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The Markers in Bingo So, what do you call those sticks in different colors to mark the numbers on the bingo cards? They are called bingo daubers, bingo markers, bingo dobbers; they are all one and the same. I’m sure you know about it, and an avid bingo player knows that this is a very essential tool in the game of bingo. These sticks or daubers are ink-filled bottles or pens with a foam tip, and they are used to mark the called out numbers. When you touch the bingo card with the foam tip, it leaves the ink on the number, therefore marking it! There are a lot of variations of these sticks, and a bingo player will never be caught dead without one! The most common ink dauber colors are normal ones like blue, yellow, red and pink. These colors are very common and can be seen everywhere. But when one takes a closer look, you will find something most interesting. To other avid players, these daubers have become collectibles, and there are a number of players who collect them like stamps! Uncle Sam daubers are sure to bring out your patriotic side or you can go trendy with fluorescent or glitter online bingo daubers! Some of the most interesting bingo daubers like the special ones are done for the ladies. There are “Romeo” bingo daubers. This dauber is packed with a Speedo bathing suit, tattoo and ponytail! Other great bingo daubers are for holidays and seasonal bingo daubers. Buy a dauber that has a Christmas theme or even an Easter theme. You can go gaga over the number of daubers available, and this can simply add joy to your bingo tips experience. A trend that has surged in popularity today is the online auctions of bingo daubers. Some collector’s bingo tips daubers are for sale at surprisingly high prices! For collectibles, the scarcity of the item has a great influence to the price. Most people are superstitious, so sometimes they believe winning depends on the daubers they’re holding. In any case, you should be enjoying playing your bingo since daubers aren’t

really available in online bingo. For more articles about bingo, check out!

The Markers in Bingo