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If you wish to play bingo online, basically, there are two types of games that you will encounter namely 75 ball and 90 ball games. The two consists of different cards, but the idea of the game is still the same, to match the number that is called to your bingo card, the first player to get five numbers marked in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally will win. The 90 ball game bingo was mainly played in the UK and the 75 ball bingo was mostly played in North America. Normally, we can see more women playing this kind of game, but now about 40% of the bingo community also includes men. Want to play bingo online? Here are the steps and basic tips that you must keep in mind. Step 1. Look for a bingo gaming site, register an account and make a deposit. 2. Purchase your bingo cards, 90 (3x9 board) or 75 (5x5 board). Wait for the game to start and play. Bingo game is available 24/7. You can play bingo online any time you are convenient. 3. When playing bingo online, if your number in card was called by the announcer it will be automatically highlighted. However, you can change the default setting and turn off the “Auto Daub” option. 4. On completion of a line or a row you are a winner of that game, you can win bigger prizes if you complete more than one line. 5. Claim your prizes. Tips • Choose a relevant bingo hall if you play online bingo. • Decide on the money you are willing to spend prior making a bet. Bingo cards differ in prices, it sometimes depend on the event. You can buy more than on card if you choose to, however, there are some sites that limit the bingo cards you can purchased. • Maximize the use of chat rooms, etc.. Don’t just play but make new friends at the same time. Bingo is a great place to meet new people. It’s a game that doestnt require knowledge and skills, the game is pure luck and the game is very basic, easy and so understandable. • Here are some few more things that you have to remember before getting involved in the game. • Players must be legal of age, 18 years old or above. • Players are responsible for the determining the rules and regulations apply by the site. So, it is very important that you read their laws prior depositing your hard earned money. • Prizes are to be divided into the players if there is more than one winner, unless otherwise specified in the case of physical prizes as cash alternative may be given and split accordingly. • True money are always gambled first

Play Bingo Online; Learn the Steps and Tips  

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