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The 2012 March Madness Betting facts and trivia If you love Basketball sport, you will surely love the month of March as the NCAA Basketball Tournament is here to come, moreover, if you will be wagering on it. Who doesn’t love March Madness Betting? Everyone truly gets mad about it! Everyone enjoys the additional fun it brings to us when we are watching our favorite sport. For those who want to know more about what exactly March Madness is, this article will share you few facts and trivia. Enjoy watching this anticipated event of the year and good luck to your March Madness Betting. Trivia Fact #1: The term March Madness was created by Henry V. Porter in 1939. Trivia Fact #2: It was Brent Musburger who first used March Madness during NCAA coverage in 1982. Trivia Fact #3: The game’s popularity exploded and this was in the years before the television.Infact, March Madness already came even before the time of professional basketball. Trivia Fact #4: March Madness refers to the event called the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division I basketball competition. Trivia Fact #5: Everyone loves the game, it is very popular even to the average basketball fan. Trivia Fact #6: It is also popular because of its game format. It is a three-week frenzy of games with the fourth week reaching fever pitch. Trivia Fact #7: Mach Madness is considered as one of the busiest period on the calendar year not only for the sports fans, but also for the gamblers alike. Trivia Fact #8: March Madness Predictions and March Madness Picks are two terms considered child terms both originated from trending NCAA men’s basketball tournament every month of March. Trivia Fact #9: There are four different divisions the NCAA March Madness bracket is composed. These four are headlined by champions of each division. Trivia Fact #10: March Madness has also become popular for uplifting the underdog team, especially during home their games. It is also known for building dynasties.

Trivia Fact #11: Many believe that this month showcase the true American spirit most particularly when it comes to the spirit of basketball in the nation. Trivia Fact #12: During this event, March Madness Betting is considered as one of the sports that gets higher betting amount. Trivia Fact #13: March Madness forms excitement, second significance to the Super Bowl. Trivia Fact #14: Many students bet during this season and they get to mingle with other sports betting fans and basketball lovers. Trivia Fact #15: This is also the most popular event in the office pool. Trivia Fact #16: The Final Four host city for 2012 March Madness is New Orleans - one of America's top tourist destinations that will be held on March 31 and April 2 (Saturday and Monday)

The 2012 March Madness Betting facts and trivia