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SCENE ONE: OUTSIDE CINDERELLO'S HOUSE Enter the FAIRY GODMOTHER FAIRY: Hello, everyone! (She waits for the audience to answer) What?

I can't hear you.

Hello everyone! THE AUDIENCE: Hello! FAIRY: I'm the fairy godmother. (She shows her wand) This is my wand. It's magic. With this wand I can change day into night, paella into hamburgers. I can even change men into women! Can you see this house? A beautiful young man called Cinderello lives here with two ugly brothers, Albert and George. Let's look inside the house. (She waves her wand) Abracadabra – one – two – three! Open the door and let us see!

SCENE TWO: INSIDE CINDERELLO'S HOUSE There is a table and some chairs in the house. Cinderello is cleaning. Enter George.

GEORGE: Cinderello! Where is my breakfast? Cinderello gives George his breakfast. Enter Albert ALBERT: Cinderello! Where is my breakfast? Cinderello gives Albert his breakfast. GEORGE: You eat too much, Albert ALBERT: Oh no I don't GEORGE: Oh yes you do ALBERT: Well you drink too much GEORGE: Oh no I don't ALBERT: Oh yes you do GEORGE: Oh no I don't ALBERT: Oh yes you do! The man from the palace knocks at the door

ALBERT AND GEORGE: Who is it? Enter the man from the palace

MAN: Good morning, gentlemen. I have three letters for you from the palace ALBERT AND GEORGE: The palace! The man from the palace gives two of the letters to Albert and George. They open the letters.

ALBERT: It's an invitation GEORGE: From King Felipe and Queen Leticia! ALBERT: To a party on Saturday night! GEORGE: To celebrate the 21st birthday of King Felipe's daughter Princess Leonor! How exciting! ALBERT: Lots of girls! The man from the palace gives the letter to Cinderello.

MAN: There's an invitation for you too, Cinderello. ALBERT: What?!! GEORGE: It must be a mistake. Cinderello opens the letter.

CIND: Thank you. The man from the palae exits. Albert takes the letter from Cinderello and tears it up.

ALBERT: You can't go to the party. You've got too much work to do in the house. GEORGE: What can we wear! Let's go to Springfield and buy a party suit! ALBERT: What a good idea! Come on! George and Albert exit. Cinderello exits, crying.

SCENE THREE: THE PALACE King Felipe and Queen Leticia are talking to princess Leonor.

FELIPE: Leonor, my girl! LEONOR: Yes father? FELIPE: I've .. we've been thinking. You're going to be 21 on Saturday, aren't you? LEONOR: Yes, father. FELIPE: Yes … well … I think LETICIA: We think … it's time for you to … LEONOR: Yes, mother? FELIPE: Well … do you know any … young men? LEONOR: Men? LETICIA: Yes, men. LEONOR: Handsome, intelligent, young men? FELIPE: Oh dear! LETICIA: You see, William. One day you will be queen. FELIPE: And a queen needs a king LETICIA: Someone to love like I love your father. Felipe and Leticia look at each other with love in their eyes

LETICIA: We think it's the right time for you to get married. That is why we are having a party on Saturday. FELIPE: We are inviting all the young men in the country so that you can choose a husband. LEONOR: Yes, father. Yes, mother. Can I go now? Gran Hermano 25 is on television. LETICIA: Gran Hermano! My favourite programme. Let us go. They exit

SCENE 4: CINDERELLO'S HOUSE It is Saturday evening and Albert and George are preparing for the party.

GEORGE: Mmmm. I smell so lovely. Princess Leonor will want to dance with me all night. ALBERT: Don't be stupid. When she sees you she will want to be sick. When she sees me she will fall in love immediately. Anyway, you can't dance. GEORGE: Oh yes I can ALBERT: Oh no you can't GEORGE: Oh yes I can ALBERT: Anyway, I can speak more languages than you. GEORGE: Oh no you can't ALBERT: Oh yes I do. Oh come on, let's go. We'll be late. Goodbye Cinderello. Have a nice evening. Ha! Ha! The brothers exit. Cinderello is alone.

CIND: Oh dear. I wish I could go to the party. Now I have to stay at home with only the mice to talk to. Enter the Fairy Godmother.

FAIRY: Don't cry, Cinderello. CIND: Who are you? FAIRY: I'm your fairy godmother. I've come to help you. What's the matter? CIND: I'm so sad. My brothers have gone to the party at the palace and I can't go. FAIRY: Why not? CIND: I haven't got a suit... I haven't got any shoes. FAIRY: That's no problem. She waves her magic wand. Abracadabra! Look! Here's a fantastic outfit. Cinderello puts on the suit and shoes.

CIND: Oh thank you, fairy godmother. Thank you. Thank you FAIRY: I'm just doing my job. Now go but remember – the magic only lasts until midnight. At twelve o'clock you will return to how you were before. CIND: I'll remember. Goodbye. They exit


It's a pantomine based on the fairy tale Cinderella


It's a pantomine based on the fairy tale Cinderella