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DAVID TENNANT What Next For The Good Doctor?


Leeds United Legend

Peter Lorimer I LIKE TRAINS

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Beauty Editor : Bethanie Lunn Designers : Andy Haywood Mike Harrison Paul Nosworthy Photography : Steve Stenson David Lindsay John Waite Stuart Ward

February: March Issue 14 2010

Editor : Matthew Callard

Editor’s LETTER I wonder if, after his final episode as Doctor Who, David Tennant had to clear his desk?

Published by on magazine ltd. Editorial: 07500 090785 Advertising: 07500090784

Contributors : Jono Baker Barney Bardsley Paul Bedford Rob Eaton Alison Holland Paul Howard Julie Kerner David Leck Samantha Marshall Tim Oldland Matthew Peacock Duncan Thorne Sam Ward Rich Williams

I wonder if it was covered in script amends and post-it notes from Billie Piper and I HATE DAVROS keyrings. I wonder if he had a big black bag full of Timelord detritus amassed from his four years as the star of everyone's favourite Saturday night family show. I wonder if he Ebay-ed it? We don't ask him these questions on page 88, but I wish we had. I only wonder because I've just cleared my desk. Not in a 'clear your desk pen-boy we're bringing in a fitter, younger model' kind of way, but in a 'we're gonna need a bigger boat' kind of way. We've recently moved offices, so the unpolished surface of my block of wood with four legs has seen the daylight for the first time in half a decade. Discoveries were: 6 pens, a copy of Vogue from 2007 still in cellophane, 2 mobile phones, an unopened Christmas card (oops), a gonk, an invitation to an acoustic night at Prohibition that I attended anyway without even knowing I'd been invited, a lost key and a Media book I'd previously accused a colleague of borrowing and not returning. Slightly late New Year Resolution: keep a tidy desk. Oh, and the only thing worth Ebaying was a mug that Tess Daly drank from that still has her lipstick marks on it. Offers anyone? Lady Gaga, no doubt, keeps a tidy desk. World domination must be immaculately organised. Catch up with the new decade's biggest star on page 10. Elsewhere, one of Leeds United's all-time greats, Peter Lorimer (page 84) talks the past and the future at Elland Road, there's a chat with one of the region's best up-and-coming bands (page 58) and we welcome two new expert contributors, Julie Kerner to Interiors (page 74) and Rob Eaton to Hair (page 22). All the regulars are present and correct and there's a few nice new surprises along the way … I hope, as always, that you enjoy it.

YOUR EDITOR MATT CALLARD We support the Laura Crane Trust

The Nookin, 48 Leeds Road, Oulton, Leeds, West Yorks LS26 8TY T: 0113 2823600

Media Sales Director : Nicola Severn Media Sales : Jill Sanders, Nick Wright.

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writeon... Who says what

Jono Baker Jono has worked in financial services for 20 years. At weekends he can be found coaching football for the ‘Burton Bullets’ and rugby in Ripon. Midweek, you may just find him working as a stockbroker.

Barney Bardsley Barney started out as an arts journalist. Then she re-trained in dance and T’ai Chi, which she taught for many years. Now she writes books and articles for the Guardian and Yorkshire Post - and she gardens, in a haphazard kind of a way.

Paul Bedford Paul is a health and fitness expert who moonlights as the in-house personal trainer at the brand new Village Health club, Tingley.

Rob Eaton Rob is part of a multi award winning style team at the new Russell Eaton salon in Leeds and is the current North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year. He'll be providing tricks and tips for the fashion conscious, as well as keeping the not-so fashion conscious up to date with the latest hot trends and styles.

Alison Holland Alison’s role as an international food critic and marketeer has seen her dine, discuss and dissect the finest restaurants in the world – from Pudsey to Padstow, from The Ivy to El Bulli, from New York cafes to Tokyo steak-houses. Her wealth of food experience has taught her an open mind is just as important as a critical eye.

Paul Howard Paul is the founder of the famous on-line wine bible He is also, we kid you not, one of the original King's Road punks. Whatever happened to them?’

Julie Kerner Shortly after an inspiring trip to the Danish base of furniture design experts BoConcept, Julie was working for the company. Hooked on interiors, she’ll be providing ideas, solutions and inspiration for the house and home.

Bethanie Lunn Bethanie is a Style Insider, Journalist and Entrepreneur with four fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses under her belt alongside teaching, styling and presenting. Phew! If it’s worth knowing about, Bethanie knows first and she is quickly gaining a reputation as the Girl-About-Town of the North. If she didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent her.

Samantha Marshall Samantha has been a TV Make-Up Artist for over 15 years, working on weekly soaps and award winning dramas. She will be keeping you updated on all new cosmetic products, offering tips, tricks and expertise in the process!

Matthew Peacock Matt’s mind is crammed with anything and everything to do with bikes. He has been in the bike trade since leaving school and is General Manager of the famous Chevin Cycles, Otley - who he also races for.

Duncan Thorne Duncan is the founder of Thorne Public Relations and is an experienced journalist having reported on crime, politics and sport and sometimes all at the same time. He is a self-confessed sport and car anorak and his dream is for 1966 to be re-created in his lifetime (just the World Cup final, not the whole year!).

Sam Ward Sam lives and breathes fashion, which is just as well considering she works in press and marketing for one of the world’s leading luxury retailers. If she had £4 left in her (Chanel) purse, she would buy Vogue rather than food (and has, in the past).

Rich Williams Rich Williams presents the Homerun on 96.3 Radio Aire (weekdays 3-7pm). He is Leeds born and bred and has access to all the stars that walk through the doors of the biggest radio station in Leeds. Rich studied at the University of Leeds, then spent 2 years co-presenting the Breakfast show before being offered his own show in 2009. His main passions are Leeds United, music and politics.


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LADY Make Way for a



Lady Gaga is a pop star on a mission: to change the face and sound of pop culture, in music and fashion.

Throughout 2009 her self-designed clothes and unique style created a fashion frenzy and her brilliant self-penned songs soundtracked the year. The new decade is hers for the taking. Here, the 23 year old New Yorker talks about having Madonna as a fan, the secrets behind her style and the perils of wearing hotpants!

Didn’t Madonna come to see a show of yours? Did you know she was coming? She did. I knew she was coming. Actually they told me earlier in the week that she had wanted to come but I didn’t want to get too excited. Not that I didn’t think she would come but it is very exciting and you never know. But they told me that she was coming that night. Right before I went on stage they told me she had gotten there and I went on stage and had the best show in my life.

As her spectacular world tour comes to Europe, it seems Lady Gaga is realising her dream of world domination … one sequin at a time. So, how has your life changed in the last year? It has changed completely and it’s very exciting. I’m very grateful too. I have been working hard for a long time and I’m finally in a place where I can make music every day and I love it. Do you ever get the chance to stop, take a deep breath, figure out who you are, what you’re doing and where you are? I already know who I am. I’m a really passionate woman, I love what I do and I love making music. I think even the past month has been the most exciting for me because I sort of woke up one day and I had written all this music on the road and I didn’t know if it was any good. So I went to the studio and listened to it and thought ‘This is really good.’ I played it for the label and they loved it and were freaking out. I’m so proud of my new music and I don’t mean to say that in an overly-confident way. Did you always want to be a pop star? Yes, always. I think I have always been an artist, not just wanted to, but have been. I have been singing badly for years, (laughs) and then I got better. I started to take some lessons and I just always really loved making music. Where does the name Lady Gaga come from? It’s actually from the Queen song Radio Gaga. I was in the studio one day and my producer said to me ‘You’re so theatrical when you perform, you’re so Gaga, like Radio Gaga, you’re like Freddie Mercury. You’re like a gay man in women’s clothes.’ I just kept the name and it stuck. My mum calls me Gaga now, all my family do. Your family calls you it too? Yeah, my whole family. But I have been doing this for a long time now. My parents really respect my creative journey and all the hard work that I’ve done and they all see me as Gaga. Kanye West has dubbed you the ‘New Madonna’ - how do you feel about that title? Well, I think Kanye West is the new Jesus!

You had a call from Yoko Ono, right? Yeah, I played at the Human Rights dinner and I played Imagine but I changed some of the lyrics and I heard from her about a week later. She loved it. I gotta tell you, that might’ve been the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me - hearing from Yoko Ono. She is like my idol and is the most wonderful woman. You spoke at the Gay Rights Rally too… Yes and I didn’t really even know I was going to speak. I think when pop singers get into politics people think they should just shut up and sing because they don’t really know what they are talking about. But when it comes to gay rights I really know what I’m talking about. A lot of my friends are gay and I grew up with gay friends and watched them go through all sorts of obstacles and difficulties in their lives because of the restrictions on gay couples and because of politics. So I thought I could talk about it because I know what I was saying, because it is never wrong to love. So I did my best.



Did you always know you would make it?Was there ever any doubt? Y’know, I always knew it was my destiny to make music but I am so completely grateful and humbled by the success I’ve had over the past year. I’m really quite floored every day. I am most grateful for my fans. Lady Gaga fans are the best fans in the world. I mean they are the future and I always say to my manager ‘It doesn’t matter how wonderful my show is. What makes my show wonderful is the energy my fans bring’. They’re covered in glitter and they’re all dressed up, they know all the words and they’re smoking weed and they’ve got a Bud Light in one hand and a cigarette in the other and they want to have a good time. (Laughs) And they want to escape and they live for love, art and each other. I’ve heard you say you’ll never lip-synch. Why is that? I have never lip-synched and I never will. I’m so against it and I think it’s really wrong when artists do that. I don’t want to judge but it’s my personal experience that now that I have these number one records. It’s like having a child – where you want to be the best mother that you can be. I want to be the best pop singer that I can be by always singing live and always doing a wonderful job and by

Before you started on the track of being a famous singer you were a songwriter and you wrote for some big names. . . Yes, I wrote for Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block and the Pussycat Dolls. I just love writing music. What is it like working with Britney Spears? I wrote a song for her record called Quicksand and it’s out on the European version. It was great writing for her and she was very sweet and she was very excited to do this song. It’s an honour to do anything for Britney Spears – she is such an iconic pop figure for my generation. It was wonderful. I am very happy. So now you have great success you must be rich. . . No, I plough all my money back into my shows and props. I am rich in props and costumes and fashion. You could say I am the Carrie Bradshaw of pop. I am completely poor but I have a closet full of couture. I read somewhere that you got fined by a cop because your hot pants were too short? Yeah, that’s right. I was outside the Lollapalooza Festival walking to


being able to sing and dance at the same time and be able to play piano and all those things.

When you were younger was it harder for your family to understand where you were coming from? And more people seem to be getting it now, right? I’ve got really no sense of myself. I really live in my own creative world. So when I do a show I’m like ‘It’s art.’ But I’m actually in a Gstring lighting hairspray on fire and my father’s like ‘Oh my God. She’s completely lost her mind.’ But when you’re in it and you’ve got the clear vision and you see where it’s going it makes complete sense. I come from a very regimented religious background. But I write music about sex and pornography, partying and money. This is who I am, this is what I do and this is what I mean for you to see.”

it and he said that my pants were too short. I guess that they weren’t really pants at all but he got upset and I got like a citation. So I didn’t have to pay anything. But it was really funny because all you saw was this half-naked girl on the street yelling at some cop ‘It’s fashion! I’m an artist!’ It was fun.

You must have a lot of guys throwing themselves at you, what line do you use to let them down easily? I don’t really have a line. I just say no. I give them a good firm ‘No’ before they even get the chance. Do you think you are sexy?

Where were you when you found out you were number one for the first time? I was in my house and I got the call. I just cried. Who is the first person you called?

I am not sexy in the way that Britney Spears is sexy - which is a compliment to her because she’s deliciously good-looking. I just don’t have the same ideas about sexuality that I want to portray. I have a very specific aesthetic – androgyny. I just have a very specific way of seeing things. It’s supposed to be different from everybody.

My mom. She cried. I cried. There were a lot of tears. Happy tears. I love my mom so much. One of my music videos actually pays homage to her. She is a really good Italian woman.

“ I’ve got really no sense of myself. I really live in my own creative world.”

Is it true you went to the same school as Paris Hilton? I never saw Paris, she was older than me. I actually only went with Nicky. But, you know, it’s impressive to be that perfect all the time. I was always a weird girl in school, who did theatre and wore lots of red lipstick or had my hair perfectly curled. I did it to get attention. I guess they’ve been quite an influence on me. Not them in particular, but the idea of the self-proclaimed artist.

Do you get quite star struck or are you quite cool calm and collected? It depends on who they are. With someone like Grace Jones she is such a huge inspiration to me that I’ll probably get star-struck and vomit all over my dress. I met Bruce Springsteen, he gave me a big hug and I cried in his neck. My father used to dance with me to Thunder Road when I was very little. And I really love Bruce so much. The way that I write about guys is in a very Bruce Springsteen way – y’know – like boys and cars, buy me drinks in bars. I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan.

Your music and your look tends to hark back to another era. . . Listen, I’m a very nostalgic woman and I’m quite fascinated by the 1970s, glam and disco culture. Who is your inspiration in music? You’ve mentioned David Bowie before. . . I love David Bowie, yes. My inspiration is mostly that I want to make pop art that’s inspired by pop culture and fame and all these ideas about the way that celebrity culture affects young people.

A lot of people have labelled you provocative. . .

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever read about yourself in the papers? All the papers said that I didn’t like pants or trousers. I had stockings on. What’s the big deal? It’s not that I don’t like pants but I just chose not to wear them that day. I think no pants is sexy.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? Sitting on this couch with you, having a similar interview – except you’ll be like‘Oh my God, I haven’t seen you in 10 years, how are you?’


I don’t know if I am that provocative, I just think I’m quite honest. I don’t have someone sitting next to me all the time saying ‘Ssshh Gaga, don’t say that.’ I say what I like and I’m exactly who I am. I don’t wake up in the morning and put my Lady Gaga mask on, it’s always just me. You’re always working at the moment – do you ever take a break?

That’s the kind of girl I am. I work hard. I never waited for somebody to hand me something on a silver platter. I was like ‘I want to make a record so I will save up my money and buy a four track tape recorder and I’ll do it myself.’ Or ‘I’ll sneak over the wall at NYU and use their private recording studio so I can get stuff done.’ I used to just hustle and grind and do whatever I had to do to get there. I go-go danced for a couple of years just to get my records played by DJs in the clubs. I think it’s interesting because when people ask ‘How did you do it?’ - you just have to. It’s like survival for yourself. I would not be able to breathe if I couldn’t make art. I just wouldn’t. I wake up like this. Every morning I get up, make my hair bow, put my catsuit on and call up every one in the house of Gaga and say ‘How are we going to be brilliant today?’ Your style is unbelievable and very unique – where do you get your inspiration? I get inspired by a lot of different things. I love Andy Warhol, I love Grace Jones. I’m hoping to meet her soon. I will be so nervous.





SPRING/SUMMER 2010 PREVIEW HOT TREND - HALSTON HERITAGE Founded by Roy Halston Frowick, Halston evokes the heady 1970s nightlife of Studio 54, but with prices starting at a cool ÂŁ2,000, this was one brand us mere fashion mortals could only dream of. So, imagine our excitement when Sarah Jessica Parker wore dresses from the new sister range, Halston Heritage, in Sex and the City 2. The collection perfectly captures the disco era with jumpsuits, sequin dresses and uber-glam maxi dresses at a fraction of the price of the mainline range. As the designer himself once said - 'you're only as good as the people you dress' - and we'll be first in the queue when it arrives at Harvey Nichols, Leeds this season.

Harvey Nichols, Briggate, Leeds T: 0113 204 8888

TAKE A BOW‌ Marc Jacobs we salute you! Most designers wouldn't dream of hitting us with more than one trend at a time but he has pulled it out of the bag with this gorgeous mix of super-girly prints and bows.

Meanwhile Alber Elbaz, Creative Director at Lanvin, works grown-up Parisienne chic with this ultra wearable one shoulder number. To find your nearest stockist, please visit the Designers website or order, from a selection through the Personal Shopping department, Harvey Nichols, Briggate, Leeds - 0113 204 8888.,,,


LOOK-AT-ME PRINTS Now in her second season, Mary Katrantzou continues to push the boundaries of engineered print, inspired by the free-flowing form of artisanal blown glass - a clear progression from the decorated perfume-bottle prints she showed in autumn/winter 2009.

80s INSPIRATION The relentless 80s trend continues this season although thankfully the majority of designers are sticking to pops of neon rather than the full on acid house designs of recent seasons. We love the hot pink at DKNY and these incredible neon trousers courtesy of Balenciaga, echoes of which you can see on the High Street at H&M.

Alexander McQueen has also embarked on a visual extravaganza with his engineered prints based on marine life, such as sea lizards and sea anemones, whilst Moschino Cheap and Chic work the print trend effortlessly.

To find your nearest H&M store, visit:

Sam Ward

Shhhhhhhh...! Mary Katrantzou will release her first ever collection for High Street megastars, Topshop in February where you'll be able to pick up one of her fabulous printed dresses for just ÂŁ45!


CAN'T GET THROUGH THE SPRING WITHOUT… This amazing nautical print dress by Markus Lupfer, £230 Harvey Nichols, Briggate, Leeds T: 0113 204 8888

NEW SPRING/SUMMER2010 COLLECTION Now available from Lynx Womernswear, Harrogate, HG1 1BJ.










24th February

3rd March

10th March

17th March

An outstanding tribute to the ultimate Boy Band. Outstanding realistic vocals guaranteed to get people up dancing!

This fantastic show is dedicated to three of the worlds greatest performers of all time - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy David Jnr.

This is an excellent tribute to the Fab Four covering all their hits such as 'Love Me Do', 'Hey Jude', 'Help' to name but a few

An outstanding tribute to the ultimate Boy Band. Outstanding realistic vocals guaranteed to get people up dancing!













24th March

31st March

7th April

14th April

Classic soul. Has all the energy & excitement of the original Blues Brothers. You just can't resist dancing to this outstanding band.

This rip-roaring 7-piece band gives an excellent performance covering the eras from 30s jazz to 50s Rock n Roll. An evening of fun, joy and dance is assured.

'Old Blue Eyes' is back on stage with some of the best songs ever written - a quality tribute to the class and charisma of Sinatra

Take a ride back to the party decade when ABBA ruled the dance floor. Come prepared to dance in the aisles!

Non diners are always very welcome in our cocktail bar. The a la carte menu is available in the cocktail lounge and at restricted view tables ONLY during Showtime events

0113 243 0905 •



Rob Eaton

Your hair is the ultimate fashion accessory and updating your look each season is a must if you want to keep it looking fresh and modern - and keep yourself looking young! The relationship between fashion and hair has continued on the Spring/Summer 2010 catwalks where a multitude of hairdressers worked tirelessly backstage to create some of the hottest looks for the season ahead the hottest of which is full, bouncy sexy waves and curls.

Here come the

The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Hottest Curls About the trend: With many designers embracing the padded, power shoulders of the Dynasty era, hair needed to share the same mood of extravagance and fun. 'Speak Volumes' is a soft and feminine trend that uses curls, crimping and back-combing to create airy textures for carefree, soft and ultra-feminine looks. Celebs like Danni Minogue have been wearing this trend by dressing their bobbed hair wavy or curled through one side - a brilliant way to update a bob giving it a really cool and fresh edge.


Sexy Hair: Get More Volume Now Could you do with a little lift? Here are a couple of secret techniques to get this season's sexy volume.

Get Highlights or Lowlights: Hair usually has more body when it's coloured and, sometimes, more 'lift' and volume. At Russell Eaton we have created a colouring technique known as dimensional hair colour. When hair is monochromatic, it appears flatter. When you add colour dimensions to hair, it gives the perception of lift. As with an optical illusion, your eyes will perceive movement even where it might not exist. By placing panels of colour to hair to enhance the haircut we can create texture and body.

Use Root Volumisers:

This light and stylish hairdryer is perfect to help to have shinier and healthier looking hair. The Pro Ionic hairdryer uses heated negative ionic particles that are passed through the dryer that actively work to improve the condition of your hair. The Pro Ionic 2000W allows you to continue with your daily styling, without the worry of drying out and damaging your hair. 01227 740 066 £24.99

These are products designed to lift hair at the scalp. They come in mousse and spray versions and you place the product directly onto the roots of towel-dried hair, lifting with your fingers as you apply.

£15.50 from, Russell Eaton, 4-6 Boar Lane, Leeds

Set With Velcro Rollers: A few strategically-placed Velcro rollers will give your hair lots of volume. After hair is washed and blow-dried, curve one-inch sections of the hair that you want to be lifted around the roller use small rollers for a slight lift and large for a higher lift. Three or four rollers should do the trick, leave them in for five to ten minutes, remove and arrange newly lifted hair with your fingers.

Hot Tip for Long-Lasting Volume! Try using crimpers: take sections through the interior of the hair cut and crimp the roots using a little spray to create a firm texture. Next, brush out the crimping to create full roots that act like padding through the hair cut. The rest of the hair lies over the crimped sections hiding the padding but leaving your hair looking full and thick and with long-lasting volume.

Daily shampoo with certified organic acacia gum creates fullness for fine, limp or thin hair.

Lustrous long locks á la Cheryl Cole are the envy of women worldwide, but without a celebrity stylist on hand, long hair can be high maintenance and prone to breaking. Specially formulated for long hair, Natur Vital's Anti-Breakage Mask helps Strengthen hair and overcome the damaging effects of heat styling appliances and over-colouring. £11.99 exclusive to larger Boots stores.


