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Eco-smart™ Formaldehyde- free Holding Tank Deodorants

Drain Valve Co-Co Lube™

Drain Valve Lubricant

Restores trouble free operation by preventing sticking drain valves. Lubricates plumbing lines while you drive, and prolongs equipment life. Concentrated. 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe. Non-staining and septic tank safe. Fresh fragrance. 66-40246

23-15843 Eco-Smart liquid quickly breaks down and liquefies waste and tissue to prevent messy clogs. Superior odor control. Detergent additive keeps tanks clean. Non-staining green dye washes clean with soap and water. 23-32949 23-32950 23-36967

Tissue Digester

Toss-Ins Holding Tank Deodorants 19 oz.


Storage Deodorant

19 oz.


Toilet Seal Lubricant and Conditioner

Grey Water Odor Control

Non-petroleum, silicone based formula penetrates and coats seal for smooth operation. Extends toilet seal life and helps prevent sticking. Safe on toilets and holding tank seals. Use before storage and throughout the year for preventive maintenance.

Eliminates gray water odors. Prevents grease build-up and won’t damage seals. Nonstaining, 100% biodegradable formula with pleasant floral scent. 23-15842


Restores operation to both water tanks. Repairs level sensors that fail due to tissue and sludge build-up. Dissolves waste, tissue and soap scum. Safe for all waste treatment systems.

America’s most powerful, most popular holding tank deodorants in two ultra convenient packages! Choose Aqua-Kem® Powder Fresh Toss-Ins or Eco-Smart™ Toss-Ins. Each comes in a reclosable foil zip pouch and is still 100% biodegradable. Aqua-Kem®, 10/pk Powder Fresh 17.39 Aqua-Kem®, 12/pk Morning Sky 17.39 Eco-Smart™ Toss-Ins, 12/pk 12.99

32 oz


Level Gauge Cleaner

23-36535 23-96012 23-32952

Probe Cleaner helps restore accurate sensor readings with a super concentrated formula that attacks residue on probe. It works in black and grey water tanks

66-41146 23-15844


TST™ Probe Cleaner

Dissolves tissue and prevents build-up and messy clogs. Nonstaining formula is safe for all waste treatment systems.

36 oz. Bottle 16.79 64 oz. Bottle 23.29 1 gallon 39.79

16 oz

24 oz. 8.49

Non-Formaldehyde Holding Tank Deodorant controls odors for up to 6 months in stored tote tanks and RV holding tanks. Lubricates seals. Compatible with anti-freeze solutions. 23-32901 23-32900

24 oz. Btl.  3/8 oz. Btl. 

11.49 13.29

Aqua-Zyme® Waste Digester The effective enzyme alternative for treating both black and gray water tanks. Enzyme-action waste digestion effectively cleans traps, too. Non-toxic formula. 100% biodegradable. Priced each.

24 oz. 7.89 23-36663

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24 oz. 9.49


Waste Digester, 32 oz. Bottle 


Plumbing – Sanitation

Prevents sticky valves, restores smooth operation, and coats plumbing lines for consistent tank outflow. 100% biodegradable.


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