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Easy Slip RV Sewer Kit

Easy Slip® RV Straight Hose Adapter

Easy Slip Sewer Hose


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Connect sewer hose to RV quickly with an airtight odor and leak seal. Tapered end accepts all 3” sewer hoses. Each. 66-39172 11.59 This complete sewer kit comes assembled with everything you need for a quick, reliable sewer hook up. Includes 10’ HTS sewer hose, Easy Slip bayonet straight hose adapter and Easy Slip sewer elbow with 4-in-1 adapter. 66-39551 30.79

RhinoFLEX Sewer Cleanout Plug Wrench

15’ Self-Clamping™ RV Sewer Hose: 66-39901


Easy Slip® Sewer Elbow & 4-in-1 Adapter provides an airtight odor and leak seal at the sewer outlet. Tapered end accepts all 3” sewer hoses and slip over style fittings. Larger diameter for faster dumping—allows free flow. Sewer Elbow stores with hose in a standard 4” bumper. 4-in-1 Threaded Sewer Adapter will fit into a plain 3” slip or 3”, 3-1/2” and 4” threaded pipe. 66-39144

Grey Water Seal with Gripper Allows you to drain grey water into campground sewer system without releasing foul odors.

Easy Slip® Sewer Elbow & 4-in-1 Adapter

Universal wrench allows you to loosen and remove any cleanout plug with ease. Works with 3” and 4” male plugs, 3” and 4” female plugs and slotted or flush plugs. Also works with any Camco 4-in-1 adapter. Easy grip handle. Each. 66-39755

Self-Clamping™ RV Sewer Hose allows you to use standard inexpensive fittings. Improved clamping action keeps fittings securely in place. Designed for quick and simple hook-up.



Aluminum Folding Sewer Hose Supports



Lightweight, durable aluminum folding sewer hose support holds your sewer hose securely over the most uneven terrain and folds up for easy storage. 66-40351 holds up to a 10’ sewer hose and 66-40353 holds up to a 15’ sewer hose. Rust resistant. Includes strap kit to hold sewer hose securely in place. 66-40351 66-40353

Holds 10’ Swr Hose Holds 15’ Swr Hose

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