New Hair Products A flexible, lasting hold hair spray for all hair types. Air Control is a unique, water-free formula hair spray that sprays on dry and can be layered to create light, workable hold. £15.50 from Russell Eaton, 4-6 Boar Lane, Leeds

Trevor Sorbie's Beautiful Curls Curl Constructor is a styling spray designed for use with heated appliances to create long-lasting, stunning curls on naturally straight hair. £4.99 from Boots and

Russell Eaton, Leeds, is home to the British Hairdressing Awards North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year, Robert Eaton. At Russell Eaton we pride ourselves on excellent service and the latest in hairdressing techniques and trends. Based in Barnsley and Leeds, our service has been voted in the top ten salons to visit by Cosmopolitan Magazine and is regularly featured in the regional and national press. The multi award winning team are regularly involved in shoots, shows and seminars and are recognised as one of the leading hairdressing companies in the UK. Recognising the importance of on-going training and keeping abreast of the latest hairdressing techniques, Russell Eaton have their own in-house training school where staff members are encouraged to acquire strong artistic values. Our new and very exiting salon is based in the centre of Leeds and here we have combined the high standards of hairdressing and service offered by the Russell Eaton team with Aveda, in opening an Aveda lifestyle salon and spa. Explore Aveda hair colour, cuts, makeup, skin care and Pure-Fume in our new salon. The Aveda flagship salons and spas offer a passion for service and commitment to our philosophy of connecting beauty, wellness and care for the environment. We offer Aveda Signature Services as well as the full range of Aveda products. Discover the intimate and relaxing atmosphere of the new Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Leeds - a new concept in organic, natural design and hair service in the city centre. Russell Eaton, 4-6 Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 5DD


Direct from the capital, Angels brings you the region's finest stylists and colourists. At Angels we cater for those who enjoy being pampered in style with hair creativity at its best.

Hair Cuts and Styling | Colouring, Highlighting and Glossing Nail extensions | Eyebrow shaping and waxing treatments

73 Street Lane, Leeds LS8 1AP

T: 0113 266 6599 |

Russell Eaton lifestyle salon & spa 4-6 Boar Lane Leeds LS1 5DD 01132 469162



Samamtha Marshal

Missed a kiss on Valentine's Day this year? Maybe those ruby lips need some TLC… Many women aren't brave enough to wear bright red lipstick and many simply aren't sure which red lipstick to choose. Here, professional make-up artist Samantha Marshall, reveals the secrets to selecting and wearing the correct red.

SKIN TONE: If your skin has pink tones then you should try a Cherry Red colour. I recommend Mac “Russian Red”. If you have an olive skin then you should try Pillowbox Red. Try Mac “Viva Glam”. If you have dark skin then the deeper the red, the better. Try Clinque High impact “Red Y to Wear”.

PREPARATION: If you have read any of my previous articles you will notice that I am always recommending sunscreen (SPF) containing products. You should try to get into a habit of wearing products that contain SPF as, not only does if stop premature aging, it also reduces the risk of skin cancer. Lips don't have any melanin. This is the skin pigment which tries naturally to protect our skin from sun damage. It is vitally important that we try to use a lip balm which has a built-in SPF. If you don't wear lipstick everyday then try and keep your lips smooth, soft and protected by using an everyday lip balm. There are many on the market but not all have built-in SPF. Not only do lips have no Melanin, they also don't have any oil glands - hence chapping! People think that licking their lips will moisturize them but, in fact, this makes matters worse. If your lips do get dry, try using a very soft wet toothbrush and simply brush away the flakes of skin - then apply a coat of lip balm.

APPLICATION When I am applying lipstick on my clients at work I need to make sure they stay on as long as possible. Although you can buy long lasting lipsticks, I find they can be quite drying. My little tip is to apply some foundation on the lips - just wipe thinly over the lips with your sponge or fingers. However, make sure the foundation is dry before you apply the lipstick. The lip colour is always the last thing I apply when I'm making up a face. Apply the lipliner first. Lipliner is great to prevent the lipstick running from the lips. Make sure the lip pencil is sharp. I always apply is to the back of my hand first as sometimes the pencil can be a little hard, so drawing on the hand first can soften it. Try and match up the colour of your lip pencil and your lipstick and try and get the nearest colour. Try to avoid colours that are two shades darker that your lipsticks. With the lip pencil, start on the top lip and follow the line of your lips and do the same for the bottom lip. You don't have to do it all in one movement - take your time! When you have finished outlining, simply colour in the lips with the same pencil. Finally, you are ready for the lipstick. Always try to use a lip-brush. The brush gives you more control over the colour and will prevent you going over the edges. Blot the lips on a tissue, gently! Check your teeth!

CORRECTIVE WORK Thin Lips that Want to be Fuller: When applying the lip pencil, just go on the outside edge of your natural lip line, making the lips slightly wider. Fill in with lipstick, using the brush as recommended above, giving you more control. Full Lips that Want to be Thinner: When you have applied your foundation to your lips, take the lip pencil and line just inside the natural lip line - then fill in with lipstick.


New Products My Little Hero from luxury Irish organic seaweed range Voya, nourishes, hydrates and smoothes, boosting the skin's natural defences. Just a few drops massaged into your face and neck each night will keep skin healthy and radiant throughout winter and spring. The intense blend of fragrant organic oils, antioxidant minerals and seaweed extract has a powerful detoxifying and hydrating effect on the skin. £50 from

New Olay Definity Colour Enhancer's unique formula offers 3 benefits in 1 product: a hydrating moisturiser with SPF 15, an anti-ageing serum and a sheer foundation. The product promises to give evenlooking skin instantly, as well as reduce the appearance of brown spots and fine lines, after just 8 weeks of daily use. £26.99 - available nationwide.

This Spring, Estée Lauder will introduce Estée Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Colour Collection. Remaining true to the beauty aesthetic of Estée Lauder and Michael Kors, the Collection features two modern-classic looks: BEL AIR BEIGE showcases a classic Michael Kors beige and coral palette of shimmery peach lips and cheeks and a smokey eye. RODEO PINK spotlight new shades in vibrant raspberry tones of bright, bold lips and cheeks and a defined eye. Both colour palettes contain the essentials needed to achieve the Very Hollywood look of your choice and feature coordinating shades of Blush, Eyeshadow Duo, Eye Pencil, Lip Sheen SPF 15, Lip Gloss and Nail Lacquer. Stockists: 0870 034 2566 and

Bargain! The e.l.f. 2-in-1 Conditioning Gloss has shimmering lip color in the inner tube and clear conditioning gloss in the outer tube for ultimate lip satisfaction. Hydrate your lips with key moisturizers and achieve sheer color perfection. Infused with Vitamins A and E, Aloe and Shea Butter for rich hydration. $3 from




Booking Procedure

SPA|REVIEW On's 'Looking Good' Editor, Bethanie Lunn, puts south east Leeds' Oulton Hall through its pampering paces.

First Impressions Oulton Hall is a stunningly traditional hotel converted from a mid 18th-Century mansion. The spa is the latest addition and is, obviously, far more modern in style. After checking in I was lead to a cosy seating area with views of the stunning pool where I was offered a drink and made to feel very relaxed.

What Happened Next?: I was shown to the locker room where I changed into a cosy robe and slippers. You are advised to bring a swim suit if you have booked to use the pool. Alternatively, you can leave your underwear on or even go in the buff if you wish! Heading back to reception as instructed, my friendly therapist was waiting for me and we headed to the Relaxation Room for a brief consultation. The Relaxation Room is exactly that - a dimly-lit room full of nine cosy single beds with oversized blankets which, if you wish, you can snuggle beneath, read on or, in some

The Set-Up: There are ten treatment rooms, the Relaxation Room, a pool bathed in ever-changing mood lighting, the cosy café area and a VIP Treatment Suite. The VIP Treatment Suite is a private room with your own hydro pool, steam room and rain shower, plus two reclining beds. The room is yours for as long as you require, so try a dual massage where you and your partner can be treated to a simultaneous massage, or hire it for a girly get-together and book in for treatments throughout the day as you sip champagne which is brought to you every time you press the bell! Bliss.

Other Treatments Available

I chose the ESPA full body massage, (£60, 60 minutes). This was incredible! I lay on a massage table in my paper pants (not a good look), enveloped in soft towels to cover my modesty. The oils were gently heated and blended to revive me - a benefit I had requested earlier. My therapist worked her magic from top to toe. You can have your head massaged if you wish, just bear in mind the oils can leave your hair greasy, so this is perhaps an option best taken if you are going straight to bed. It would be a shame to wash them off straight away as leaving oils in your hair and on your skin is deeply nourishing. The face is not included in the treatment, but your neck and shoulders, back and limbs are massaged according to the firmness you most desire. Your belly is also optional - I'd advise it if you have IBS or a slow digestive system since a deep massage to this area can be really beneficial. Afterwards, I felt genuinely revived and deeply peaceful and will definitely return for this treatment again.

There is a list of treatments, from the standard waxing and tanning to ESPA face and body treatments and even 'ESPA for the Boys' including 'Golfers Tonic' to revive the most tired of gents and to complement Oulton's famous golf course.

I was left to chill out and slowly readjust and advised to drink plenty of water to restore any that was lost during the treatment. It was my decision to dress or retire to the Relaxation Room - I chose the latter and snuggled beneath the blankets with my favourite book. Oh, it's a hard life.

The Spa is open to residents and non-residents alike.

people's case, drift off completely. In order to plan the treatment my therapist asked me questions about my health, how I was feeling and what benefits I wanted to feel then oils were selected to suit my individual needs.

My Treatment

What Happened Afterwards?


Oulton Hall

Individual treatments and special discounted packages, which include full use of the leisure facilities, are available. Spa sessions should be prebooked and all treatments require a 50% deposit. All you need to do is call them to make your reservation.

Special Extras Oulton Hall boasts the North of England's leading Golf performance centre with buggy hire, a practice range for perfecting your putting, the Academy, staffed by four PGA teaching professionals, for coaching and the driving range has 18 covered and floodlit bays to practice at anytime.

Book in for the 2 for 1 on Spa Escapes which includes a one hour full body massage and rejuvenating facial for just £60. For an extra £10 only you can also have use of the leisure facilities for the day too! Quote:“241 Spa”to reserve your place. (The number will feature at the top). T&C’s apply. Offer subject to availability

Summary Oulton Hall's combination of modern spa and elegant hotel makes it a treat to stay over for a blissful weekend. There is also a Drawing Room (ideal for afternoon tea), the Whisky Room (stocking 300 whiskies from across the world), the Champagne Bar (in partnership with Perrier Jouet, with over 50 champagnes) and two restaurants; The Claret Jug and The Calverly Grill with the latter being awarded two rosettes.

The ideal retreat to keep women and men happy.

Oulton Hall, Rothwell Lane, Oulton, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS26 8HN T: 0113 282 1000

Cherub silver and glass necklace £58 from Pink Butterfly, Farsley, Leeds, T. 0113 2577447


Large rope pendant £41.95 from 01271 329123

Hearts & Minds Valentine's Jewellery 2010

Miquella Cluster Ring - 18 carat gold with faux pearls £124 from.

The Inamorata ring uses a centre Tanzanite stone and is of museum quality as the stone itself is so rare. Creator Lesley Spencer sources this particularly beautiful stone from only one place in the world where it was discovered in 1967 in the Meralani foothills at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The stone itself was created some 500,000 to 650,000 million years ago by a specific set of geological events and mining is expected to run out inside the next 10 to 20 years. The Inamorata ring is priced at £100,000 and is ordered direct via StrawberryWood, initially via the website

Sumptuous golden rings from Ruth Tomlinson's 'Hoard' collection are set with pearls and green tourmalines - prices start from £450. From

The girly Mini Heart comes with an elevated glass face available in silver, violet, red and gold all sitting on a sleek stainless steel strap. £99.99 from

'Skull' rings from her 'Trace of Lace' collection by renown French jeweller Julie Usel offer something to those who want to wear a more quirky piece! She has designed a series of unisex rings in steel which is finely laser cut leaving the metal light lacy and almost transparent whilst still remaining exceptionally strong. Prices from £250 depending on the number and type of diamonds used. From

Classic Pandora bracelet with murano glass beads. Murano beads from £25, silver from £20 and gold from £160. Available from Whittaker's Jewellers, White Rose Centre & Pandora, Queens Arcade, Leeds / 0113 2433303


switchedon creative design branding packaging point of sale exhibitions direct mail literature web print

the charter design company limited 1 church road | roberttown | liversedge | west yorkshire | wf15 7ls t: 01924 413800 e:


Bethanie Lunn




Writer and Presenter, Bethanie Lunn, reports on all that's new and fabulous in the region - from new bar and restaurant openings to the latest treatments. What she doesn't know isn't worth knowing…

gets cool! Have you seen the beauty department in Debenhams, Leeds, recently? It is rapidly expanding and is now one of my prime destinations for getting gorgeous. Firstly, 'Nails Inc' have been offering the new Minx nail treatment - a hit with the likes of Lady GaGa and Rihanna - and 'Get Lashed' brings this London company and much-needed concept to Leeds. Get your nails minxed and opt for neon animal print vinyl transfers on your toes then make your eyes pop with lash extensions applied to just the outer corner.

Then, to add more wow factor, designer Jeff Banks visited the Briggate branch to showcase his range of bespoke suits and handmade shirts at a Gentleman's Grooming Evening. Jeff works closely with Leeds suit manufacturers, BMB, to create his range of suits and their fully trained visiting tailors were on hand to advise chaps on the benefits of made-to-measure suits. Jeff Banks Bespoke Tailored suits start at £495. Readers of On: Yorkshire can receive an exclusive 20% discount off the Jeff Banks suit range at the Briggate branch. Just take this mag with you as proof upon purchasing. Debenhams, Briggate. Call 0113 245 5130 for Nails Inc. and Get Lashed. Jeff Banks image courtesy of Simon Vine Photography - Leeds

Look out for:

H BOMB! Rocks Fashion!

WHAT I’M READING... The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment by Alice Grist (published by O-Books 2009) Grist's witty and frank take on all things spiritual provided me with the much-needed 'spiritual cuisine' my hectic work/life calendar required. Working in the ad inundated, all singing, all dancing world of beauty and lifestyle, the inner me was definitely crying out for a no-nonsense guide to reassessing my lifestyle and shifting my way of thinking. Grist's book is much more than that too allowing you to dip in and out, develop as a person, and to do all of that easily and with enjoyment! No preaching, just substance in a very cool, informative and modern way. W: and


Anti domestic violence brand, H BOMB! is planning a fantastic fashion show combined with live music at the stunning Royal Hall, Harrogate on Friday July 2nd 2010. The H BOMB! event will come under the all new arts, entertainments and culture festival entitled 'HEARTS' launching in June by Kelly Gavaghan and Fiona Odle. Kelly Gavaghan states, 'When I first saw Fashion Rocks I knew that was the format I wanted to emulate (in Harrogate) - but with a bit more artistic substance! We are going all out with this show, sourcing the best new and outlandish fashion design talent not just from Harrogate College, but from across Yorkshire. We are working with popular local bands, Kasiuss, Book of Job and Dead English Poets'. The main aim for H BOMB! in 2010 is to raise enough money to buy another much-needed safe house for women of domestic violence. APPEAL FOR MUSICIANS AND FASHION DESIGNERS - Any budding musicians and extraordinary fashion designers that would like to be involved should email:, who can also give you further info on the event and cause.

NEW Spring 2010 Colours from Clinique Clinique's spring 2010 collection includes a range of juicy colours with 'good-for-you' ingredients so you're left looking fab with added benefits. The Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour, £13.50 is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is available in six shades. The Goodness Grapecious has to my personal favourite. In addition, the classic Happy fragrance gets a spring makeover with the limited edition NEW Happy in Bloom, £23.00. Its floral heart coupled with chilled, watery notes are sure to get you noticed. Available from Clinique counters nationwide.

Beth’s One to Watch: Robert Eaton Current North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year, Robert Eaton, has picked up many industry awards including the national L'Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy, is three times North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year (making him the youngest member the British Hairdressing Awards 'hairdressing hall of fame'), nominated three times for the British Hairdressing Colour Technician of the Year award AND he is now our new on: hair writer! I can see why Robert has won so many awards, especially for his colour innovation since he turned my locks from lack-lustre to luscious with ease. One of the best colour treatments I've ever had! Robert has recently opened a city centre based branch of Russell Eaton, the second venue to the Eaton family's Barnsley salon. Successfully combining a state of the art hair salon with an Aveda Lifestyle Spa - Russell Eaton, Leeds, is your one stop haven to looking and feeling goooood. Choose from manis and pedis, full body massages, facials and tanning treatments. You can have your nails done as your colour sets if you wish or relax in the tranquil spa on the lower ground floor. A welcome addition to Leeds, I'm sure you will agree. We wish Rob all the best is his ambition to win the British Hairdresser of the Year title…and in providing you with scintillating tips, of course! Mmmm! Your hair cut and colour starts with THE most wonderful head massage. There's no doubting this is one place to recuperate and come out looking fabulous to boot. Russell Eaton, 4-6 Boar Lane, Leeds LS1 5DD, T: 0113 2469 162

Exclusive New Bathroom Ranges Arrive in the Region Moortown-based BMF Limited ( is celebrating the New Year by unveiling an exciting new bathroom showroom and launching some exclusive ranges to the region for the first time. The new premises extend and renovate BMF's existing showroom on Stainburn Parade. One of the new ranges available will be the awardwinning Italian brand Fantini, with eye-catching designs including unique waterfall or backlit showers for those who like to make a statement. The bathroom and heating specialist will also be the exclusive outlet in the area for the chic Ben de Lisi range of bathroom suites. Prices start at just £475 for a toilet and basin combination, proving customers don't need to break the bank for a designer bathroom. BMF will be hosting a launch event for the new showroom, with special offers available on bathroom suites and accessories. Anyone interested in attending this exclusive, invitation-only event should contact BMF on 0113 266 0096.

SHOPPING EVENT Shopping Event at Nicky Clarke on Wednesday February 24th! If you love vintage, fashion, make-overs, champagne and having your hair done then you'll love this! Lovely Events are hosting a shopping evening in association with Nicky Clarke. Selling vintage clothing and accessories, jewellery and homeware along with make-overs by MAC and beauty, nail and hair treatments at Nicky Clarke, you will find a plenty of gorgeousness to delight in. There will also be tarot readings by Alice Grist, Author of The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment ( and tips on 'how to walk in high heels' by yours truly. There will be a finale makeover 'reveal' by the MAC and Nicky Clarke team for two lucky ladies, give-aways, goody bags, fun seminars and a champagne and cupcake reception by The Sunshine Bakery! You can purchase tickets for £10 each from Nicky Clarke, Leeds which is redeemable against your next visit to the salon! The event is held from 7pm-9pm on Wednesday 24th February at Nicky Clarke, 9 King Edward Street, Victoria Quarter, Leeds LS1 6AX Visit for updates and ticket availability.



I LOVE the range of vintage style and trinket necklaces from Accessorize! Combine them with chunky collar style necklaces and don't be afraid to layer them up for ultimate wow factor. Prices range from £5-15 Accessorize, Monsoon, 27-28 Commercial Street, Leeds T: 0113 244 0084

hot in the

shops I LOVE these beaten-up men's' boots from River Island. They look great worn with dustylooking denim and a simple t-shirt and flat cap. Swit-swoo. For your nearest stockist, visit


Sadly it is not going to hot up just yet so ensure you look super stylish as the seasons transcend in this Mr. Smith riding hat by Justin Esq, £79 and Elworthy Limited Edition frock coat, £599. Hats are set to be a hot trend this year! Hobbs, 6-8 Queen, Victoria Street, Victoria Quarter, Leeds, LS1 6BE T: 0113 2454 014

TopShop's spring summer 2010 collection has come over all French with their Parisienne range of flouncy dresses, boucle jackets and embroidered tees whilst the Saloon range mixes beaten up leather accessories with indigo denim and cutesy accessories. Ladylike chic meets edgy cool, love it! For your nearest stockist, visit: presents exclusive accessories and gifts based on old fashioned glamour and modern day cheeky-girlyness. Items range from conversation piece cushions, tea and coffee cosies and vintage tea party sets to luxurious scarves, kooky pocket mirrors and quirky purses. I adore their brand new spring summer collection of travel purses, make-up bags, passport covers and sunglasses holders. The cool illustrations, use of vintage fabrics and fun names for every item make them extra-loveable. Prices from £6.50 W:

Another hot trend for spring is nautical. Team your white jeans or floaty skirt with this gorgeous Nautical Top by Espirit, £19 and say oi oi Sailor! Westgate Department Store, Albert Street, Harrogate.

