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MY BRAND STORY Mads Fischer Online Marketing

I live in

Copenhagen Denmark

No geographical sphere I am here now

Where I can end up in 2012

I can help you in these areas WHOM



Online Marketing skills (1-10)







Broad competences – Sales Manager

ProContractors focus on the ecommerce platform, Magento. Growth from 4 employees to 16, during my employment. October 2010 – September 2011

• SMB Sales responsible • B2B Sale • Client Management • Price and Branding strategy • Ecommerce/ Online Marketing consultancy • Project Management webshop implementation

• Course speaking @ webshop/Online Marketing start up courses

Broad competences – Sponsorship Manager • Sponsorship Management

• Sponsorship Strategy • Sponsorship Sales • Contractual development Sailors <– >Association <–> Sponsors Danish Sailing Association is the main organisation for sailing in Denmark. Representing leisure to elite sailors

• Consultancy Head sponsor TORM + Individual sailors

• Project Management TORM sponsorship activation

February 2009 – September 2010

• Responsible for all exposure material Clothes, stickers, photo arrangement

Broad competences – Account Manager • New division start up Sponsorship, event, branded content

• B2B Sales • Conceptual development Hyundai Mindshare is a Media Communication agency in the WPP Group. March 2008 – January 2009

• Consultancy Danish Sailing Association FORD Motor

• Project management of event/guerilla marketing Ford Fiesta Release, 3Mobile

Broad competences – Project Manager • Sponsorship consultancy Tele2

• Event Project Management Lauritz Knudsen, Peugeot, Tele2

•Activation idea book Denmark’s oldest sponsorship consultant agency. Part of Aegis Media/ CARAT Media communication January 2007 – February 2008


• Sponsorship analysis • Sponsorship articles for newsletter • Update homepage

Dealed with clients likeâ&#x20AC;Ś

Sum up of professional competences

B2B Sales

Project Management

Strategic development

Online marketing insight

Idea and Business development

Strong co-operating skills (Internal & External)

The way I work is…

Some of it based from lessons learned

HHX - 1999

Market Economist - 2004

HD(A) - 2006

Supplemented with courses Appointment Setting

Business Coach • Leadership development • Stress management • Motivation management • Career Development •Working and private balance

• Presentation • Action plan • Attitudes setting • Effective communication • Objection treatment • Meeting confirmation

Sales Training • Planning in sales work

• The start • Analysis and questioning • Presentation skills • Objection treatment • Order confirmation • Follow up on the agreement

Online Marketing

• Strategic planning • SEO optimization • Adwords and Facebook Ads • Use of social media and blogs • Plan, execute, analyze e-mail campaigns • Measurement, analysis of web traffic

..and autodidact IT skills from 1-10 (user profile)







I am unique in my own way

Best way to illustrate… although I’m not that much into smileys 

My network says ...a positive, happy and energetic person. Moreover, as someone who is very outgoing and relate well with different personalities. Mads is smiling and weights humour in his everyday tone. Last but not least, he has a listening approach to your fellow man.

Jacob Kirk Colleague & friend

Mads is the clients' best friend, always willing to do that little extra. He doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sell sand in the dessert, but through developing a relationship of trust between the clients and him.

Morten KjĂŚrhus Childhood friend

He is a good sparring partner regarding where and how to focus, as well in business as to personal questions.



For more informationâ&#x20AC;Ś

+45 29922823

Brand Story - Mads Fischer  
Brand Story - Mads Fischer  

The resume/brand story of my brand