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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives A Comparison of Life Today and Life in the Yesteryears


The Advent of Technology 

Technology is an ever changing and growing field which has brought about several changes to our lives.

From purely manual labor to technology assisted tools – the world has seen major overhauling over the past years.

Most of the changes are attributed to the development of computers and the internet.

Changes in electronic products have also reduced redundancy in our efforts.

Benefits of Technology 

Technology has provided immense benefits across many sectors including business, education, communication, social activity, healthcare and many more.

It has greatly reduced manual effort and has provided automation for a majority of the processes.

It has also increased the speed and accuracy of results along with being capable of processing huge amounts of data in relatively less time.

Instant access to information is made possible with technology.

Impact of Technology in Education

Traditional Learning Methods

The “Tech” Approach

Impact of Technology in Healthcare

Traditional Treatment

Modern Treatment

Impact of Technology in Business

Traditional Work Environment

Modern Work Environment

Impact of Technology in Communication

Traditional Communication Methods

Modern Communication Methods

Impact of Technology in Finance

Traditional Trading Methods

Modern Trading Methods

Robotic Trading Systems ď ľ

When technology has changed our lifestyle and approach to a lot of things, then why not use it for financial investments also.

ď ľ

You will get complete peace of mind and would be relieved from calculating huge amounts of data.

ď ľ

Trading robots place orders almost instantly whenever the conditions are fulfilled. This gives you greater chance for grabbing a profitable opportunity.

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