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On Procesos. Presentation On Procesos Culturales is a company specializing in “the others”. Its success is the “other’s” success insofar as it transforms his reality into something better through work processes related to management, intermediation, communication, evaluation, and research applied to concrete projects. To us, the “other” is made of organizations, companies, institutions, creative people, and people in general. Culture is an indispensable concept in order to establish work processes that improve and transform society, multiplying the projects, increasing capacities and qualifying the projects and services of any organization. With such approach, On Procesos begins a new stage that coincides with the hasty transformations that are typical of this second decade of the XXI Century. Our aspiration is to support, intermediate and put together creative talents from different areas. It is impossible to give a concrete description, because we are not interested in that which is concrete, but in that which is complex, diverse, social, business oriented, public and private relations, what we call “pollution”.

These are our abilities: The notion of process is applicable to any area of society. In the case of the creative and cultural industries, it is an indispensable tool. The values of organizations and their “raison d'etre� depend, to a great extent, on the ability to manage internal processes and to project ideas and values. Process Designing is defined as the ability to create and facilitate processes in order to help a team of people achieve their goals, visions and values.

This is our specialty: Your company, your institution, your organization

This is what we can do for your organization or project: Design of cultural contents Planning, Design and management of cultural policies Strategic Plans related to the cultural field Managing procedure programmes Global communication Training and education Cultural Community Managers

This is our discourse: Urban regeneration through culture, cultural policies directed to the people, public and private support

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