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ON POINT HIGH POINT University FASHION & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE Volume 1 | Issue 1 December 2016 High Point, NC

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Haley Bossart & Caroline Bogrette


s Freshmen in college, we wanted to create a way to further our passion for fashion and lifestyle. As strategic communication majors, we found a way to expand our expertise in marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship. Our daily habits include flipping through the pages of Elle and Vogue, retrieving constant inspiration. After numerous meetings, we finalized our mission for On Point: For the chic, college student, searching for their ultimate fashion and lifestyle inspiration, On Point provides a fresh sense of style, health and entertainment working to capture one’s best self. Through this, we wish to motivate and inspire the community of High Point University as well as the surrounding areas.


aroline Bogrette, a strategic communications major from Philadelphia, PA with a passion for journalism and the fashion world. As a junior in high school, I curated my own blog, The Style Journal, to combine my love for writing and style. On Point Magazine has been my escape from the normal college life and I am looking forward to how successful it will become.


aley Bossart, a strategic communications major and entrepreneurship minor from Naples, FL with a passion to live a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. While in high school, I founded my personal blog, HaleyMorgan with a goal to inspire women all around the world to find their true and happy self through fashion, beauty & healthy living tips. As a yogi, meditation is my way to escape from the hectic world we live in, however, On Point is one of my new ways to find true happiness. Along with On Point, I star as the lifestyle correspondent for Let’s Talk HPU, I am involved in the Freshman Leadership Team as well as mentor a freshman in high school from my hometown. I hope to create my own magazine one day, after graduating, so On Point is my first step to surpassing my goals! I am so excited for the future of this magazine and hope everyone enjoys reading the articles and finding inspiration for their daily lives!


e want to thank our amazing team and for all that contribute to each issue. Our passion for On Point is beyond imagination and we are looking forward to the future.

2 Letter from the Editors

LETTER FROM THE editors & Remember “Always be happy, healthy and On Point.”

Table of Contents a very merry december Monthly Inspiration think, feel, & be on point. COVER story winter white fashion natural & neutral Holiday outfit ideas no gym? no problem! heaLth/wellness celebs give back lifestyle/entertainment

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THE STAFF EDITORS IN CHiEF Haley Bossart Caroline Bogrette

Executive Creative Director Kacey Ruben

Creative Director Sophia Brown

DESIGNERS Erika Esterline Mitch Rissmiller

Style Editors Abigail Hillerich Morgan Hirsch

Health & Wellness EDITOR Gina Figliozzi

Lifestyle & Entertainment EDITOR Julia Smith

Executive Photographer Niki Maragos

Photographers Jamie Robinson ERIKA TAN

Business Manager Matt Greezicki

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Burgundy Palette Kylie Cosmetics

A Very Merr

Gifts for the Guys


Ugly Christmas Sweaters

ry December

Using a basic sweater and a hot glue gun, be creative and make your very own ugly christmas sweater. Using things such as battery operated lights and soft felt cutouts makes your sweater unique. Get other decorations from your local craft store and have a party with your friends!

decorate your own


& l e e f , k thin W

hen you step onto High Point University’s campus you can’t help but be inspired to do extraordinary things. The beautifully maintained grounds, exquisite furniture, and continually running fountains provides a professional backdrop where every student on campus wants to begin their journey to the business world. And who said you have to be an upperclassman to do it? Freshman Haley Bossart and Caroline Bogrette believed that they could begin to leave their mark at High Point by founding the school’s first ever fashion and lifestyle magazine. For the chic, college student, searching for their ultimate fashion and lifestyle inspiration, On Point provides a fresh sense of style, health and entertainment working to capture one’s best self. We interviewed the founders to learn more about their personal style, interests, and hobbies giving you an exclusive look as to how they live their lives On Point.

. t n i o p n o e b

8 cover story

10 COVER story

Q: What inspires you in your day to day life? Haley: “What inspires me is knowing I’m helping people in a positive way.” Caroline: “Every day I like to go to Pinterest and read positive quotes that I will use throughout the day.”

Q: What is your greatest strength? Haley: “Empathy, I have the ability to take on others emotions, which can be good and bad at times. It helps me form a connection with them” Caroline: “I am a creative person so I try to see things from a very different viewpoint”

Q: What is your greatest weakness? Haley: “I like having leadership roles but sometimes I take on too much. It’s hard to work with others when it gets like that” Caroline: “I have trouble voicing my opinion in certain situations. My confidence isn’t always fully there.”

