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The UK Online Dating Industry - Taking Off In A Big Way Increasing numbers of singletons in the UK have started using the internet to meet their soul-mate. The sheer quantity of singles involved in UK online dating, has led many to think that the web is the place where they will be able to discover 'the one'. The increase in the amount of UK online dating services available throughout the past 10 years, indicates that the demand for intimacy in the United Kingdom is growing rapidly. During the past decade, 100's of UK online dating websites have been set-up to provide UK residents with a matchmaking service. Whilst the marketplace is dominated by a few goliath's the smaller match-making websites are also enjoying success comparable to the bigger players. There are 100's of specialised, niche UK online dating websites targeted to particular races, interest groups or religions that are prevalent in the UK. Although the top 4 companies take up most of the approximate one billion annual turnover, there's still more than enough profit for everyone. Even free UK online dating services have earned huge fortunes from selling space for advertising on their websites.

The past few years have witnessed the rise of social network websites, like Facebook, offering free dating applications. Many thought that the popularity of these applications would result in a reduction in subscription based online dating portals, but the subscription rate to paid for dating websites has actually stayed very consistent. Some commentators believe that the free social network applications have, in fact, drawn subscribers in who would, otherwise, have never purchased a UK online dating membership. Effectively, the free applications have functioned as another form of advertising for the paid for UK online dating websites. The UK online dating scene has now, essentially, undergone 3 phases: the initial growth and big brand development phase, the rise of the more specialised, niche dating websites and the recent popularity of the social network applications. How UK online dating evolves over the next half-a-decade remains to be seen. It will largely

depend on how technology advances, how social network websites develop and on the dating habits of the Great British Public. One thing you can confidently predict though, is that as more singles use the web to find love, more subscribers will inevitably be attracted to the services by the increased choice of potential partner.

The UK Online Dating Industry - Taking Off In A Big Way