Natasha Ashley was the lucky winner of a £1000 Lynx Womenswear Gift Voucher. Natasha, who lives in Harrogate and is a recruitments consultant for ‘People Co’, a recruitment company based in Hornbeam Park, Harrogate, opened the most New Accounts during the year. Natasha, who worked extremely hard in a recession-hit market, said that she always ‘tries to deliver a service and level of professionalism beyond the customers expectation’. Lynx Womenswear, 20 West Park, Harrogate, HG1 1BJ 01423-521404



BAKERY C NSHINE .A U S Coffee, Patisserie, Cupcakes and Lunch

Wedding Fair Sunday 7th February 2010 11am-4pm Meet Yorkshire’s finest Wedding Suppliers and have your chance to win a break to Vale Do Lobo, Portugal

Book now for our New ZealandWine Dinner Paradise Lane, Hazlewood, Nr Tadcaster, North Yorkshire LS24 9NJ

01937 535313/06 e:

"The Sunshine Bakery is a new addition to the trendy Chapel Allerton area of Leeds, headed up by David Bennett, former Chef for Marco Pierre-White. The bakery is small yet perfectly formed and reminiscent of a French Patisserie meets vintage boutique with pink and white flocked wall coverings and candy coloured displays. You can expect hand-made tasty treats on a daily basis ranging from cute cupcakes and champagne truffles to flavoured breads, sandwiches and fresh soups." The Sunshine Bakery 182 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton Leeds LS7 4NZ Telephone. 0113 2680656 Email.


La Bottega Milanese Milan- born Alessandro Galantino brings us a slice of Italy with his new boutique style coffee bar, La Bottega Milanese. The concept is very simple in delivering high quality authentic Italian produce and custom blend coffees (that taste like coffee) and are not overpriced. In fact, Alessandro performs blind tastings of different roasting to custom blend his coffee down to the milk that compliments it perfectly. Encouraging people to 'come in and try', espressos are only £1 a shot and simply divine! As the months grow warmer you can expect al fresco snacking and, as in Milan, a bar that changes with the time of day. Think delicious croissants for breakfast, freshly baked focaccia and pasta for lunch and mouth-watering salads, cured meats and tasting plates with Aperitivi for the evening in the early evening after work just like in the continent! All produce is fresh and imported from Italy in addition to supplies from local farmers. Selling a collection of firm favourites such as Pellegrino water, soft drinks, Italian farmers pasta sauces and extra virgin olive oil to homewares including Bialletti coffee stoves and cups, La Bottega Milanese provides a shopping and snack-dining experience that Leeds is screaming out for. If you want delectable bona fide Italian yumminess, this is a must-visit! Ooh! Look out for the Valentines Day 'amore bags' including special savoury treats, Mothers' Day offers and a growing deli counter. 32 The Calls, Leeds, LS2 7EW (at the bottom of Call Lane on the River Aire) T: 07779 258004 W: Photography courtesy of Steve Cockram @ Photography One Leeds.

Valentine's Day Exclusives… Casa Mia are giving every lady an exclusive gift over the Valentines Day period if you dine at one of their restaurants, so guys - book a delicious authentic Italian meal and save money on the present! If you really want to impress, take your other half to the Chapel Allerton branch and visit the adjoining champagne bar, Veuve. Veuve is super-stylish and serves 51 different types of Champagne along with an impressive range of cocktails, wines and beers. A first date will definitely turn into a second, third and even fourth if you take them here! Veuve Champagne Bar, 33 - 37 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD Casa Mia has a restaurant in Chapel Allerton and one in the City Centre. Book now on 0845 688 3030 to avoid disappointment.


The Sunshine Bakery is opening a 'Secret Garden' in the summer for private al fresco dining and barbecues. This concept is huge in London so I'm thankful it is coming to us 'up north'. The idea is to make you feel like you're dining in someone's back yard - mixing a personable approach, an intimate atmosphere and top nosh! Also look out for the mini personalized shortbread hearts for Valentine's Day, Mothers Day hampers and, my favourite - the Afternoon Tea Table. While away the hours as you devour yummy finger sandwiches, cakes and tea all served using vintage china and tiered cake stands. Thoroughly enjoyable in both a culinary and sociable way (as you can see from my friend and I in these pics)! To reserve your table, call 0113 268 0656. The Sunshine Bakery, 182 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 4NZ With thanks to Steve Stenson for the images.


Private Table The Cheese Table at Piazza by Anthony caught my eye. Offering a private dining experience within their Fromagerie, up to ten people are served fresh produce as they dine at 'the cheese table'. Dishes range from Warm Chorizo and Chickpea Salad to Slow Cooked Pork Loin and the expected selection of cheese and breads and finished off with French Lemon Tart and Raspberry Sorbet. £45 per head. Available to book every Friday and Saturday night. Piazza by Anthony, Leeds T: 0113 247 0995

Valentine's Day Treats… Café Rouge is launching a special menu over Valentine's weekend to help raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity's Kiss it Better appeal. For every three course set menu sold from 12 to 14 February, Café Rouge will donate £1 to the appeal to help research the causes and treatment of childhood cancer. My pick is the Champagne Brunch, £12.95 which includes options such as scrambled eggs and smoked salmon as well as a traditional English - all topped off with a fresh juice, choice of hot drink and a breakfast cocktail. Download your voucher from

Yorkshire Restaurants Make The Grade! Sukhothai have been included in the 2010 Good Food Guide. This is the third consecutive year that Sukhothai have been featured - The Good Food Guide features the best restaurants in the UK reviewed by the largest consumer review and product guide company in the UK. The Good Food Guide was first compiled by Raymond Postgate in 1951 and its ambition was simply to "inform diners of great places to eat". Raymond Postage's assertion that, "You can corrupt one man, you can't bribe an army.” remains as true today as it was in 1951, as every single entry in the guide is based on a completely impartial assessment. Sukhothai is one of only a handful of Thai restaurants in the whole of the UK and the only Thai restaurant in Yorkshire and surrounding counties that is recommended by the Guide. Sukhothai prides it self on its attention to excellence and all food is cooked to order using authentic Thai techniques and ingredients. Sukhothai are based in Chapel Allerton and Headingley and are a Mecca for Thai food lovers. Highly recommended although booking in advance is advisable. T: 0113 2370141 (Chapel Allerton) / 0113 2781234 (Headingley)

Gorgeous Getaways Gorgeous Weekend is a new online travel concierge that offers bespoke luxury holiday experiences in North Yorkshire. Using their numerous partnerships with an array of accommodations, you can expect something for every mood from cosy cottages with log fires, chic City Centre apartments to Victorian country houses on the edge of the Moors. Gorgeous Weekend create bespoke getaways so if you fancy visiting a spa, a Michelin star restaurant or even a local pub - they can sort it for you. In fact, they can cater for the finest details so if it is champagne on ice that you want as you arrive, it's yours. See their list of suppliers, partners and recommendations on the Gorgeous Weekend website,


Diets are really, really slow. If you’ve got a lot to lose…well, the prospect of three years on a diet is enough to make anyone chuck in the towel.

Lose weight at the speed of LighterLife. LighterLife Total is fast. Very low calorie soups, shakes and bars. In fact, it’s so fast we’re not allowed to tell you exactly how fast. Which, of course, tells you how fast it is better than we ever could. If you only visit one more weight-loss website ever you should make it

Lighte rLife T otal For pe ople w ith 3 ston e or m ore to lose * *BMI of 30 or above

Strictly Stylish Charity Fashion Show

Karen dropped 6 dress sizes in 7 months.

Saturday 27th February 2010 at Aspire *OÙSNBSZ4USFFU -FFET

What have you got to lose?


Melanie Ellyard, 0113 2565789 Leeds City Centre, Pudsey,



Paul Bedford

core principles The New Year traditionally brings lots of brand new people through the doors of their local health club hoping to lose some of that 'Christmas excess' - and The Village is no different. But there's no easy answer to the familiar mantra, “How do I get rid of the weight and achieve a flat stomach?' However, if you follow my tips and concentrate on those allimportant core areas, you'll at least be on the road towards a summertime stomach.

CALORIE BURN The first thing is to shift those unwanted calories resting on that stomach full of alcohol and Christmas Pudding! I have found, through years of Personal Training, the most efficient way to do this is cardiovascular training - this means hitting the running machines, rowers and bikes ... Push yourself a little harder than normal to burn off the most calories as possible in the time you train.

ENDLESS SIT-UPS? NOT THE ANSWER! Doing relentless sit-up after sit-up is not the answer for ripping out those abdominal muscles - far from it! Don't get me wrong, abdominal exercises are a great way to improve your core strength but it's more about the quality of the exercise out than the amount been powered-out that will benefit you the most. Important! - make sure you're doing the exercises correctly!

VARIETY IS THE KEY Your abdominals are not just one muscle. I like to split them into 3 main categories when training my clients at the Village; upper abs, lower abs and oblique abs (on your side of your stomach). This is why it's important to give variety to your ab blasts and make sure you work each part of the abdominal area. If you struggle for exercises like most do, google it or ask your instructor at the gym. Please feel free to email me if you require any ideas for working your abs:

HELP THROUGH THE BURN Always try to work your abs with someone else. It is too easy for you to give in when the burn sets in. Work through it as much as possible as this is when you are getting the most out of muscles. Use a friend, instructor or just grab someone on the matting area who's also training.

MAKE IT FRESH Try not to do the same routine when working the core - mix it up all the time because your body will adapt to the exercise and struggle to progress. Give progression to your abs, start simple and build upon that on a steady increase. The stronger your core becomes, the better, more advanced and, in my opinion, the more fun the exercises become.

“Doing relentless sit-up after sit-up is not the answer for ripping out those abdominal muscles far from it!”

Q&A When I do sit ups my neck and shoulders hurt, rather than my stomach - why is this? I get this problem a lot on the abdominal matting and it's mainly due to weak core muscles causing you to lift with your shoulder and neck instead of your abs when doing the exercise. Use Stability Ball exercises and different types of planks to strengthen that core. What does my body fat percentage need to be at to see my six-pack? This is dependant on a few things but the majority of six-packers are under 10% body fat - that's really what you need in order to see those movie star abs. I'm hammering the sit-ups but can't get rid of the belly - why? It's not just about hammering the sit-ups. You must reduce your body fat by eating well and exercising. Sit-ups will help as they will build up muscle in that area, allowing the body to burn fat off more efficiently in the abdominal region - but they won't do all the work.

TELLY BELLY! Why not work your core at home? Sometimes gym or working out is not an option, so hit the abs while watching T.V. When your fave programme is on, why not work some core in the 4-minute adverts? 4 minutes, 4-5 times a night, will make a massive improvement to the strength of your core.



Real Madrid football ace Christiano Ronaldo claims to do 1,000 sit ups per day!

Stomach Fat


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NEW 'Hailed as the most effective cellulite and fat burning treatment yet' SHE MAGAZINE

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• Targeted inch loss from the stomach, waist & hips • Immediate results from the midriff • Drop upto 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks • An alternative to surgery

To achieve maximum results with minimum time & effort, please call Jenna for advice and a trial session. Studio1, Sunnybank Farm, Whitehall Road East, Birkenshaw, Bradford, BD11 2LL

08450942789 / 07983838312

by Paul Howard




Grapes were first planted in New Zealand back in 1836 but it was only 25 years ago when their distinctive style of Sauvignon Blanc hit paydirt. Since then, there has been phenomenal growth – there are now ten wine regions, with 585 wineries and new ventures appearing almost weekly. While NZ makes only a tiny fraction of the world’s wine, we Brits are the biggest consumers of it.

New Zealand’s image is clean and green, with stunning scenery and an outdoor lifestyle. Diversity and innovation are creating new trends and the winemakers are a passionate bunch.

So - what’s hot? Here are my predictions for the new decade with some personal favourites to look out for. Hot Whites Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand is most famous for its world-renowned Sauvignon Blanc. Now planted in all regions, its huge international impact has been fuelled by a seemingly insatiable demand and, because of this, over half of New Zealand’s vineyards are now planted in Marlborough, where this grape is at its classic best. That pungent Marlborough style is immediately distinctive, marked by herbaceous and tropical aromas. However, there are clear signs that Sauvie is dividing into two camps. Some producers are aiming for ever higher concentrations of aromatics in the gooseberry/peapod/passionfruit range. In contrast, an alternative style is one more akin to French Sancerre. Here pungency is restrained, the aim being to produce less assertive but more elegant wines that go better with food. Which is best is according to your personal taste! Look out for… Astrolabe, Clos Henri, Cloudy Bay, Dog Point, Isabel Estate, Lawson’s Dry Hills, Montana Brancott (all Marlborough) While there are no signs of boredom with Sauvignon Blanc, most producers also grow other white wines, for which New Zealand is well suited, e.g. Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Viognier and large amounts of Chardonnay. There are many excellent examples of all these but arguably the white grape most likely to become the next big thing is Pinot Gris.

Pinot Gris Pinot Gris is now New Zealand’s third most planted white variety, behind Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay and is the epitome of antipodean fashion. One reason is that it appeals to those tiring of Chardonnay; another is that it is a great food match. Perhaps simplest answer is that it is easily recognised – in the UK we often refer to it by its Italian name – Pinot Grigio.


However, New Zealand Pinot Gris comes in four different styles. The first is akin to Italian Pinot Grigio; dry, light and lean, designed for early drinking. By contrast, when it is made in a dry Alsace-style it is riper and bigger bodied, with a focus on smooth texture and spice. The third style is to mature the wine in new French Oak barrels, the wood influence ranging from subtle elegance to toasty. Lastly, arguably the finest expression of Pinot Gris, is an off-dry style where a little residual sugar enhances the wine’s silky texture and quince fruit – and that makes it brilliant with Asian cuisine. Look out for… Neudorf (Nelson), Ata Rangi, Dry River (Wairarapa); Seresin, Villa Maria (Marlborough); Kumeu River (Auckland); Hot Reds Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is New Zealand’s red wine success - international accolades are numerous and demand outstrips supply. It has become easily the most planted red grape in New Zealand because the cool climate is especially suited to it. Wairarapa and fashionable Central Otago make the best examples but Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay are also getting in on the act. Pinot Noir is the Holy Grail of the serious Kiwi winemaker and a “must have” in the wine range as a badge of prestige.

While Burgundy in France is the touchstone and comparisons are inevitably made, Kiwi Pinot Noir has its own identity, often with deeper colour, purer fruit and higher alcohol. The best wines have perfume, balance and silken texture – what I call “pinosity”. Meanwhile, secondlabel wines have emerged, enabling wineries to sell bigger volumes using bought-in fruit at a lower price without damaging the main brand – many are very good value. It is a testament to the skill and craft of New Zealand producers that dull examples of their Pinot Noir are infrequently encountered and there is a wealth of good bottles from which to choose. In addition, there are a handful of iconic wines that are simply world class. And my expectation is that quality will continue to improve! Look out for…Felton Road, Carrick, Two Paddocks, Valli (Otago); Neudorf (Nelson); Millton (Gisborne); Ata Rangi, Dry River, Escarpment (Wairarapa); Fromm, Herzog, (Marlborough); Pegasus Bay (Waipara) Syrah A century ago Syrah was widely planted in New Zealand but because of the cool, wet climate it frequently produced thin acidic wine that lacked colour. By 1984 there was no interest left in Syrah. The few remaining vines were rescued from a viticultural research station and replanted at Stonecroft Estate in Hawke’s Bay. They thrived in their new home – drier and sunnier and with stony gravel soils, the remnants of old river beds. Suddenly, the potential of Syrah was rediscovered and a quiet revolution has occurred, especially on the Gimblett Gravels sub-region of Hawke’s Bay. Though the amount grown remains relatively small there are dozens of award-winning wines emerging. These have more in common with the graceful Syrahs of the Northern Rhône rather than the bolder Australian Shiraz style, offering a winning combination of new world fruit with old world structure. Look out for… Trinity Hill, Bilancia, Craggy Range, Stonecroft (all Hawke’s Bay)

And there’s more Don’t overlook excellent Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Viognier. The red Bordeaux grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Merlot) have improved enormously and are glorious in Hawke’s Bay and on Waiheke Island near Auckland. And there’s never an excuse for a jaded palate - you can find wines being made from Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Tempranillo, Zinfandel, Verdelho, Pinotage and many more besides. Finally, the excellent sparkling wines make a great (and cheaper) alternative to Champagne, while the newly available sweet dessert wines are delicious too.

I find that discovering New Zealand wine is a life-affirming pastime – I hope you’ll join me.


Masi Tupungato, “Passo Doble”, Malbec/Corvina, Mendoza, Argentina, 2008. 14%


There is nothing else quite like this. It’s exciting and extraordinary; an Argentinean wine made in a traditional Italian style. Masi are a high quality Italian producer from northeast Italy. They expanded into the Tupungato valley in Argentina and there make Passo Doble. The name is a pun - it refers to the Argentinean bullfighting dance and also to the ripasso winemaking method employed to boost flavour, texture and alcohol. Malbec grapes are fermented and afterwards another fermentation is induced by adding semi-dried Corvina grapes. The result is an intense rubypurple wine with aromas of black cherry from the Corvina and plum from the Malbec. Tasting reveals a rich, velvety texture. Layers of black cherry, blueberry and plum fruit are laced with violets, liquorice and a savoury note. There’s plenty of structure, fresh acidity, smooth tannins and good balance. A hint of coffee and black chocolate from restrained oak barrel treatment lingers on a dry finish. This is an exciting wine and as Masi say, “Argentinean Soul, Venetian Style”. Red meat essential! Oddbins, £10.99

Clos d’Yvigne, Cuvée Nicholas, AC Bergerac Sec, France, 2007. 13.5% In 1990, Patricia Atkinson and her husband bought a run-down property on the Dordogne near Bergerac to live the French idyll. Then it went wrong. When markets crashed Patricia’s husband returned to England, leaving her alone with little French and no winemaking skills. Patricia’s bestselling books, The Ripening Sun and La Belle Saison, tell her story of triumph over adversity; how one tough woman learnt from scratch with the help and support of the local community. Today Clos d’Yvigne is critically acclaimed, making some of the best wines in the region including this one, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Muscadelle. A polished brass colour, the nose shows off a subtle interplay of toast and vanilla woven with grapefruit and gooseberry. There’s also a honeyed character which comes from the Muscadelle. The Sémillon adds body and a waxiness that balances Sauvignon’s crisp dry acidity. Try Fish and Chips for a radical food match - I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Majestic, £9.99 (£8.99 if you buy two)


Pinot Noir, James Millton, Clos de Ste. Anne, Naboth’s Vineyard, Manutuke, Gisborne, New Zealand. 2006. 13% While Gisborne is an unfashionable Kiwi wine address there is no doubt that the Millton estate ranks as one of New Zealand’s best. Naboth’s vineyard is arguably their top site, a steep vineyard devoted to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A faded crimson colour, the quality of this wine is apparent from the very first sniff, offering up a complex perfume of raspberry, cranberry and cherry fruit with Parma violets, smoke and a note best described as newly turned earth. There’s elegance, grace and balance rather than naked power, with moderate alcohol and a refreshing level of acidity. High intensity red berry and cherry fruit overlays earth and forest floor notes before a long spice finish rounds things off. There’s an attractively silky texture with enough grippy tannin to make it excellent with food - roast duck hits the spot for me. Drinking perfectly now and at peak for the next 2-3 years. This is exciting Pinot Noir – and at a very sharp price for the quality and personality on offer. Vintage Roots, £18.95

A friend of mine insists on 'laying down' his more expensive wines - is he just showing off? Does this procedure really enhance the wine's taste? Erica, via email. It all depends on which specific wines are chosen. Laying Down refers to holding a wine to undergo further bottle ageing. It is necessary for some red and white wines because they are deliberately made to improve in bottle over many years and won’t taste as they should if opened young. These can be expensive but it is the style of wine rather than price that is the deciding factor. Meanwhile, the vast majority of wines are made for immediate consumption and for these laying down will have no beneficial effect. My Gran has a bottle of Cuvée Dom Perignon which she's had since 1982! Would it be drinkable if we opened it? Sheri Hall, Barnoldswick.

Chateau Musar, White 2001. Bekaa valley, Lebanon. 12.5% Serge Hochar makes his French-influenced cult wines in the Lebanese Bekaa valley despite the conflicts that have blighted this beautiful region. Musar White is a blend of two ancient indigenous Lebanese grapes: Obaideh and Merwah. It is capable of great longevity and is not released to the market for six years. The Chateau does the ageing for you. Amber in colour, it smells of pastry, marzipan, quince, apricot, apples and pears. It tastes of caramel, apples and quince before hints of oxidation and a polished texture lead to a slow honeyed finish. Rule one when serving it is to chill lightly – 14 degrees is ideal. Rule two is decant it for an hour or so before serving. Rule three is to drink it with food. Try Lebanese mezze, tabbouleh or fatoush. Exciting drinking now and yet there’s extraordinary potential over the next 20 years – so buy some to drink now and some keep. Majestic, £14.99 or Martinez, Ilkley £16.99

Tahbilk, Marsanne, Nagambie Lakes, Central Victoria, Australia. 2007. 12.5% Established in 1860, Tahbilk is an aboriginal word meaning “place of many water holes”. This outstanding Australian winery specialises in grapes originating from the Rhône valley in France. Marsanne is one of these, rarely found outside the Rhône and in fact Tahbilk owns the largest single area of Marsanne in the world. Marsanne is an underappreciated grape – while capable of richness in youth it also has good ageing potential. This example is light gold in colour. The nose shows nuts, wax, citrus and acacia while the palate suggests apricot or peach flavours that will develop further honeysuckle complexity if aged over the next five or so years. All discreet charm, it has the weight to partner spicier foods, try Thai prawns or a mild chicken korma. The Wine Society, £8.50


Vintage Champagne really benefits from laying down and Moët & Chandon’s finest is no exception - with 1982 also being an exceptional vintage. If it has been kept in good condition then it should be drinking perfectly and it will last for years yet. It’s probably worth around £200, so drink it to celebrate something very special.

