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Easy Wager in College Football Betting When it comes to sports betting, many new players would like to begin by choosing what sports they are in to. But for some reasons they find it too complicated. But for some betting analyst they say that the best and the easiest sports betting to wager is college football. College football betting needs you not to be that expert bettor that you have to review what is happening around the league. Don’t have to analyze if this trade will affect the odds or not. While not inclining that there are no odds in college football, it is not that hard to understand. In the vastness of the internet, a starter can search for the latest odds about the team to wager on, for the football analyst has already done some analytical approach on which team is the underdog or not. In college football betting, all you have to do is to select a game to bet on, choose what options to choose. There are two easy systems to choose from, the point spread and over under. Remember in playing the point spread one must first distinguish which team is on the favorite side and which one is the underdog. Betting websites has their own sports book, they put (-) on favorites and a (+) for the underdogs. For example, Michigan State Spartans were visiting the Ohio State Buckeyes. There was little doubt Spartans was the better of the two teams and if all one had to do was to pick the winning team; nearly every bettor would have taken the Spartans. In this case, Spartans was installed as a 10 point favorite, which is commonly written as Spartans -10. Buckeye, the underdog, is commonly written as Buckeyes +10. If you bet the favorite, Spartans, they have to win by 11 points or more in order for you to win your bet. Remember, the Spartans are favored by 10 points, so we subtract 10 points from their final score for betting purposes. If Spartans were to win 24-13, their bettors would win their wager. If they were to win 23-14, the bettors would lose because they did not win by more than 10 points. If you bet the underdog, the Buckeyes, you win your bet if they win the game or if they lose by 9 points or less. Because the Buckeyes are the underdogs, we add 10 points to their final score for betting purposes.

If the favorites were to win the game by exactly 10 points, 24-14, it would be a tie or a push and all wagers are refunded to bettors. In over under, a novice College football betting wannabe would just have to choose if the combined score is over or under the “total” set by the website’s sports book. As example, the sports book set the total for “30”, if you bet on “over” the combined score of the games should be 31 and above for to win. Hence, if you bet as “under” total scores should be 29 or less to win.

Easy Wager in College Football Betting