Q: What would you say will be the future of design? Or next trend we will be seeing soon? Haley: “The future will be very chic and mature, more of a city street style. I think we will get away from some of the preppy look and adapt to a different look.” Caroline: “Clothes for on the go girl. The Juicy Couture jump suit is coming back for example, it’s comfortable but fashionable for the business woman.”

Q: How do you destress or recollect your focus during hectic times? Haley: “Meditation” Caroline: “I usually try to sit outside and focus on relaxing by turning off my phone. At night I like to read a good book with a candle lit.”

Q: Personal health is very important to both of you. How do you maintain good health while balancing everything else taking place in your life? Haley: “For physical health I like to organize my meals and make sure I’m only eating whole foods and consuming the nutrients I need. Mentally I try to meditate everyday because that helps clear my mind and keep me focused.” Caroline: It’s definitely hard in the college environment but I try to mix it up. I know I need to watch the foods I eat so I like to go out and try new things. I use the plan of eating healthy on the week days and treating myself on the weekends. I also enjoy going outside a little every day because it is hard to have a set exercise schedule.”

Q: What is an accomplishment that you are most proud of? Haley: “Creating my own website because it helped me develop my personal brand and who I am as a person” Caroline: “My blog, its something that I can share with people. I can show all of my personal style in once place and it reflects who I am, which sets me apart from other people

Q: What fashion trend that you followed was very cool then, but now, looks ridiculous? Haley: “Sperry’s with everything. I used to be in a really preppy stage

where I wore Sperry’s everyday.” Caroline: “Crocs”

Q: What brings you happiness? Haley: “Knowing that I’m inspiring other people and when people say that I really made their day or made them smile” Caroline: “Making my family and close friends proud, it means a lot to me when I know that they’re proud of what I have done”

Q: What is your favorite quote? Haley: “She is clothed with strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future – proverbs 31:25” Caroline: “Better to be the one who smiled then the one who didn’t smile back – Unknown”

Q: If you could work as an assistant to anyone for a year who would you chose and why? Haley: “Sarah Jessica Parker, her motivated personality and her fashion sense is what I strive for.” Caroline: “Kendra Scott, I love what she does and her offices are for all working moms.” Written by:

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14 Monthly Fashion

plaid, boots, & sca rv es oh 16 Monthly Fashion


18 Holiday Outfit Ideas

‘tis the


20 Holiday Outfit Ideas

natural & neutral


No Gym? No Problem! The recommended amount of cardio for optimal heart health and a healthy waistline is 30 minutes a day. During the holidays, not all of us have time to devote to that drive to the gym! The good news? You don’t need to! Fitting in 3 ten-minute high intensity cardio circuits throughout the day will give you the same results as a continuous 30 minute cardio session, with the benefit of an after-burn to torch those calories. Do this circuit whenever you have ten minutes throughout the day!

Bicycle Crunches


Recipe Roundup Servings: 24 Serving Size: 1 Ball

No Bake Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Combine all ingredients and chill in the fridge for one hour. 1 ¾ Cup of Oats 1 Cup of all natural peanut butter (aim for ingredient list that includes only peanuts and salt) ⅓ Cup of Honey ¼ Cup of dark or semisweet mini chocolate chips *For a protein boost, add ¼ cup of all natural hemp or flax seeds*

22 health & wellness

Set your timer to one minute for each of the 5 exercises. Repeat circuit twice. Do this circuit 3 times a day.

Mountain Climbers Jump Squats

How To Eat Healthy During

the holiday season We’ve all been there; you get to the dining room table with an endless feast in front of you, and you lose all will power you set out with. This mentality always fails due to the fact that many of us go in thinking either, “I need to control myself, I can’t have ‘x’ food because it’s fattening, etc.” or, when we indulge in one thing that we deem ‘bad’ for us, we think, “Well, I just ruined my plan of trying to stay healthy, might as well

keep going”. The problem with both of these mentalities is, one, you CAN eat some unhealthy food, and two, just because you indulge in one ‘bad’ choice doesn’t mean you have ruined everything, and therefore you don’t have to make a whole day out of unhealthy eating!

1. Always start with vegetables or salad. 2. Watch your portion sizes 3. Take small breaks before going back for seconds. 4. Give yourself time to digest

Reflecting on twenty sixteen Before making your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017, first reflect on 2016! Have you completed 2016’s resolutions?...Do you remember what your resolutions were. Reflecting on your past year is crucial to make this New Year the best it can be. We all make mistakes but the key is to learn from them! Now, ask yourself: What do I need to improve on? This could pertain to relationships, time management, or mood. Have I been stressing too much on unimportant things? Do I need to make more time for myself and my health? Being in tune to your mind, body, needs, and wants will always set you up for success. Take this time to relax, reflect, and enjoy! health & wellness 23


N? W O T O T G N I M O ’S C


Be sure to check out some of your favorite artists as they take the stage right here in North Carolina! Pop singer JoJo is performing new music at The Ritz in Raleigh while everyone’s favorite country star, Cole Swindell, will be singing at Coyote Joe’s in Charlotte, NC.