TRIVIA When white wine started flowing through taps in dozens of homes during an Italian festival it was naturally hailed as miracle. Actually, it was just bad plumbing. The Sagra dell’Uva festival is held every October in the town of Marino, near Rome. Usually, an ornate fountain in the main square is connected by pipes to a local vineyard so that it gushes Frascati white wine. In 2008, the pipes were mistakenly hooked up to the domestic water supply. Reports were that most locals were 47 more than happy with the new arrangement.

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Prawn Korma The On:

Recipe Pledge Quick, Seasonal, Delicious & Guaranteed to Work!

Recipe supplied courtesy of Lighter Life Leeds City Centre 0113 2565789




Prawn Korma



2 tsp stock 1 onion, chopped 2 tsp coriander 1 tsp ground turmeric 1 tsp ground cumin Black pepper 100g mushrooms, sliced 275g cooked prawns 150ml natural low-fat yoghurt


Oracle’s new cocktail menu is focused on the past, present and future of cocktails – split into three sections appropriately - and is influenced by a huge range of classic cocktails. The following cocktail, the Rum Jeremy, is a signature cocktail from the future section of the menu…

Stuart Ward



Per single serving Fat 3g Carbs 12.1g Sodium 1.04g Calories 221

RUM JEREMY A twisted mix of El Dorado 5 year old Guyanese Rum, Liquor 43, Xante Pear Cognac, fresh passion fruit and lemon juice. Shaken hard and served naked and ice old. 40ml El Dorado 5 Y/O 20ml Liquor 43 12.5ml Xante Half a fresh passion fruit 12.5ml fresh lemon juice METHOD: Shake and fine strain into a chilled champagne saucer. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, cupped in a ¼ passion fruit shell, on the rim. Oracle, 3 Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf, Leeds, LS10 1NE

Special Lunch and Early Bird Menu Available 12pm - 7.00pm 1 Course £6.95 2 Course £8.95 3 Course £10.95

STARTERS Soup of the Day Pan-Fried Cream Garlic Mushrooms Traditional Italian Bruschetta Chicken Goujons with Garlic Butter Homemade Chicken Liver Pate served with Toast

Main Courses Spaghetti Bolognese Penne Puttanesca Margherita Pizza Divola Pizza Chicken Alla Creme Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

DESSERTS Selection of Italian Ice Cream Apple Pie Desserts of the Day Tel: 0113 246 9444 • Fax: 0113 246 7844 Email: Ciao Bella Restaurant, 22 Dock Street, Leeds LS10 1JF




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DILEMMAS Eating in is the new eating out - but getting it right is far from easy.

According to recent press reports, not only are we all eating out more as a nation, we are also entertaining at home more than ever. Not content with just watching Nigella, Delia, Rick and Gordon, we now want to take our home-made efforts and present them to friends and family in a semi-formal setting. The popularity of shows like‘Come Dine With Me’has shown that, regardless of our cooking‘talents’, many of us are convinced we know how to put a menu together. But what experience and programmes like CDWM also show is the yawning gap between ambition and ability, as person after person fails to see that recipes like soufflé don’t respond well to a ‘crossing your fingers and hoping for the best’ approach. Let’s face it, in reality the dinner party is just a big accident waiting to happen, with any number of variables coming into play to ruin an otherwise good time.


Firstly, the host: the person who has chosen to throw the party, to invite a particular mix of people, and to cook a particular menu combination. Never lose sight of the most important job for the host, which is to actually get some edible food on the table in a reasonable time frame. Sounds simple. However, many people quickly forget, amidst all the culinary showing, that putting good food on the table is the actual point of it all! Multiple courses, trios of puddings, wine matching complete with laboured tutorials - remember. you are not a restaurant. Even if you are capable of producing Ramsay-style food it means nothing if your guests are eating it at 11.30pm. And, by that time, even a Pizza Hut takeaway is going to feel Michelin-starred. Conversely, you should also avoid getting too ‘relaxed’ before dinner.

“Close friends can be extremely forgiving about food disasters”



Party Types

The Cheat Knows the aisles at M&S intimately and isn’t scared to ‘adapt’ a few carefully bought items - after all, a sprinkle of fresh herbs on a bought Beef Bourgogninon or a dollop of boozy cream on a chocolate tart will make it their own, won’t it! Knows a little deli where they will bake a nice fish pie or lasagne in your own dish if you take one in. PROS: you’ll eat on time and it will taste pretty good (mainly because they didn’t make it). CONS: even if you rumble them you can’t say anything, it would be bad manners and you wouldn’t get asked back.

Food hero: Nigella Lawson

The Gastronaut Sees you more as a guinea pig than a guest. Has all the latest kit; water bath, siphon gun to make foams. Plans his menu meticulously and will probably email it to you weeks before the event. PROS: you will always know what’s going on at the cutting edge of molecular gastronomy. CONS: You’ll have to listen to a 15-minute explanation of each dish before you eat it.

Food hero: Heston Blumenthal

Alison Holland

A nice glass of wine whilst cooking is a chef’s perk but too much before everyone arrives and your offerings will be decidedly burnt. Then there are the guests. Friends coming round? Fine. Friends of friends or new partners? Could be tricky. A lot rests on you being familiar with your guests’ tastes. Close friends can be extremely forgiving about food disasters (dropping the main course, dog finding out how much they love trifle) and likewise you can be a bit more casual (if you’ve forgotten friend ‘A’ doesn’t like mushrooms you won’t have any problems telling them just to push them

But if you want to offer the full three courses then go ahead. Just remember you are expected to occasionally appear at this party you are throwing so don’t give yourself an insurmountable task. Try making a cold starter or pudding that you can do

The Nature Boy Will be able to tell you the name, age and star sign of the animal you are eating. Has spent the last 2 days foraging for wild herbs, flowers and fungi to supplement your dinner. Insists on biodynamic wine only (so you can take that Jacobs Creek home with you). PROS: You’ll know your steak had a happy life before it ended up on your plate with béarnaise sauce. CONS: You might get mushroom poisoning – best to just hide them under some mash.

Food hero: Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall

The Old Pro Approaches a dinner party with military precision. Has a repertoire of tried-and-tested can’t-fail recipes that have held good since the 70’s. Wouldn’t dream of offering less than 3 canapés on arrival. PROS: You won’t go hungry, in fact you might need a couple of days off afterwards. CONS: you might be unfortunate enough to get their ‘signature’ dish involving anchovies and aspic.

Food hero: Delia Smith

The Geezer Favours the bish-bosh approach. Doesn’t do recipe books or, if they do, they like to ‘adapt’ (i.e. go completely off at a tangent). Has confidence in complete disproportion to their cooking talent. Will insist any mistakes are ‘meant to be like that’. PROS: can’t fail to be entertaining for all the wrong reasons! CONS: You might not actually get any food.

Food hero: Jamie Oliver

to the side of the plate). Less familiar people are not so forgiving. The person who is ‘kind of’ vegetarian but eats chicken and fish (when you’re serving lamb). The ‘I’m allergic/intolerant to dairy/wheat/gluten’. The annoyingly picky person who just moves all the elements of their meal into separate piles. Ask about dietary requirements before they land on your doorstep to avoid any nasty surprises. And then there’s the food - the reason everyone is there in the first place. Now I’m a huge fan of sharing food. The kind of thing where you just bung it in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves hearty food like casseroles in the winter and paella in the summer.

ahead so you’re not slaving in the kitchen all night. Also, make something you’ve tried before, now is not the time for experimenting. Have some drinks and snacks ready so people are occupied while you get the food on the table. And most of all relax and enjoy it; if you end up weeping into your failed crème brulee you’ve probably taken on a little bit too much.

If all else fails, at least have the number of a good takeaway up your sleeve, and enough wine to keep everyone happy while you are waiting for it to get there. Happy cooking!



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WINE & DINE FOR ÂŁ25* AT H A R V E Y N I C H O L S Enjoy three courses and unlimited Harvey Nichols house wine every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. * T E R M S & C O N D I T I O N S A P P LY. O F F E R A V A I L A B L E U N T I L E N D O F M A R C H 2 0 1 0


on gig guide FEBRUARY 11 . . . . .FANFARLO - Leeds Brudenell 12 . . . . .BEACH HOUSE - Leeds Brudenell 14 . . . . .LOSTPROPHETS - Leeds Academy 16 . . . . .FIONN REGAN - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .HOT CHIP - Leeds Academy 18 . . . . .GOLDIE - Leeds Stylus 19 . . . . .SUNSHINE UNDERGROUND - Leeds Academy . . . . . . . .DENNIS LOCORRIERE - Bradford St George’s Hall 20 . . . . .GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .THE NOISETTES – Sheffield Academy 21 . . . . .MIKA - Leeds Academy 22 . . . . .SHEARWATER - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .YEASAYER - Leeds Faversham . . . . . . . .OCEAN COLOUR SCENE - Bradford St George’s Hall 23 . . . . .TOM McRae - Leeds Brudenell 25 . . . . .FIELD MUSIC - Leeds Brudenell 27 . . . . .SULTANS OF PING FC - Leeds,TheWell



The e Sea

It is, of course, impossible to hear this record without feeling you are rubbernecking in on the personal tragedy that surrounds it (Rae’s husband died during its creation), but in purely musical terms this represents a huge creative step forward for the Leeds-born singer-songwriter. To her eternal credit she neither wallows in grisly sentiment or shies away from facing up to the tragedy and what emerges, ultimately, is a moving and redemptive record. Musically there’s been a definitive and welcome shift away from the coffee shop jazz-lite that made her name – so here we get bubbling Hammond organs, big orchestral arrangements, languid funk and, most importantly, a couple of genuinely memorable hook-filled choruses. That aural wallpaper has, finally, been torn down. Occasionally the over-slick production washes out the emotion but when, in the title track, Rae sings, "The sea, the majestic sea, takes everything from me,” there’s simply nothing that can detract from its devastated beauty.



A graceful progression. ALTERNATIVE





MIDLAKE E - The e Courage e of f Others

Midlake toured 2nd album, ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther’, the best album of 2006 no less, to death. They flogged it, milked it, hoiked it around the globe - and then, 2 years ago, disappeared into the backwoods of Texas from whence they came. Since then, not a whimper. But they’ve been listening - and growing. Listening it would seem, somewhat incongruously, to Brit-folk. Not just to Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, and Steeleye Span but to nu-folk’s finest modern adventurers - James Yorkston, Adem, Rachel Unthank. It’s a welcome left turn, when most might have been expecting a fairy step forward on the American psychedelic road, they’ve veered off at a tangent. ‘The Courage of Others’ might as well have emerged from the English countryside so brilliantly and convincingly does it echo the best of Brit-folk old and new. Gone is the last album’s warm palette of sounds, replaced by an icy, monochromatic chill. Gone is the accessible, radio-friendly soft rock, replaced by a grainy, picky, guitar-led wash. What remains is a sense of isolation, a remoteness and an hypnotic, singular vision. Nu-folk’s creative endgame, right here, from the wilds of Texas. RE E-RELEASE BUDDY Y HOLLY

4 . . . . . .NEWTON FAULKNER, Leeds Academy . . . . . . . .FINLEY QUAYE - Leeds Stylus . . . . . . . .PAUL CARRACK - Harrogate International 5 . . . . . .NICK HARPER - Leeds Brudenell 6 . . . . . .BJORN AGAIN - Leeds Academy 7 . . . . . .FUN LOVIN’CRIMINALS - Leeds Academy 8 . . . . . .RICHMOND FONTAINE - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .EDITORS - Bradford St George’s Hall 9 . . . . . . .STEREOPHONICS – Sheffield Arena 11 . . . . .THE STRANGLERS - Leeds Academy 13 . . . . .REVEREND &THE MAKERS -Wakefield, Escobar 17 . . . . .AUTECHRE - Leeds,TheWardrobe . . . . . . . .TURIN BRAKES – Sheffield City Hall 18 . . . . .MONO - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .PRESTON REED - HarrogateTheatre . . . . . . . .FOURTET – Sheffield,The Plug 19 . . . . .NEW MODEL ARMY - Leeds Academy . . . . . . . .CHRIS REA - Harrogate International 20 . . . . .THE AUTOMATIC - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .BABY BIRD - Leeds Faversham . . . . . . . .PALOMA FAITH - Leeds Academy 21 . . . . .NEWYOUNG PONY CLUB - Leeds Cockpit 24 . . . . .THE HOLLIES, Leeds,The Grand 26 . . . . .THE COURTEENERS - Leeds Academy 27 . . . . .BESNARD LAKES - Leeds Cockpit








Not t Fade e Away

the e Complete e Studio o Recordings

He died at 23 after just three albums yet Buddy Holly’s legacy is formidable – after all, this is the man who saved rock. Why? Because in the late 50’s rock ‘n’ roll was still a novelty, still derided by snobbish, cool-brigade jazz critics, still perceived as a passing phase by the moms and dads of America and, worse, ripe for pandering to those that were ready to milk it for every lowest common denominator dollar they could before it died its inevitable slow, undignified death. How did he save it? By rushing every door that the detractors tried to close. When they said dumb, Holly outsmarted them. Where they cried uninspired, he outwitted them. When they called it dour – well, ‘Oh Boy’ ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’ ‘Not Fade Away’ and, best of all, ‘Rave On’ – my, how that little ditty would rock like a mutha in 2010. Needless to say there were a few keen listeners – Lennon, Dylan, Jagger et al. These 203 tracks basically compile everything he ever put on tape – including numerous outtakes, alternate mixes, instrumentals and even fragments of conversation – it’s a completists fantasy. If, however, it’s the 30 or so adrenalin-firing blasts of life-affirming prototype rock ‘n’ roll you’re after – go buy the nearest greatest hits. But this is more than that – it’s a warm legacy to a man who never got the career and the plaudits that he so dearly deserved. BURIED D TREASURE


10 0 years s ago o this s month:: LAMBCHOP


Working up to this quiet masterpiece across four albums of subtle, detailed folk, jangle-pop, country and soul, Nashville’s Lambchop had the odd trough among the peaks. But this jaw-dropping album is ecstatic peak after ecstatic peak. The band might employ old-time instrumentation - pedal steel, banjo, string bass - but the layers of shimmering soundscapes, where instruments mingle in breathtakingly arranged, densely-textured layers, are as ravishingly cutting-edge as anyone. Mainman Kurt Wagner alternates from assured falsetto to wry baritone, adding some of the best storytelling and laser-guided one-liners in modern American music. But it’s the band’s interplay that’s the star of the show, a rare musical alchemy that’s at once familiar and hallucinatory. 10 years later ’Up With People’ remains their anthem, a tidal rush of gospel and blasting horns, but ‘Nixon’ as a whole remains sweet, untarnished perfection. A twilight wonder.




3 Tunes:

Tiger & Woods – ‘Gin Nation’ (Editainment Records) Walter Jones – ‘I Am Loved’ (Permanent Vacation) 6th Borough Project – ‘Do it to the Max’ (Instruments of Rapture)

3 Club Nights:

The Hi Fi Club (Leeds) Every Sat – ‘Boogaloo’ - a delectable selection of cross genre music. The Mint Club (Leeds) Sat 13th Feb – ‘Filth’ 3rd Birthday (Part 1) The Martinez Brothers. The Space Club (Leeds) Every Sun – ‘Funky Dory’ – selection of house tunes.

cinema&dvd for the weeks ahead Director: Miguel Arteta Stars: Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday, Ray Liota C.D. Payne’s 500+ page cult novel doesn’t exactly lend itself toward obvious cinematic conversion, crammed as it is with insatiable early-teen sexual urges, drug abuse, cross-dressing, gay sex and a massive array of OTT supporting characters; so it’s no surprise to see ‘Youth in Revolts’’ writers take a tactical side-step and pitch the movie in the ‘Superbad’ teen farce vein – although, in fact, that does this nimble little comedy a disservice, as it comes much closer in tone to last year’s brilliant sad/funny coming-of-age drama ‘Adventureland’.

onfilms A SINGLE MAN

Michael Cera (Nick) at last breaks free of his mildmannered/smarter-than-the-average-bear persona, but only because he plays a dual role – his alter-ego Francois is a mustachioed projection of Nick’s lascivious imagination, oozing callous disregard for anything except his own libido. It’s a funny device that works well, especially when Nick meets the verbal Sheeni (a star-making turn from debutant Portia Doubleday) and becomes obsessed with winning her at any cost. Packed with neat, stylistic dialogue, laudably outsized scenes and a masterful comic range from the sensitive to the surreal, ‘Youth in Revolt’ might be a little too clever-clever for its own good at times but, at least, here’s a film with an excess of ideas and ambition, rather than a dearth.


Director: Tom Ford Stars: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode Another book-to-film adaptation and another typecast-shredding performance, this time from Colin Firth as George, a gay middle-aged professor going through the aching minutiae of his lonely life a short while after the death of his lover. The film (like Christopher Isherwood’s semiautobiographical book) takes place across one solitary day, using vivid flashbacks of the couple’s former life together to contrast with George’s now stark coming-to-terms existence. A flawless Julianne Moore is George’s closest friend, hopelessly in love with him and trying to disassemble the emotional wall he’s built around himself. Suicide hangs in the solemn air and, just as you begin to pine for a break to the melancholy, the film delivers a beautiful and simple resolve, plucking a convincing and definitive reason-for-living from the ashen grief. It’s a wholly satisfying experience and first time Director Tom Ford (yes, that is the fashion designer Tom Ford) should not have gone further and tagged-on a pointless and rather nasty final act which cheapens the whole film. Regardless, here’s Firth’s Oscar and a memorable, heartbreaking piece of cinema. OUT NOW

COMING SOON FEBRUARY 12 BATTLE E FOR R TERRA A (3D):: Senn and Mala, two rebellious alien teens living on the beautiful planet Terra, a place that promotes peace and tolerance, is invaded by human beings fleeing a civil war and environmental catastrophe, the planet is plunged into chaos. (Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood) PERCY Y JACKSON N & THE E LIGHTNING G THIEF: It's the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson's Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they're not happy: Zeus' lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. (Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan) VALENTINE S DAY: Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day. (Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher) FEBRUARY 19 EVERYBODY S FINE:: A widower who realized his only connection to







Director: Karyn Kusama Stars: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons ‘Hell is a teenage girl,’ claims ‘Jennifer’s Body’ in its opening moments. Although, in this film’s case, hell is a teenage girl who has been sacrificed to Satan by an alt-rock band and become a murderous, flesh-eating demon. When, after an unfortunate liaison with the lead singer of a rock band, Jennifer (Megan Fox) turns up at her friend’s house covered in blood and declaring herself famished, although she doesn’t know it yet, she has been transformed from a proverbial maneater into a literal one. And, boys being boys, and Jennifer being Megan Fox, there’s no shortage of willing teenage boy-meat on the college dinner table. ‘Jennifer’s Body’ would like to be a sassy, postmodern, girl-powered B-movie for teenage irony lovers but, once the film is set-up, it makes such an obvious, heads-down bee-line for its denouement, without so much as flirting with a twist or a double-cross or even a slight feint, that you wonder whether the writers have even heard of Buffy or Twilight or, heck, Scooby Doo, even. Teen horror’s a saturated market right now and ‘Jennifer’s Body’ needed a whole lot more than a few glib wisecracks and a talented Director if it really wanted to subvert the teen-horror genre. OUT FEBRUARY 22ND

his family was through his wife sets off on an impromptu road trip to reunite with each of his grown children. (Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore) THE E LAST T STATION: A historical drama that illustrates Russian author Leo Tolstoy's struggle to balance fame and wealth with his commitment to a life devoid of material things. (Helen Mirren, James McAvoy)

onretrodvds SIDEWAYS


DID YOU MISS THIS? 5 YEARS AGO THIS MONTH. Director: Alexander Payne Stars: Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen As wine buffs go, Miles (Giamatti) is an unconventional sort. Harbouring a morbid and violent hatred of Merlot, fleshing out his lonely evenings with Xanax and soft porn and, on one occasion, pouring the contents of the slops bucket over his head – it’s unlikely Jilly Cooper’s pencilled him in for her next barbecue. ‘Sideways’ is a comic road movie about divorce, depression, breakdown and a consoling love of wine. It’s a bit like how you feel ‘Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure’ might really be after the cameras stop rolling and the faux-bonhomie is put to one side. So Miles and Jack (Church), a fading TV actor who is about to be married, hit the road for one week of middle-aged debauchery. Jack wants to sleep with everything in sight and Miles wants to drink everything in sight. What seems on one level like an amiable, rueful romp, about middle-age issues is never allowed to get too saccharine by Director Alexander Payne, who adds Woody Allen existentialism and plenty of darker, more sombre moments into the mix. Sometimes tender, sometimes excruciating, ‘Sideways’ is an unusual, original film about a couple of genuine American anti-heroes who you can’t help but warm to. CASE E 39:: Centring on a social worker who saves an abused 10year-old girl from her parents only to discover that the girl is not as innocent as she thinks. (Ian McShane, Renee Zellweger) MARCH 12


BLIND D SIDE:: A poor, oversized and under-educated teenager is recruited by a major college football program where he is groomed into an athletically and academically successful NFL prospect. (Kathy Bates, Sandra Bullock)

THE E CRAZIES:: A mysteriously contaminated water supply turns residents of a small Kansas town insane.

