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Atesting weekend for Rooster.




Range extension to include batteries.




Quality product, competitively priced.















Time for a rest? FTA calls on drivers to share experiences.

Punishments for non-compliant hauliers increase as regulations tighten. Sykes-Pickavant releases new promotional brochure.

Do you know what you are buying?

Keeping out of trouble.

The latest in LED warning lighting.

Disc brakes VS drum brakes: What’s best?

Key commercial vehicle engine oil receives additional OEM approval.


“State-of-the-art” CV LOGIX impresses at member open day.






67 TruckTEC CLUTCH The right choice for CV Clutch.









Why preventative maintenance should be an important part of any commercial vehicle winter service. Passion for innovation.

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The new ModulT from Haldex.

The ultimate truck bulb.

Leading the market with own brand Air Springs.

Diesel & steering from BOSCH.

6 Reasons to choose Meritor reman calipers.

Premium CV components.

Helping you meet new regulations.

Market leader of safety devices.

Future-oriented filtration solutions.

Thomas Autos interview on changing filtration.

Bosch CV products now availabile from CV LOGIX.

Issue 16 - November 2017



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TIME FOR A REST? FTA CALLS ON DRIVERS TO SHARE EXPERIENCES Following the announcement on 11 October 2017 in Westminster Hall

“We fully support the need for drivers to step away from their cabs to

that HGV drivers are to be fined by DVSA if they take their full weekly

take their rest breaks,” said Malcolm Bingham, Head of Road Network

rest break in their cabs from 1 November 2017, the Freight Transport

Policy at FTA, “but without a consistent, widespread network of safe and

Association (FTA) is calling for evidence from road users to help highlight

secure rest stops nationwide, drivers will still opt to take rest in their

the inconsistency in standards of rest facilities available to use across

cabs particularly when their fully fitted cab offers a better standard

the country.

than some accessible amenities. FTA is calling on government to use common sense in applying the new £300 fines system, to accommodate

FTA, the UK’s leading membership association representing the logistics

the fact that in parts of the country, facilities for drivers are substandard,

industry, is campaigning for urgent action to provide more secure, safe

or simply not available.

and good quality rest areas for drivers close to major routes, to prevent HGV operators from being forced to take their mandated rest in their

“For the men and women keeping our freight traffic on the road, finding a

cabs. And to reinforce the argument that an increased amount of decent

secure, comfortable place to park is a challenge every day. The provision

quality, cost-effective rest stops is required for HGV drivers nationwide,

of adequate rest areas for drivers is set out as a requirement in EU law

FTA is asking for photographs of the facilities encountered by drivers

and yet little progress is being made in ensuring consistency of facilities

to be sent to the association’s @newsfromfta Twitter account with the

across the country. The British Government should be leading the way

hashtag #ftarest.

on such a critical issue and we are confident that drivers will help us to make this point to government in a highly visible manner, through our Twitter campaign.”



EU law states that rest facilities should be located approximately every 100km across the European road network by 2030 and the European Commission is co-financing safe and secure parking projects under the Connecting Europe Facility Fund. Bingham said while facilities continue to fall short of requirements, drivers should be given alternative options: “Until there are enough facilities of a suitable and consistent standard, FTA is asking that drivers should be allowed to spend their weekly rest break in their vehicle, as long as it has suitable sleeping facilities and there are sanitary facilities nearby. Nobody wants to see drivers sleeping in laybys which is dangerous for the individuals and their loads, and unsanitary for other road users.” Chris Holloway is the creator of Motorway Buddy, an app designed to allow drivers to locate and book rest facilities, and share reviews of the facilities available. “The shortage of adequate rest facilities for drivers is disgraceful. These men and women provide a vital service transporting goods for all of us and they deserve better. Motorway Buddy is delighted to be working with the FTA to lobby government for immediate action to address this problem,” said Holloway.

FTA represents all modes of the UK’s freight and logistics sector, with its members operating half of the UK’s lorry fleet (more than 200,000 vehicles) and consigning 70% of the country’s visible exports by sea and air. To find out more about the Motorway Buddy app and how to use it:

Issue 16 - November 2017





17% of the Traffic Commissioner’s public inquiries between July and August ended with companies having their licenses curtailed. In addition, 16% received a formal warning, with 13.5% having their licenses revoked and 6% having their licenses suspended. Upon receiving a call to public inquiry, it is recommended that operators do not waste time; there will typically only be 28 days’ notice before operators must be present at their hearing. Only serious excuses can be given for postponing a hearing, so operators should use this time effectively to improve their chances under inquiry. Getting expert legal help is advised, in much the same way as a defendant would in a hearing at a court of law. Gathering more than adequate evidence to prove your

VDD Solutions

case and demonstrate your financial standing is key. Regarding the

VDD Solutions is the new online system capable of safeguarding your

Inquiry as a catalyst for greater efforts to ensure future compliance is a

business. The system incorporates several different features to complete

major lesson to take from this process.

your vehicle daily defects checks with maximum ease and efficiency, including paperless systems and instant notifications. The programme

In today’s industry, transport managers must be more diligent in

combines modern elements to allow you to control your daily defects

using their O Licenses properly, doing their daily checks and keeping

checks and electronically store all your fleet information. Using VDD

tachographs up to date. Consequently, businesses are now looking to

Solutions, operators will receive instant notifications on any defect on

make their work easier with online and paperless vehicle daily defect

their fleet. Fee trials and video tutorials are available for easy set-up.

checks, and are increasingly looking to specialist software for their daily vehicle checks.

To find out more visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017



We are pleased to announce the extension of our TruckTEC range to include batteries TruckTEC batteries are OE quality and have been manufactured by Tier 1

The new range of TruckTEC batteries are available from your local G-TRUCK

Manufacturers. Tier 1 refers to manufacturers that supply components,

or UAN TRUCK part distributor and have been sourced strategically so that

which are produced on the same production lines that make batteries for

we can provide them to you at a competitive price point throughout the

Original Equipment, using the same technology, man power, equipment,

market. Each TruckTEC battery will be provided to you with a three year

controls and quality inspections approved by the vehicle manufacturers

warranty. The TruckTEC range is a full comprehensive range for today’s

to whom they are supplied.

vehicle parc.


OWN BRAND RANGE Following the introduction of the Euro 6 legislation in January 2014, vehicles housing a diesel engine have had to lower CO2 emissions by approximately 50% from the Euro 5 emissions levels. Such demands have meant that Vehicle Manufacturers (VM) have had to introduce new CO2 savers, to help reduce emissions. Such savers include Start / Stop technology, gear shift indicators, gear changing technologies and clutch control systems. Some of these CO2 savers, alongside on-board electrical consumers, place huge demands on the vehicles battery system. These demands have seen a shift in battery technology, as in many instances the batteries don’t simply provide starting power, to turn the engine over, but also cyclic power. This cyclic ability of the battery powers shower units, fridges, microwaves and other on-board electrical items, whilst the engine is switched off.

THE TRUCKTEC RANGE HAS BEEN DEVELOPED TO SUIT To find out more about our products visit:

THE NEEDS OF A NUMBER OF MARKETS, INCLUDING: • Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) • Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs) • Agricultural • Construction, Heavy Plant Equipment • Specialist Utility

Issue 16 - November 2017




Part of the MANN+HUMMEL Group Largest HD Filter Manufacturer in North America Over 100,000 Applications Covered



release new promotional brochure “Sykes-Pickavant are excited to announce the release of their latest promotional brochure. With brand new products as well as exclusive offers on the existing range, there will definitely be something for everyone in the new publication.” Amongst the range of bestsellers from the staple Sykes-Pickavant range the brochure will showcase the latest products including an exciting new range of Hand Operated and Electro-Hydraulic Heavy Duty Workshop presses. With the popularity of the ‘Silver Series’ range Sykes-Pickavant have expanded their options to suit even more applications, providing the user with 60 – 100 tonnes of force to tackle a variety of heavy-duty tasks. The Workshop Equipment range has been updated with a brand new ATF machine available as a standard (35081000) or premium (35082000) option, designed to change the automatic transmission fluid whilst cleaning the related circuit and ensuring zero cross contamination between oil types, all automatically. Hand Operated Workshop Press

For those seeking new solutions from the Diagnostic range, the new 5 Gas Diesel and Petrol Gas Analyser (30680000) has proven to be the only affordable and effective way to check for NOx, also analysing Hydrocarbons ‘HC’, O2, CO &CO2. Supplied with an integrated printer and option for additional PC software, data is easy to log and process, displaying readings in real-time to present true engine running conditions. The 30680000 is a mobile machine, allowing testing to be carried out both in and out of the workshop, this is proving very popular with bus and truck operators.

The Heavy-Duty Vibro Impact Air Hammer (902450SP) which debuted in the May – August promotional catalogue already comes with a chisel end (90245100) to get the user started and now suits even more applications with an extended range of interchangeable hammer bits including Pin (90245900), Tie-Rod (90245300), Concave (90245700) and Hammer (90245500) inserts available to purchase separately or as a 4 piece set. 30680000 - 5 Gas Diesel & Petrol Gas Analyser

A brand new range of Wheel Hub Grinders, Stud Grinders and an Inner Rim Cleaner will be debuting in the new brochure, providing solutions to a range of wheel cleaning applications ranging from 60mm – 90mm internal diameter for the Hub Grinders, 75mm Internal diameter for the Inner Rim Cleaner and 40mm – 60mm options for the Stud Grinder, the larger sizes being suitable for truck and coach applications. This range is designed to remove stubborn corrosion residue quickly and easily and is providing an effective solution to many Sykes-Pickavant customers.

