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==== ==== Free 12x8 Shed Plan - With Illustrations, Blue Prints And Step-By-Step Details ==== ====

Do you have to lift your lawnmower and other yard equipment into your new shed that you just built or bought? I bet you'd love to have a ramp to get you heavy equipment in and out without straining your back, right? Well guess what, DIY shed ramps are just what you need... however, if you don't want your DIY shed ramps to brake under load or be a slippery slope when it gets wet you need to know how to build it correctly to avoid serious injury. 3" per vertical foot is a standard incline for most ramps. If it is any steeper than this and it could cause a problem in a couple of different ways. #1 If you have a ride-on lawnmower with a belly blade on it, the blade might hit the ramp if it's too steep going into the shed. Also, The wood that you use to build your DIY shed ramps can get a thin layer of algae on it that will be as slippery as ice when wet which could result in you or your lawnmower slipping off the ramp and getting seriously hurt or wrecking your lawnmower. Therefore, without the correct slope on your ramp it will become a hazard. 2# You will need to know how to build your DIY shed ramp strong enough to support the load it will be holding. Just think about this for a minute, you have a 400-pound lawn tractor with a 200-pound man driving it up a flimsy ramp that someone made without any planning or knowledge of DIY shed ramps. There is an accident just waiting to happen. If you would like to build a safe DIY shed ramp then for a minimum, you should use 4" X 4" pressure treated lumber for the runners placed no more than 12" apart and 3/4" pressure treated plywood to cover it. Something else you might want to consider is using a product like non-skid or real rubber on the surface of your ramp to prevent slipping. Buying a metal shed ramp is always an option however, it will cost you a lot more and DIY shed ramps made from wood will be just as safe and strong when constructed properly. Whether you build a shed or buy a pre built one you will need a ramp of some sort and if you will be using your shed to store your lawnmower in on any heavy tractor like equipment. A ramp is also a nice gentle walkway if your shed foundation raises your shed off the ground and it is easier on the knees.

Are you going to making these 3 classic mistakes that will double the cost of your DIY shed ramps assembly and make it unsafe? I hate to admit it but I made all three of them myself! Find out what they are and how to avoid them by visiting Now.

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==== ==== Free 12x8 Shed Plan - With Illustrations, Blue Prints And Step-By-Step Details ==== ====

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