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How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series - For Manufacturers and Distributors Description: The training will cover DEA record-keeping and security requirements that DEA registrant must comply with when handling controlled substances. It covers elements of what occurs during an unannounced inspection and the auditing methods. Why Should you Attend: How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series: For Manufacturers and Distributors Only” will focus on DEA record-keeping and security requirements and will prepare your company for that DEA inspection.

The presentation will cover all elements of a DEA inspection and all the stringent record-keeping and security requirements that are expected from manufacturers and distributors. It will provide you a better understanding of the inspection process.

Objectives of the Presentation: The following areas are covered: 

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DEA OFFICE OF DIVERSION CONTROL – familiarize the participant with the authority given to DEA when enforcing federal laws and regulations pertaining to controlled substances. CIVIL ACTIONS – Provides a better understanding of DEA regulations pertaining to the handling of those substances and what specific violations can result in civil actions against a DEA registrant. DMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS – Provides an insight into the administrative actions that results from violations of stringent DEA regulations imposed on manufacturers and distributors of controlled substances. DEA COMPUTATION CHART – Understanding how the audit process is performed by DEA is important in order for the registrant to know what is expected from employees. RECORD-KEEPING REQUIREMENTS – Covers records required by DEA during any unannounced inspection. Records include: biennial inventory, order forms, invoices, quota letters, ARCOS reports, thefts & drugs, power of attorney, and drug destructions. SECURITY REQUIREMENTS – Covers stringent security requirements in order to prevent the diversion of any controlled substance. DEA “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS” POLICY – Covers responsibilities placed on DEA registrant when distributing controlled substances. SENDING DOCUMENTS TO DEA – Learn the methodology and requirements for mailing documents to the local DEA office.

Who can Benefit:

Corporate members and regulatory compliance personnel of DEA registered manufacturers and distributors who handle controlled substances.

How to Survive a DEA Inspection Series-For Manufacturers and Distributors