3508100/35082000 - ATF Machine

902450SP - Heavy-Duty Vibro Impact Air Hammer and Hammer Inserts

Hammer Inserts Clockwise from top left; 90245900, 90245500, 90245300 & 90245700

“The print version of the brochure is available on request from the Sykes-Pickavant customer services team or to view online at” Wheel Cleaner Range

Clockwise from top left; 66192000, 66192500, 66193000, 66194000 & 66195500

Issue 15 - August 2017



XL Cooling System Pressure Test Kit APPLICATIONS INCLUDE

Bova, Case, Caterpillar, County, DAF, Dart, David Brown, Denis, Deutz-Fahr, ERF, Fendt, Ford, Iveco, JCB, John Deere, Komatsu, Leyland Marshall, MAN, Massey Ferguson, Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, New Holland, Optare, Renault, Scania, Volvo construction and agricultural vehicles *see website for full application list


• • •

Metal bodied hand pump with pressure dual gauge & quick-release fitting Hose Assembly c/w quick-release release fitting 10 x Reservoir & Radiator pressure caps





major manufacturers – Garrett, BorgWarner, Holset, Mitsubishi, IHI and Schwitzer. In fact, BTN Turbo is the only UK distributor to do so.

Although demand for brand new replacement turbochargers is still


strong, there’s no doubt remanufactured/reconditioned turbos are more

All units supplied by BTN carry a two-year warranty which is backed by

popular than ever, with attractive savings for older vehicles. That’s all

BTN’s famous 12 month ‘No Quibble’ warranty for heavy commercial

well and good – as long as you know what you’re buying.


Workshops need to beware

Satisfaction guaranteed

For example, reman turbos available on the market might say Garrett on

Original Manufacturer’s Remanufactured turbos from BTN Turbo save

the casing, but you can’t be sure whose parts are inside! It may look and

up to 40% compared to the equivalent new turbo. With BTN, you know

sound right, and there might not be any fault codes or warning lights

you’re every turbo is 100% OE: built using original parts, on the original

on the dash (yet). But you can’t be sure it will perform as it should? And

production lines, to the original settings by the original manufacturer.

of course, the main concern is an unhappy customer when it all goes wrong! To find out more visit:

Choose a trusted supplier BTN Turbo recommends choosing a supplier you know and trust. The safe route is to buy a 100% brand new turbo OE turbo, and BTN makes that easy by stocking over 18,000 turbochargers from all the

Issue 16 - November 2017




Europe’s number one battery supplier. WWW.ECOBAT.TECH




INSTALLING THE RIGHT BATTERY IS KEY TO MINIMISE COSTLY DOWN TIME FOR FLEETS LARGE AND SMALL Throughout Europe, battery failure remains one of the primary causes for

under the most arduous conditions, so they will not encounter battery

vehicle breakdown, whether for passenger cars or commercial vehicles

problems when in service. In addition, its construction will ensure a

(CV). However, where passenger car breakdown is sometimes stressful

longer service life when compared to a conventional battery, which again

and undoubtedly inconvenient, the implications for businesses of a CV

reduces costs over the long term.

breakdown are also exceedingly costly. The design also includes vibration resistant properties, which means that For more than 30 years, ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBT) – formerly

its performance remains unaffected, even when on uneven road surfaces

Manbat – the UK’s largest automotive and CV battery distributor, has

and contains additional connector fixtures that hold the plates securely

had a long and successful distribution relationship with premium brand,

in place. This reduces the likelihood of the connectors breaking and as a

VARTA®. With a century’s worth of knowledge and expertise behind the

result, the battery can be used in the toughest of environments.

brand, VARTA batteries provide the ideal solution for every conceivable battery need and, when it comes to high demand applications, the top of

Finally, the Promotive EFB includes an additional polyester element

the range VARTA Promotive EFB provides the answer.

between the plate and separator called a scrim, which holds the active material in place and avoids erosion of the plate and provides a greater

This battery is specifically designed for high performance CV applications because its construction overcomes a common problem associated

resistance to deep discharge and superior charge acceptance.

with ‘deep cycle’ – from fully charged to almost completely discharged

The remaining Promotive Range

– demands, as it includes an acid circulator that counteracts acid

The core VARTA Promotive range caters for the battery requirements

stratification and keeps the acid density consistent, which enhances

for all sectors of the CV market, whether it’s a smaller vehicle only used

charge acceptance and ultimately, increases the longevity of the battery.

locally, right through to the largest trans-European vehicle that travels

The battery also possesses a high cyclic capacity, as during its lifetime, it

internationally. Designed to reliably power such diverse fleets, while also

can endure a large number of charge/discharge/charge ‘cycles’.

reducing on-going overheads, the range is therefore comprehensive.

For the fleet operator, one of the primary benefits of this technology is a significant reduction in the potential down time of their vehicles, because as indicated, the VARTA Promotive EFB will reliably power the vehicle, even

To find out more about our products visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017




You are on the right road THE PREMIUM BRAKING TECHNOLOGY

JURATEK ARTICLE It is now 120 years since Herbert Frood invented the first “proper” brake

Steel backing plates are coated with adhesive and come together on

lining and founded the world’s first brake lining manufacturing company,

the production line with the mixture of raw ingredients where they are

until then brake linings were made from whatever was to hand be it

pressed in dies, cured, baked, machined, painted and branded into the

wooden blocks, lengths of rope or leather strips from old boots!

finished shape and form.

Since those days brakes brake friction linings have steadily evolved into

In developing product to meet modern market requirements the

developer needs to strike the right balance between conflicting Japanese ingenuity?product pressures - on the one hand, the continual demand for better performance Modern friction materials comprise five main material groups and and durability, overlaid with legal and environmental considerations German solidity? typically contain up to 20 or more different individual raw material concerning the ingredients that can be used and restrictions versus the Swiss precision? ingredients; reinforcing fibres such as steel and/or aramid, abrasives to manufacturability and final cost of the product provide friction and solid lubricants such as graphite to reducefurther wear, all no need to look bound together by phenolic resin where does he start? Usually with the aim of improving on some LumagSoaspect of the performance or cost of an existing grade – it might be Friction Material Composition (5 main material groups) is the right reliable road to reduce service costs by reducing wear or increasing performance to the modern resin bound complex composites used today.

• Resin Binder

to reduce stopping distances. The process usually involves producing

• Reinforcing Fibres

and testing numerous iterations of slightly different formulations to

• Abrasives

determine which most closely matches the development brief.

• Solid Lubricants

• Friction Modifiers and Fillers

Issue 15 - August 2017






Leading LED lighting manufacturer, LED Autolamps, offer an unrivalled

With a depth of only 7mm these are one of the flattest warning lamps on

range of warning and safety lighting products to the commercial and

the market – offering low-impact risk and a visually appealing aesthetic

heavy-duty vehicle markets - sold under the ElectraQuip brand.

in any vehicle application.

Available throughout the G-Truck network, ElectraQuip warning products

The LPR series is available in a 6-LED, ECE R65 approved version; and a

are favoured for their quality and reliability. The fully comprehensive

4-LED, ECE R10 approved version.

range covers almost all safety lighting requirements, offering a wide choice of Warning Beacons, Directional Warning Lamps and Lightbars –

New Flexi-DIN Warning Beacons

all utilising the latest in LED technology.

LED Autolamps’ hugely successful Warning Beacon range has been extended to include a new Flexible-DIN mounting option. This highly

New MLB246 Mini LED Lightbar

durable Warning Beacon features a toughened polycarbonate lens,

The latest addition to the ElectraQuip Lightbar range is the MLB246 series.

R10 and R65 approval and is covered by an LED Autolamps three year

This brand new Minibar is lightweight and compact, whilst offering


a huge light output from 30 high-power LEDs, and a choice of 18 flash patterns including double, quad and rotating flash.

The new flexible mounting base is made from highly durable rubber and ABS, and offers an increased level of forgiveness from the unavoidable

The Minibar is available in two mounting options; Single-Bolt and

bumps and scrapes of a tough working environment.

Magnetic Vacuum Mount. Both versions are approved to ECE R10, and are also available with the option of full R65 approval. To find out more about our products visit:

New LPR Low-Profile Warning Lamps

The ElectraQuip Directional Warning Lamp range offers a choice from over 60+ part numbers, the latest of which is the super low-profile LPR series.

Issue 16 - November 2017




FROM THEIR INTRODUCTION IN HEAVY COMMERCIAL VEHICLES IN THE 1980S, BRAKE PADS ARE NOWADAYS COMMONLY USED IN CVS AS WELL AS IN MOST NEW SEMI-TRAILERS AND TRAILERS ACROSS EUROPE. BRAKE FRICTION SUPPLIER LUMAG LOOKS AT THE PROS AND CONS OF DISC BRAKES AND Disc vs. Drum Disc brakes can generate higher braking torque than drum brakes, but because braking torque remains more stable during long and repeated braking, this can lead to excessive brake disc heating. Drum brakes are less resilient in this respect, as they are susceptible to losing braking efficiency under high temperature and severe usage. On the other hand, drum brakes, owing to their compact structure and installation in an enclosed operating space, provide the advantage of limiting penetration of contaminants that usually lower the friction coefficient. Such a solution, however, hinders the dissipation of friction heat generated through braking. The distinct advantage of drum brakes is their resilience to heavy-duty operation in off-road conditions. For this reason, they are often used in construction and agricultural machinery, and other vehicles operating on dusty dirt roads. Drum brakes are also installed in vehicles for less demanding, price-sensitive markets. Ever harder road conditions, growing vehicle mass and strict legal requirements pushed drum brakes to the limit of their capacity. Therefore today the majority of trucks and buses, as well as many trailers and semi-trailers, come equipped with disc brakes.



