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When you own a complex piece of machinery, like a Breitling watch, there will maintenance issues that will come up. This is a highly engineered timepiece, with a lot of moving parts that require regular care to last. Let's talk about the issues you may encounter and what to expect from Breitling in response. First let's discuss preventative measures you can take, as well as the thing you don't need to concern yourself with. Many people wonder if they can over wind their Breitling? Not possible, Breitling has equipped their mechanical watches with a special mechanism that will protect you from damaging your timepiece, through over winding. They have taken this worry in to account. It takes approximately 40 clockwise turns to completely wind your Breitling, if it has come to a stop. Of course, if you own a self-winding model, there is never a need to wind by hand. If you have a battery operated model, the battery life will be anywhere from 2 years, up to 8. This will depend much on what you do with your Breitling. Which of the Breitling features you use, and what model of movement you own will determine your battery life. Another consumer concern may be the water resistance of your Breitling. There are many Breitling models that are water tight. Some can even withstand incredible depths of as much as 6000 feet! But, it's wise to know that not all Breitlings are this submersible. The Navitimer Collection, for example, is not water tight. Do not swim in these models. Be sure to check your owners manual, for your particular model. One thing that might perplex you, will be if you hear a strange noise, or feel an unusual vibration in your Breitling watch. This can happen for, at least two reasons. First, if the model you own is made with a Calibre 13 Breitling movement, the vibration may be totally benign, and caused by a surge of energy within the mechanism. The sudden or forceful movement by your hand can result in this surge from the internal rotor, causing this noise and subsequent vibration. If, on the other hand you don't own a Breitling model with this particular Calibre 13 movement, you might have another issue, altogether. This would be the time to send your Breitling in for assessment and evaluation. Service on Breitling watches isn't inexpensive, but it is an investment in the future of your timepiece. Taking good care with your Breitling will help it to perform for you, for years to come.

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==== ==== Breitling watches are an investment to enjoy by the professional. Find the Breitling Watch of your Dreams. Grab this Link: ==== ====

Breitling Watches Last With Proper Care