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ZoĂŠ Peterson

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Poetic Spotlight The Prayer of a Believing Heart Lord you have searched me and I know you can see, That my heart is as clean as it can be, I can’t lie or pretend that people won’t see, That my love for you is so free I wish I could share it with all of humanity I wish I could erase the years of the days when I made you unhappy So I could be a site of your glory I would use my words to set your people free And use my gifts to tell your story I would be like David when he thought he was unworthy and ask for your protect against my enemies, I can say that such knowledge is so wonderful to me, that I will treat it with top security, Even there shall your hands guide me and your right hand will hold me and all my mountains be removed for clarity I see all these things because I am wonderfully created by thee I am living a gift that I will share with out fear or despair it will open a new page creating history!!! Written By Danelle Howard

Dr Marc Lamarre

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GETTING TO CLOSE TO A RAPPER Written by Danelle Howard

Hello readers I have to take a min of your time to tell you a story, about a divorced 28yr old woman who had what I thought was the pleasure of meet a young rapper from Fort Myer Florida. I had been in contact with this nameless man many times on the internet and I must say that he was interesting to me, so when the opportunity came along for us to meet face to face I was very pleased.

lead person in a relationship. As I jump in his modest car and began our date, He started by asking me question about my goals and dreams, “and he listened and shared his insight about me field�. Then he began to talk about himself. He told me that it was very hard to fine a woman he could trust that is why he was still single.

He talked about his music and played his tracked that were coming out this year. I can remember the passion in his voice as he sang his hook line for a song he had written for Keysha Cole. Everything about the song was nice ,c it was sweet and it must have meant a lot to him, I drove to Pembroke because he kept holding my Pines to meet him and when I hand and looking at me weird. pulled up his hug was as warm as his voice when he He decides to show me greeted me. He let me know where he makes his magic that he was in full control happen. As we arrive at the when he asked me to park my gated studio equipped with it car and ride with him, which I own night guard, we hop out had no problem with because of his ride, bottle in hand for a I was tried of always being the 18


little more conversation. All the talking a hugging was great, I had not met a man so in touch with himself in many years since I decide that after 8yrs of marriage and three kids later I needed some me time. Before I knew it hours had gone by and now it was time to leave the studio and move on to the next location.

and I like opportunity so I let nature and my animal sides take action. I was sad to know that there was no passion in his bed just selfish sex, so when he asked me to stay I had to turn him down. I told him I need to get back to my kids ,but really I still had the energy of a 18yr old basketball player, if you know what I mean, and at seven am I said We ended up at the golf my goodbyes as he walks me course in Pembroke Pines out to my car kisses me and where he was staying while in says, “You know I want to see south broward. I thought this you again.” Thinking of his is great a business man like feeling I agree and smile walkme, space between us so we ing away. I already was don’t get on each other nerves unsure of the way that would and both of us know what we play out. want. All the more reason to check out the rest of his skills, I get in my car and proso he opens the door to this ceed with my day. My morning very nice room, and we get had already begun when I left rapped around each other on his place, and knowing that I the couch for some cuddle would not have time to sleep, I time, the only thing going grab two red bulls and get through my mind was I hope going. Still charge up, I head all that passion he has in his into 24hr fitness for my workmusic comes out in the bed. out and instead of a 60 minOk ladies I know it was soon utes day I did a double, that for that but two years alone still was not enough so I does something to your body, decide to give Mr. nameless 20

