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Accessories by Alexander McQueen; Stella McCartney; Barbara Bui; Dsquared; Tom Ford; Diane Von Furstenburg.

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Accessories by Alexander McQueen; Lanvin, D&G, Dsquared.

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December : January Issue 13 2009/10

Editor : Matthew Callard

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Photography : Steve Stenson David Lindsay John Waite Damian Hall Contributors : Jono Baker Barney Bardsley Paul Bedford Bryn Bevan Paul Dagg Alison Holland Paul Howard David Leck Samantha Marshall Matthew Peacock Duncan Thorne Sam Ward Rich Williams

Editor’s letter Goodbye Noughties. How did that happen? Is it really ten years since we were all quaking in fear of the Millennium Bug? Has it really been a decade’s worth of global war, financial apocalypse and political corruption? Is it really going to end with your editor getting stung by one of those gigantic late Autumn wasps that lurch around drunkenly, looking for the first available human to jab their last sting into before they snuff it? Did anything good actually happen, at all, in the Noughties? Yes. the Office. the iPod. Kylie’s Hot Pants. Dizzee rascal & Jeremy Paxman. Youtube & Spotify. Arctic Monkeys & there Will Be Blood. Oh, and On: Magazine! A lucky 13 issues down and spreading its wings further. Hello Sheffield. Hello Doncaster. Yes, plenty of good things have occured so far this millennium. And to think, when they actually get the large Hadron Collider to work it’s going to save the world and everything! Now surely that’s something to look forward to! But before we all enter the decade-that-needs-a-really-good-nickname, we’ve a last Noughties Christmas to enjoy (c’mon, Christmas is ALWAYS a good thing!). We’re getting in the festive spirit with tess Daly, as she prepares for Strictly’s customary crescendo. Speaking of ‘where did the time go’ – Ian Brown chats about 20 years since the Stone roses’ debut album soundtracked a generation. elsewhere, there’s leeds Carnegie Coach Neil Back on a promising new decade to come for the city’s rugby Union club, Charley Boorman gives us his Famous last Words and Rich Williams supplies some juicy insider gossip on Robbie Williams and The Sugababes. there’s plenty of Christmas and New Year coverage too – but we’re not overdoing it – this issue will be out and about until February, don’t you know!

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So, crack open a bottle, have an enjoyable read and a brilliant 2010 – and try not to shake in fear at the realisation that the new adults of next year were born in 1992! Eek!


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Jono Baker Jono has worked in financial services for 20 years. At weekends he can be found coaching football for the ‘Burton Bullets’ and rugby in Ripon. Midweek, you may just find him working as a stockbroker.

Barney Bardsley Barney started out as an arts journalist. Then she re-trained in dance and T’ai Chi, which she taught for many years. Now she writes books and articles for the Guardian and Yorkshire Post - and she gardens, in a haphazard kind of a way.

Paul Bedford Paul is a health and fitness expert who moonlights as the in-house personal trainer at the brand new Village Health club, Tingley.

Bryn Bevan Bryn has nearly 20 years’ experience in a host of portfolio and flagship salons and has won numerous awards for his hair, business, photographic and fashion work. This is his first foray into the cut-throat world of journalism.

Alison Holland Alison’s role as an international food critic and marketeer has seen her dine, discuss and dissect the finest restaurants in the world – from Pudsey to Padstow, from The Ivy to El Bulli, from New York cafes to Tokyo steak-houses. Her wealth of food experience has taught her an open mind is just as important as a critical eye.

Paul Howard Paul is the founder of the famous on-line wine bible He is also, we kid you not, one of the original King's Road punks. Whatever happened to them?’

Bethanie Lunn Bethanie is a Style Insider, Journalist and Entrepreneur with four fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses under her belt alongside teaching, styling and presenting. Phew! If it’s worth knowing about, Bethanie knows first and she is quickly gaining a reputation as the Girl-About-Town of the North. If she didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent her.

Samantha Marshall Samantha has been a TV Make-Up Artist for over 15 years, working on weekly soaps and award winning dramas. She will be keeping you updated on all new cosmetic products, offering tips, tricks and expertise in the process!

Matthew Peacock Matt’s mind is crammed with anything and everything to do with bikes. He has been in the bike trade since leaving school and is General Manager of the famous Chevin Cycles, Otley - who he also races for.

Duncan Thorne Duncan is the founder of Thorne Public Relations and is an experienced journalist having reported on crime, politics and sport and sometimes all at the same time. He is a self-confessed sport and car anorak and his dream is for 1966 to be re-created in his lifetime (just the World Cup final, not the whole year!).

