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As this year draws to a close, I wanted to take some time to reflect on 2012. We have seen huge changes both in and out the business. In 2012, we were approved by Achilles to carry out PTS work. This was followed by being awarded our ISO 9001. Over the following months, we worked hard to establish ourselves as a PTS Provider and this has gone from strength to strength. We are delighted to continue the relationship we have with Dr Manuel Fernandes who will act as an external medical examiner in 2013. 2013, will see us renew our PTS, our ISO 9001 and expand to ISO 14001.

OSHS Ltd offers a wide range of training programmes and workshops for both associates and management alike.

Do you know we offer a 24 hour call out service?

Contact OSHS Ltd We continue to increase the business of our travel clinic as well as the flu programme which Now on this year had an overwhelming response. 2013, will no doubt have many changes for us but I am confident that we will continue to show you our clients that both our commitment and loyalty to you is unwavering.

We continue to support many good causes including the Boys Brigade, MS Society, Ayrshire Cancer Support and our local girls rugby team. There are little things we all can do to support and a great site on line is By buying via this site, your local school, community project or group can receive a donation from many big retailers. As an avid Amazon Shopper, I find this site perfect and for me Amazon is the one stop shop. One of the most inspiring good causes for me was Marys Meals. Mary’s Meals is an international movement that sets up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. Over 600,000 children receive Mary’s Meals every school day. This year the contribution we gave fed over 70 children. As a mother of four children, hearing the story of Marys Meals touched our hearts and one of our 8 year old twins even donated the money from his bank saying “I don’t need that – I have food every day” Christmas is always a time for spreading love, joy and happiness. We continue to have our two year old little foster daughter in our lives who has been with us since she was six months old. She is a joy to have and despite her very difficult start in life, she enriches our life. She was abandoned at the age of just six months old and we are all she knows as family. She reminds me of the importance of being there for each other every day. At church one day, Father Stephen told us a story and it is one that I would like to share with you at this time. A parishioner had lost his way and had fallen away from the church and the Priest went to visit him. They sat together by the open log fire, drinking tea and chatting away. The Priest asked him why he did not attend church any more. The man replied. Father, I do not need to go to church, I am fine here on my own. The Priest then picked up the tongs and removed a log from the fire asking the man to watch the log carefully. A few minutes later, the flames had gone and the log was cold. The Priest said, do you see my point son. When you are in the flames with the other logs, you are never alone but when you remove yourself, you are very much alone. The man broke down, felt an immense comfort and returned to church. For me, the story reminded me how important those around me are in my life and how much my life is enriched with family, friends and loved one. It also reminds me to thank God for the wonderful opportunity of having my own business and the immense privilege I feel looking after the many clients who entrust their occupational health to us. From all the OSHS team, may your Christmas and New Year be filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.

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On Site Health Solutions is fast becoming a market leader in PTS Medicals and Drug and Alcohol Tests. With a 72 hour turnaround of negative results, you will find it hard to beat the excellent service offered by our company. A D&A test costs from as little as £45 with a PTS from as little as £114.00. Block booking rates are available and we guarantee not to be beaten on price. We offer a UK wide support network and hold the Achilles Link Up Approval via Audit.

Drug & Alcohol Testing... Whether you are looking for an instant result (dip and read) or a full legally defensible chain of custody, OSHS is able to assist you. Dip and Read tests can be tailor made to suit your company’s requirements whether this be to test for cannabis, heroin or methadone or a full 10 panel dip and read. Alcohol breathalyser is performed as a free test as standard.

Looking to have a winter break why not give us a call at your one stop travel shop. As partners with MASTA, we can give you up to the minute advice on vaccinations required for your trip abroad. Whether you are considering a tetanus jab or wondering if there really is such a thing as Dengue Fever, then why not either pop in or give us a call now on 01292 262770. We can produce within five minutes, a free travel health brief that will tell you.. Recommended Vaccinations • Mandatory Vaccinations • Malaria Prophylaxis • Outbreaks • Precautions and much much more.

Our On Site Health Surveillance Services can include... Respiratory / Lung Function Testing Audiometry (Hearing Tests) Vision Testing Hand Arm Vibration Assessments Dermatological Assessment (Skin) Phlebotomy Services

The services are conducted by qualified and trained technicians attending client’s premises to carry out individual consultations/ tests with their employees, thus reducing downtime and disruption to working patterns. The service enables our clients to meet the requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) and Noise regulations 2005 and Health and Safety at Work Acts. You can check to see if you require health surveillance for your employees regarding your products and processes by visiting

We have a range of occupational medical services available including...

Pre-employment Questionnaires Pre-employment Medicals Sickness Absence Medicals and Management report and advice Fork Lift Truck Driver Medicals Night Worker Questionnaire Night Worker Medicals Lead Worker Medicals HGV/LGV/PCV Driver Medicals Smoking Cessation Advice Drug & Alcohol Testing Executive Medicals

To discuss your needs or queries, give us a call on 01292 262770

Drug & Alcohol Training & Advice (D.A.T.A.) DATA was developed with the aim of providing enough information to empower Managers in the work place with the confidence and ability to deal with the subject of alcohol and drugs in the workplace effectively and without risk to themselves.

Objectives of DATA 1. Present convincing and factual evidence that alcohol and drugs abuse does exist in the workplace: many managers are often naive because they don’t know how to deal with alcohol and drug issues. 2. Underline Managers’ and Supervisors’ duty of care to their employer in helping prevent alcohol and drugs abuse and personally support a drug-free workplace. 3. Enable easy, quick, and accurate identification of when someone may be abusing drugs or be under the influence of drugs at work by recognising the form and function of commonly abused substances. 4. Enable managers to confidently address the issue of alcohol and drug abuse with an affected employee: training gives direction on how to approach individuals, exactly what to say, and where necessary initiate For-cause alcohol testing and drug testing in a legally defensible manner. A typical DATA training session last for 2 hours with a half hour question and answer session. Promotional material is provided as well as a booklet version of the presentation for future reference.

Visit our online portal! A hub of information at your fingertips!

OSHS December Newsletter  

The last OSHS Newsletter for 2012, including Reflections on 2012, Drug & Alcohol Training & Advice (D.A.T.A.) and other On Site Health Surve...

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