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Measurement Software: Qualities of a Good Microscope Digital Usb Microscope Tips A microscope is an instrument for viewing. It is mainly used in examining objects which are too small for the eyes. This apparatus is usually used in scientific fields because most of the time the objects in these fields are microscopic. This is very common in biology since living organisms have microscopic biological structures and it is impossible for one to study these structures without relying on microscopes. History The first microscope was introduced in the 1500s when inventors used glasses from the telescopes and converted it into an instrument to view small objects. Galileo also contributed in the development of microscope which was later referred to as the compound microscope. Meanwhile, Robert Hook and Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek help popularized the instrument. Because of their scientific study using the microscope, the instrument became a popular tool in scientific research in their time. Due to the significant discoveries through the use of microscope, manufacturers began to modernize the instrument so it could be used extensively in research. Today, microscopes have been modernized to be used in different fields. There are now microscopes which can be used at home while there are microscopes which can be used in advanced research. What to Consider When Buying a Microscope When planning to buy a microscope, it is very crucial to treat the instrument as a big deal because these things do not come cheap. When buying, consider your needs first. This will help you avoid purchasing the wrong apparatus. For instance, if you are only using it to study insects, bugs, leaves, and gems the instrument you should purchase is a stereo microscope. For examining smaller objects like blood, bacteria, and more, you need a microscope that can magnify these things a hundred times. In this scenario, the compound microscope is the right instrument to purchase. In addition to your need, features or components of the instrument is also important to consider especially if you have a particular feature in mind. For example, There are microscopes which can be connected to personal computers today. Via USB you can now attach your microscope to a PC, laptop, or tablet. This is very effective when you are viewing several specimens in a day. With the help of a USB connector, you can now store images of your research in your PC. Lastly, make sure that the construction of the instrument is durable. Since it is an investment, it is only normal to seek an instrument which could last long. In addition, it is very expensive to purchase too. But since wear and tear cannot be avoided even in this delicate instrument, it would be wise to consider a warranty from the manufacturer in case something is broken along your research.

Purchasing a microscope can be a confusing task especially to a person who does not know the instrument very well. This is the reason why it is important to study the concept and understand the different parts of the instrument. When a person is able to understand the whole equipment and how it functions, that is the time he will be able to purchase the correct microscope. Improved Handheld Digital Microscope Below is an overview of topics which you will encounter when purchasing a microscope. Read and understand them in order to make the right purchase. Compound or Stereo Compound microscopes are capable of high levels of magnification thus they are usually used in viewing smaller specimens. Usually specimens examined in this type of microscope include blood samples, bacteria, and other small specimens. Usually, a compound microscope has 3 to 5 lenses with range 4x to 100x. Stereo microscopes are used in viewing leaves, rocks, gems, and insects since these objects are not really small compared to specimens viewed in compound microscopes. Stereo microscopes when compared to compound microscopes is just average. Their lenses have range from 6.5x to 40x. Quality Quality of the instrument is very important to consider when purchasing so as to avoid spending top dollars on mediocre apparatus. Usually German and Japanese brands are the most sought after because the construction is really excellent but the downside is they are quite expensive to own. If your budget is limited, there are budget friendly microscopes with amazing quality too but they may lack features which are basic in high end microscopes. Apart from the construction, you should also consider other features’ qualities. For instance, consider the optical quality of the instrument. This can be determined by assessing the quality of the objective lenses and the quality of the eye pieces.

Measurement Software: Qualities of a Good Microscope  

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