GIRL L WITH H THE E DRAGON N TATTOO: Swedish thriller based on Stieg Larsson's novel about a journalist and a young female hacker.

EXTRAORDINARY Y MEASURES: A drama centered on the efforts of John and Aileen Crowley to find a researcher who might have a cure for their two children's rare genetic disorder. Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser.

THE E GHOST:: A ghostwriter hired to complete the memoirs of a former British prime minister uncovers secrets that put his own life in jeopardy. (Ewan McGregor, James Belushi)

LEAP P YEAR:: A woman who has an elaborate scheme to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, an Irish tradition which occurs every time the date February 29 rolls around, faces a major setback when bad weather threatens to derail her planned trip to Dublin. (Amy Adams, John Lithgow)

SCOUTING G BOOK K FOR R BOYS: When David discovers that his best friend Emily is being forced to leave their caravan park home, he agrees to help her to run away. But after their plan starts to unravel, secrets come to light that transform his life in ways he never imagined. (Holly Grainger, Rafe Spall)


MARCH 5 ALICE E IN N WONDERLAND: Tim Burton’s long-awaited live-action and CGI version of the children’s literary classic. (Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway)




group chug Leeds-based 4-piece I LIKE TRAINS have been recording their hotly-anticipated second album in the wild and windy North Yorkshire Moors, searching for a suitably 'icy edge' that should see the band follow former On: featured stars Wild Beasts as the region's next major breakthrough act. Singer David Martin spoke to Matt Callard about the healthy Leeds scene, studio madness and an 'overall tone of resignation'.

“It is always a pleasure to play in Leeds although I'm never relaxed before a home town show. I guess that in itself tells you how important our local fans are to us.”

How is the new record going, what shifts in sound and mood can we expect from the new record? That's a tough question to start with! I think the new record is a little more varied in terms of mood. We have dabbled in major keys and have been a little more restrained on the reverb and delays. We decided to go into record without everything mapped out in fine detail. We have left ends open to explore, and have been pushing each other outside of our comfort zone. You're recording in a lonely farmhouse in the Yorkshire Moors sounds very 'Withnail & I'. Is it suitably desolate and windswept? It was exactly as you'd imagine. 5 people in house going a little crazy and making a lot of noise. There was no escape really. It snowed in week 2 so that added an extra icy edge to proceedings. Do you enjoy the studio isolation? What's it like to air new songs for the first time? I love the studio. I like that we have enough time to be really creative and explore different versions of the same song. I'm extremely excited to get it out there for public consumption. Airing songs for the first time live can be a little bit like blind panic. I love the reaction if it all goes well, but I often don't enjoy playing the song live for the first few times. Our fans will be familiar with live versions of the new songs, but they should be warned that some of them have changed a little since they last heard them. The few new songs I've heard sound great - a little more songbased, a touch more accessible maybe … how ambitious are you? Leeds has never really had a world-conquering band - are you ready for it?! We're extremely ambitious, but we don't set ourselves targets as such. It is interesting to see how far we can take what we do without resorting to the lowest common denominator! I think that you're probably right, in that our new songs are little more accessible. As for Leeds not having a world-conquering band, I'd suggest that the Kaiser Chiefs are pretty successful! They did play to a world wide audience at Live 8. You've a strong local following - how important is that fan base to you? It is always a pleasure to play in Leeds although I'm never relaxed before a home town show. I guess that in itself tells you how important our


local fans are to us. We're keen to give them a good show / record in return for the support they've shown us. The Leeds music scene is stronger than it's ever been. Why is that? Is the scene competitive? What other Leeds bands do you admire? I'd suggest the local scene isn't all that competitive and is stronger as a result. Bands, venues and promoters are looking to help each other out mostly. Wild Beasts are a big I Like Trains favourite. We also have love for Sky Larkin and Grammatics. Are you part of the general Leeds band-bonhomie? You look like outsiders - personally, I like a bit of musical antagonism! Well, I guess we were very much a part of what was going on in the early days of Dance to the Radio (Leeds indie record label), playing shows and socialising with Forward Russia, This Et Al and Duels etc. We're not so close to some of the newer Leeds bands.

album have been Jeniferever, Mew, Radiohead, Wild Beasts and Low. Our heroes when we were younger are many and varied and often pretty awful! You take inspiration from lots of areas other than music - will you be continuing with the historical references and people portraits? They've become your signature thing extremely quickly…. It has been our signature, so it feels only right to take what we have learnt from the past and to start looking to the future for our inspiration. During the writing process for this record I have been researching a lot into the science of climate change. I was very conscious not to make a preachy record. You must do this or that, so I think the overall tone is of resignation. I feel that our fate is sealed.

“I was very conscious not to make a preachy record. You must do this or that, so I think the overall tone is of resignation. I feel that our fate is sealed.”

Wild Beasts told our magazine Leeds gives them an 'otherness' that London-based bands can't attain - do the band harbour ambitions about moving to London? What benefits does being based in Leeds bring I Like Trains? I'm not sure we really have any ambitions to move to London. We really enjoy playing in London, and it seemed to catch on to I Like Trains very early, so in that respect maybe there is some truth in the words of the Beast. If we were going to make a move as a band I feel it would probably be European. Berlin and Copenhagen have been mentioned but the idea hasn't been explored fully! I guess the main benefit of living in Leeds over London is the cost of living!

Pop music's a package and I admire the band's presentation - a lot of thought must go into the artwork, the live shows, the suits etc?

Leeds has a legendary doom-rock history - why do you think that is? Something in the water? I think that the darker music exists everywhere, its just that it isn't celebrated so publicly. The relationship between our location and the bleakness of our musical output is not something I've given too much consideration to.

My thoughts keep coming back to a festival in Poland called Off Festival. We were headlining the second stage which was located in a clearing in the woods. It was our first show in Poland and we were amazed at the reaction we got. I have fond memories of shows in Greece and Germany, Leeds and London. Not so much Swindon.

Yes. It came very naturally to us to begin with, but it's becoming more and more difficult to maintain our band aesthetic but to keep it updated and fresh. What's your favourite live experience so far? Have you enjoyed playing the festivals to ever larger audiences?

What current bands do you admire? Who were your heroes when younger?

Finally … where will I LIKE TRAINS be in 2020?

Bands we have been referencing heavily in the making of our latest

I LIKE TRAINS 2nd album will be released in 2010.





Those 6 Yorkshire Michelin Stars in Full: THE YORKE ARMS, Pateley Bridge THE BOX TREE, Ilkey THE BURLINGTON at The Devonshire Arms, Bolton Abbey THE OLD VICARAGE, Sheffield

Stars & Bars Generally, of course, there shouldn’t ever be a bad time to visit a Michelin-Starred restaurant but, in attending The Star Inn in Harome, North Yorkshire, one week after it was awarded the famous accolade for an eighth consecutive year, there was the bonus of an accompanying celebratory air to go with the expected good hospitality.

restaurants must serve Michelin-quality food at each and every serving. So expectations were sky high at the snug Star Inn - and everything is snug - from the thatched cottage look, to the cosy pub area, to the small 9-table dining room and, because of such high expectations, it‘s


familiar flavours each filled out with real Star quality. Immaculately presented too, on a thin rectangular plate - as if the four separate constituents of the dish were lining up to be admired - and why not! Equally good was my partner’s skate, expertly prepared, with a wonderful slab of belly pork and a final salvo of seared scallops. Masterpieces both. Add perfect veg and potato sides and it was easy to see, at last, what all the fuss is all about. And to finish, a gentle almond and mandarin cake so light it barely existed and a quite extraordinary and unusual Pontefract cake ice cream. The Star deserves its many accolades - it’s a gleaming jewel in Yorkshire’s dining crown. We’ll forgive the mis-steps of the starters for the joys of the mains - but it’s debatable whether those Michelin inspectors will be quite so forgiving if, next time, only two out of three courses are close to perfection.

Michelin Stars, despite their deserved integrity, primarily provide restaurants with a worldwide marketing tool, guaranteeing foodie interest and, just as importantly, press coverage where, otherwise, they’d be dipping into the coffers for necessary but profitsapping things like advertising. Most Michelin Star-holding restaurants I’ve come across hardly spare a thought for the troublesome world of marketing - such is the Big Star’s power they simply don’t need to.


Which means that retaining said Star is a prime objective - and that’s good news for us average punters - because if there’s one thing the Michelin inspectors are, it’s secretive. There are no forward calls to the proprietors, no advance warnings of their presence - they can turn up at any time on any day - so the

natural to pick at the smaller details more than you would usually. My otherwise terrific Game Terrine starter came with a curious sweet rhubarb side which needed to be much sharper and the four slivers of French toast were teeth-shatteringly crunchy - almost to the point of inedibility. My partner’s Faggot of Pheasant with Celeriac and Apple Rosti was deep and rich but also inexplicably huge. Leaving half of it on her plate was an insult to the produce and the quality of cooking but nevertheless a necessity if she was intending to enjoy her mains. But oh, what mains. My perfectly pink lamb cutlets came with a steaming, succulent dark lamb hotpot, moist lamb sausagemeat wrapped in a Savoy cabbage leaf and a tangy but sweet pickled red cabbage - a harmony of

NEED TO KNOW: Three course dinner for two cost £80. The Star Inn, Harome, Near Helmsley, North Yorkshire, YO62 5JE OPENING HOURS MONDAY: 6.30pm - 9.30pm TUESDAY - SATURDAY: Lunch 11.30am - 2.00pm Supper 6.30pm - 9.30pm SUNDAY: Lunch & Supper 12.00 noon - 6.00pm 01439 770397

It’s been a long time since a Chinese restaurant offered anything other than an enormous menu and heartburn - and so familiar are diners with the rituals of Chinese cuisine it’s hard to feel excited at the prospect of yet another round of Prawn Toast and Dim Sum and Szechwan-style this-and-that. So why is Ho’s, a two floor, almost two-year old eaterie on Vicar Lane creating gentle waves on the Leeds foodie scene? Well, there are two answers: good, genuinely authentic food and, more importantly, a Chinese bakery on the lower floor run by a master baker with a flamboyant eye and a wonderful line in Far Eastern pastries, sweets and savouries. So, at last, another good reason to go Oriental and, phew, a fresh angle for us critics. First things first, however - the menu is mind-bogglingly huge. Why is this such an unnecessarily common feature in Chinese restaurants? Am I alone in wishing to see the restaurant’s best 20 or so dishes and nothing else? Am I the only one flummoxed by a doorstop menu bulging with every conceivable meat and veg combo this side of Shanghai?

Mains came thick and fast - a roasted duck, sliced as generously as the Chinese prefer, leaning on some tasty, ultra-thin noodles and, star of the show, a sublime bean curd dish, oozing all sorts of flavours and topped with slices of king prawn. Eschewing the desserts we instead took a trip downstairs to the bakery. Everything here is baked on site and the smell alone is enough to rekindle any sated appetites. We gave in to our sweet cravings with an indulgent, strawberry-topped fancy and an impossibly light sweet pastry - and bought a few extras to take home with us for good measure. Yes, the restaurant is very good but, for us, the bakery is the real key to the venture’s ongoing success. If Ho’s can find a way to attract the passing coffee crowd away from their overpriced Starbucks and into their very own pastry paradise they might just have an original Far Eastern gem in their hands.

Pictures by Steve Stenson


Oh well, we ordered Dim Sum anyway and it was, nevertheless, mightily impressive. The dumplings came moist, steaming and fresh - a juicy collection bulging with shrimp and pork and beef, perfectly seasoned and complemented by a trio of delicious sauces. Dim sum is the acid test for Chinese restaurants - get it this good and you know you’re in for a treat.

NEED TO KNOW: Ho’s Restaurant 115, Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6PJ Opening Times: Sun – Thu 12pm – 10pm Fri – Sat 12pm – 11pm Bakery open 7 days a week 10am – 7pm Set menus start from £12

Anything Else? Fancy a celebration cake Chinese style? The bakery offers extraordinarily decorated cakes made to order within a day. Ask inside for details.


February First Floor Club Nights CHI CHI LAUNCH PARTY WITH K-KLASS






11PM - 4AMt



9.30PM – 3.30AMt















9.30PM – 3.30AMt TH

CANDY PANTS 10PM – 5AMtb"-/*()5


Supported by

REDUCED HIRE FEES UNTIL THE END OF MARCH 2010 To book your event please call Claire Outing 0113 244 2543 or email For further information visit THE LOFT | CROSS YORK STREET | LEEDS | LS2 7EE t WEB: WWW.LOFTLEEDS.COM



in the

spotlight... a guide to what’s on in the theatres

LYCEUM THEATRE, Sheffield FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 9 - 13 MARCH Following the success of The Producers, Sheffield's popular amateur dramatic company Croft House return with one of the world's favourite musicals. In rural Russia on the Revolution's eve, milkman Tevye tries to come to terms with cultural upheaval. With five daughters and a headstrong wife, this proves a challenge. £12 - £20 Tel: 0114 249 6000

WUTHERING HEIGHTS 16 - 20 MARCH Passionate and obsessive, Cathy and Heathcliff's love is as unruly and dangerous as the Yorkshire moors surrounding them. Inseparable as children, their affection deepens into a devastating force that even death cannot destroy. With an original score by celebrated composer Claude-Michel Schönberg (Les Miserables, Miss Saigon), see Northern Ballet Theatre bring Emily Brontë's romantic masterpiece to life. £16 - £32 Tel: 0114 249 6000

THE GRAND, Leeds ROMEO AND JULIET 27 FEBRUARY - 6 MARCH One of Northern Ballet Theatre's signature pieces, this classic adaptation of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy is a perfect blend of classical ballet, drama and live music, for which the Company is renowned.

HARROGATE THEATRE FOREST OF FABLES 16 - 20 FEBRUARY This February half term is your family's chance to step into the tantalising world of Aesop's fables where incredible antics, characters, visual excitement and musicality roll into one amazing puppet extravaganza. Loud-mouthed Lion has a bad gnat in his ear; Fox runs nose to ground in search of cheese - while Spider knits and swings from the branches of the fabulous forest. A new unravelling of ancient tales brought to life with musical instruments, hand and shadow puppet theatre. Suitable for all magical creatures aged 5+. £6.60 / £7.50 Tel: 01423 502 116

NBT's production of this ultimate tale of forbidden love is romantic, heartbreaking and dramatic - from that balcony scene to the young lovers' devastating and untimely deaths. Lez Brotherston's sumptuous costumes of red, black and gold and crumbling marble sets and Prokofiev's timeless score played live by the Northern Ballet Theatre Orchestra, featuring the famous Dance of the Knights makes this critically acclaimed ballet an unforgettable and moving theatrical experience. £8.50 - £32 Tel: 0844 848 2706

DREAMBOATS & PETTICOATS 15-20 MARCH Featuring songs from Roy Orbison, The Shadows, Eddie Cochran, Billy Fury, Chuck Berry and many more. In 1961 emotions run high as talented young musicians Norman and Bobby compete to win the hearts of their adoring female fans - and more importantly, the gorgeous Laura. But when Laura shows that she's no slouch with the guitar, rock'n'roll fame beckons... £15 - £31 Tel: 0844 848 2706

LORD ARTHUR SAVILE'S CRIME 30 MARCH - 3 APRIL Following in the footsteps of his hugely popular and critically acclaimed revivals of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Woman of No Importance, The Importance of Being Earnest, Lady Windemere's Fan, and the legendary Peter Hall production of An Ideal Husband, Bill Kenwright presents Trevor Baxter's adaptation of one of Wilde's most celebrated stories, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime. £11.50 - £26.50 Tel: 0844 848 2706

THE VICTORIA THEATRE, Halifax ONE MAN LORD OF THE RINGS 16 MARCH Charles Ross, creator of the hugely successful One Man Star Wars Trilogy is bringing his equally hilarious follow-up to the Victoria Theatre: One Man Lord of the Rings. During this amazing show Charles Ross will recreate the enchanting world of Middle-earth, armed with nothing more than a pair of elbow pads and his outrageous imagination. No props or costumes are required as Ross hurtles through the Tolkien trilogy in just 3,600 seconds of unbelievable kinetic entertainment. £15.50 / discounts available Tel: 01422 351158


ABSENT FRIENDS 25 FEBRAURY - 13 MARCH Five old friends rally round to support their mutual friend Colin after the sudden death of his fiancé. Organising a tea party to welcome him back proves to be the trigger for unresolved tensions among the group to resurface with a vengeance. When Colin arrives, the others are baffled to find that, far from needing their help, he is blissfully happy with his memories of the time he spent with his fiancé. His presence makes it uncomfortably apparent that it is the others in the group who need consoling for their lost dreams and disintegrating marriages. With the action unfolding in real time, Ayckbourn's dissection of middle-class illusions has never been more acute. More ambitious than just pure comedy or farce, Absent Friends is a bittersweet masterpiece. From £11 Tel:01423 502 116



Hard-boiled waitress Frankie and cock-sure chef Johnny find themselves in bed together after a first date. Johnny is certain he has found his soulmate, but Frankie is far more cautious and less inclined to jump to conclusions. As the night unfolds, they slowly begin to reveal themselves to each other as they take tentative steps towards the start of a possible relationship in this funny and tender romantic comedy. From £16 Tel: 0113 2137700

Following their critically acclaimed production of The Producers, LAOS return to the Playhouse with this powerful musical classic about a father's battle to balance his religious devotion with his love for his daughters.

ANDERSEN'S ENGLISH 23 - 27 FEBRUARY Celebrated children's writer Hans Christian Andersen arrives, unannounced, for a stay at Gad's Hill Place in the Kent marshes home to Charles Dickens and his large, charismatic family. To the lonely and eccentric guest, the members of the Dickens household seem to live a life of unreachable bliss. But with his broken English, Andersen doesn't see the storms brewing within the family: undeclared passions, a son about to go to India, and a growing strangeness at the heart of Dickens' marriage. From £16 Tel: 0113 2137700

One of the longest-running musical on Broadway, Fiddler On The Roof is a timeless classic with something for everyone. Very few other musicals have so magically woven music, dance, poignancy and laughter into such an electrifying and unforgettable theatrical experience. From £16 Tel: 0113 2137700

THE CARRIAGEWORKS, Leeds COELACANTH 11 MARCH She's a rising star in the sport of competitive tree climbing, he's aquiet nonentity. How they fall in love isn't the story. Staying together when their world isfilled with imaginary flatmates, underground Compliment Clubs and Satanicjazz bands - that's the story. From the imagination of one of the Fringe's most lauded comedy talents comes an extraordinary tale of love, loneliness, tree climbing, and a deeply oblivious fish. Winner of a Herald Angel Award in 2005 and broadcast as a Radio 4 AfternoonPlay in 2006, Coelacanth is included in More Trees To Climb (PortobelloBooks) a collection of Ben Moor's one-man shows. £8 - £6 concessions Tel: 0113 2243801

MEETING JOE STRUMMER 25 MARCH 1978. Nick & Steve see The Clash for the first time, in Victoria Park. It's as if they take an oath to stay true to the values embodied in that day… 2002. Strummer's death forces Nick and Steve to re-evaluate their lives. Charting the lads attempts to maintain their 'oath' to Strummer while living through Thatcherism, paying the bills and maintaining relationships, this passionate punk comedy is about attitude, friendship and celebrity - and a celebration of the man who set the agenda for a generation. £12 / £8 concessions Tel: 0113 2243801

ALHAMBRA, Bradford THE 39 STEPS 15 - 20 FEBRUARY Direct from the West End, Broadway and 25 countries around the globe comes Alfred Hitchcock's classic spy thriller, The 39 Steps, brilliantly and hilariously recreated as the smash hit Olivier Award Winning Best New Comedy. This blissfully funny show follows the incredible adventures of our handsome hero Richard Hannay, complete with stiff-upper-lip, British gung-ho and pencil moustache as he encounters dastardly murders, double-crossing secret agents, and, of course, devastatingly beautiful women. This wonderfully inventive and gripping comedy thriller features four fearless actors, playing 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action. £10.50 - £23 Tel: 01274 432 000

ADOLF HITLER: MY PART IN HIS DOWNFALL 22 - 27 FEBRUARY Spike Milligan's celebrated war memoirs take to the road once more in this gloriously absurd and exuberant hit comedy which has had both audiences and critics in stitches. £14 - £23 Tel: 01274 432 000

HOBBIT 2 - 6 MARCH Join Bilbo Baggins & Gandalf on their quest to confront Smaug the dragon in this exciting family adventure, based on the famous novel by JRR Tolkein. £12 - £26 Tel: 01274 432 000




When the peaks and dales and moors are severed by snow and ice from the footfall of us city-dwelling day-trippers we need to search elsewhere for our fresh air ďŹ x.



SIDE A brisk suburban circular (in-between snowfalls!)


Course, most of our leafy suburban trails can boast something of worthwhile interest but the Moravian (Czech) settlement of Fulneck in west Leeds has broad history at its elbow and the green belt, courtesy of the Leeds County Way, on its doorsteps. Dominated by a Hogwarts-style boarding school, Fulneck village sits pretty, overlooking a deep valley with a Grade I listed chapel and a host of other grade I listed dwellings. The school’s past alumni include former Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and the actress Diana Rigg and English cricket legend Sir Len Hutton used to live in the village - you’ll spot the blue plaques if you search hard enough.