All Deferent Size Ads


R E L A T I O N S H I P S another shot. My gym was five minutes away from where he was staying so I figure one stop before I take that long ride back to my house. I pull up at his place, walk up to the door and knock, he opens the door still in his underwear, and when the door opens he was pissed. He starts to go off and said, “Man I told you I need my sleep! That’s why I don’t let people know where I live or I would get this all day. I mean you can come in and sleep with me,but you better not make any noise cause I need it quiet.” I didn’t know what to say, and I knew I could not just sleep. I had two red bulls and the gym, so I turned down the offer to sleep with him and told him to call me later. It was a little weird the way things had went down, but he did say he was not a morning person, so I left that alone. Around three o clock he call me on the phone saying he was sorry but he did warn me,and he even makes a joke about his mom waking him up one time and the way that he acted out she would not speak to him for weeks!! That phone call did make me fill better and I agree to see 22

him when he leaves the studio, but with 24hr of no sleep by 9pm I was asleep for the night. I woke up the next day rested and ready. I pick up my phone and see 11 missed calls, “wow!” all him from both his numbers he must have been thinking I blew him off. I didn’t know if I wanted to call him back or not, but anyone who calls that many times needs a call back.I Take a deep breath ,dialing his number and I wait for his voice, here we go again he’s mad. By now that was getting old! “I’m thinking come on you’re 27 stop acting like a baby”. I try to get in the words I’m sorry I missed all those calls but I needed to sleep, but I don’t think he even heard what I said, because he just kept going. The more he talked the more I knew that I had gotten to close to him. He was now treating me like his woman who had been with him for years, and that was something I could not deal with. So I nicely sent him one final email saying goodbye, and in that email I send him a little life warning that if he treats people that way they will soon all be gone and the only ones left

around him will be just like him, that could end badly. With no hard feeling I end our game of cat and mouse. Even though I was unpleased by his behavior I took that as a new dating rule, know what you’re getting into before you do!!! I thought he knew that I was a diamond, I was wrong!! I was giving him way too much credit and thinking he understood he never really did. Thank You Mr. Nameless a lesson well learned.

SFL&E wants to hear from you about this matter. What do you think went wrong? Can a rapper love a traditional woman not in the business? Do rappers know when a woman is not a groupie? Are women wrong for wanting to fulfill there own needs? Tell us what you think about this article!!! Send email replies to Top five best letters will be published in next month’s issue.


12 Questions Men & Women Want to Know 24

Ladies and Gentes have you ever wonder why the opposite sex does the things they do,” Well SFL&E Magazine was also interested in finding out too” so, we did a little digging into the minds of our significant others, friends and acquaintances, to get some questions and answers and see what makes the opposite sex tick! By: Zoe Peterson Why Do Guys…

Why Do Girls…

Q.) Why do guys find it so hard to say “I Love You”? A.) Ladies, guys are not emotional beings. They find it hard to utter those three little words. Its not that they don’t love you, there just scared. Scared to let there guard down; scared to look like there soft in front of their peers.

Q.) Why do girls give a wrong number instead of simply saying NO? A.) Guys do not know the meaning of the word NO. To get rid of them, a girl will often give a fake number just to get them off her back!

Q.) Why do guys prefer to have friends with benefits, instead of being in a relationship? A.) Guys find it easier when there are no strings attached. They want the best of both worlds, that way if the lady is caught with someone else they can say oh we were just friends.

Q.) When on a date, why do girls order the most expensive thing on the menu? A.) A girl wants to see what you’re working with! They often want to find out how much you would be willing to spend on them or how much you really like them.

Q.) Why do guys think they are allowed to follow us around the club simply because they paid for a drink? A.) Ladies, if a guy follows you around the club; it simply means that guy is desperate or in some cases they think you easy to take home “CAN YOU SAY ONE NIGHT STAND” Q.) Why do guys think women are inferior in the business world? A.) Guys believe they run the world and we just live in it, but if they stop to think about it behind every great man in business is a great female. Q.) Why do guys fear commitment? A.) Guys fear the unknown. They don’t know the happiness a real marriage brings; they just hear the words forever. Guys are at times curious about having one woman forever but at times they are very unsure about the one for them. “I mean come on it is a big deal to spend the rest of their life with someone”. Q.) Why do guys get bitter towards a girl when they tell them “you’re not my type”? A.) A guy doesn’t want to be around a girl that’s going to lower their confidence. Most guys holler at a girl to get with them because they believe that that woman is sexy or hot take your pick, Men don’t like to get shot down by there ideal girl that’s what brings the bitter on. After that there is no longer a point of interest they pick up there pride and move on to the next.

