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White Women and Black Men - Richard & Kerri – California, US Her White Dress Wowed Him “Hello, and thanks,” Richard wrote to open his email to us. “I’m so happy to tell you about a wonderful experience I am having.” We love to hear how our members have made meaningful connections on our site, so we read on with interest. Here is his story… White women Black men Richard hails from Sacramento, but there was a woman in Los Angeles whose profile spoke to him. Kerri was wearing a white dress that stopped his search in its tracks. Reading further, he realized that this attraction was more than skin-deep. “I wanted to use your site so I could find the type of woman I was looking for,” Richard says. “Kerri fits my exact preference in a woman.” White women Black men

Richard contacted Kerri and their courtship online was as smooth as silk. “She stood out from the rest because she is just as intelligent as she is gorgeous,” Richard says. Fortunately, he was as attractive to Kerri as she was to him. White women Black men. It wasn’t too long before Richard hopped a flight to Los Angeles to meet Kerri. They went straight from the airport to Black Angus Steakhouse for their first date. “My first impression of her was ‘wow!’” reports Richard. “Now, this woman’s got some class.” Currently, the couple is “doing the long-distance thing” and making plans to live together before too long. Richard has asked his employers for a transfer and if it’s denied, he will start looking for work in the City of Angels. For these two, it’s not if, but when! White women Black men . We asked Richard what makes Kerri so special to him. “She understands me, and we click,” he replies. “I look forward to many years of excitement and joy with her. Once again, thank you for hooking me up big time!” White women Black men . We hope that we can do the same for YOU, and soon. For More Details Visit:

White Women And Black Men -Interracial dating