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Family Resource and Safety Centers By Lori M. Myers

The needs of and caring for families also extends to patients’ siblings, who must deal with their own Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital reaches out to challenges. With that in mind, the Family Resource entire families, from admission to discharge. In order to Center includes a sibling play area with planned activities enhance its services, the facility has created a warm, for siblings of patients. There are also private rooms for inviting place inside with its new Penn State Hershey family meetings if needed. Family Resource The Family Center. Families, Resource Center patients, and is partnering with visitors can take the Lois High a break from the Berstler patient’s bedside Community and obtain Health Library, information located on the about services, East Campus of programs, and Penn State resources Hershey Medical available within Center, for the Children’s specific medical Hospital and the information. community. Included “Computers along with the are available for Family Resource families and Center will be visitors to stay in the Penn State touch with their Hershey Safety loved ones, as Center, both well as stay located near the connected to main entrance of their workplace the new Penn if necessary,” says State Hershey Debbi Fuhrer, Children’s family-centered Hospital. This Susan Rzucidlo, MSN, RN, pediatric trauma and injury prevention care coordinator. location provides program manager, and Debbi Fuhrer, family-centered care coordinator. Resources at high visibility to the Family everyone who Resource Center enters and exits. are divided into three main categories: hospitality (where Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability to to eat, where to stay, local attractions, etc.); hospital Pennsylvanians ages 1 to 44 years. And injury prevention services (description of each support service and how to efforts at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital have get in contact with them); and clinical information (top been expanding since 1995. Its success has resulted in a five diagnoses for each pediatric service and reputable decrease of admissions of injured children to the intensive websites recommended by physicians). care unit and rehabilitation.


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