Q.) Why do you see the prettiest girls “dime pieces”, go out with the most grungy, bad looking, “I mean Oh gosh he is so ugly” kind of guys? A.) Well it’s simple. They pay more attention to a girl and less attention on themselves. They are more mindful of a woman and there feeling they understand the concept of opening doors and buying flowers Q.)Why do girls judge guys by their cars? A.)Guys, many girls are vane. They can’t help it! To them, your car reflects the type of spending you do and they want to look good riding with there man. Q.) Why do girls force a confession out of you, when they already have all the proof that you cheated? A.) A girl wants to see the look on a guys face when she tell him she already know what has been going on “and its because she set it all up (ha ha ha just kidding) no the real reason is It makes us feel better when we are right, and the look of discuss on the guys face when he accepts that we are right is priceless. Q.) Why do girls dislike the very girl they try to be like? A.) Girls are often in competition with each other. We often want what the other lady has instead of earning the glory for our self's. Never once do we think of the hard work that was put into get the lifestyle we rather steal it from someone else. “STOP HATING ,LADIES !”




Age: 25 Race: African American Favorite place to visit: Islands Of Adventure Favorite Color: Well I have more than one fav. And some of those colors I love to wear would be black, red, grey, white and brown. What do you do in your free time: I like to go bowling, movies, parties, and the beach at night, clubs, and spend time with my friends and family. How long have you been a model: Off and on for about a year or two, but I

don’t consider myself to be a professional model yet. What are your goals for your life: I’ve reached one of my goals which was to start my own business. And with the help of my family I’ve started my own business, the name of the company is called Spa-Tainment which deals with spa parties. Some other goals would be to become a well know actor/model and to be successful at everything I do.

What do people say is your best asset: My smile and my ability to make people laugh favor part of the body: I’m a breast man lol Ideal dream girl: Besides Halle Berry!!! I really like a girl that’s funny, not all about money, FAITHFUL!!, knows what she wants out of life, stays in shape, affectionate, and freaky. Are you single or involved: I’m Taken sorry ladies











Written By Danelle Howard

the family label that him and his 31 year old cousin started SFL&E had the pleasure of interviewing South Florida’s Very own Hialeah kid Flawless as he breaks down the history of hip hop for him! Flawless Explains that hip hop Claimed his life back when he was young kid watching his cousins make mix tapes, they were always into music as they track themselves back to the day of cassettes and break dancing. He has great memories of the block parties to that his sister would take him to so he could flex his style and build himself into what we see today. the now 26 year old artist says that those days added greatly to his old school flavor, which did not change but evolved. Flawless is alse a big fanof his family and that is shown through 28


together. He says that he always wanted his music to be something that his whole family will want to listen to, he is quoted saying you know that younger kids are always looking at you and you don’t want your ma to be beating you down about the message you bring to them so make the music mean something to everyone!

The label is only the tip of the ice in sight for two young men who already have moved themselves into marketing and fashion. They have there own shirt Line which you will always see them wearing at there shows. That is how I found them a the rap battle in downtown Miami.The Fearless Flawless stays true to himself and his family by not taking all the credit for his work, and I notice that the more he talks the more he has to say about the many artist that have helped him along the way which proves that he is a humble man with a passion for his music. This young man has

made his plan to let the flawless legacy be known around the globe, and defiantly make a mark here in South Florida. His last words are, “There’s always room for like minds around me at all times, and love what I do it takes hard work, drive and determination, you can’t go wrong with that. I always dreamed of being a Hip- Hop artist and I stuck with it, I didn’t let people decide my life for me that kept me all the way through.” SFL&E thanks a very inspiring artist for showing his skills!




