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What is an RTA Kitchen Cabinet? RTA Kitchen Cabinets Explained.

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets or RTA kitchen cabinets are exactly what the name suggests. They are deconstructed cabinets that are built in a way that allows them to be quickly and easily built once arriving to their destination. The benefits of RTA cabinets are that it helps in the logistics of storage, shipment, and quality. 1. Because RTA cabinets do not come pre-built they are far less likely to incur damage when in transit to the customer, this works in the favor of the manufacturer, supplier, and the customer.

2. This helps in keeping customers satisfied, and it reduces the amount of goods that may need to be replaced by the manufacturer as a result of the product being damaged during the shipping process.

3. Also, storage costs are significantly less for compact items as they do not require as much storage area for the manufacturer to facilitate.

The economy has been rough for us all over the past few years. This is exactly why RTA cabinets have grown in popularity. 1. Due to the competition out there not only have the prices been competitive but so has the quality. Make no mistake about it RTA cabinets are cheap cabinets by price but not in quality. 2.

In order to stay alive in the marketplace manufacturers have been forced to craft top-notch RTA cabinets.

3. Suppliers are now only picking up the best of the best. This is a great situation for the customers out there as they are receiving the best quality products at excellent price points. 4. With the added level of RTA cabinet production the quality of materials used have also been heightened to premium levels.

In additional, RTA cabinets present a great opportunity for customers to figure out how they want to design their kitchen and play around with various combinations without the crazy costs that are associated with custom cabinets. Often times with custom cabinets you will need to look into having a design consultant visit your location which can really add a lot of additional costs to the final bill. Also, on a creative level, customers will often times have to battle to get what they really want. It is good to have a guide, however, a great deal of people who’ve used interior designers have found that their original vision gets compromised and begins to lean towards the designers particular sensibilities. This isn’t always a bad thing. This isn’t an issue exclusive to non-RTA cabinets but it is a prominent issue that is certainly good to be aware of. All in all, there are many benefits to exploring the option of RTA cabinets. As is with anything to do with the design and function of your home it is always a good idea to take your time and weigh out your options before acting out of haste. Best of luck on redesigning your kitchen!

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What is an rta kitchen cabinet  

Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets or RTA kitchen cabinets are exactly what the name suggests. They are deconstructed cabinets that are buil...