Eventually you’ll meet a crossroad of pathways (40 mins). Although turning right offers a fine trail towards nearby Tong village, we’re turning left for a brisk climb back towards Fulneck, with the golf course clubhouse at the hilltop on your right. At the top of the track (55 mins) turn left to head back to the car park. The village hosts a museum, a gift shop and a restaurant - all of which are worth a visit - but check if you’re looking to visit them as all open somewhat erratically.

So it’s wrap-up-warm-time for a suitably brief, simple but vigorous one hour circular that should, at least, test your cobwebbed-lungs with a blast of freezing winter air (but let‘s hope the car doesn‘t get snowed-in while you‘re out there!). Park in the convenient car park next to the Bankhouse Pub off the bottom of Bankhouse Lane. You’ll notice a road (although it’s rather a rocky track) named Scholebrook Lane. Head down the steep track, passing kennels on your right, with the view opening up to your left. Soon (15 minutes), just before the bridge, you’ll reach a stile on your left. Cross it and head across a field, following the well-defined track. It will lead through a copse with a small beck running to your right. Stick to it as it winds parallel to Fulneck golf course.

NEED TO KNOW: DISTANCE: 2.5 miles DIFFICULTY: Easy/Fair TIME: 1 hour WHERE: Fulneck is midway between Leeds and Bradford, just south of Pudsey. REFRESHMENTS: There is one decent pub serving food in the village, The Bankhouse, although it‘s wise to check the opening hours beforehand.



DISCLAIMER: The walk and map should be used merely a guide. Walkers should use the appropriate O.S map and take care to follow the rights of way. We cannot take any responsibility for trespass on private land.








WHAT ELSE: The Moravians originally called Fulneck ‘Lamb’s Hill’. From 1750 until 1763 the settlement was known as Grace Hall but after that the name Fulneck was adopted. This was partly because it was similar to the estate’s original English name, Falneck or Falnake (a contraction of ‘Fallen Oak’) but also as a tribute to a Bishop who had ministered to the Bohemian Brethren in Fulnek, Moravia, during the Counter Reformation.






your ticket to february & march... THROUGH FEBRUARY & MARCH



Cusworth Hall, Doncaster Love is what makes the world go round and in this latest exhibition at Cusworth Hall you can see surprising objects and images associated with the theme of love taken from the museum's collections of history, art and archaeology.

Weston Park Museum, Sheffield The Big Bug Show is a free, family-friendly, exhibition teeming with tiny - and not so tiny insect life. Meet live snails, millipedes and stick insects face to face and see both beautiful and beastly creatures from Museums Sheffield's natural history collections. You can get up close and personal with the miniature cast of award-winning film Microcosmos and super-size local critters using a zoom macroscope.

Lighter Life, Aspire The new Leeds Centre branch of Lighter Life are offering a fantastic opportunity to relax, have fun and let their models do all the entertaining! Attending the event and participating in a one-off fashion show will be LighterLife clients from the Leeds area, friends and family and business network partners from the Yorkshire area. Tickets are £20.

THROUGH FEBRUARY & MARCH Media Museum, Bradford Throughout 2008, Simon Roberts travelled the length and breadth of England, documenting the English at leisure in its richly varied landscape. Gathered together as 'We English', his works are an intriguing and lyrical, personal exploration of Englishness.

THROUGH FEBRUARY & MARCH National Railway Museum, York This new exhibition will use the Museum's rich poster collections to explore the past, present and future of the Harwich-Hook ferry route. Explore the personal recollections of travelers throughout over 100 years of North Sea crossings from backpackers to fine dining and family holidays. Don't miss the chance to walk onto the deck of a 'roll-on roll-off ferry' as you see the turntable as you have never experienced it before! Admission free

RUNS UNTIL 14th MARCH Jake & Dinos Chapman, Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery Even today, when everything in art is supposedly permitted, the work of Jake and Dinos Chapman still has the whiff of scandal and transgression. The etchings in 'My Giant Colouring Book' seem to be seething with grotesque imagery, yet on inspection they are surprisingly innocuous. This collection of prints offers a brilliant introduction to the imaginations of two of Britain's most inventive and subversive artists.


27th - 28th FEBRUARY

HARE WOOD HOUSE There will be lots going on during February half term at Harewood. The Space Domes will have lots of space-related things to do for all ages. The science-related interactive activities which will be great fun and will also be educational. Youngsters will also enjoy Harewood's new soft play area, while parents can relax with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate The Wedding and Lifestyle Show is an innovative new exhibition, aimed at couples from across the UK planning their weddings and futures together. Whether on a budget or looking for a high-end intimate society wedding, The Wedding and Lifestyle Show 2010 throws the spotlight on everything from couture bridal gowns, luxury venues, elegant stationary, exclusive menswear and bespoke flowers. £5 in advance.

13th - 21st FEBRUARY


Annual Viking Festival, Jorvik Viking Centre, York Join in the action as hundreds of Vikings from all over the world descend on the city for the 25th Annual Jorvik Viking Festival, which will include Vikings fighting in ferocious and bloody battles; a spectacular celebratory fireworks display and boat burning; a newly commissioned theatre piece from one of the North's most admired theatre groups and an atmospheric candlelit evening of poetry and music performed for the Viking King in York Minster.

Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds Leeds based artist Paul Digby produces work which explores issues of mental health, his brand new life-sized sculpture goes on display for the first time at Thackray.

12th - 21st FEBRUARY

13th - 14th MARCH Royal Armouries, Leeds Treat your Mum to a right royal Mother's Day out! It's Ladies Day at the first joust of the season so go and cheer for the knights in shining armour. Highlights include: Special joust, a rose for every mum, 'make and take' arts and crafts activities, falconry display, action-packed combat displays. Joust tickets can be purchased on the day. Other activities may also carry a small charge.

29th March - 9th April


13th - 21st FEBRUARY

Northern Art Prize, Leeds Art Gallery For the 3rd time, Leeds Art gallery hosts the Northern Art Prize, a prize for contemporary visual artists in the North of England The prize celebrates and rewards professional artists of any age, working in any medium, living in the North East, North West and Yorkshire regions. See all the art close-up throughout February.

Eureka! Halifax You don't need to fly to Canada to take part in the Winter Olympics this year. Visit Eureka! instead where they'll be holding their own winter party: build your own sleigh and race it with your friends through a winter obstacle course or make a snow pom-pom for an indoor snowball challenge! Activities are drop-in every day.


25th - 27th FEBRUARY

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Artist Rob Ryan has transformed the Visitor Centre at Yorkshire Sculpture Park this winter with his imaginative paper cuts and screen prints. Famed for his detailed hand-cutting of delicate papers into intricate patterns, often revealing whimsical stories or poetic phrases, Ryan's framed one-off paper cuts and limited edition screen prints will be on display throughout the Centre.

Beer Festival, Harrogate International Centre From humble beginnings Harrogate and District Round Table Charity Beer Festival reaches its 20th birthday in 2010: they are putting on the biggest, best event so far. They've increased capacity this to 1,500 people and there will be more than 32 hand-pulled ales, ciders, perrys, lagers and a fine selection of wine. £10

Leeds Young People's Film Festival, Hyde Park Picture House The Festival brings the freshest films from around the world made both for and by young people, alongside a host of workshops and masterclasses designed to demystify the moving image industry and led by industry professionals. Past editions have included animators from Aardman, Harry Potter storyboard artist Temple Clark, Marvel comic artist Adi Granov and authors Louise Rennison and Frank Cottrell Boyce.

How ironic then, that at the time of the interview it was Tinchy that was feeling all smug at the prospect of the two old rivals reigniting their battle. We discussed his thought on the possible outcome of the match. “Jermaine Beckford, he’s your main man yeah?” exclaimed Tinchy. “Yes”, I replied. “Well, I reckon he’ll score a goal but we’ll score 3 and walk it easily”, Tinchy exclaimed nonchalantly. I guess his prediction was right on the Beckford front if nothing else!

AireWaves Behind the scenes news, happenings and gossip from the region’s biggest radio station

Rich Williams

Like most of the people in Leeds I have spent the last few weeks in a state of smugness. Leeds has become ‘Smug City’; I’ve been the ‘King Of Smug’; my inner being has been consumed with ‘Smugdom’; I’ve been bathing in the ‘Sea Of Smug’. OK, I think you get the point. And the reason for all this excitement? A ninety minute game of football at Old Trafford. Whilst most Leeds United fans have revelled in the excitement of pretending, if for just a brief while, that the football club they have grown up with and loved was back in the ‘Big Time’ once again, I have had an extra reason to be delighted that the Mighty Whites managed to put one over their biggest footballing rivals. That reason? Tinchy Stryder.

Me & Tinchy Stryder After interviewing him at our ‘Party in the Park’ last summer, Tinchy gave me his number and told me to ring him any time I wanted him to come on the show. When the third round draw for the FA Cup coughed up the cross Pennine clash I knew that, being a Manchester United fan (albeit one of those London-living, only get to the odd game now and then, prawn sandwich eating type fans) he would be up for coming on the show to have a bit of banter about the game.

Our interview finished with an agreement that if Leeds were to somehow miraculously achieve a victory in the match then Tinchy would come back on the show, apologise to our listeners for saying their team is rubbish. Funnily enough I’ve been trying to ring Tinchy ever since the shock result at Old Trafford but he is ignoring my calls. What a surprise! New Year’s Eve was an interesting one in Leeds City Centre. As always, the council closed the main routes to pave the way for thousands of people to head to the city and welcome in the New Year that afternoon. Briggate turned into a sea of stilt walkers, theatre productions, jugglers, musicians and gymnasts. I was hosting the main stage on Briggate and also the stage on The Headrow just ahead of a huge firework display.

If you ever find yourself in front of thousands of people stood on a stage ahead of a firework display then please learn from my mistake. Whilst waiting for the nod to indicate that the display was ready to start I had some time to entertain the crowd and thought what better way to do it than to initiate the best Mexican wave this side of the Atlantic to warm the thousands of cold hands and feet in front of me? I got on the microphone to gee everyone up and told them that we would do a Mexican wave from the front of the crowd all the way down the Headrow to the back of the crowd just beyond Dortmund Square. “After one”, I said followed by “Five, four, three, two…”. Now all was fine, until I reached the number two on my countdown and then it suddenly struck me. “What if the people in charge of setting off the fireworks think we are doing the countdown Me with Erik Hassle for that and not some pointless Mexican wave?!” Fortunately they didn’t and the Mexican wave undulated its way through the Headrow without any sign of fireworks being set off in the background.

Other recent guests on the show that I am tipping for success in 2010 include Example, who has a brilliant album coming out soon and will be performing this month at the Leeds Academy supporting Tinchy Stryder. Another artist appearing in Leeds this month will be Erik Hassle who is supporting Mika, again at the Academy. His single ‘Hurtful’ is very catchy having been number one in his native Sweden and, despite the slightly dodgy hairdo (he’d be better suited to a game of tennis with John McEnroe circa 1970), he looks set for a very good year.

catch the





MAD ab o ut t h e TULIP “The tulips are too excitable, it is winter here/Look how white everything is, how quiet, how snowed in”. This is poet Sylvia Plath: who turns out not to be the tulip’s greatest fan. Although she might well be describing our recent Great Winter Freeze, she is actually talking from her hospital bed, bleached and besieged by illness, following a miscarriage – and resentful of the gaudy tulip’s red vivacity in her white, white room. Doubly resentful, one suspects, since they were brought to her bedside by her difficult husband, that hunk of Yorkshire granite - Ted Hughes. No one more pulsing with life, and power, than he.

By Barney Bardsley

Until recently, I shared Plath’s dislike for this singular flower. They seemed such show offs in their startling robes of orange, yellow and red; so difficult to manage when cut, with their droopy hollow stems and flaky petals; above all, so artificial – so very plastic. Then someone persuaded me to plant “Queen of the Night”, a truly regal – and somewhat satanic – beauty, with flower cups the colour of deep, deep purple. Almost black. And that was it. I was hooked. Now I look forward with anticipation to the sweet May morning when the Queen – her dark beauty set against the acid green of Euphorbia and pale lilac alliums – makes her triumphant, if shortlived, appearance. Contemporary garden writers fall over themselves to evoke the voluptuous nature of the tulip. Monty Don calls the flower simply “a glorious celebration of sex”. And Anna Pavord, author of scholarly tome and best seller “The Tulip”, gives this rather delightful explanation, when asked by a journalist why she is so obsessed with the plant. ”Why do you marry the man you do? You have to remain intrigued. They have to surprise. It’s true of Trevor and it’s true of tulips.” But you have to go right back in time to the late Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, to discover the tulip’s true and surprising provenance. Tulip cultivation originates in the time of the mighty Ottoman Empire – first growing wild in Persia and Central Asia. Its natural habitat is mountainous terrain: the bulbs are used to thick layers of snow protecting them when dormant – so it’s all the more remarkable that the country now most famous for their production – Holland – is a flat, damp land, six metres in places below sea level, and so close to the coast that it rarely sees a light frost, let alone deep snow. It was Sultan Suleiman “the Mighty” of Constantinople who started the craze for tulips during the mid 1500s, encouraging the production of highly cultivated blooms from the bulbs of their wilder cousins. He and his entourage courted the flower as a symbol of wealth and prestige and soon it was forbidden to buy or sell tulips outside of the Ottoman capital – an offence punishable, if not by death, then certainly by expulsion. In the 1700s, the Turks held extravagant Tulip Festivals, late at night, under a full moon, with guests vying to wear colours and clothes that most nearly matched the vibrant hues of the real stars of the show: the flowers.And to this day it remains Turkey’s national flower. Turkish legend has it


that a certain Prince Farhad was in love with fair maiden Shirin. When he heard she had been killed, he galloped full pelt over the edge of a cliff, crashing to an untimely death. Where each drop of his blood fell, a scarlet tulip sprang: turning the flower into a symbol of perfect, passionate, undying love. Tulip madness was by no means the sole provenance of the East. In 1593, French-born botanist Carolus Clusius (who escaped France to avoid religious persecution, as a Protestant) became head of the West’s first botanical garden at the University of Leiden in Holland. He brought with him a rare gift from the ambassador to Suleiman’s Ottoman court: tulip bulbs. Love and greed for the plant grew like wild fire among the normally phlegmatic and sensible Dutch. By 1634, Holland – and much of Europe besides – was in the grip of tulipomania. TULIP FEVER! As in Turkey, the tulip became a symbol of elitism and power, with traders charging ever more ludicrous prices for single bulbs. At the height of the fever, it was said that one tulip bulb alone could fetch as much as an entire house in the upmarket districts of Amsterdam!

Things have settled down somewhat since then. But the Dutch continue to love the flowers – and they cultivate three billion tulip bulbs for export, every single year. The tulip fields are a true

spectacle – huge swathes of rich single colours, sloshed, like vast slicks of paint, over flat expanses, as far as the eye can see. I still have my reservations about the flower. In our grey Northern light, its stark hues can sit uneasily against the softer blues and greens of an English country garden. But planted with prudence, the sexy madam certainly has its place. With a hundred species of tulip to choose from, it’s not hard to find one that will please you. Just don’t be tempted to jumble the colours – as Monty Don says, “You are as likely to mix tulips up together successfully as you are to get a good drink by sloshing together half a dozen different great wines”. Here are three particular beauties: the scarlet “Brilliant Star” (early season); the frilly gold parrot tulip “Texas Gold” (mid season); and my overall winner, the late season jewel, “Queen of the Night”. But if in doubt – leave it out. Save your tulip fever for vases indoors. After all, as Sylvia Plath warns in her poem – you are playing with fire. “The tulips should be behind bars like dangerous animals/They are opening like the mouth of some great African cat.” MiAOW.

Tulip bulbs should be put in well-drained soil, in November or December, at three times the depth of the bulb. They like their feet planted deep, so they can raise their heads high.

Harlow Carr garden in Harrogate has a Tulip Festival from 1 – 16 May. See 25,000 tulips in all their glory.’s on 01423 565418

“a glorious celebration of sex”. Monty Don

The word “tulip” comes from “toliban” or “turban”. The flower was first seen by westerners, tucked into the turbans of Arab dignitaries, hence the name.




PROPERT Y Th e r e gi o n ’s ho ttes t p r o p er ti es

GUIDE GROVE MANOR, SCARCROFT, LEEDS ASKING PRICE £895,000 Grove Manor is believed to date back to the 1840's and forms part of an imposing Manor House set in 0.85 acres of private gardens. Approached via a private lane and offers a wealth of original character befitting a property of this age. Set over three floors offering four bedrooms, two reception rooms, large dining kitchen, study area, useful cellar room with bar area and two house bathrooms. T: 0113 203 4939 email:

GORSE COTTAGE, SOUTH MILFORD, LEEDS ASKING PRICE £635,000 Situated in this quiet and picturesque setting, an outstanding, much improved and extended six bedroom, detached family home. The property has been extensively upgraded and refurbished by the present owners to provide a sumptuous home, ideal for the young or growing family. The property is set in a pleasant and private plot with views over greenbelt and beyond. T: 0113 203 4939 email:

FIRLE HOUSE, CALVERLEY, LEEDS ASKING PRICE £675,000 Firle House is a four/five bedroom detached home at the end of the exclusive Clara Drive in a set back position with ¾ acre of beautifully landscaped gardens. The property offer extremely versatile and spacious accommodation which could be further developed or extended subject to the usual planning permissions, the present owners also have an annual rent of a further 5 acres for £250per annum from Thornhill estates. T: 0113 203 4939 email:



Lakeview is an outstanding recently constructed contemporary style property, situated in one of Yorkshire's finest positions on the edge of this highly sought after village of Walton. Nestled on a hillside adjoining Walton Park Golf Course, in fact having its own private access to the 11th Tee, and enjoying panoramic views over the golf course, Walton Hall, the lake and greenbelt countryside beyond. Set in approximately 3 acres of formal and informal landscaped gardens, all of which enjoy superb views and having a great deal of privacy. The present owner has spared no expense on this contemporary style house which has a feel of open space, with Oak floorings and skirting’s, galleried

areas, fittings throughout designed and crafted by Smallbone of Devises, wiring for a Bang & Olufsen surround system and the highest quality of fittings throughout. Within the grounds there are landscaped gardens, a beautiful pond, woodland walkways, formal gardens with water features, a separate paddock, separate stone entertainment building with superb games room/cinema room, original Walton Hall two room stone cottage and a triple garage. The property is approached via electronically controlled gates and has a CCTV system and extensive courtesy lighting.

Guide Price ÂŁ2,250,000

Manning Stainton Fine & Country Leeds T: 0113 203 4939 Email:



Julie Kerner, Interior Design Consultant, BoConcept, Redbrick Mill

very fitting

Design your own Lecco Wall System - available in Black Oak, White & Walnut from BoConcept, Redbrick Mill. From £2,300 -

Storage Solutions for the Modern Home WHAT ARE THE MAIN CONSIDERATIONS WHEN PLANNING STORAGE FOR THE HOME? Consider what you need to store and be practical. Each room of the house needs different storage requirements; ask yourself how often do you need to get to some of your things? What would I like to keep on display? At BoConcept we have the perfect solution with the Lecco wall system (pictured), which allows you to tailor-make your own wall system using one-touch open doors and drawers. You can make your wall system as small or as big as you like. LARGER STORAGE ITEMS: WHICH IS BETTER FREESTANDING OR FITTED FURNITURE? The vast majority of BoConcept’s furniture is freestanding - this gives you the flexibility to relocate it to another room, or take it with you if you decide to move.

MY HOME NEEDS DE-CLUTTERING BUT WHAT SHOULD I KEEP AND WHAT SHOULD I THROW? I would say, if you haven’t used any items for over a year, consider hard whether you really need them. Tackle one room each week and be ruthless. Keep any classic items and see if you could restore them or have them recovered. I AM MOVING TO A NEW HOME AND WANT TO START AS I MEAN TO GO ON - IN A CLEAN AND TIDY ENVIROMENT - WHATS THE BEST WAY TO ORGANISE MY BELONGINGS? Make sure you have enough of the right storage in all rooms of the house so you don’t get an overspill into other areas of the home. Rationalise what you want to store, and don’t be afraid of making use of the full ceiling height in your house. This space is often over looked. It makes great sense to utilise this space for items that you don’t use regularly.


I CAN’T DECIDE WHETHER TO HAVE OPEN STORAGE AND HAVE EVERYTHING ON SHOW OR CLOSED STORAGE AND KEEP THINGS OUT OF SIGHT? This is a matter of personal taste, while some people like a cleaner-cut look with a few items on display, others enjoy surrounding themselves with books and other personal belongings. Anything goes, and we have a range of storage solutions to suit all tastes and budgets.

Rather than keeping a collection of wine dotted around the house or gathering dust under the stairs, a Spiral Cellar gives homeowners a stylish, ingenious and private wine cellar right under their feet which can store up to 1,870 bottles of wine in the optimum condition. Needing no planning permission and designed to store champagne and burgundy as neatly and elegantly as standard sized bottles, Spiral Cellars offer striking lighting options, bespoke trap doors and a variety of step treads ensuring each cellar is an exceptional and unique storage space. Prices start at £25,000 0845 241 2768 /

23 colours and a choice of finishes for these opaque and polished glass storage units from Lago - the possible design combinations are virtually endless. LAGO Leeds, Redbrick Mill 01924 453 529 /

New Evitavonni kitchen made from Wenge timber with detailing in Indian Rosewood. It has natural stone work surfaces and custom designed / made handles and knobs. Priced from £75,000 inc VAT / 0800 130 3180

QBO is a versatile storage system which is pretty much all optional - do you want solid doors, perforated doors - no doors at all? Shelves, legs or castors? Coloured or monochrome? The choice is entirely yours. From quirky wooden chests and fabric storage boxes to adjustable shelves and bench-boxes, Vertbaudet have the solution for every kid’s storage situation, and the fun bright designs mean that children will love tidying their rooms!

