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Sex Tips Online - Driving my man away Here we have offer you again useful sex tips online. One of our readers sent as a question regarding their dating and sex life. Read on and learn what our residence doctor and expert can say about that. Dear Doctor Sexalewitz: I want to make it clear that my boyfriend is a good lover and when we have sex, our encounters are extremely satisfactory for the both of us…so there are no complaints there. My problem really, because it’s my problem, is that I’d love to have sex at least 3-4 times a day if I could. He says that my sex drive is a problem, that it’s too high and he ends up making a thousand excuses for not having sex every time I come on to him. I would think that most men would kill for a woman who wants to have this much sex. Do I have a problem? I’m really beginning to feel like there is something very wrong with me. I’m 40 and he’s 47 by the way. I’d really appreciate some suggestions. Dear Reader: Having a high sex drive is not a problem and it’s not something that should make you feel self-conscious, it’s actually a good thing. Nevertheless, it does tend to create problems in a relationship because seldom do two very high sex drives partner up. I do agree with you that many men would love to have more sex in their life, but 3-4 times can be a challenge even for a young man… mission impossible for a 47 year old to do on a daily basis. So, having accepted that, you need to figure out if you can conform with less sex and maybe substitute some of those times with masturbation. If the answer to that is no, then you need to find yourself a new partner who can satisfy you sexually…possibly a younger man, maybe considerably younger than you are. Good luck! Make use of these tips we had taught you. Start dating online now at Join the web’s hottest adult dating service community today and find your perfect match! What's better than getting access 100% free? allows you to sign up for free with zero obligation or risk! Visit the best site for online dating now.ating now.

Sex Tips Online - Driving my man away