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Leisure Park Energy Special Report for UK Holiday and Home Parks (Relates to VAT on Static Caravans)

Your Right To Claim Climate Change Levy Exemption on LPG Instantly Reclaim Retrospective Tax By Adam Beckett Leisure Park Energy

Introduction At the time of writing, the recent proposed imposition of full rate VAT on static caravans is an emotive subject. There has been a backdown by the UK government, albeit a partial one. However HMRC has been making special allowances for years where Liquid Petroleum Gas for Holiday and Home Parks is concerned. Many park owners are unaware of this provision, even though this allowance can be reclaimed for up to four years retrospectively. Even some of the 'Big Six' energy companies are not supplying this information correctly to caravan park owners. Since I specialise in Energy Management for Caravan parks, I dig deeper.

Do you qualify? Are you being charged full rate of VAT on your LPG supplies? If you do not pay 5% VAT on your LPG bills there is a strong chance something is wrong: you will pay CCL on full rate of VAT, but if your are classed as a Mixed Use business, as most Holiday Parks are for example, you should be paying lower rate of VAT, thus exempting you from Climate Change Levy on your LPG supplies.

● Caravans, shower blocks and laundrettes for use of customers on site are classed as Domestic use for VAT purposes ● If these make up over 60% of your site, then your business LPG supply is 100% exempt from higher rate of VAT ● Being on the lower rate of VAT means the supply qualifies for Climate Change Levy Exemption ● You can reclaim CCL (at the time of writing around 0.57 pence per litre) for up to four years direct from your energy supplier

Is it worth claiming Climate Change Levy Exemption on LPG? Yes! Consider how many litres LPG have poured into your bulk tanks over the last four years – around half a penny per litre overpaid will add up significantly. How hard is it to claim? There are two short and simple forms to fill in, which I can supply. No complex calculations are necessary.

What to do now To find out more about the simple process and financial benefit and to obtain the application form, contact Adam Beckett at Leisure Park Energy on 0800 0836698 or email adam [at] Please note that I make no charge to your business and no direct profit from this exercise. You deal direct with your energy supply companies.

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VAT on static caravans  

VAT on static caravans in the UK governs climate change levy exemption for energy , in this case bulk LPG

VAT on static caravans  

VAT on static caravans in the UK governs climate change levy exemption for energy , in this case bulk LPG