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How to Implement a Risk Management Process Description: Risk management is the set of processes through which management identifies, analyzes, and, where necessary, responds appropriately to risks that might adversely affect realization of the organization's business objectives. The response to risks typically depends on their perceived gravity, and involves controlling, avoiding, accepting or transferring them to a third party. Whereas organizations routinely manage a wide range of risks (e.g. technological risks, commercial/financial risks, information security risks etc.), external legal and regulatory compliance risks are arguably the key issue in GRC. Risk management is a process for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks of different kinds. Once the risks are identified, the risk manager will create a plan to minimize or eliminate the impact of negative events. Risk management is also defined as, the process of assessing risk and acting in such a manner, or prescribing policies and procedures, so as to avoid or minimize loss associated with such risk. Risk management is not a regulatory requirement but is an important focus for all types of organizations. Why Should you Attend: To gain an understanding of the types of risk that can impact your company and to determine the best methodology for managing those risks. To learn how to access risk within your company and to determine when and how to take action to prevent an issues for occurring. Objectives of the Presentation: Definition of risk and risk management Identify the risk factors Identify the types of risk Gain an understanding of risk management models o Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) o The Deming Cycle o ISO 31000:2009 Learn how to implement a risk management process Who can Benefit: CFOs Controllers CAEs Senior Accounting Finance Managers and Executives Training Options

Duration: 60-90 Minutes Recorded Session Access recorded sessions only for one participant unlimited viewing for 6 months. Price: $200.00

How to Implement a Risk Management Process  
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