Diploma Tourism & Hospitality Diploma in Engineering Studies (N1-N6) Diploma in (ICB) Accounting & Business Studies National Certificate Information Technology (mict) NCV Office administration Level 2-4 Certificate in Machinery Training e.g. Forklift, Over head Crane & more. PROMOTION N4 - N6 R2 300 per semister ENGINEERING COURSES R1500 per trimester EDUCARE N4 - N6 LEGAL SECRETARY N4 - N6 Bursaries and study loans available apply now Lots more short courses. REGISTRATION FOR HIGH SCHOOL NOW OPEN i.e from GRADE 8 to GRADE 12 Cape Town Campus Heerengract Street, Pier House Bld, 6th Floor Call: 021 418 4287 / 021 421 9170 Bellville Campus 1 Kort Street, Regram Building 1 St Floor Call 021 945 2223 / 021 948 9885 Whatsapp 076 938 1767

ILITHA PARK R490 000 – 2 beds, lnge, kitch, bath, gar, big yard R550 000 – 3 beds, lnge, ff/kitch, bath, big yard R580 000 – 3 beds main with en-suite, ff kitchen, lounge, bathroom and garage KUILSRIVER - VREDELUST R1 500 000 – 3 beds with bic, fully fitted kitchen, lounge,2 bathrooms, double garage, entertainment area, braai area, situated behind Zevenwacht mall, 488m2 MFULENI R280 000 – 2 Beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom R300 000 - 2 Beds, lounge, kitchen, bath, garage EESTERIVIER R550 000 – 3 beds, main with bic, lounge, fully fitted kitchen, toilet, full bathroom, R470 000 – 2 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom R480 000 – 3 beds, lounge, kitchen, bathroom

LUZUKO R550 000 3 beds with built in cupboards, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, family bath and a garage HARARE R430 000 3 beds, lounge, dining, fitted kitchen, family bath and a garage for 3 KHAYELITSHA G SECTION R330 000 2big beds, lounge, kitchen, garage DELFT –N2 GATEWAY R250 000 2 beds, lounge, kitchen, family bath and a granny flat with its own bathroom and toilet NYANGA KTC R299 000 2 beds, dining, lounge, ff kitchen and a garage CROSS ROADS R350 000 2 beds, lounge, kitch, bath and toilet, granny flat ARCACIA PHILIPPI R390 000 4 beds with main ensuite, ff kitchen, lounge, dinning room, garage

Office: 021 361 8895 Phumzile Makhosana: 083 444 8019 Email: Or visit our website for more:



Call Zola Mekula 073 555 6450 / 021 822 1001

ILITHA PARK PLOTS Portion 2 - 211 sqm R240 000 neg Portion 3 - 222 sqm R250 000 neg Portion 4 - 225 sqm R260 000 neg Portion 5 - 286 sqm R299 000 neg Portion 6 - 520 sqm R460 0000 neg Portion 7 - 520 sqm R460 000 neg KHWEZI R520 000 3 beds, lnge, garage, yard MAKHAYA R260 000 2 beds, yard, lounge B SECTION - KHAYELITSHA R380 000 neg 2 beds, lounge, kitch, big yard KHAYELITSHA R399 000 neg 3 beds, lnge, garage, kitch KUYASA R299 000 3 beds, lnge, garage MFULENI R160 000 2 beds, lnge, kitch Sahluko 072 018 1884 / 079 623 1133 SIYAPHUMELELA PROPERTY INVESTMENT

MONTCLAIR R580 000 – 3 beds, lnge, f/kitch, bath, big yard R630 000 – 3 beds, ff/kitch, lnge, bath & garage KHULANI PARK R600 000 3 beds, 2 baths, lnge, dnrm, f/kitchen, garage IKWEZI PARK R530 000 3 beds, fitted kitchen, lounge, bathroom, big yard LOWER CROSS ROADS, PHILIPPI R320 000 R320 000 – 3 beds, lounge, dnrm, kitch, bath MAKHAZA R390 000 - 3 beds, lounge, dining room, ff kitchen, bathroom, garage for 2 cars, big yard R330 000 – 3 beds, kitch, lnge, bath and garage KUYASA R200 000 1 bed, lnge, kitchen, bath, unfinished extension DELFT R350 000–2 beds, lnge, dnrm, ff/kitch, bath, gar R155 000 – 1 bed open plan house with bath SITE C R290 000 2 beds, lounge, dnrm, kitchen, bathroom, garage Call Zola Mekula 073 555 6450 / 021 822 1001