Show some love to this native Brooklyn Boy down here in south Florida. DJ Smiley of Crowd Pleaser Entertainment creates tracks for every crowd! This young man is one apple that didn’t fall far from the tree, He’s taking over the music were his producer father left off, he explains that he had no choice but to love music

because it was always around him. Smiles experience began back in high School were he would spin records it gave him what he needed to keep going all the way to his radio program in Ft. Lauderdale 95.9 each and every Saturday from 5pm to 8pm.

Café. This Hip Hop/ Reggae mix man plans on dropping his mix tape this year, so look for big things from him. Check out Hype man DJ Smiley around town SFL&E ThankS You!! SEE YOU AT THE PARTY!!

DJ Smiles movement began when he was young but continued on to college. He is highly saturated thruout south Florida’s main colleges. Mr. Smiley also proves he is grown and sexy by keeping the bodies shaking in Downtown Hollywood’s Ginger Bay 31

With today’s market every business is very different, we all have a need to find new clients with bigger and brighter ideas. This company has a track record to fit the trends, with varies voice styles to fit the need of the public. They are backed by all the major radio station and adored by the nightlife crowd. A family owned business gives them the edge to complete their style. They have taken their business to the next level by offering training to the young minds that walk into there office. With that step they are now looking for capital funding. If you believe in the future of radio and can assist a growing company contact the Kommercial Kings and make a bright new start for someone in your community today.


WE LCOME TO TODAY’S RISING CEO BATCHLOR MAGAZINE CEO Curtis Bachelor DOB 9-11-80 In a time of unbelievable trauma there was an unbelievable birth. As the towers came down, that story ended and his life began. We acknowledge both, were there is an end there is a beginning! Mr. Bachelor is standing alone as he pushes forward with his magazine. President of SFL&E has a sit down with Curtis Bachelor. Just to get an ideas of the type of man he is I ask him what he preferred to be called during an interview, he answers with a laid back response of just call me Curtis. That showed me that he was down to earth and had a natural love for people. I guess you are wondering how I got all that from an answer right! Well He was business casual dress code, which means I don’t have to impress you just always interested in networking. I put those two things together and got Mr. laid back himself. Jumping into the interview I sit back and allow Mr. Bachelor to be himself. I ask him why he chose the phrase NOT ANOTHER MAGAZINE ITS A WAY OF LIFE. He explains that it has many meaning but the main one is because he works on the magazine everyday and he really likes what he does so it is not a job for him but his life. The second part of it is the link to his publishing

company’s family connection, and from a glaze at the content page I see the bachelor name all over it! Curtis refers to it as keeping it all in the family, and I refer to it as a good way to spend time with the people you love. I really enjoy the ideas of developing your family from the inside so you have strong foundation on the outside, which is what they do when they travel together and build what we see as art work. After a few drinks I move to the second part of our interview as he explains a bumpy first year but proves he only gets better with time. Curtis sees forward motion and expansion for his family team as he keeps to the market trends. He tell me about his back ground in marketing as he travel around the globe for many years working in the industry before he started his own magazine, that gave him creditability in his field and a great track record so he only needed to take the next step. Now that we are both warmed up I decide to get some questions for the ladies since this is a handsome man I know we want to hear if he is single. Yes he is. Curtis is one of the few who still describe himself as traditional. In his own words I really like to take my time and get to know the person. Curtis also says that single life gives him the time to know himself so he has no


trouble making the right choices when it comes to matters of the heart. He is open to accepting his soul mate and hopes for a family of his own one day, but until then he just enjoys having fun with family and there children. He is not in any rush to start his family but hopes to find Ms Right soon. As we conclude our interview he shows his

truly genuine side by insisting to pay for our evening, opening the door for me and even offers to walk me to my car. I can say ladies I was impressed with this young man style and expect to see this star in the sky. Thank You Curtis for a great interview Written by Danelle Howard

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