Advanced technology

unit pressure, but at the same time hinders the operation of electronic

In addition to high braking torque, advantages of disc brakes include

braking systems. Also, drum brakes are cheaper to produce and boast

their low mass, compact installation size and high resistance to fading.

longer service intervals.

What is more, brake discs feature low hysteresis (delay between the input and output), are much more technologically advanced and

When they are cold, braking efficiency of both brake types is

effective than drum brakes, and shorten the stopping distance to

comparable, but as the temperature rises, so does the superiority of

boot. However, one must strictly follow maintenance instructions

disc brakes comes to the fore. This results from higher thermal stability

and inspection intervals in order to ensure full satisfaction of user

of friction materials and a constant contact area between brake pads


and the disc. In contrast, brake shoes deform when heated and the contact area between the friction material and the drum is reduced.

There are four major factors influencing the life of pads and discs in brake discs equipped with moving calipers: correct sliding of calipers in

The UK market does seem quite unique vs the rest of Europe in terms

their guides, properly operating payload adjusting system, the condition

of specifying drum brakes vs disc brakes, particularly when it comes

of internal caliper components and adequate braking force distribution

to trailers and semi-trailers. UK operators have migrated back to drum

in tractor-trailer combinations. Brake discs are much more effective

brakes after an initial high take-up of disc brake actuation in the

when the steering systems includes electronic adjustment systems.

early years of the technology. This is largely due to the ratio of trailers

The full potential of an EBS system could not be utilised without its

to tractor units (almost three trailers to one tractor unit) and the

integration with brake discs. Moreover, the application of lighter brake

potentially long-standing times between usages for trailers. Disc brakes

discs reduces the unsprung weight of vehicles, significantly lessening

can be more susceptible to seized components in the caliper than a

wheel and steering system vibration.

drum brake unit (due to its constant exposure to the elements).

Less cost, longer service life

tal cost of ownership (TCO).

A special advantage offered by drum brakes is their natural selfapplying, or self-energising characteristic (during braking, the pressure

To find out more visit:

of brake shoes exerted on the drum is heightened by the torque of the spinning wheel). This ensures high braking efficiency under low

Issue 16 - November 2017


Challenge TOTAL to solve your fleet problems and improve your margins! TOTAL aren’t simply a supplier of OEM approved lubricants, coolants, AdBlue and fuel, we are a partner for profit, delivering “Total Fleet Management”. Challenge us to prove it. Telephone: 01977 6363349 or email:

The right choice for lubricants



Offering a comprehensive range of lubricants, TOTAL remains the sole

types of engines - Euro V and previous, fitted or not with post treatment

integrated oil company manufacturing such products in the UK, with a

systems, and with its “low-SAPS� technology and fuel economy benefits,

complete range of engine oils, Transmission Oils and fluids, antifreeze

it offers a range of customer benefits that include outstanding engine

and coolants, greases, hydraulic oils, AdBlue and specialities for buyers in

protection, excellent anti-wear performance, first-rate thermal stability,

search of the best products on the market.

easier cold start, and improved fuel economy. A new generation synthetic lubricant, it is suitable for the latest commercial vehicles including Scania, Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN, Volvo,

To find out more visit:

Renault Trucks, IVECO, Daimler, Cummins, as well as certain gas engines. Its low SAPS (low sulphated ash, phosphorous, and sulphur) composition has been intelligently designed and specifically adapted for the latest generation of engines fitted with post-treatment systems, such as EGR, SCR and DPF (diesel particulate filters).

The dual benefit of fuel economy and Low SAPS when used in combination with fuel economy transmission lubricants provide a fuel saving of 1L every 100km or 3% for consumers. Additional advantages include, reduced maintenance costs, a cleaner engine, extended oil drain intervals, excellent piston cleanliness performance and an increased lifespan for post-treatment systems. Issue 16 - November 2017


80 Ah per night. 6 overnights on the road. One battery that never lets you down.

The VARTA® Promotive EFB  Provides up to 40% longer life than conventional batteries  Most effective solution for high energy demands  Prevents downtimes Johnson Controls Batteries Ltd. Suite 5, Building 6, Croxley Park Watford, Herts WD18 8YR United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0)1895 515650 Fax: +44 (0)1923 630899 E-Mail:

It all starts with






A strong, professional and recognisable brand image. Keep 100% of your independence.

National advertising and access to online publishing software to create your own professional marketing material.



The Programme gives workshops the platform to train and develop their staff inline with what the market demands of them.

Workshops follow a comprehensive and on-going training programme with leading training providers.



You and your customers have automatic access to an international breakdown assistance programme ‘TOP TRUCK SOS’.

Assessing the safety & competence of technicians who maintain and repair commercial vehicles.



A system developed specifically for workshops. Makes revisiting old jobs much easier and retrieving information faster.

Over 760 TOP TRUCK workshops worldwide. Join our elite group of independent repair centres.

Take pride in being part of a nationwide commitment to quality service that customers can rely on. For more information or to join the group contact Martin Sangster on 07920 573548


GROUPAUTO & UAN MOTOR FACTOR TRADE SHOW 2017 It was another successful year for the annual GROUPAUTO & UAN Motor

In the CV Zone, 45 CV suppliers showcased what they have to offer

Factor Trade Show. Over 1000 delegates from 200 of the group’s

to G-Truck and UAN Truck members; there were some impressive

member businesses and 159 supplier exhibitors attended the event at

stands, from Racing Trucks to vast tooling displays and a diverse range

EventCity in Manchester on Friday 6th October 2017.

of products on show. Following the recent opening of the groups’ commercial vehicle distribution centre, the team were also there taking

The 200 member businesses that attended on the day represented

orders on the day and raising awareness of the benefits on offer.

the top 80% of group spend and were made up of GROUPAUTO and UAN LV and CV motor factor businesses. In the trade show exhibitors

Around the hall, it was clear to see that exhibitors had gone to great

were separated into three zones; CV suppliers, LV suppliers and the FPS

lengths to offer something more on their stand this year. There were

Retail Village. This was a new format for the 2017 event with a view to

magicians, interactive games, software demos, competitions and

improving the event’s appeal to CV businesses and their requirements.

giveaways, all designed to attract and engage delegates as they made their way around the hall. Exhibitors were also running special ‘on the day’ deals to encourage sales at the show.



After the trade show over 400 guests attended the Trading Groups’ Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony which was held this year at The Principal hotel in central Manchester. The winners of the 2017 CV Member and Supplier of Year Awards were:

G-TRUCK Member of the Year - CMP Ireland

UAN TRUCK Member of the Year – Partic Motor Spares Ltd

UK TRADING GROUPS’ CV Supplier of the Year - Automint

CV LOGIX Supplier of the Year – MANN+HUMMEL Issue 16 - November 2017


09-10 September


Solid laps

The six weeks separating the BTRC championship racing at Donington

practice section and a chance to gradually acclimatise to an unfamiliar

Park in July and Snetterton last weekend have been a whirlwind of

track and a rebuilt truck. With that in mind, Rooster took the decision to

activity for Rooster.

ease both Luke and Klaus gently back into competitive action. Snetterton

The team made it, if only just. Rooster finally pulled into the circuit in the early hours of Saturday morning, meaning Luke missed Friday’s free

would be a tester weekend, where getting in some solid laps was more Donington had seen driver Luke Taylor clambering out of his overturned

01-02hadJuly truck after spinning off the greasy surface. Mechanical problems

important than points and prizes.

contributed to the accident, and though Luke had walked away largely

The team missed out on qualification for the first race of the weekend,

unhurt, the same couldn’t be said for his vehicle. The truck needed

but starting from the back of the grid suited Rooster well. It would give

significant repairs.


As the countdown to Snetterton began, the Rooster team toiled long

22-23 July


Luke chance to regain confidence from the back of the pack, and get a feel for both the tricky damp conditions and for the rebuilt King Klaus.



and hard in the workshop to make Klaus (the team’s MAN racing truck)

The race was red flagged twice before finally running to completion

race ready in time for the Norfolk event. A giant repair job included trips

in the late afternoon. Luke finished in 11th place, but was clocking

to Germany for advice and spare parts from Jochen Hahn, the truck’s

competitive lap times throughout. Confidence was creeping back into

original owner.

the Rooster team.




