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Impact of

 The internet has become fundamental and essential

part of our life now a day.

 Several people rely on the internet to perform their

work and to communicate with others through social networking.

 Simply speaking people cannot even think to live

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Why SocIal medIa IS So Important  Having said that there are roughly 4 billion people

(making more than60% of the world’s population) has access to the internet in any way, shape, or form on a regular basis.

 Google, Face book, etc the leading technology

companies, identify and want to bring these 4 billion people “out of the dark” into the world of internet.

 It will not only generate billions of dollars in untapped

revenue for these companies but also it will produce unlimited social benefits. In such a situation, you need someone reliable to achieve certain goals, and here the online marketing services in Dominic Republic , we offer the best services.

GooGle and face book: maIn playerS 

Google and Face book, the technology companies are investing millions of dollars in research and development to get the people involved in internet and takes it on a global scale.

The results produced by this research uncovered interesting facts about the hidden problems.

According to this research, ‘connectivity is very low in the regions of Southeast Asia, Africa and some areas of the Middle East and Central America.

 However it is not surprising. What is surprising is the reality

that people usually don’t consider internet profitable.

 A former senior director of emerging markets at Google

named Ann Mei Chang suggests, ‘“There are several people who could technically access the Web but are not”.

 According to a similar research conducted by Face book, CEO

Mark Zuckerberg says, ‘There is need of an economic structure and new technology to connect everybody to WEB. Despite, it’s all about content and awareness.”

Both Face book and Google have projects in

pipeline to grow the access of internet to people in a large number, even if they wanted to. Loon is a Google’s project in which high altitude balloons are used to provide internet connection from the sky.

There is another quite similar project of Face

book, but is planning to use solar powered drones instead of balloons.

fInal thouGht  In conclusion, social gain is much higher than economic gain

when billions of more people will connect to the internet.

 Obviously, new cutting edge technology will be required to

connect these people.

 Also, knowledge, understanding, information and awareness

about internet and its utility should be spread rapidly.

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Basic Principles of Internet & Social Media  

The internet & social media has become fundamental and essential part of our life now a day. To get the best smo services in Dominic Republi...