CITY VISION Thursday, 1 December 2016

Players receive awards for effort BELINDA NOXOLO DILIMA


Cape Town United FC in a celebratory mood during the club’s award ceremony held last Saturday.


he Langa-based Cape Town United held a gilttering awards and year end celebrations at the at the Johnson Ngwevela Langa Hall. This was the first occasion of this nature for the club since it was established 14 years ago. The event was that of glitz and glamour, considering it was a first. This gave an indication of where the club was destined; for bigger things! Cape Town United is a product of Thanduxolo “Takes” Spelman, Monwabisi “Mashiya” Ralarala, Xolile Mateza, Sonwabo “Stokes” Minya, Zithulele “Tall” Kapteni, Jackie Sokhanyile, Mxolisi “Barcos” Zondi and Dr Mfundo Feketshana. It was an honour for this scribe to be a part of this event, having been invited as a parent, considering rampant juvenile gangsterism in Langa. Present at the event were Provincial Social Development MEC Albert Fritz ; Sports Ministry Chief of Staff Mr Steve Tshabalala, Pastor Zondi of The Baptist Church of Christ Langa and councillor Nomtha Dilima. It was, however, a bitter-sweet day as most parents of the boys were not present to witness the event. Club chairperson Xolile Mateza gave a brief history of where the club started, and their vision moving forward. It was their vision that kept them intact up until today. It was also the celebration of new-found sponsors who had made donations to the team. Cape Span donated two playing kits for the senior team playing the SAB League, and also paid the SAFA Cape Town financial dues for 2016/17 season. T Systems (who is also a proud sponsor of Germany’s club Bayern Munich) donated kits and soccer boots for the under 9 team and also sponsored the event itself. Amongst the Club’s proudly supporters; Mr Lindikhaya Sipoyo who has recently joined in, gave a moving speech on the importance of parents’ involvement in the club and how crucial it was for them to the benefit of the club’s success. He further expressed his feelings of how sad it was to hear of boys killing each other in Langa today rather than playing with each other.





Musa ukulwa nomsinga.

Dadela bucala uzama ukuphuma kulo msinga, ze uye ngaselunxwemeni.

Players in their newlys sponsored kit.

Komphela pleased Kaizer Chiefs coach Steve Komphela was pleased with his side’s commitment as they played to a 1-1 draw with Cape Town City FC after being reduced to ten men. A 10-man Chiefs held on for the share of the spoils after defender Sibusiso Khumalo was red-carded for a reckless tackle on Thamsanqa Mkhize on the half-hour mark.


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Local soccer tourney launched ZILA MKONTO


he inaugural Mayambela Community Cup featuring u.21 teams will be played in three stadiums. The games will be played at the Strand and two Khayelitsha Stadiums from December to December 18. Tournament founders Ajax Cape Town’s dribbling wizard Mark Mayambela and his sibling, Sweden based Mihlali, said this was their way of ploughing back to the communities that raised them. “We are acknowledging these communities continued support throughout our careers. This is a platform to build our communities through football and instill hope for the future generation,” said Mark. H e said they invited ex-professional players and scouts to watch these future stars and perhaps afford them an opportunity in the big leagues and shape their future and career for better. “ Our ultimate goal is to see another ‘Mayambela’ unearthed in our dusty streets and to go on and conquer the world and therefore become an inspiration to other young and upcoming youngsters,” he said. The tournament will be used to raise funds for various children’s homes, institutions



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and other organisation that benefit of CSI programmes. Affiliation fee is R1000 per team and thefirst prize is a whopping R20 000 with a brand new kit, trophy and gold medals. The second best team takes away R10 000 with a brand new kit, trophy and silver medals. Tournament director Siyasanga Ntsizi from the Black Market Creative said only 32 teams will be accepted on a first come basis. “We are advising teams to book their places as soon as possible as we have interested teams from beyond the Western Cape,” he explained. The Player of the Tournament award will be dedicated to Cecil Lolo, the late Ajax Cape Town player. “He was a brother and a friend, who would have wanted to be involved. The winner of the Cecil Lolo award will receive a soccer boot, a signed jersey, a trophy and a cash incentive of R1500,” said Siyasanga. The top goal scorer will walk away with a soccer boot, trophy and R1500 in cash prize. Call Siya on 081 789 1948 or email: Follow us on Facebook: Mayambela Community Cup Twitter: @MayambelaCup for further updates


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