Confidence returns

It was a sensible decision and means that both truck and driver will

For the next race Luke could have taken 2nd place on the grid, but the

be ready to put themselves through their paces at the iconic Le Mans

decision was taken to start from the back of the pack once again. More

track in a couple of weeks’ time, where Rooster will be racing against its

tweaks and adjustments were made to Klaus, and despite a circuit made

British competitors in a special invitation meet.

greasy by wet weather and spilt oil, Luke battled home to a ninth place finish. “My confidence is coming back and I’m feeling more comfortable

Team principal David Taylor said: “We’re pleased with the weekend

behind the wheel,” he said after the race.

because after Donington it was very much a tester for us. We wanted to see how the truck responded after all the work we’ve had to do, and

For the third race, Luke took up his position on the front row of the grid,

we wanted Luke to get a feel for it and get his confidence back up. Both

powering ahead of the vastly experienced Michael Oliver on the first

those have been achieved and we’ve picked up a couple of issues to

corner and taking a comfortable lead. Despite understandable nerves

work on before we race again. After Donington it was unspectacular but

after Donington, Luke looked back to his best. “Starting P2 on the grid I

solid progress.”

was nervous but I knew I had to do it, get my head down and focus,” he Martin Sangster, commercial manager for partner company G-truck,


added. “If you saw the truck right after Donington you might have Luke was racing well with clear track in front of him, but another red flag

thought being at Snetterton at all was out of the question! So it’s credit

scuppered Rooster’s chances of a fine finish. The race was abandoned

to the whole team that Luke was on the grid on Saturday. After what

after a multi-truck collision back in the pack.

was really a test weekend in Norfolk, fingers crossed we should be back to our best for the Le Mans racing, which promises to be very special.

Sensible decision

Rooster can’t be at Pembrey in October for business reasons, but a good

It was a frustrating moment, and the rerun race was to be Rooster’s last

showing at Le Mans will set us up nicely for the final meet of the season

of the weekend. Again, mechanical issues were the cause, with Luke

at Brands Hatch.”

sensing problems with the steering, brakes and clutch. He had learnt lessons from Donington, and decided to bring the truck home three laps before the end of the race rather than battle on and risk a rerun of the accident. “I knew something was wrong within the first couple of laps,” said Luke. “I couldn’t risk another accident, so we made a team decision to pull up and take the DNF (Did Not Finish) from the race.”

Issue 16 - November 2017


“STATE-OF-THE-ART” CV LOGIX IMPRESSES AT MEMBER OPEN DAY CV LOGIX held an open day for G-Truck and UAN Truck members, its new central distribution centre in Cleckheaton near Bradford. The day was an opportunity for members to see the state-of-the-art 45,000 square foot facility first hand and learn more about the benefits centralised distribution can bring to their businesses. CV LOGIX first opened in March and now stocks a huge range of quality commercial vehicle parts and supplies. The facility offers next day delivery and no minimum spend or order size on parts from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, including MANN-FILTER, Meritor, Haldex, Truck-Lite, TruckTEC, Bosch and Valeo, to name just a few. Over 50% of G-Truck and UAN Truck members attended the event, and were left in no doubt about the value of dealing with such a comprehensive and advanced facility.

“Opening up suppliers” Enda Guirke, director of UAN Truck member Venuswood Limited in Galway, Ireland, said: “To have such an array of original equipment quality product available for delivery under one roof is very impressive indeed. It will help our business enormously having this state-of-the-art facility to order our products from. That’s especially true of our smaller branches who struggle at times to meet minimum order level criteria.”


Like Enda, a number of members pointed to the no minimum spend policy, alongside the ease of doing business with CV LOGIX, as factors in its favour. “From the factors point of view, the open box policy, late cut off time and a wide range of suppliers all contribute to making ordering really easy and opening up some suppliers to the CV factors in the UAN and G-Truck family,” said Matt Stiley, Managing Director of UAN Truck member Truckstop Group, which has its headquarters in Redditch, Worcestershire.

“Easy to deal with” Krysty Sheard, CV Marketing for GROUPAUTO UK & Ireland Ltd, added:

Members were also impressed with the range and depth of stock. Matt

“The open day at CV LOGIX was a great success for that very reason – we

Stiley added: “It is impressive that CV LOGIX has seen the need to have

wanted to demonstrate to members just how easy it was to secure the

suppliers that lie at the core of CV parts, including air brake and axle, in

parts they needed, from manufacturers they trust, exactly when they

the likes of Haldex, Meritor, TRW and MANN-FILTER.”

wanted them.

“Develop the supply chain relationship”

“CV LOGIX is all about being easy to deal with, which is also why we operate

Nigel McHugh, Director of G-Truck Member All Commercial Parts Limited,

a no minimum spend policy, effectively giving our members access to

based in Glasgow, was also impressed that so many “prestigious suppliers

suppliers and product they may not previously have had access to due

are keen to enhance and utilise such distribution services across the UK”,

to minimum order criteria and distribution agreements.”

and was keen to emphasise the practical benefits of working with the CV LOGIX facility.

Issue 16 - November 2017


“The open day was a fantastic opportunity to see the working investment

vehicle business. Phil Dodd was delighted with the attendance and

and get a sense of the internal determination to develop the supply chain

enthusiasm of G-Truck and UAN Truck members.

relationship between Alliance Automotive UK Trading Groups and its CV suppliers. That determination clearly includes improving availability and

He added: “Of course we wanted to show CV LOGIX to the members and

range from the CV LOGIX warehouse,” he said.

emphasise the advantages it can have for their businesses. But it was also a great opportunity to meet up with members, listen to what they had

“This will bring multiple benefits to us at All Commercial Parts and to all CV

to say about the challenges they face, and gather ideas for how we can

members, with supplies from one location and the major benefit of being

make the service even better in future. We see the current situation at CV

able to order up until 5.30pm (for next day delivery). And currently there

LOGIX as very much a work in progress, and something we will continually

are no carriage costs incurred across such a broad range.”

strive to improve for the benefit of our members.”

The CV LOGIX open day was an opportunity for members to learn more about the new facility, and a chance for Alliance Automotive UK to reinforce relationships with the parts suppliers that are the core of its commercial


To find out more visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017


V-STAY > V-Stay products are manufactured to OE specifications

> ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 > 2 Year Guarantee > More than 30 References > Over 16 years experience > Materials used are quality controlled & tested at all stages of production. Contact your local G-TRUCK more information. Visit Visit ourDistributor website tofor find your local distributor of TruckTEC



The TruckTEC range includes V-Stays as part of the suspension

The V-Stay product quality and reliability is confirmed by tests in the R&D

programme. The range has been produced exclusively for G-TRUCK & UAN

centre of leading OE manufacturers and in the own house laboratory.

TRUCK distributors by a major steering and suspension factory with over 16 years’ experience in manufacturing. The range is backed by a leading

The factory is the official supplier of parts to DAKAR rally, mainly but not

supplier in the Original Equipment Market who supplies to 26 leading

exclusively; torque rods, air pump system parts and rubber-mechanical

manufacturers of trucks, buses and specialised vehicles. Backed by the

parts have been tested for quality and reliability during the competitions.

highest level of quality management, which is ensured by certificates implemented in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO-TS16949. To find out more visit:

The main advantage of TruckTEC products is its quality. In the view of

our supplier, automotive components quality is more than compliance with the specified characteristics. First and foremost is safety of the person behind the wheel and therefore - happiness and well-being of his family. Only adhering to special values, one can create a perfect product. Fortunately, TruckTEC V-stays can do that.

Issue 16 - November 2017



Light but powerful It combines the best of both worlds. Air disc brakes ModulT utilise the special Haldex single piston principle, which has two important advantages: a large support area for uniform pressure on brake pads and lightweight construction.

ModulT Video

Innovative Vehicle Solutions

THE NEW MODULT FROM HALDEX The ModulT platform has been developed to meet the highest demands

for performance, robustness, operational uptime, weight, price and total cost. Designed for 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 inch wheels, the ModulT technology ensures even pad wear with a robust single tappet with clamping force distribution similar to twin-tappet mechanism. ModulT also offers easy servicing with no special tools needed for pad replacement and offers a long service life with lubrication free sliding pins and inverted selfprotecting mechanism bellows Low weight with high performance and efficiency - double roller bearings

Key benefits: A single tappet mechanism with similar clamping force distribution to a twin tappet mechanism. The single-tappet mechanism also assures excellent pressure distribution. The result – in addition to superior braking capability – is even, perfect load distribution on the brake pads. Simplified maintenance = low down time; Another innovative design aspect is the boltless snap-on brake pad retainer fitment, simplifying brake pad replacement. The entire construction requires just two bolts. Modular; the same mechanism, sliding function design and even spare parts used on multiple brake sizes;

Long service life: stainless steel sliding pins and inverted self-protecting mechanism bellows. Low weight, superior performance, easy maintenance and a singletappet mechanism are the most important features of the Haldex Air Disc Brake ModulT. The boltless snap-on brake pad retainer fitment simplifies brake pad replacement. The entire construction requires just two bolts. Weighing in at a mere 31 kg – including the brake pads – it is the lightest

Stainless sliding pins requiring no lubrication, fit and forget solution. ModulT has just two sliding pins (instead of four) and a completely closed caliper;

for the mechanism lever keep the hysteresis low.

22.5” trailer brake on the market. DBT22LT is just the beginning. It will soon be followed by 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5” versions for buses and trucks. To find out more visit: Issue 16 - November 2017








12V 24V

– As fitted to new cars and trucks – Longer lifetime than aftermarket bulbs – Genuine OE quality – Halogen, HID (Xenon) & Auxiliary bulb types available


– – – –

Fit and forget Longer life* OSRAM guarantee** Halogen, HID (Xenon) & Auxiliary bulb types available


– – – – –

Heavy duty long life Up to 100% more light Vibration resistant Extremely long lifetime Halogen & Auxiliary bulb types available

Choose the leading OE quality bulbs from OSRAM for all your Truck and Commercial vehicle needs. Exceed your customers’ expectations and add value to your business with a full range of 12V and 24V standard and upgrade bulbs for Halogen, HID (Xenon) and Auxiliary applications. Available now from G-LOGIX. To request a copy of our latest catalogue email:

Light is OSRAM *Compared to standard OSRAM bulbs ** Visit for details.


