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Confessions of a Shopaholic: A Manual on the Novel by S. Kinsella Worksheet 5, Chapter 5 Topic: Learning to save Introduction: Summarize the content of the chapter. Talk about the main themes and new characters whom you have encountered in this chapter. Include your description of these characters and talk about some humorous moments. Vocabulary: translate the following words/expressions and note the context in which they were used Frugality

Advantage points

Legitimate/ legitimately

Stocks limited

To unclutter

Take-away (of food at some restaurants) Rigorous


Aubergine (color)

To be petrified

To itemize

To curtail

To act on smth

To flush (a flush)

A flask

To bear in mind

A bargaining tool

To fleece smb

To restrain oneself

In the grand scheme of things Transparency

A staple (to scrimp on staples) to add up/to subtract


To succumb to smth

Content Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

How successful has Rebecca been so far in trying to be frugal? How does she justify her more expensive purchases in this chapter? Why does Rebecca have to go to the Image Store? What was Rebecca’s reaction to Elly’s new job prospect? What was so shocking and depressing about Rebecca’s expenditure list at the end of the day?

Discussion Questions: 1. The chapter mentions some ways in which people can save. If you decided to save a little money every week, what changes to your budget would you make and how would you save? 2. What do you know about “advantage points” programs? How much do they save or do you think they are a scam? Explain. 3. Try taking notes of your expenses for a few days. Share what you have learned about your shopping habits/preferences.

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