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Spruce up the personality of your bed room with gorgeous bed covers that are available in online stores Did you until the mid of nineteenth century bed linens were painstakingly made at home in the Indian subcontinent? Housewives and elderly ladies, first of all used to shop for the best quality fabric available to make bed sheets. After that, wide bolts of fabric were cut and stitched together skillfully at home. Later on, beautiful intricate embroidery designs were created on soft cotton bed sheetsand these were either consumed at home or the household treasures were passed from mothers to daughters. With the passage of time, the household handmade bed sheets, pillow covers have got replaced with factorymade bed linen sets. In the recent times, finding ready to use comfortable cotton bed linen sets, luxury bed sheets and bed accessories for occasional use is quite easy. Ranging from bed items like single or double bed sheets, duvet cover, quilt, quilt covers, cushion covers and many more other bed adornments are available in physical stores and online stores. A wide spectrum of bed items exist in different shapes, sizes, colours, materials and designs that can breathe life into any style of bedroom setting. Be it modern, ethnic or country inspired, no matter what may be your theme of bedroom dĂŠcor, you can beautiful bed items to amplify the look of your bed room area. Strategically placed bed sheets can create illusion of bigger, rommy bedrooms even in small sized bed rooms. You can maintain the ambience of a well-organized, pleasing, spacious and comfortable bed room space by choosing the right bed accessories for your bed.

It is important for buyers to be creative and experimental while choosing and using bed sheets and accessories. You can give a sense of personality and drama to your room by buying bed sheets that are in-syn with the background wall colour and decoration theme of your room. You can enhance the dĂŠcor with comfortable and trendy bed sheets. These days distinct and unique colour combinations are being added in bed sheet designs to make them more appealing. Buyers can explore a whole medley of bedsheets with colourful stripes, abstract art designs, geometrical prints, floral design patterns, bed sheets sporting traditional motifs or bootis and many more. They are available in all price range on online shopping stores. While buying bed covers, one must pay attention to the quality and feel of the bed sheet. It entirely depends on the fiber the

fabric is made from. One must have a clear idea of the number of threads woven per inch. Look for a thread count of 150 to 200. Cotton bed sheets are ideal for hotter climates because the natural tendency of the fabric to cool. Fine fabric cotton sets can last for years or even decades. These sheets are easy to maintain and can be bleached for machine washed. If you are buying vintage bed covers in delicate fabric like net, silk or embroidered. You must handwash them with lot of care. Finally to conclude, we are living in technologically advanced times. These days, you don’t have a make bed sheets at home. Buyers can get elegant, classy and fashionable bed sheets and other bed accessories at fair prices through online stores. Remember to read the product information carefully before buying bed covers online.There are few reliable stores which give you value for your hard earned money. Source :-

Gorgeous bed covers that are available in online stores