THE ULTIMATE TRUCK BULBS FROM OSRAM OSRAM has carried out extensive trials, measuring the vibration and mechanical shock levels that bulbs experience in actual use driving over a wide range of road surfaces including cobbles, pot-holes and speed bumps. These trials proved that the OSRAM TRUCKSTAR PRO headlight bulbs can withstand the worst punishment that driving on British roads can throw at them. The TRUCKSTAR® PRO range not only provides a solution to the forward The TRUCKSTAR PRO range of 24V Long Life Heavy Duty bulbs from OSRAM

lighting of commercial vehicles but also for auxiliary lighting too. The

are the ultimate bulbs for professional fleet managers and truck drivers.

TRUCKSTAR® PRO range includes the most popular and regularly used auxiliary types too. There really are many benefits to fitting OE quality

Combining the benefits of up to 100% more light* on the road ahead and

and with OSRAM TRUCKSTAR® PRO you get OE quality as standard plus

extra long life vibration resistance makes TRUCKSTAR PRO the obvious


choice. As the leading Original Equipment supplier of automotive bulbs, OSRAM work closely with all vehicle manufacturers and major fleets. Fleet Managers understand the importance of choosing products that are reliable, cost effective and that keep their vehicles on the road.

OSRAM ALSO HAS THE ANSWER FOR 12V VAN FLEETS For 12v van fleets and agricultural vehicles OSRAM can offer the ULTRA LIFE range which offers a 4 year guarantee on the halogen types in the range*. As with TRUCKSTAR PRO, ULTRA LIFE bulbs are designed to give

Truck drivers also appreciate the benefits of headlamp bulbs that offer

extra service life and cope with the most serious of applications. Delivery

up to 100% more light on the road, making driving safer and more

fleets, emergency service fleets, Taxi fleets and agricultural vehicles

comfortable in the knowledge that TRUCKSTAR PRO bulbs will also last

need to keep working around the clock. OSRAM ULTRA LIFE is the perfect

the distance.

choice where down time just isn’t an option. *visit for precise conditions and details.

How is it possible to achieve both a longer lasting bulb that also gives up to 100% more light on the road?

Both these ranges and the Original Equipment OSRAM range are available from your local G-TRUCK or UAN TRUCK parts distributor. OSRAM is the

Developments made with the OSRAM computer controlled coiling

choice of the professional fleet user.

machines, have made it possible to produce bulb filaments with a single coil instead of the traditional double coil design. These are not only more robust but also give a brighter more even beam pattern.

To find out more visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017


AIR SPRINGS Neoprene Technology


> Free fitting kit > 3 Year Guarantee > More than 400 References > Over 25 years experience > Neoprene technology > 100% pressure control

Visit CV ourDistributor website tofor find your local distributor of TruckTEC Contact your local more information. Visit


LEADING THE MARKET WITH OWN BRAND AIR SPRINGS G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK are two of the leading European supply channels

from pre and post testing, both in the lab and on working vehicles

for pneumatic suspension components in the truck and bus sectors.

deployed in public transport depots and private transport companies all

Their years’ of experience in delivering air spring solutions through

across Europe. Regular inspection of all production processes, constant

factors and workshops across the commercial sector, has allowed them

re-qualification of products, and acceptance testing on all raw materials

to create a family of own brand air springs which meet the highest

and components, assure the best quality results in the market.

European standards, and form part of the international product range from G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK under their components brand - TruckTEC.

Every single TruckTEC air spring leaving the production department undergoes a full pressure test, with any faulty product being rejected and

All TruckTEC products are characterised by increased durability

scrapped. Moreover, randomly chosen air springs undergo destruction

and endurance, due to the use of specially modified materials and

testing, which enables the engineers to ensure the components easily

manufacturing processes, all sourced through the groups’ partnerships

meet all performance demands. This process ensures that all TruckTEC

with leading European manufacturers. Tests on the TruckTEC range of

Air suspension components are fully up to specification, fully tested, and

pneumatic suspension solutions confirm the excellent properties of

100% reliable.

these offerings, and on-going research proves that TruckTEC air springs meet all technical specifications and performance requirements, even

The TruckTEC Air Spring range includes more than 400 of the most popular

after seven million cycles.

references on the market – including Volvo, Scania, BPW, Freightliner, SAF, RVI, MAN and many others. TruckTEC Air Springs are exclusively available

TruckTEC’s primary focus is on full control of the key quality parameters

from your local G-Truck Distributor.

for all incoming raw material, especially the rubber and fiber composites used as part of the TruckTEC pneumatic systems. Detailed analysis is also

TruckTEC air springs are supplied for use in both truck and bus

conducted of all metal and plastic components which form part of the

suspensions and are characterised by the very high quality of the

final assembly, which is then also exhaustively tested. The requirement

rubber parts, the robustness of all of their component parts, all of

for strength and durability in the rubber components of these products,

which is designed to deliver:

and their resistance to weather conditions, are assured through intensive

• Very high strength systems with excellent resistance to wear

quality control and fatigue testing.

• Very good operating characteristics across a wide temperature range • High resistance to other external factors (including ozone, salt, and

As well as ensuring the highest possible product quality, a very


substantial part of what the TruckTEC product development team

• Very long-life - failure free in normal use

delivers, is very high level technical support. This is based on their

• Excellent resistivity and flexibility with full gas-tight performance

detailed knowledge of all components and production processes, and

To find your local distributor visit

Issue 16 - November 2017





THE COMMON RAIL SYSTEM Common rail systems feature a modular structure. The high-pressure pump, injectors, rail and electronic control unit all belong to one system. Bosch offers common rail systems for various medium and heavyduty applications in on-and-off-highway use. They attain peak injection pressures of up to 2,500 bar – even in the part load range. This ensures low fuel consumption with correspondingly reduced CO2 emissions and enables exhaust gas recirculation to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx). In

Benefits • Highly efficient fuel injection through extremely short injection intervals and multiple injections • High engine performance and smooth running with low consumption and emissions • Can be installed in most commercial vehicles thanks to modular design

doing so, Bosch common rail systems make an important contribution to meeting the emission targets for commercial vehicles. To find out more visit:

Operation In conventional diesel injection systems, the fuel pressure must be

generated separately for each injection. In the common rail system, however, pressure generation and injection are separate, so that the fuel is permanently available at the pressure necessary for injection. Pressure generation takes place in the high-pressure pump. This compresses the fuel and carries it via a high-pressure pipe into the rail intake, which serves as a common high-pressure storage tank for all injectors – hence the name “common rail”. From here, the fuel is distributed to the individual injectors, which inject it into the combustion chamber of the cylinder.

Issue 16 - November 2017


Safe steering steering despite despite heavy heavy loads loads Safe Bosch steering steering systems systems for for commercial commercial vehicles vehicles Bosch

SAFE STEERING DESPITE HEAVY LOADS BOSCH STEERING SYSTEMS FOR COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Steering trucks safely and highly accurate with hydraulic assistance Steering trucks safely and highly accurate with hydraulic assistance

Commercial vehicles vehicles are are also also subject subject to to constant constant Commercial technological further further development. development. Ecological Ecological technological and economical economical circumstances circumstances are are increasingly increasingly and demanding. Close Close cooperation cooperation with with the the vehicle vehicle demanding.

manufacturers right right from from the the early early stage stage of of develdevelmanufacturers opment ensures ensures the the efficient efficient adaption adaption of of Bosch Bosch opment steering systems systems to to new new vehicle vehicle concepts. concepts. steering

Full power – economical and ecological Full power – economical and ecological Renowned manufacturers of modern trucks and buses Renowned manufacturers of modern trucks and buses rely on Bosch steering systems and components with rely on Bosch steering systems and components with particularly high quality. As an international company, particularly high quality. As an international company, Bosch supplies customers around the world with parts Bosch supplies customers around the world with parts from local production sites and supports local commercialfrom local production sites and supports local commercialvehicle workshops with technical know-how. In doing so, vehicle workshops with technical know-how. In doing so, both innovative products and modern production techboth innovative products and modern production technologies contribute to environmental protection. nologies contribute to environmental protection.

1 1

Steering systems meeting toughest quality demands Steering systems meeting toughest quality demands Robust, reliable and highly accurate steering systems are Robust, reliable and highly accurate steering systems are of major importance, particularly for buses and heavy of major importance, particularly for buses and heavy trucks. The Bosch product range reaches from the besttrucks. The Bosch product range reaches from the bestseller Servocom and the electro-hydraulic Servotwin seller Servocom and the electro-hydraulic Servotwin steering system to electronically controlled rear-axle steering system to electronically controlled rear-axle steering systems and to semi-integral power-steering steering systems and to semi-integral power-steering systems even for the heaviest trucks. In addition, Bosch systems even for the heaviest trucks. In addition, Bosch also produces components such as operating cylinders, also produces components such as operating cylinders, steering shafts, steering pumps or bevel gearboxes. steering shafts, steering pumps or bevel gearboxes. The foundation for CV-driver assistance systems The foundation for CV-driver assistance systems Electric power-steering systems are gradually prevailing Electric power-steering systems are gradually prevailing at the commercial-vehicle sector as well. The innovative at the commercial-vehicle sector as well. The innovative Servotwin electro-hydraulic steering system presented Servotwin electro-hydraulic steering system presented at the IAA CV 2014 in Hannover is the first step into the at the IAA CV 2014 in Hannover is the first step into the electrification of commercial-vehicle steering systems. electrification of commercial-vehicle steering systems. It paves the way for the implementation of driver assistIt paves the way for the implementation of driver assistance systems in commercial vehicles. ance systems in commercial vehicles.