JOJO | DEcember 6th | Raleigh, NC Cole SwindelL | DEcember 17th | charlotte, NC

take a moment to reflect.

As the Holidays draw near and the year comes to a close, take time for some much needed relaxation & rejuvenation.

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”

24 lifestyle/entertainment

~Alan Cohen

giv e CELEBRITIES back

Look to the stars this giving season! Check out how your favorite celebs spread the love this Holiday Season in collaboration with their favorite charities.

Emma Stone and


The talented British actress has partnered with UN Women’s gender equality campaign, HeForShe. The initiative hopes to bring about lasting change in women’s empowerment through the promotion of equal pay and gender inclusion. Want to get involved? Go to:

Lauren Conrad and

The Little Market The MTV star turned Fashion Designer recently founded The Little Market which connects artisans from every corner of the globe to an online shopping community. The Little Market’s fair trade products span from sweet smelling candles to super stylish tote bags. Check out the shop at:

Zendaya and

Convoy of Hope Young actress and triple threat, Zendaya, has partnered with this faith based humanitarian relief organization for many events, most recently for her 20th birthday in hopes of raising money for global women’s empowerment. Check out this great charity at

Miley Cyrus and

The Happy Hippie Created by the singer in 2014, the Happy Hippie Foundation benefits the LGBTQ+ community and youth in susceptible positions. Cyrus just launched it’s new Hopeful Hippie initiative, aimed at getting young people involved in social justice. Find out more here:

Haley Bossart

Caroline Bogrette

Kacey Ruben

Sophia Brown

Morgan Hirsch

Hometown: Naples, FL Major: Strategic Communications Favorite Brand: Hermès

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Major: Strategic Communications Favorite Brand: Joie

Hometown: Dumfries, VA Major: Communications: Electronic Media Favorite Brand: Michael Kors

Hometown: Miami, FL Hometown: Ripley, WV Major: Visual Merchandising Design Major: Psychology & Business Favorite Brand: ALEXIS Favorite Brand: Chanel

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meet the staff Scanned by CamScanner

Scanned by CamScanner

Scanned by CamScanner

Erika Esterline

Mitch Rissmiller

Abigail Hillerich

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA Major: Strategic Communications Favorite Brand: J. Crew

Hometown: Reading, PA Major: Strategic Communications Favorite Brand: Topman

Hometown: Louisville, KY Major: Communications: Journalism Favorite Brand: Chanel

Scanned by CamScanner

Scanned by CamScanner

Gina Figliozzi

Julia Smith

Hometown: Long Island, NY Major: Interior Design Favorite Brand: Free People

Hometown: Hollis, NH Hometown: Hanover, PA Hometown: Rochester, NY Major: Communications: Journalism Major: Communications: Journalism Major: Chemistry Favorite Brand: Urban Outfitters Favorite Brand: Free People Favorite Brand: Elie Saab

Niki Maragos

Erika Tan

Matt Greezicki Hometown: Harford, MD Major: Entrepreneurship Favorite Brand: Brooks Brothers

n an

Sc ed

A SPecial thank you to our Models for this month by

er nn

a Sc

m Ca

Scanned by CamScanner

Sophia Brown, Destiny Donahue, kirby guill, Abigail Hillerich, Morgan Hirsch, Elena Lewis, Elizabeth O’brien, Emmi Palenbaum & Andrew Trencheny Scanned by CamScanner



...from our family to yours. UNITED APPAREL

...from our family to yours.

336.882.2002 1108 North Main Street | High Point, NC, 27262

On ANY given night, more than 20,000 veterans lay homeless on the streets of AMERICA. With a system similar to TOMS, UNITED APPAREL 336.882.2002 offers a unique and personalized way to give back to veterans who are homeless. A purchase of a 1108 North Main Street | High Point, NC, 27262 trendy, high-quality t-shirt results in a donation card where customers write a note and select their desired donation item. UNITED APPAREL believes no veteran should be homeless -


Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality. Shawn Ashmore One University Parkway High Point, NC 27268 | (336) 841-9000

ON POINT | December 2016  

Volume 1, Issue 1 of On Point, Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine at High Point University

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