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For online industries, using affiliate marketing is simply one of the hosts of advertising opportunities. Classic offline advertising such as sponsorship of events and individuals, magazine ads, newspaper ads, billboards and television or radio can produce results, but the only problem is they are often costly. That is why some companies like to look at other alternatives of advertising their products, and they utilize that of affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing program is a very cleverly conceived advertising system which utilizes all the possibilities made available by the Internet. As opposed to traditional advertising where companies pay subsidiary company money to advertise their brand in a bulk up front payment, affiliates work on a sort of reward or commission-based level. Because of the way the industry functions, there is absolutely no need for either the affiliate or the advertising site to pay money up front which benefits both parties. The fact that no money changes hands until a new client or customer is generated benefits both parties since the bonus is on the affiliate to provide results for the commissioned advertising. Although a lot of industries have tried their hand on the affiliate marketing style of advertising, only a few have been successful when it comes to online poker. By simply distributing ads throughout a plethora of sites all at less or no cost, the poker industry has been able to infiltrate a number of websites, and has therefore developed an increased awareness. Unlike the other online industries, poker doesn’t really have a recognized offline equivalent since the game of poker is mainly played by professionals behind closed doors or in large casinos or between groups of friends around a table. Therefore, it‘s far more necessary to promote not only the sites, but also the game of online pokeras a powerful and exciting gambling medium. Only a percentage is what affiliates receive from poker sites. Sometimes they reach

up to 35% of the money generated by players that join through the links placed on their sites. So with each player, they can hope to earn regularly, no matter how small the income. Affiliates have to promote their sites and whereabouts in order to earn big time. Promoting themselves is a must, making it quite challenging as well.

Affiliate Programs Used to Boost the Online Poker Room Business