2 2

6 6


Precise directional changes with buses Precise directional changes with buses

1 Servocom – the truck standard 1 Servocom – the truck standard Reliable and compact ball-nut power-steering system for Reliable and compact ball-nut power-steering system for trucks and buses – also applicable as dual-circuit steering trucks and buses – also applicable as dual-circuit steering system for high steering-axle loads or several steered axles. system for high steering-axle loads or several steered axles. 2 Steering pumps 2 Steering pumps The range consists of vane pumps, energy-saving vane The range consists of vane pumps, energy-saving vane pumps (e.g. the variable-displacement pump Varioserv), pumps (e.g. the variable-displacement pump Varioserv), tandem pumps combining vane and gear pumps and radialtandem pumps combining vane and gear pumps and radialpiston pumps as emergency-steering pump for trucks. piston pumps as emergency-steering pump for trucks. 3 Steering shafts 3 Steering shafts Ball-track telescopic shafts or ball-track relay shafts with Ball-track telescopic shafts or ball-track relay shafts with additional universal joints ensure steady steering despite additional universal joints ensure steady steering despite possible movements between driver cab and chassis. possible movements between driver cab and chassis. 4 Bevel gearboxes 4 Bevel gearboxes redirect the steering movement of trucks and buses if the redirect the steering movement of trucks and buses if the position of the driver or the steering gearbox impedes a position of the driver or the steering gearbox impedes a direct connection to the steering column. direct connection to the steering column. 3 3

Replacement parts parts Replacement Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh Consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim nostrud exerValue-based repairing with veniam, Bosch quis eXchange volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim nostrud exerValue-based repairing with veniam, Bosch quis eXchange citation. Dolor in hendrerit in vulputate velit esse molestie Particularly older vehicles with velit highesse mileage, citation. Dolorfor in hendrerit in vulputate molestie Particularly older vehicles withnulla high mileage, consequat, velfor illum dolore eu feugiat facilisis at consequat, vel illumprovides dolore eu repair feugiat solutions nulla facilisis at Bosch eXchange paying vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit Bosch eXchange provides solutions vero eros et accumsan et iustorepair odio dignissim quipaying blandit off for professional companies. Including praesent luptatum zzrillogistics delenit augue duis dolore feugait off for professional companies. Including praesent luptatum zzrillogistics delenit augue duis dolore feugait afacilisi. 100 % warranty – just like for new parts. afacilisi. 100 % warranty – just like for new parts.

4 4

7 7

Issue 16 - November 2017


Replacement Parts in Original Equipment Quality Lives depend on the quality of steering and suspension components fitted on your customers’ vehicles, so only the best will do. That’s why leading vehicle manufacturers put their trust in LEMFÖRDER as original equipment. You can too - ask your supplier for genuine O.E. quality LEMFÖRDER replacement parts and keep your customers and your reputation safe. LEMFÖRDER - Safety in Steering and Suspension.



to many, carrying out preventative maintenance can go a long way to

winter servicing, they have a responsibility to carry out preventative

forging stronger and longer customer relationships built on trust.

maintenance for customers. Flagging potential issues during a routine service can save customers from any inconvenience further down the

Look for excess play

line resulting from unexpected downtime, and protect a vehicle against

When servicing the suspension or axle components of a commercial

the risks posed by harsh driving conditions. Ian Gaskell, Product Support

vehicle it is important to identify early signs of excess play, which indicates

Technician at ZF Aftermarket highlights some of the tell-tale signs that

wear. Pay careful attention to components such as the ball joints on the

an axle and steering system could be heading towards failure.

tie rods, or the rubber-to-metal components in the suspension system. If there is any excess movement or degradation visible on these, it is

In a highly competitive market, commercial vehicle workshop owners

always best to attend to them at the time, rather than ignore them and

need to focus their attention on delivering outstanding customer service

cause a customer to have to return, or visit a competitor, for a repair at

to retain customers and build loyalty. What may seem like a routine

a later date. When wear to these components appears to be relatively

winter service provides an ideal opportunity for technicians to identify

minor, it can be tempting to leave them for a later job, but this can be

small issues with steering and suspension, which, if left unchecked, may

risky for a commercial vehicle that is going to spend months operating

escalate into future repair jobs. While this may seem counter-productive

in harsh, wintry conditions.

Issue 16 - November 2017


Rain, wind, and cold weather pose several problems to road surfaces and

important to ask customers if they have experienced any strange noises

subsequently, commercial vehicles. Freezing water hitting the surface

from the vehicle, or if it is pulling to one side. This indicates a potential

and later expanding during the day when temperatures increase causes

issue and if left unresolved, can significantly impact stopping distances,

cracks in the road, which later become potholes when subjected to

vehicle handling, and the effectiveness of anti-lock braking systems.

heavy traffic on the surface. Suspension systems are designed to absorb impact and provide a smooth ride but there is a limit to how much these

Another unusual noise to ask customers about is a rattling sound in

systems can take. Sudden jarring against potholes can worsen existing

the chassis. This occurs when foreign matter enters components from

wear and tear on ball joints, shocks, and struts, potentially causing

unstable and rough road surfaces. Trapped matter and debris can cause

severe damage.

damage to ball joints, affecting the handling and control of a vehicle, and leading to instability. Depending on how damaged a joint is, the affected

Listen for strange noises

connection point can fracture; a major cause of component breakdown.

Abnormal handling and unusual sounds when a commercial vehicle

Educating customers to identify these issues sooner, and looking out

is in operation, are often the biggest indicators of faults in chassis

for early signs of impact on the ball joints, can help to prevent the risk

components but ones which are rarely identified by drivers. It is

of an expensive recovery later down the line. For commercial vehicle


operators, expensive repair jobs result in downtime and loss of income.

Furthermore, technicians who choose replacement components from reputable aftermarket providers such as ZF Aftermarket’ Sachs and

Building better relationships

LemfĂśrder product brands, can provide even greater peace of mind to

Preventative maintenance such as this is not only beneficial for

customers, with established and reliable chassis components for all

customers, but can also help commercial vehicle workshops become

weather conditions. The Commercial Vehicle Technology division of ZF

more competitive in a challenging market. A bit of honesty and extra

manufactures original equipment for powertrain and chassis technology.

attention during a winter service can be the difference between having

Our portfolio includes automated and manual transmissions, powershift

a customer return just once for a repair before finding a different

transmissions, and powertrain components including clutches, and

workshop for future servicing, or locking in customer loyalty for repeat

electric vehicle drives for trucks and buses.

business over a longer period. To find out more visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017



Meritor Aftermarket Switzerland AG Neugutstrasse 89, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland Telephone Number: +41 (0) 44 824 8200 ©2017 Meritor, Inc. All rights reserved.

Meritor Aftermarket UK Limited Unit 1 Broad Ground Road, Lakeside Industrial Estate, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8YS, U.K. Telephone Number: +44 (0) 1527 50 3950


There are many remanufactured brake calipers available on the market, with varying quality and performance. At Meritor we like to think we do things a little differently. Just a few of the reasons why calipers remanufactured by Meritor offer you a little extra...

1 2 3 4 5 6

We Know Brakes. Meritor is a leading OE brake manufacturer. Our braking products are trusted by some of the biggest truck and bus manufacturers in the world. Our years of accumulated experience, our test and development facilities around the world and real life vehicle applications experience make a real difference when it comes to remanufacturing braking product. Less is More. Sometimes it’s about what we won’t do. Did you know that Meritor will never

remanufacture a caliper that’s already been remanufactured? In fact, we scrap around 10% of cores on receipt - because they’ve already been through a remanufacturing process, or because they contain components of unknown origin or because we don’t think they’ll give a reliable end product. We have to purchase more core, but we think it’s worth it.

State of the Art. Every day our production engineers work hard to identify new ways to reclaim components and deliver a more reliable product to you. We constantly invest in new equipment, and new techniques. Whether it be our recent installation of a modern CNC machining station or employing advanced technologies like cold metal spraying, our engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries. Grease is the Word. It’s not just the hard parts that need to be taken seriously. It may

surprise you to know that we use 5 different greases across our reman caliper range. Effective lubrication is vital to the reliable functioning of a brake caliper, and because every caliper design has slightly different heat and mechanical stress characteristics, we use a grease formulation precisely matched to those characteristics.

The Nuts and Bolts Of It. The simplest components are often the most critical. As a matter of policy, we only fit 100% new nuts and bolts across the Meritor reman caliper range, and not just any nuts and bolts. We always match the original tensile strength specification, we always use ‘patch lock’ bolts where appropriate, and we always use the correct, recommended torque settings. We think it’s the best way to ensure structural integrity, adequate clamp loads and caliper sealing. Get Up to Date. When we remanufacture a Meritor caliper, we update it to the latest OE

design specification. For example DX calipers are always upgraded to have the latest lubrication design and ELSA calipers always have piston cassette housings with the latest corrosion protection. If our OE engineers are improving our product – it’s only right you get the benefits in the aftermarket.