£44 per cube from

3-Box Storage, £45 0844 842 0000


Glass Wall Hung Cupboards with lacquered glass doors and lacquered wooden carcasses available in three different sizes with seven different door colours. Doors can either lift up or fold down and the cabinet carcass can be ordered in gloss white, gloss black or gloss beige. £410 from

'Hundred Eye' Chest in Warm Elm. £495 from Shimu, Saltaire 0844 412 8008 /

This 9 door Roche Bobois Syntaxe display cabinet display cabinet is made from solid French cherry wood, the door panels, side and top, are made from slatted cherry veneer and the rear of cabinet from oak veneer. Antique Trunk from Qinghai and Large Tapered Cabinet in Black Lacquer. Trunk approx £700, Cabinet £795 from Shimu, Saltaire - 0844 412 8008 /

£5,020 inc vat








Anthony T.D. De Winter BA (HONS). Interior Designer Mob: 07854 113256

Grace A. Castel Kitchen Designer Mob: 07814 921 290

Tel/Fax: 0113 204 0737 Email:



V i s i t o u r M o o r tow n S h ow ro o m s

Modern & Traditional • Wood & Multifuel • Hand Carved Yorkshire Stone Surrounds • Bespoke & Technical Projects

L U X U R Y B A T H R O O MS Luxury Renovations • Wet Rooms • Full Design & Installation Prices start from around £9,000

BMF Limited Moortown Showrooms 5 - 7 Stainburn Parade • Harrogate Road • Moortown • Leeds • LS17 6NA Tel 0113 266 0096 •

A 14% BENEFIT-IN-KIND RATING. SO LOW YOU CAN TAKE THE TAXMAN FOR A RIDE. The new full hybrid RX 450h delivers a breakthrough 299 DIN horsepower, with 148g/km CO2 emissions thanks to the advanced full hybrid system which switches seamlessly between electric and petrol power. The electric motors work in tandem with the 3.5 litre V6 engine to deliver maximum efficiency and performance. Together with a luxurious interior with sophisticated Remote Touch technology, this makes the new RX 450h a car to be desired by everyone, even the taxman.

For more information or to arrange a test drive call Lexus Leeds on 0113 2511 411. Lexus Leeds, Domestic Road, Holbeck, Leeds LS12 6HG

299 DIN hp

148g/km CO2

44.8 mpg


THE NEW FULL HYBRID RX 450h RX 450h prices start from £43,165 OTR. Model shown is RX 450h SE-L Premier priced at £58,175 including optional metallic paint at £595. Prices correct at time of going to print and include VAT, delivery, number plates, full tank of fuel, one year’s road fund license and £55 first registration fee. Certain components within the hybrid drive system have a five-year or 60,000 mile warranty, whichever comes first.

RX 450h fuel consumption figures: urban 42.8 mpg (6.6 L/100km), extra-urban 47.1 mpg (6.0 L/100km), combined 44.8 mpg (6.3 L/100km). CO2 emissions combined 148g/km.



AS PROMISED WHEN IT OPENED ITS DOORS IN THE AUTUMN, SUPERCAR CLUB ÈCURIE25 HAS BEEN KEEPING THINGS FRESH BY ADDING TO ITS MOUTHWATERING FLEET OF DREAM CARS ON A REGULAR BASIS. Amongst the latest additions is the £160,000 Ferrari California – the ideal vehicle for regular Pistonheads reviewer and long time club member, Tim “Beefmeister” Oldland to take out for us on a winter’s day… Before I start I have an admission to make. When I saw the first pictures of the Ferrari California I was underwhelmed. I thought the front end was bland, the rear too large and fussy and the side a mess of lines and overly stylised features. Thankfully, first impressions aren’t always lasting and in this instance they quickly changed when I encountered the car for the first time. Let me paint a quick picture. I was stood by myself in a quiet corner of a packed ècurie25 HQ, sipping a glass of chilled champagne and watching people ogle the party’s star attraction – a car with true star quality that in less than 24-hours time would be parked in my driveway.


Okay, yes I had had my reservations about it, but seeing the California in the metal changed everything, or at least most things. Take the front end. The nose has real links back to Ferraris of old, namely the 250s, thanks it is grille and bonnet scoop. Meanwhile, the side profile can claim to be dramatic rather than messy, thanks in part to the 20inch wheel ècurie25 elected. As for the rear, well, we’ll leave that out of here on the basis beauty is in the eye of beholder and I simply don’t like big butts (or stacked exhaust pipes when it comes down to it). Anyway, a Ferrari isn’t supposed to be all about looks, it’s also supposed to be the pinnacle of driving pleasure as well, so let’s not linger any longer, lets see what it can do. Fast-forward 24-hours. The Champagne is finished. The oglers have dispersed. The Ferrari California is mine, all mine. Key in, press brake, and thumb that big red starter button on the steering wheel. And what a start. The big V8 blasts into life with a throaty roar before settling to a more subdued growl, although a quick prod of the throttle reveals this is going to be a vocal drive even at low revs. Out in the traffic the first thing that strikes me is that for such a large car, it really is easy to place. In fact it feels like it has shrunk around me, something I realise sounds a little crazed, but sums up perfectly the impression it gives. And if that physics defying trick wasn’t surprising enough, the smoothness of the ride certainly is. This is one smooth Ferrari. On the notoriously bad roads that surround Chez Beefmeister the California soaks up bumps and ruts like a premium saloon.

WARNING: It’s time to be underwhelmed again, so for those who don’t like the odd negative – look away now…Unfortunately when you go to step things up a little something becomes immediately apparent – the Ferrari California is a soft car. Mash the throttle to the carpet and the rear squats down giving you a skyward view. Stand on the brakes and the nose dives like a pole-axed footballer. Take a sweeping bend with any bumps and undulations too fast and the back of the car squirms and skits around. As for the brakes. You really have to give them a full leg-full of push when trying to scrub off speed – not great for ceramics. END OF WARNING: Negative thoughts banished. Resume happy thoughts as before. . There is one thing all great cars have in common. Yes, they may have their imperfections. And yes, they’ll never please all of the people all of the time. But, a great car will always leave a lasting and memorable impression, and after a little time behind the wheel and some adjustments to my driving style, the Ferrari California did exactly that. And a large part of this was down to the engine and gearbox. This was the first dual-clutch box I’d used, and while it worked flawlessly in auto mode, it wasn’t until you took on the paddles that its perfection became clear – especially when you’re on the all out attack and throttle and the carpet have become bosom buddies. The exhaust is rude at 2500rpm, getting less so as the revs rise. I glance at the steering wheel LEDs to see when the redline is approaching, then a quick flick of the RH paddle, and BAM! Next gear. Instantly. And with a fruity POP from the exhaust for good measure. Next gear and it’s the same again. BAM! POP! Absolutely addictive.


In fact, so addictive was this routine I quickly found a big bit of quiet road just so I could BAM, POP my way up through the gears, slow down, and do it all again and again, all the time giggling like an easily entertained child. As for the engine, it is certainly different to the 430 lump. It has a load more torque and is nowhere near as manic. The exhaust seems to have been tuned to be fruitiest at 2000-2500rpm, which certainly reinforces its credentials as a cruiser.


écurie25 is Yorkshire’s only supercar club. It provides its members with the chance to get behind the wheels of a fleet of the some of the world’s greatest cars for a fraction of the price it would cost to run just one. To find out more visit or call 0845 0756667.




Twenty-three years on, I remember it vividly: the sauna-like heat, the mass of humanity furiously scuttling around, the gridlocked streets, and the unique, evocative smells. The Land of Smiles - and its capital city - didn't figure majorly on the tourist trail in 1987. Thailand was the “mystical east”: a place that conjured up images of gold-laden temples, graceful, charming people, and that infamous post-Vietnam war nightlife all played out - in my imagination anyway - to a soundtrack of Murray Head's 'One Night in Bangkok'. In the intervening years I've been back to this most engaging of South East Asian capitals on numerous occasions, more often than not they've been passing visits, en route to other places in the region or as the (perfect) stopover when heading down under. But two decades later, it's satisfying to report that this intoxicating city is still up there with the best. If Singapore is five-star sterile, and Hong Kong a blend of retail overload and that often charmless Chinese brusqueness, then Bangkok is the inventive, resourceful enigma - a city that has embraced much that is modern without ever sacrificing its unique character.

This is a sprawling capital and can be confusing for the first timer. My advice is head for the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok's key transportation artery and great for a snap shot of local life. The tourist boat - a steal for around £1 a day - stops at a dozen or so piers, providing access to many of the city's highlights, including the iconic temple of Wat Arun, Chinatown, the backpacker haunts of the famed Khao San Road, and the imposing, majestic Grand Palace.

Bangkok is the inventive, resourceful enigma a city that has embraced much that is modern without ever sacrificing its unique character.

It is the last of these that, for many, provides an enduring image of Bangkok. The vast area comprises over 100 buildings and was the official residence of Thai kings from 1782 to 1946. The absence of the Royal Family in residence has done little to diminish its standing and it continues to assume huge importance as the setting for royal weddings, funerals and other state occasions.

So what is it that captivates me - and countless others about the City of Angels? Where to start? The food is astoundingly good, the people every bit as delightful as the stereotypes would have you believe, the hotels are among the best in the world…and those temples!

Guided tours are available (shorts and bare-shoulders forbidden), but it's an experience also savoured by picking up a map and simply wandering the alleys, corridors and manicured lawns. The complex boasts a number of real delights, with the Dusit Throne Hall and Aphonphimok Pavilion among the most noted.

Traffic congestion has improved over the years in Bangkok, helped in part by the city's superb Skytrain (clean, cheap and guaranteed to have British public transport hanging its head in shame), and the even-newer subway system. Now, neither of these is in any way authentic, but as a means of cutting the journey time from A to B they are hard to beat.

A ticket to the Grand Palace also includes admission to nearby Vimanmek Mansion. Often overlooked by visitors in preference for its more famous counterpart, Vimanmek is well worth an hour or two of your time. Not only is it the world's largest golden teakwood mansion, its beautifully kept grounds provide a delightful oasis from which to escape the city's frenetic pace.

Why Go Now? Songkran - Thai New Year - is celebrated between April 13 and 15 and is marked in typical Thai style with a nod to the mischievous and a sense of fun. Traditionally a time to pay respects to family, friends and neighbours, Songkran today is perhaps most famous for the throwing of water. Believed to bring prosperity and good luck, people take to the streets armed with containers, water guns or hosepipes to drench themselves and any passersby. The water, which is sometimes mixed with fragrances or mentholated talc, is also used when cleansing Buddha images at home or visiting monasteries to pray.


FACT FILE Silk Steps (01278 722460 has a 12-day trip to Thailand featuring three nights in Bangkok, three in the north of the country at Chiang Mai and four nights on the island of Phuket. The cost is from £1595 per person (based on two people travelling). It includes international flights with (Thai Airways or BA), domestic flights, transfers and accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis in superior/deluxe rooms. Thai (, BA ( and Qantas ( all operate daily non-stop services to Bangkok. Fares start from around £600.

Bangkok is transformed by nightfall. The heat of day eases, roadside traders lay out their stalls in a feat of quantity and choice over space, restaurants that rank alongside anything London or New York have to offer prepare to impress, and chi-chi bars, hotel lounges and nightclubs would give any self-respecting style metropolis a run for its money. Take the ear-popping express lift to the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel, emerge from a somewhat unprepossessing stairwell and be greeted by what surely has to be one of the most impressive watering roles anywhere. Vertigo stretches before you like the deck of an ocean liner, while below, Bangkok sparkles and preens. Pull up a stool at the bar, grab an ice-cold Singha beer and feel the excitement of a city that really does know how to impress. There is a saying in Thailand that translates as “same, same, but different”. No one can quite tell you exactly what it means, but it does seem to perfectly capture this most individual and fascinating of cities.

Bangkok - Top 10 Bangkok is a big city with a wealth of things to keep the visitor engaged. Here is our list of some things you should try and include:

1. The Grand Palace - if you do only one thing, this should probably be it. 2. Wat Arun - possibly the most iconic symbol on the Bangkok skyline, the Temple of Dawn is a unique blend of Khmer and Thai styles. 3. The Chao Phraya River Tourist Boat - one of the best ways to see the city and a real bargain. 4. Thai Food - whether it's a roadside stall or one of its many classy eateries, Bangkok offers some of the world's great dining. 5. Shopping - from fakes to designer labels, wonderful boutiques to fabulous arts and crafts this is probably the best retail experience in the Far East. 6. The River Kwai - if your schedule allows, take the day trip out of the city on route to the site of the notorious World War II “death railway”. 7. The Klongs - or canals - are Bangkok's arteries and provide a wonderful snap shot of city life. 8. Cocktails - Bangkok has a couple of truly stunning rooftop bars. Head for the 61st floor Vertigo at the Banyan Tree Hotel or the 52nd floor bar and Asian seafood restaurant at The Dome at State Tower. 9. Vimanmek Mansion - the largest teak-constructed building in the world, boasting an impressive collection of Royal artefacts and set in beautiful gardens. 10. Jim Thompson's House - this impressive collection of beautiful Thai buildings explains the life and work of the American who reinvigorated the Thai silk industry.

Take the ear-popping express lift to the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel, emerge from a somewhat unprepossessing stairwell and be greeted by what surely has to be one of the most impressive watering roles anywhere.






Matthew Peacock Chevin Cycles

As I write this, everywhere is frozen and covered in snow and the last thought on many cyclists’minds will be getting out and training. However, now is the time to do the hard work so you don’t spend the warmer (hopefully!) summer months trying to get fit.

Easier said than done! Cold weather and dark nights make it easy to miss a training session. One of the best motivators is to commit to entering a summer event now - nothing like the incentive of explaining why you didn’t perform to keep you on track! (See events listed below)

Raise the front wheel. As a turbo trainer lifts your back wheel you need to bring the front up to the same level to get the saddle flat and hence a normal riding position. Purpose built wheel raisers exist and they also stop your wheel from turning sideways under effort.

To avoid the roads/dark/cold a quality indoor trainer (costing from about £110) is a good investment! These machines will get you fitter faster than any exercise bike. Basically, your bike clips quickly onto the trainer, with the tyre sitting on a roller with a resistance motor attached. You are now set to go! Because the resistance is always on you are always pushing. This means that ½ an hour or so is the equivalent of a couple of hours outside riding this is why they are now referred to as Turbo Trainers.

An ipod or similar is the other essential. Loaded with fast, loud music it will keep your mind on the effort and off the clock. You now have a use for the collection of 80’s and 90’s dance CDs lurking at the back of your collection (The KLF is a personal favourite of mine!)........

Some advice gained from my experience:

Minoura V270 trainer. The pinnacle of Minoura’s trainer technology, adjustable to fit all bikes, super smooth, stable and quiet. You can adjust the resistance from gentle spin to knee bursting climb with a remote switch fitted to your handlebar. £229

The rear tyre on your bike must be smooth. Road tyres are fine, but a knobbly MTB tyre will be shredded by the spinning roller of the trainer. You will sweat! Sweat is one of the most corrosive things you could get on your bike so, if you value it, protect it, either with towels or a special ’sweat net’ (pictured below)!

Now off you go! Remember it’s painful now, but you will feel the benefit in the summer....if you stick at it!


Minoura Mag Riser 3. This useful block raises your front wheel to perfectly match the back. £9.99 Minoura Safe-T Net. Keeps your bike protected from sweat, while keeping out of the way of your legs. £12.99

EVENTS 2010 The Kielder 100. 4/9/10. One lap. One Rider. One adventure. One Hundred Miles. The Chevin CyclesTLI Series. Perfect for beginners or experienced alike! 9 rounds. Round 1 27/4/10. All details at OtleyTown Centre Cycle Races. All the UK’s top pro riders and local racers. 23/6/10. Even if you don’t ride, this is a definite date for your diary! tre_cycle_races.php The Outdoor Show 100. Birmingham NEC. 28/3/10 A chance to test your training! om=3/2010&eid=449

“now is the time to do the hard work” 82

Mountain Mayhem 18-20/6/10.The ultimate 24 hour mountain bike event!

Loads more events at

Duncan Thorne



Leeds' stunning FA Cup victory over arch-rivals Manchester United in January brought back memories of the glory days Whites fans used to enjoy on a regular basis when the likes of Bremner, Giles and Clarke took on Best, Law and Charlton. Arranging to meet him exemplified exactly how different modern football is compared to Lorimer’s heydays of the 60s and 70s - instead of going through layers of management and overly-fussy agents, he was just a call away answering the phone at his own pub, not far from Elland Road. If he had his time again and was playing today his ferocious shooting and the number of goals he used to bang in season after season would have made him one of the most sought-after players in the world, commanding millions of pounds from an array of Europe’s best suitors. And how Scotland could do with someone of his ability now! We meet in sub-zero temperatures, just over a week after Simon Grayson’s men pulled off their great win at Old Trafford and wrote the latest chapter in the club’s colourful history. Spirited wins at their cross Pennine rivals were par for the course under Don Revie in the 1960s and 70s, of course, with Lorimer’s goals and creative play an instrumental part in the Club’s golden period of success.

So who better to speak to about all things Elland Road than fans’favourite, United Ambassador and genuine living legend,

Peter Lorimer.

ORIGINAL HOTSHOT “We play golf together whenever we can and when you think it’s 40 years ago now it just shows how special our relationship is.

“When I speak to other clubs they don’t have that, they have the odd one who’s still a pal with another but as a mass we are still very friendly - like brothers - and we never had any prima donnas. “We had massive characters but they weren’t allowed to be, really, because of the way the club was run. Alan Clarke came from Leicester with the reputation of being a bit of a loner but when he came to Leeds he was one of the boys within a week.” The famous Leeds spirit which Revie prided himself on and galvanised over the years was in stark contrast to the man who took over his job, Old Big ‘Ed, Brian Clough. The recent portrayal of Clough’s tempestuous time in charge at Elland Road in the book and subsequent film, ‘The Damned United’ served only to pour more fuel on the fire for many ardent Leeds fans who felt Revie’s name had been tarnished - but what is Lorimer’s view?

It’s well documented that Revie created a family-like feel to the club from the tea lady through to first team captain, Billy Bremner, and it’s clear his legacy runs on when Lorimer reflects on his playing days. “Before the gaffer (Revie) came, Leeds were a yo-yo club but he came in and took them by the scruff of the neck and totally transformed the club, taking us from a club that no-one knew to a world name and a brand name that we still have today,” says Lorimer. “He didn’t just run the football team but the whole club, even the women who washed the kit had to go to him to ask for a pay rise. “He made everyone feel part of it and, when you’ve got that spirit, it helps because everyone works extremely hard for success. “He was ahead of his time with his ideas. He was one of the first managers to take the team away in advance of our away matches, so we got the best preparation and he even had us on special diets and although they weren’t as technical or advanced as they are now, he was going down those lines where he wanted to know we were getting the right food and plenty of rest. “It was hard because we’d often be away from home for five days at a time but we thoroughly enjoyed being together because we were like a family and that’s how Don wanted it.


“The major thing from the Revie era is how friendly all the players still are and we have a great respect for each other and enjoy each other’s company.

“as a mass we are still very friendly - like brothers - and we never had any prima donnas. “ “We were happy it came out because a lot of people blamed us players for getting him the sack but when they watched the film a load of people came to us and said ‘if he’d have spoken to me the way he spoke to you lads...’ well the action wouldn’t have been positive. “Brian admitted in his book he made mistakes at Leeds and I think it was because for the first time he didn’t have Peter Taylor with him. Brian was an explosive sort of a guy but Peter kept his feet on the ground. “The first thing he did when he left Leeds was to get Peter back with him so I think he knew it didn’t work and that said a lot. “The club asked the old players to a meeting with the guys doing the film and Shaun Harvey, the Chief Executive, said if we weren’t happy with the plans they weren’t prepared to give them access to the ground because they didn’t want to upset us. “After talking to them about how it was going to be portrayed we were happy it should go ahead because, in our mind, it has laid to rest the part behind Brian leaving after such a short period of time. “The way he did it was wrong, coming in insulting everyone, insulting Don Revie and insulting the football club. I think it was professional jealousy. We’d always beaten Derby County when we played them and he and Don were both from Middlesbrough, were the same age, I think there was a lot of local and personal rivalry between the two of them.

Photo by Steve Stenson “The part in the film about when he was at Leeds was very, very accurate although I’m not sure about the burning of Don’s furniture in front of everybody on the training ground - I never saw that - but the way he did things and spoke to us was very accurate.”

“Transfers are Simon’s (Grayson) decisions but we beat both Crystal Palace and Watford quite comfortably and competed well against Liverpool and beat Manchester United - I don’t think it was a fluke, we played well and fully deserved the result - so I don’t think there’s need for major surgery and I think most of the players are capable of playing in the Championship.”

Lorimer talks with genuine heart-felt passion of the period and how it upset him.

Lorimer has also clearly been very impressed with United boss Simon Grayson and the way he’s got Leeds playing some attractive football, comparing him to his old boss and mentor.

