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There are times that we are so busy, we tend to not review our emails.

But this is not a good habit, as this can cause you a lot.

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Why is it important to proofread?

Mistakes and imperfections in any kind of work convey carelessness, and in the workplace, the stakes are even higher.

A piece that is ridden with typo errors is difficult to read and undermines the credibility and authority you probably have worked hard to achieve.

When you write emails people can not see the expressions on your face or hear the tone of your voice.

You need to be extra careful about the words that you choose and the way you communicate your message

Reason for proofreading your emails are:

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If you have spelling mistakes and are using improper grammar it looks as if you do not take your job seriously.

A paraphrase tool can be utilized for your work.


When you communicate with writing it is easy to be misunderstood‌

‌because your tone is not the way you have intended it.

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Make sure that if you mention attachments that you have actually attached them.


We have many things to say at times that you may tend to rewrite your ideas again.

Be sure that you have an organized piece as to deliver your thoughts clearly.

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• Read your work out loud, and slowly

• Read your piece at least three times: once for spelling, once for punctuation and once for grammar.

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• Examine your sentences for proper grammar

• Track the errors you are most prone to make and review your work

• Read through your email as if someone else wrote it and ask yourself if it could be understood.

• Use a cheap proof reading tool that can catch any mistakes in your material.

• If it is a very important email, have someone else read it over before you send it.

Attach your document prior to writing your email. This ensures it will be attached.

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• If there are facts in your email make sure that they are accurate

• Scrutinize every single punctuation mark

• Look up every word unless you are absolutely certain it is spelled correctly.

• Allow your piece of written communication to “get cold” before you proofread it.

With a fresh set of eyes, you will be more apt to spot errors.

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Having a hard time to proofread your work?

Or just don’t have enough time to do so‌

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The Importance of Online Proofreading for Professional Emails Presentation is about The Importance of Online Proofreading for Professional Emails