When it comes to safety related components, you want Issue to be16fitting the best. - November 2017At Meritor we use our extensive engineering capabilities to ensure you get remanufactured product that is equal or better than the original. Why risk anything less? Choose Meritor.

BORG & BECK PREMIUM CV COMPONENTS OE HERITAGE & ASSURANCE With a 100-year heritage, Borg & Beck is a global supplier of commercial

and undergo extensive testing. Borg & Beck also include gaskets and

vehicle (CV) components and an established brand within First Line Ltd.

seals, as per OE requirement, to aid fitment.

The Borg & Beck CV range has expanded impressively over the past 12 months, with new ranges being introduced and references being added

Steering & Suspension

across the entire programme to further assist customers.

The CV Steering & Suspension range includes Drag Links, Tie Rods, Torque Rods, Stabiliser Links, V-Stays and associated Tie Rod Ends, which cover

The CV range offers GROUPAUTO customers a number of benefits, not

all popular applications. Recent new-to-range (NTR) additions further

only is the brand renowned and respected across the aftermarket, all

enhance the expanding range and include: Tie Rods for MAN TGA, TGS,

its CV products are of the highest quality, due to the stringent control

TGX, V-stays for Mercedes Actros MP2/3 and Axor 2, Drag Links for Renault

processes. In addition, the components come in strong and robust

Midlum, MAN TGL, TGS, TGA, Stabiliser Links for Scania PSV and a Tie Rod for

packaging to ensure that parts arrive undamaged and remain highly

DAF CF85, CF75, XF95 and XF105.

presentable. With these NTR parts, the full programme now consists of more than 460 The historic brand has recently announced that its CV Water Pump

references, which are all manufactured to exacting OE specification and

and Steering & Suspension programmes are now available through

most include an E-coating to ensure excellent corrosion resistance for


up to 10 years.

Water Pumps The extensive Water Pump range consists of more than 65 references,

To find out more visit:

covering a wide array of applications. To ensure their premium quality,

Borg & Beck Water Pumps are manufactured by ISO/TS certified factories

Issue 16 - November 2017



GET YOUR COPY OF THE ENGINE FILTRATION SPARE PARTS CATALOGUE The new Parker Racor aftermarket catalogue for CV vehicles is now available. Sorted by application, the new catalogue makes it quicker and easier to find truck and bus engine filtration products for your fleet in one place. Sharing identical specification, technology and manufacturing quality with our OEM product, it’s your promise of increased efficiency, improved performance and lower operating costs. Ask your CV Parts Distributor for a copy today!


INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN O’SULLIVAN AT THOMAS AUTOS Why and how are you Changing Filtration?

In Partnership with

Filter Heads, all of which have specific features highlighted within the

We are changing filtration in the aftermarket, new products, new

catalogue description. Of course, there is also oil, air, fuel and CCV filter

technology and years of expertise. There are 3 main elements to this:

elements, using the same highly technical and innovating OE media,


Parker Racor are the leading filtration OE manufacturer with over 45yrs experience and now offer the complete aftermarket solution, not only

being subjected to and surpassing the most stringent of industry tests.

such as; Bowls, Sensors, Headers and complete assemblies (until now

How do workshops and fleets get access of Parker Racor product from G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK part distributors?

only available through the dealer network).

On a recent tour of the TOP TRUCK workshops, it was clear that there is a

in the sense of Oil, Air, Fuel and CCV elements, but also the spare parts

2. The product range shares identical specification, technology and

demand for these products, however they are still being sourced from the

manufacturing quality with Parker Racor OEM product from the same

main dealer, due to not knowing the same was available from a G-TRUCK

manufacturing facilities. A true like for like product.

or UAN TRUCK parts distributor (visit to find your

3. As the global leaders in the field of engine filtration, Parker Racor are

local approved parts distributor).

now showcasing capabilities not only as a ‘first fit’ OE solution expert, but as a filtration supplier to the independent aftermarket with many

Our latest catalogue was launched in September with the range increasing

first to market and new to range products as we move from euro 5 to

by a further 20%. By working closely with G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK distributors

euro 6 this unique offering will get even stronger.

we have streamlined our distribution for the group by stocking in their CV LOGIX central warehouse – this will enable the distributors to take

What is Thomas Autos function in this partnership? We are very proud to have this close working relationship with Parker

advantage of the ability to place urgent orders next day delivery in the event of out of stock products.

Racor – our heritage and expertise is two-fold; as one of the leading diesel fuel injection businesses in the UK, we understand fuel quality/

Krysty Sheard, CV Marketing for G-TRUCK, added: ‘One of the main focuses

fuel systems and the benefits of OE parts when carrying out authorised

from G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK part distributors is to minimise downtime of

repair. Second, we are a leading Central Distributor of OE filtration in to the

your customers’ vehicles being off the road, we understand every minute

aftermarket with over 20yrs success and experience.

a vehicle isn’t on the road the company is losing money. We are a firm believer in fitting OE/Matching Quality to vehicles like the range available

Our function in this partnership is to raise Parker Racor brand awareness

from Parker Racor. Our G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK part distributors pride

in the CV aftermarket, we are doing this in many ways: PR/Marketing,

themselves on supplying quality parts because we put safety first, every

advertising, shows and customer visits. At the same time forming a


defined route to market through buying groups, national accounts and their distribution channel. Our “added value” is combining our product

We have also created a bespoke G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK catalogue that

and industry knowledge with the drive and commitment required to fulfil

workshops and parts departments can use for cross reference and

customer expectation for our distribution partners, their customers and

identifying parts for their customers (Part No of this catalogue is

ultimately the end user/consumer.

FDRB571UK), you can also visit the “Changing Filtration” website for more information at filtration or find our product

Please explain more about the Parker Racor product range? The product range has grown considerably in a very short space of time. The core parts of the range are the assembly parts such as Bowls or

and OE reference in TecDoc. Get your copy of the new catalogue today visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017


Safer vehicles, safer roads... Truck-Lite now offer a wide range of flashing sidemarkers to meet the updated REG 48 legislation*.

Are you ready for the change? *Relating to Regulation 48.06 in respect to Amber Flashing Side Markers



safer roads...

In November 2017 the regulation implementation for side markers and

category 5 devices comes into force on all new trailers that need to be type approved. These trailers will have to meet the new requirements of regulation 48.06 with either category 5 devices or flashing side markers.

Truck-Lite now offer a wide range of flashing sidemarkers to meet operators and trailer OEM’s to meet the these requirements. updated REG 48 legislation*. Truck-Lite is pleased to offer a number of lighting options to enable fleet

The new requirements affect trailers in excess of 0.75T:

An alternative option which works in conjunction with standard

side markers is the Model 828 flasher unit, this unit flashes the side Are you ready for the change? marker lamps in sync with the direction indicator to meet the new ECE • At least three amber side markers per side, flashing in phase with the • Three category 5 devices per side, or

regulations. The unit operates at 12-28 volts, comes with a three year

direction indicator

warranty, meets EMC/ADR approvals and will operate Truck-Lite’s Model well as allFlashing other side markers in the Truck-Lite portfolio. *Relating to Regulation 48.06 in respect890toasAmber Side Markers Truck-Lite is a global leader in design and manufacturing of vision systems. With numerous firsts to market we are continuing to push the boundaries with innovation and lead globally in ‘see & be seen’ solutions; allowing us to manufacturer a full LED solution from the front of the truck to the back Truck-Lite launched the Model 876 & 877 in May 2016; an LED sidemarker

of the trailer. Truck-Lite have been supplying European Trailer builders

with integrated CAT 5 indicator. It offers either an integrated 3-way

for over 90 years. Our expertise and experience from working with OEM’s

SS or a 3 core fly lead connector as well as 70m fixing centres and

and end-users has enabled us to transition from pre-wired components,

accompanying brackets. In addition to this, the Model 870 was also

to complete trailer kits to now specialising in ‘plug and play’ systems.

launched, this is a standard side marker, identical in appearance to the M876, to compliment the Cat 5 for those vehicles requiring more than 3 side markers per side. Both the 876 and 870 are EMC approved, tested to IP 69 and covered with a 3 year warranty.

To find out more visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017


Valeo, we’ve got your CV range covered!

Scan to order

PASSION FOR INNOVATION THE SWF WIPER BRAND FROM VALEO 90 years’ history of SWF brand has been running under the motto

home delivery, which increases the demand for last miles

“Passion for Innovation”. And today, in 2017, SWF wipers remain at the

delivery and therefore the mileage of Light Commercial

leading position in the commercial vehicles manufacturers’ and owners’

Vehicles. Due to very intensive stop-start usage, high rotation

choice. Even in tough competition conditions, Valeo Service remains

of drivers and vehicles being loaded, the need to replace

loyal to the standards of quality and manufactures its SWF blades at own

the brake pads on LCV is 5 times higher than on passenger

factories in Europe. Before mass production, each application blade is

vehicles. Therefore, Valeo LCV pads are designed and manufactured up to

run through various laboratory and on-road tests, including cold tearing,

the requirements of the fleets’ safety and cost efficiency. Tailored range

pressure distribution measurement, dry mud test, snow wiping test,

of pads covers 95% of European parc of vehicles after 2000 YOP* and

endurance and aerodynamics tests. Every SWF blade is equipped with

equipped with PRO and Intensive PRO friction materials for professional

a unique wear indicator, helping the fleet managers notice the need to

usage. Scan the QR code to learn more about the specific LCV pads range

replace the wipers. All these features result in SWF being the number

from Valeo Service.

one brand in CV vehicles wiping all over the world. The major highlights of the range in 2017 are the launch of a new reference 132653, applicable

All these innovations Valeo Service UK presented to the G-TRUCK & UAN

for Renault T Series 2013 and extension of the application list for 132603,

TRUCK distributors during the recent Trading Groups Show in Manchester

which now has T11 adaptor for DAF CF Euro 6 vehicles – 6th most popular

on 6th of October 2017. Both ranges are available for order from your

truck in the UK with more than 26 thousands vehicles on the roads.

local G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK distributors, together with cataloguing and technical support from Valeo Service UK.

