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Is it true White men don’t find Black women attractive?

Black dating! Is there anything more controversial than this? There is always something there. Black men dating Black women, Black men not dating Black women, people raving about Black men leaving Black women for women of other races; especially when it’s white women, Black men calling Black women sell-outs for dating out. Sometimes you wonder why people and the media get so obsessed about this particular community; and here I am. Obsessed just like the rest of them.

The other day, I was reading this article on Black dating and their relationships and there was a mention of an internet dating study which, according to the results, revealed Black women to be the most ‘undesired’ race online. As in according to this study, majority of White men online who date interracially seemed to contact Latinas and Asians more than they did contact Black women. And most Black men approached white women more too. Someone else also complained about this. This woman said even when it came down to those non-black men who were interested in black dating; the ones that get picked are those who are fair skinned. So this makes me wonder: Do men of other races prefer to date the Latinas and Asian women just because their skin is much lighter than that of majority of Black women? Is it the color that brings an issue? There may be some truth to the whole internet study. At the same time, it maybe just a coincidence that the men who are registered on dating sites seemed to prefer dating nonblack women. Looking at success stories, there are very many Black women who have found love on the site… even the dark ones. So does this mean that these ones are more special? I don’t think so. These are the women who don’t let what people are saying stand in their way of love. I think with Black dating, there will always be a story. Plus even if more non-black women get approached by majority of non-black men, what about the minority? Statistics shouldn’t make Black women lose hope in love because there is a large pool of men on the internet who find Black women so appealing… and some of these men are White. So

it’s all about a person’s preference and the reason for these preferences could be anything. And with an open mind, it’s only a matter of time before the two of you meet.

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