“I was disappointed how quickly the club went down because we still had a lot of quality around the place. “Don not only left a championship winning side but also a very healthy bank balance and there was a couple of million pounds in the pot which was a hell of a lot of money in those days. All the players were absolutely shocked.” It is clear when Lorimer talks about the Clough episode how much Revie meant to him and the rest of the players and he quickly moves on to discuss Revie’s influence and the more positive side of his career as a central figure in a Leeds team that became a major force in England and Europe.

“When I first joined the club in the early 60s Don Revie had just taken over and Leeds were in a similar position. Don was a young manager too when he started here and Simon has a lot of similar traits in that he’s own man, makes his own decisions, stands by them, has a lot of respect from the players and is a cool head. “He doesn’t say reckless things, usually when he makes a statement it’s very beneficial to what he’s trying to achieve and so far this season whenever he’s made a decision when things aren’t going right on the field they’ve been successful. “Sometimes you could say there’s a bit of luck to it but you can’t be lucky all of the time so it makes me think he knows exactly what he’s doing and looking for and that’s something not many managers show, especially at his age - he’s the one person we don’t want leaving the club. “

Many have commented on who was the best in Revie’s side that was littered with top class performers but Lorimer is perhaps best placed to judge who was the most important cog in the well-oiled machine? “There were lots of stars, the way Eddie (Gray) would glide round people, Billy Bremner’s passion and spirit and big Jack (Charlton) and Norman (Hunter) at the back, but I would say Johnny Giles. “As well as being a fantastic player with two great feet and brilliant passing he was the one who organised us on the field. If things weren’t going right he would change things and move you around a bit and Don gave him the freedom to do it. “Billy was different, he would do it through sheer endeavour, rolling his sleeves up and firing into tackles but he didn’t have the organisational skills Johnny had. So I would say he was the most vital. “He was a bit calmer than Billy but when you are talking about the two of them you really are splitting hairs because they were both great players.” Years spent together playing at the highest level with a team bonded like brothers must also have provided some fun moments too as the man nicknamed Hot Shot for his powerful shooting recalls. “We had great fun together but really, we were just a group of players who were exceptionally good and at the time probably didn’t realise how good a side we were. “I remember when we beat Southampton by seven and their manager at the time Ted Bates was a good friend of Don’s and when we were five up Don signalled to us to ease off a bit and just keep possession. “The problem was we ended up passing it forty odd times to each other and it just highlighted how good we were, probably more than the goals we’d scored but it got to the stage where the lads were in front of the goal and we had to score! “We weren’t being cocky or taking the p***, it was just Don told us to ease up and to have that kind of quality well you can imagine how pleasurable it was to play in a side like that.” So what about the current side that has given fans a renewed air of optimism, with a top of the table campaign so far promising promotion to the Championship and impressive displays in the cup competitions against Liverpool and Sir Alex Ferguson’s men? “They have been excellent so far right from the start of the season and have performed well in the cups and it’s pleasing for the fans who have had a few dodgy last few years to say the least,” adds Peter. “I think it fires out the message to everybody that the club’s on its way back. Everything is very positive, the chairman has done a fantastic job and has transformed the club from one that was totally debtridden to one that, for the last three years, has shown a trading profit, which in football is an amazing thing. “We’ve got a good side and a big squad of players and we’ve come a long, long way and the main priority is to get back to the Premiership as soon as possible but we don’t want to go down that path again where we are over-playing players and running into problems.

The victory at Manchester United was the perfect start to the new decade, and gave the United faithful a taster of what could be in store if Leeds can get back to the Premiership. “The reaction I got from people at Old Trafford and in general is that we are missed in the Premiership and I think the Premiership needs Leeds,” adds Lorimer. “With no disrespect to some of the clubs in the Premiership, they are capable of getting 20,000 people watching but we are capable of getting 40 to 50,000 fans and the Premiership needs the big clubs with the big support.

“It’s great credit to the fans who have been so loyal and they deserve us to be in the top flight.”




INTER ACTIVE! The Speedo Aquabeat 1GB MP3 player is submersible, waterproof and weatherproof with waterproof earphones. Specially designed for aquatic athletes and active people, it is compact with a sleek and sophisticated look. It can be safely used up to a depth of 3 metres in the water. It is lightweight and can float enabling quick and easy recovery in the pool and is simple to use with swimwear and goggles. It has large ergonomic buttons which makes it easy to use whilst swimming. £59 from

Polar heart rate monitors are dedicated to sports and fitness enthusiasts and they are specifically designed to help athletes understand their bodies and improve performances. The latest additions to the Polar range allow you to train at the right intensity, get live heart rate readings and monitor the calories you burn. What’s more, with the FT7 you can target fat burn and download online training plans. Polar FT4 (pictured) £75.00 Visit for more information

Tune in and listen to your favourite radio station or sport news with ROBERTS’ new Sports DAB II. This DAB/FM digital personal radio is perfect for when you are on the move, in the garden, in the office or at the match. You never have to miss your favourite radio show ever again! This lightweight, compact and easy to use Sports DAB II radio comes with a full screen or rolling text display. Furthermore, it has an integrated battery charger for convenience and complete portability, whilst also saving money on batteries. £79.99. - for stockists call 01709 571722 or visit


Why not feel smugly economical by doubling up on a sporting gadget and a new smartphone? The T-Mobile G2 Touch looks every bit as slick as the iPhone but is more cost effective, available from free on a £25/month contract. There’s a wealth of free apps can help you get fit and healthy, such as Buddy Runner, Yoga Trainer, Healthy Recipes and Gym Finder.” The T-Mobile G2 Touch is available for free on a £25 per month contract, which includes 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. Other price plans are available. You can buy in-store or at

The Leica Pinmaster is a laser rangefinder designed specifically to help club golfers reduce their handicap. It enables the user to enjoy a superb close-up view of the golf course (or other location) and determine the precise distance to the pin easily and accurately, therefore allowing the player to make an informed choice on club selection. The user simply aims the Pinmaster at the pin, and at the press of a button, the eye-safe laser beam - coupled with ‘first target logic’ technology - will measure the exact distance to the pin with ease, in the blink of an eye. The accuracy of Leica’s first target logic ensures that the Pinmaster picks out the very first object in its path, i.e. the pin, rather than tree branches or other objects behind it. £495 from American Golf, Selfridges and

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The Kickster Pro goals are the world’s most portable football goals - they can be easily carried around by children and assembled in less than two minutes. They are highly innovative, having featured on the latest series of Dragons’ Den, and they are endorsed by Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Friedel. Kickster Pro goals are also durable, combining tarpaulin, steel and fibreglass to make a flexible frame. Because they goals are designed to be flexible, whilst other ‘portable’ football goals are rigid; Kickster Pro goals flex and absorb the power of shots which would break conventional plastic goals. There are currently two goals

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2 Businesses, 1 set of questions introducing the personalities behind the region’s best companies.

“Talk about the


THE BASICS: Name: Guy Hudson Company: Lynx Womenswear Position: Owner

LOWDOWN: Tell us about Lynx - what do you do, who do you do it for and how long have you been doing it? Running a successful and progressive Womens’ Fashion Store for 25 years and opening a Menswear Store seven years ago. Added to this, we are due to open the very FIRST ‘Pennyblack’ shop in shop operation in the UK.


Which other companies or business people do you admire and why? Sir Paul Smith – he keeps his business evolving year after year.

PAY-OFF: What aspect of running Lynx do you enjoy the most? Having the freedom to make decisions that make a difference.

CHALLENGE: …and what’s the trickiest part? Cash Flow.

FREETIME: Tell us what you do when you’re not running Lynx?

Your motto or mission statement?

A little gym, a little running and lots of holidays.

We can make it happen.



Where will Lynx be in 10 years?

Who or what inspired you to form Lynx?

Still at the forefront of the UK fashion scene and to have developed the ‘Pennyblack’ shop-shop business.

I had no money, I hadn’t paid sufficient attention at school to get any qualifications but I had a desire to put passion back into fashion retail.



Lynx Womenswear, 20 West Park, Harrogate HG1 1BJ /

THE BASICS: Name: Paul Freeman Company: BMF Limited Position: Co-owner

LOWDOWN: Tell us about BMF - what do you do, who do you do it for and how long have you been doing it? We provide luxury bathrooms and heating solutions, including high quality wood burning stoves, renewable energy and boiler and central heating care. We can see the design and installation of a bathroom or heating system right through from start to finish, ensuring a high quality, professional and friendly service throughout. BMF was originally established by my father Michael Freeman in 1996 and is now run by myself, my brother Ben and sister Sam. We’ve worked in the business from the start and we’re qualified in plumbing, heating and solid fuel installation. We’re based just off Harrogate Road in Moortown, Leeds, and most of our clients come from Yorkshire. However we have been known to travel the length and breadth of the country if our services are called upon!

INSPIRATION: Who or what inspired you to form BMF? As I mentioned, our father Michael set up the business 14 years ago. He was a fantastic role model and that inspires us to continue to improve the service we provide to customers day after day.

RESPECT: Which other companies or business people do you admire and why? Marks & Spencer, because they are a British company but a worldwide brand, they’re ethical and never fail to provide quality products. I also think it’s hard not be inspired by Richard Branson. He has built his empire from nothing with sheer determination and hard work - he is a true innovator and entrepreneur.

PAY-OFF: What aspect of running BMF do you enjoy the most? We have built a small and friendly team which means there are plenty of laughs, plus I get to see my family everyday. CHALLENGE: …and what’s the trickiest part? Working with my family.



Your motto or mission statement?

Tell us what you do when you’re not running BMF?

A passion for quality.

STANDOUT: What makes BMF standout from your competitors? We have a lot of exclusive bathrooms and wood burners within the area, such as Ben de Lisi and Fantini designer bathrooms and the really eye-catching Harrie Leenders and Stuv range of stoves. We also provide a very personal touch and people know we will always deliver a quality product and service. Our showroom on Stainburn Parade in Moortown provides people with the confidence that they can come and view products or talk to someone face to face to get advice – something which can often be missing when people buy online.

I’m a keen motorcycle enthusiast and enjoy the outdoors.

FUTURE: Where will BMF be in 10 years? Still providing quality bathrooms, heating products and services, but to more and more people. Hopefully we may have larger showrooms and more engineers. But I think it’s vital we never lose that personal, friendly touch – that’s why people come back to us time and time again. BMF, 5-7 Stainburn Parade, Moortown LS17 6NA /




Jono Baker

A look back on a turbulent decade - and a glimpse of the financial path ahead. Was the Millennium Bug the past decade’s greatest waste of money? Perhaps, but from a financial point of view it has certainly been an interesting ten years. Remember the burst of the dotcom bubble in March 2001? Enron going bust? The Euro was introduced into twelve countries in 2002. A Harvard University student introducing a new social networking site called Facebook and Apple released the iPhone. Google floated on the stock market in August 2004, shares $85 at launch and are currently, early January 2010, worth $619.98. The last couple of years of the decade saw the biggest financial meltdowns: Lehman Bros going bust, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being bailed out by the US Government with the UK Government bailing out RBS, and the nationalisation of Northern Rock and the Bradford and Bingley. Then, the U.S. announcing a general rescue plan worth $700m with the UK announcing a £400bn rescue plan. We had various councils and pension funds around the UK losing funds in the Icelandic banking crisis and, of course, we lost dear old Woolies! In a decade dominated by the rise of China, the expansion of the internet and the proliferation of mobile phones, the best stock market investment was, believe it or not, cigarettes! Analysis of the companies in the FTSE 100 in January 2000 reveals that cigarette makers British American Tobacco (whose brands include Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall) were the best performer, rising 454%. Imperial Tobacco was not far behind; the maker of Davidoff, West, Gauloises Blondes and Rizla saw its shares jump 400% over the ten years. Yet this was the decade that saw smoking banned in workplaces, pubs and restaurants and large numbers of smokers stubbing out their habit. How did cigarettes make so much money? The reality is that the tobacco companies more than made up for declines in the West with fast-growing sales in countries such as Nigeria and Pakistan.

So what about 2010? It is traditional at this time of year to review the performance of portfolios and make hard choices about the market’s probable direction for the coming months. In 2010 this task is likely to be even more complex than usual – equities have performed


outstandingly since their lows in March 2009 and most global markets are showing strong double-digit gains. Needless to say, the critical question at this point is whether this huge rally can continue into 2010 and whether it will provide investors with solid returns by this stage next year.

and policymakers. If growth is limited any interest rate rises in 2010 will run the risk of choking the recovery before it really gets going.

Our desks have inevitably become clogged with the product of the investment community’s crystal ball gazing. Needless to say the vast majority is extremely positive, reiterating the enthusiasm for risk assets (turkeys don’t vote for Christmas) and makes an aggressive and fairly convincing case as to why equity markets will never go down again … ever! However, in the investment management business, the future is always an emotive topic and if the events of the past two years have taught us anything, it is that we should prepare ourselves for the unexpected.

Given the problems facing the UK economy we believe that the FTSE will move sideways in a narrow trading range for some time. Despite this cautious approach we feel that there will be opportunities to provide an attractive return. For example from 1968 and 1982 the Dow Jones index moved in a relatively narrow range from 700 to 1000.

Europe, with the exception of Ireland, Spain and some other Mediterranean economies, has moved out of recession. However, both the USA and UK are a long way from being in a position to restore their finances. Whilst President Obama has three years to improve his position before he has to face the electorate, the UK goes to the polls in less than five months and the main worry facing the markets is the possibility of a hung parliament and the potential chaos that would then ensue. Without a clear majority, whoever wins will not have the mandate needed to force through the tough measures required to refinance the public deficit. We are especially concerned that the credit rating agencies could cut the UK rating from AAA. Not only would this force up the cost of borrowing, further compounding the misery, but it would force institutions that can only hold AAA rated debt to sell their holdings. This could result in not only an oversupply of stock in the secondary market but also a lack of demand in the primary market. This will seriously affect the Government’s ability to raise the money needed to fund its spending plans. The outlook for 2010 seems increasingly bleak, with the immense government deficit driving the return of 17.5% VAT and possibly 20% thereafter, the likelihood of higher income tax and national insurance across the board, and public sector job cuts, which will compound a rising unemployment trend. All of this begs the question – what kind of economic recovery can we expect?‘V’, ‘W’, ‘L’? It is our belief that the headwinds are too great for a strong rebound in the UK economy. Instead, we believe we are facing the prospect of very limited levels of growth and, in that environment, global interest rate rises pose a bigger challenge for the UK’s politicians


However, during the same period the tobacco sector rose by 420%, the telecom sector by 194% the Oil sector by 185% and the healthcare sector by 180%. It is therefore imperative to be in the right sectors. Consequently stock picking is the way forward and buying good quality stocks that are out of favour or in “bad market”phases will help to maximise returns. We will see volatility increasing and would not be surprised if the current momentum drives the market to nearer 5600 over the first quarter of 2010. We plan to use this momentum to bank profits and build up cash reserves to allow us to use the subsequent dip to buy quality assets at attractive levels.

For more information please contact:

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Star Letter A thank you for three things: 1. Your Ian Brown feature. He’s no saint, but at least let’s be thankful for a pop star with opinions and character and a back story that’s something other than stage school. 2. Your restaurant review. You’ve introduced me to a simple pleasure - Fuji Hiro is my new favourite place. 3. Sorting Christmas. Your Chrimbo Gadgets Special finished it all off very nicely! Keep it entertaining, informative and free and you’ll keep me, at least, happy! Martin Shaw, Leeds Well thank you Martin. So nice to start off with a compliment … so just to balance things out … Ed.

What rubbish! Why does your writer insist on using vacuous phrases like ‘celebrity super couple Tess Daly and Vernon Kaye’(issue 13)? On: isn’t Hello! or Heat and nor should it try to be! Not all your readers are slaves to the celebrity vacuum - where’s your northern grit? Scott D, Doncaster Northern grit? Neil Back and Ian Brown, walking and cycling - it was there if you wanted it, Scott. Still, horses for courses. Anyway, we reckon strapping Tess could mix it with the best of them down The Duck and Drake. Ed. Am I alone in eagerly turning to your Walks pages when I first open your magazine? I’m sure everyone has a favourite section but I love this taste of the open air! I’m 55 years old and a keen rambler but don’t stereotype me as an old fogey - I love your reviews and fashion news too - but I do like to see if you‘re re-treading any of my old footsteps! P. Lamb, Ingleton A beautiful feature, I thought, by Barney Bardsley (‘A Flower For All Seasons‘, issue 13). I wholeheartedly agree with her on the miraculous witch hazel how generous of them to bloom when most other flowers are in hiding and, yes, that scent is remarkable. If I could pick my own personal favourite I’d go for the sunflower - I live opposite a field of them and they make me burst with happiness when they’re in full bloom. How about an article on them? Deborah Scaife, Pudsey I’d love to share Neil Back’s (Leeds Carnegie Coach, Issue 13) optimism about the club staying up but I fear the yo-yo has started it’s downward descent again. I’m a regular attendee at the games and can’t fault the passion and commitment but, in Back’s own words, there are some players in the squad that aren’t good enough for the Premiership. It’s heartbreaking to think those release clauses will be called into action again in May. Geoff, via email I write (I hope!) at the end of The Big Freeze 2010. I just happen to be reading your magazine and thought I’d chance on a little call out to the unsung heroes - the bus drivers, refuse collectors and postmen and women who trudged through the snow, ice and slush for six whole weeks! Emma, sent via Blackberry And who are we to deny such spur-of-the-moment good will, Emma! Ed.


What we need are more reviews! Thankful for the new spa coverage (that took care of one Christmas present!) but why not review your hair and cosmetic products too? You tell us what they do, you tell us their price, you tell us where we can get them from - but you don’t tell us if they’re any good! You wouldn’t cover a movie or album like that, so why be so lenient on the beauty stuff? Oh and on that subject, how about some book and videogame reviews thrown in for good measure. Harriet, Knaresborough All interesting Harriet - we’re on it! Ed. I’ve enjoyed reading Paul Bedford’s 6-part introduction to a healthier lifestyle over the past 12 months and I’ve tried to follow his advice wherever I can. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid diets, gymnasiums and Men’s Health magazine in the past and, whilst not considering myself unfit, was just feeling the urge to do a little more when I came upon the column. Sensible advice and easy to follow - why do some people ,ake it all sound so complicated? Well done, Paul! Mr. J. Barness, Bradford I have just read with horror that Anthony McGrath has stepped down as Yorkshire cricket captain. It was only a few months ago I was reading about his ‘bright new dawn’at Yorkshire in your magazine! One mediocre season and that’s it!? At least he wasn’t sacked but you do wonder about what really goes on in those corridors of power! Carrie J, Otley To be fair we think it was a form thing, Carrie, rather than the evil meddling of the board room. And let’s not forget there’s eleven Yorkshire players on some type of England duty this winter - so it can’t all be bad at Headingley. Ed.

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famouslastwords Each of Dave Gorman's conceptual comedy adventures have packed in more ideas, warmth and love for life than most stadium-filling standups can manage in a career.


For his Perrier-nominated stage show, 'Are You Dave Gorman?', he attempted to find 54 other people who were also called Dave Gorman. In his follow up project, 'Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment', he followed newspaper horoscope advice to the letter - it culminated with him stood in Covent Garden with one leg in a bucket of water. He's written for Harry Hill and Steve Coogan and is a TV and radio panel show regular. In 2009, his stand-up tour, 'Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up' saw him covering the extremes of the British mainland as he cycled from Britain's southernmost point to its northernmost tip, taking in the most easterly and westerly points along the way, and performing each night of the journey. As there were parts of the country he couldn't get to because they simply weren't on the route, he's taking the same show on the road again ... only without the cycling element. No longer saddle-sore and blistered, we caught up with him for some Famous Last Words‌

Last thing you did that made you feel good? I just ate some frozen yoghurt. That was nice.


Last thing you'd want to be doing right now? Waxing. Last night on Earth ... What's your poison? Rum and coke. Last supper ... What are you ordering? Fish and chips. With mushy peas. Or possibly a salt beef bagel. I eat fish but not meat. Bacon doesn't tempt me. But salt beef does... and if it really was my last supper. Last person you'd want to share a drink with? Newcastle United's Joey Barton. He doesn't seem safe to be around when he's sober so it's hardly surprising that danger has so often accompanied him when alcohol is in the mix. Last time you shed a tear and why? A couple of weeks ago. I was reading BĂŞte de Jour - a memoir by Stan Cattermole - and his recollection of a conversation with his mother just set me off. Beautiful. Last refuge ... where would you go? Ardnamurchan - it's a Scottish peninsula and the westernmost point of mainland Britain. Very remote and very beautiful. I cycled through it last year. Last the course ... tips on loot, love & life? There's always someone better off than you, so just relax and enjoy what you have. Last but one ... random question: Googlewhack, Astrology Experiments, Reasons To Be Cheerful - what's been your favourite project to date? Tricky. Reasons to be Cheerful is the one I'm proudest of because it was the biggest leap into the unknown. Googlewhack wasn't conceived as a project - the events weren't undertaken deliberately in order to create a show and weren't fun to live through - but it was the show I most enjoyed performing. Cycling across Britain was the most fun to do. Famous Last Words? I'm sorry Mr Barton, you're a very lovely man, an excellent footballer and I apologise for saying I didn't want to share a drink with you.

Dave Gorman is at St George's Hall, Bradford, on 16th February. He hosts his own show on Absolute radio every Sunday.





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