Being a professional in maintenance of the vehicles and a friction materials expert, Valeo launched a dedicated for LCV applications range of brake pads. Urban consumers’ behaviour moves to e-shopping and

To find out more visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017


The cyclist hasn’t been seen in the mirrors, but...

...the driver already knows he’s there. Brigade’s range of leading edge safety systems assist both driver and cyclist. Side sensors detect obstacles alongside the vehicle giving an audible signal to the driver, whilst an external speaking alarm warns cyclists and pedestrians of the vehicle’s intended left turn. Combined with a camera monitor system including side view camera, vision and awareness in the near side blind spot are greatly improved.

Killing blind spots. Saving lives. Call on 01322 420300 or visit your stockist

Search: Brigade Electronics

BRIGADE ELECTRONICS Brigade Electronics is a market leading supplier of safety devices, with solutions to suit all commercial vehicle types. Through 40 years of

Ultrasonic Detection Sensors Brigade’s Sidescan® and Cornerscan® range are ideal for detecting

expertise, Brigade has developed a comprehensive range of products

cyclists and providing the driver with a warning to check his nearside

to reduce the risk of collision and maximise efficiency, assisting the

blind spot. Combined with Backchat® the system can provide a real

driver whilst also protecting vulnerable road users. Brigade’s brand is

speech warning to the cyclist “Caution truck turning left”.

synonymous with quality and all product goes through rigorous testing

Digital Recorders

over and above industry standards to ensure reliability.

Brigade’s new 3G and Wi-fi capable MDR systems enable operators to

Brigade’s product portfolio includes:

log in remotely to check a vehicle’s location or review footage in the event of a collision without having to remove the hard drive. The range

Camera Monitor Systems

includes four channel recorders with a 500Gb hard drive and an eight

Brigade has an extensive range of camera monitor systems for all

channel 1TB model each with 1164 hours recording time.

application types. Brigade’s Backeye®360 is the ultimate camera system that takes four wide angle camera views and stitches them together to appear as a single image. The image displayed appears as a birds-eye view and eliminates blind spots around a vehicle.

Radar Obstacle Detection Systems Brigade’s Backsense® radar is the most affordable on the market with bespoke detection areas of up to 30m in length and 10m in width. The system informs the driver of the distance between the vehicle and

Reversing Alarms

obstacles whether moving or stationary.

Brigade’s patented white sound reversing alarms (bbs-tek®) are the safest on the market and are approved by the Noise Abatement Society for use during quiet night time deliveries. Self adjusting bbs-tek® adjusts to 5dB above the ambient noise level.

To find out more visit:

Issue 16 - November 2017


“To secure my filter business, you’ll need to be original”

“In my experience, premature engine wear, excessive fuel consumption, unreliability and down time, all add up to unnecessary operating expenses. Being aware that only premium specification filtration can positively influence all of these factors, we demand the Genuine OE quality and performance of MANN-FILTER from our supplier, to efficiently protect our fleet, profitability and employees”.

MANN-FILTER - Perfect parts. Perfect service.

FUTURE-ORIENTED FILTRATION SOLUTIONS FOR FUEL CELL AND HIGH VOLTAGE BATTERY SYSTEMS MANN+HUMMEL selectively uses its core expertise to develop products for new drive concepts with the aim of achieving mobility in the future

Brake dust particulate filter • Reduces the brake dust particulate emissions by up to 80% and

with a low level of emissions. This applies to concepts for batteries and

therefore lowers the level of pollution caused by particulates, in

also fuel cell technology. Stationary applications such as generators will

particular in city traffic which is characterised by many braking

also be fitted with the newly developed products.

processes. • Temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant filter medium

At the present time the idea that the future of mobility will be electric

Reduced soiling of wheel rims.

seems to be becoming closer to reality. Several European countries have

• Robust design can be implemented in existing installation space

now decided to do away with the combustion engine within the next 25

• Use possible in all vehicles and types of drive.

years and the automobile manufacturers have embarked on a strategy to offer electric drives with their new models. But it is not yet clear whether this technology will in future dominate the market or whether in future there will be a number of different, equally preferred forms of drive technology. Therefore MANN+HUMMEL has opted to provide a wide range of products for many varied applications, which, however, all exploit the core know-how of the company including filtration, system

Gearbox oil filter for e-axles • Ensures clean oil for the lubrication and cooling of gearwheels and other components within the gearbox for e-axles. • High-arrestance, pleated fully-synthetic filter medium designed for lifetime requirements. • A very compact design makes it ideal for tight installation spaces.

expertise and precise plastics processing. The following products are now included in the MANN+HUMMEL product range, with some already in series production and others still under development in cooperation with OEMs:

Issue 16 - November 2017


Ion exchanger filter for fuel cells

Battery frames for high voltage battery systems

• Maintains low conductivity of the coolant in fuel cells

• Stability and protection for pouch cells in liquid-cooled high voltage

Innovative design enables use of ion exchanger granulate for use

batteries. • Integrated cooling ducts.

with automobiles. • Modular system for the market to cover varied industrial requirements.

• Precision injection-molded process meets high cleanness requirements.

• Easy adaption.

• Use of plastic to reduce weight.

Cathode air cleaner system for fuel cells

Air drying cartridge for high voltage battery systems

• Removal of harmful gases and particles from the cathode air to

• Maintains dry air in the battery system through adsorption. • Protects against water condensation on cooling plates.

extend the lifetime of the system. • Decades of experience in the development of air cleaner systems.

• Avoids corrosion of battery cells and short-circuits caused by water.

• Highly-efficient water separation to protect the layers of activated

• Special vacuum packing prevents moisture absorption before



Coolant particle filter for fuel cells • Ensures cleanness of the coolant which is required for the thermal

Cooling air particle filter for high voltage battery systems • Retains particles which cause wear.

management of electric vehicles. • Elements with different high-arrestance, pleated filter media possible. Fully-synthetic media offer high mechanical stability and glass fiber media are suitable to meet the highest cleanness

• Formable filter element ideal for fitting where access is limited. • Low pressure drop and low component weight.

• requirements.

Venting unit for high voltage battery systems

• Excellent resistance to aggressive media (e.g. PAG, PAO and POE oils).

• Pressure compensation and emergency degassing function. • Protection against dust and water. • Modular product range to cover different function requirements.

To find out more visit:



Behind the TruckTEC clutch brand is over 30 years of specialist transmission experience. Manufactured by one of Europe’s leading clutch suppliers, The TruckTEC clutch range has been developed to ensure high levels of quality and reliability.

Comprehensive Warranty With No Quibble, Fast Track Option The TruckTEC Clutch range comes with a 2 year, 200,000 mile warranty. “We understand our customers want to trust the product they fit” said Ray Roberts, Business Development Manager. “On the rare occasions where


warranty does come into play, we even offer a no quibble warranty claim

TruckTEC clutch kits maintain OE levels of quality and specification

option, so long as some very basic criteria are met such as the clutch was

across the range and follow the strict systems set out in the ISO9001

fitted correctly to the right vehicle”.

and ISO14001quality standards.. As James Waters, Engineering Manager points out: “These standards mean that products are manufactured to PSW standards (Part Submission Warrant) using PPAP (Production

Over 200 kits in the range “The range continues to grow”, explained Ray. “We are careful about what

Part Approval Process) minimum level 3 requirements. Such stringent

we put the name to and always ensure new kits and components meet

approval criterion is compulsory when supplying first tier automotive

our high standards. That way our customer can be confident in when

manufacturers. So customers can be assured that the product will

they fit TruckTEC, they are fitting a quality kit”.

deliver for them”.

Rapid Success


The TruckTEC range of CV clutch kits has proved to be very popular in the

All clutches in the range are tested thoroughly to ensure they meet the

market and continues to grow from strength to strength. “The number of

high standards required. James is keen to point out that all clutches in

customers taking TruckTEC clutch as a viable option in the aftermarket

the range go through a comprehensive 17 step test plan before approval.

continues to grow with even more customers switching to TruckTEC and

“Our testing procedures and standards raise the bar in the aftermarket.

the benefits this provide.” concluded Ray.

We not only carry out endurance tests, but multiple tests covering key technical criteria for cover assemblies, drive plates, bearings and concentric slave cylinders. We want to be sure the product stands up to the high standards expected in this market.That is also why all finished

To find out more visit:

units are 100% line tested.

Issue 16 - November 2017


Commercial Vehicle Clutch Kits Available exclusively from your G-TRUCK or UAN TRUCK distributor

“Since the launch of TruckTEC clutch we have seen an overwhelming growth and it is widely accepted by customers as a leading quality brand.” Martin Sangster

• No Surcharge • 2 year/200,000 mile warranty • Quality you can rely on • Manufactured to OE specifications

The choice for CV Clutch

On Route Magazine - November 2017  
On Route Magazine - November 2017