Sam Ward Sam lives and breathes fashion, which is just as well considering she works in press and marketing for one of the world’s leading luxury retailers. If she had £4 left in her (Chanel) purse, she would buy Vogue rather than food (and has, in the past).

Rich Williams Rich Williams presents the Homerun on 96.3 Radio Aire (weekdays 3-7pm). He is Leeds born and bred and has access to all the stars that walk through the doors of the biggest radio station in Leeds. Rich studied at the University of Leeds, then spent 2 years co-presenting the Breakfast show before being offered his own show in 2009. His main passions are Leeds United, music and politics.

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Take Daly Tess Daly might be the Queen of Saturday Night tV and one half of light entertainment’s most attractive (and tallest!) celebrity couple, yet her solid northern roots keep her dancing feet ďŹ rmly on the ground.


So is Strictly still fun or are you over it now? Oh no! God, are you kidding? I love it more and more! Do you think this is the best year in terms of standards? Yeah, the standard of dancing is higher than it’s ever been from the off. On week two the standards of dancing they were showing, they wouldn’t normally show till week six. It’s just better. Why is that? Are they getting ready before they start? No, there’s the same amount of training time before the series starts. The standard’s just gone up. They’re obviously just better at dancing. When Strictly started, ballroom dancing seemed a bit weird, but now everyone’s into it. Yeah, it’s really captured the public imagination I think. It’s aspirational; when people watch it they want to get up and dance. Can you dance? Yeah, I can dance. I mean, I danced as a teenager and had lessons and stuff. I never followed it up formally after I was a teenager but qualified, you know, got all the medals and that. What sort of dancing did you do? Jazz, cha-cha, waltz, jive; all sort of ballroom stuff. So could you actually compete in the show and do well, do you think? No, probably not, because I’d need one hell of a refresher course - which I’d love to have actually -because the more I see the more I think, “Ooh, I’d really love to have a go!” Do you never get to have a go with all those dancey people around? I have the odd lesson. Anton comes over to the house and swings me round but it’s just an excuse for tea and cakes, a bit of a social. Can Vernon do it? Vernon’s a really good dancer. Vernon would be amazing because he’s a great dancer. Okay, it’s disco dancing but he’s got rhythm so that’s a great start. So you don’t do cha-cha-cha in your own home? No, sorry. My little girl Phoebe does though. She dances all the time and keeps putting all her frocks on going, “Look Mummy, it’s a Strictly Come Dancing dress!” So cute! And she hums the theme tune and kicks one foot in the air like I do at the start with Bruce. She loves it this year. She’s three so she’s just got the concept for the first time this year and loves it. Who does she want to win? She wants any girl who’s wearing a princess dress that week to win. She just loves the ladies in the dresses. She’s a darling. What’s it like backstage?

Here, as Strictly Come Dancing

It’s weird because I’ve got them all before they’ve danced and after they’ve danced so I’ve the euphoria and all the nerves backstage. You see them all watching each other dance and cheering each other on. It’s great because you feel part of the gang backstage. Do they get really upset if they don’t do as well as they wanted? Yeah. Oh God, yeah! Is it all genuine?

reaches its now-customary

Completely genuine. One hundred per cent. Everything you see is real. They’re not fed any lines. The voting could never be rigged on the BBC of course. What you see is what you get really. How’s your fitness? You look very slim?

Christmas crescendo, she talks

I look knackered today because my little girl was banging on the door this morning so I’ve not had much sleep. Do you just go and sit in the spa?

about her ageless co-presenter, the pressures of fame and

No, I don’t. I go for an hour and I work hard with weights and stuff. God, I hate it. Hate it. I haven’t got the buzz yet, you know, the physical buzz. The endorphins haven’t kicked in yet where I’ve thought, “Yes, I love this!” I’m a clock watcher. I watch the clock going, “Can I go yet?” Sorry Top Santé readers, that’s not very inspirational, is it? But I have been trying to eat healthily because I have a bit of a wheat and dairy allergy. Dairy gives me a bit of psoriasis on the palms of my hands. I jut cut it out and it healed immediately. You used to be a bread fiend, didn’t you?

cleaning up after Vernon… plus, she reveals her secret celebrity

Yeah, I love bread and pasta but it bloats me out a bit. So have you cut it out completely? No, I’ve tried to go wheat-free but I find it too difficult, especially in winter. I don’t want to eat salads as much in winter but in summer I’ll have a salad every day. In winter I want hot food and hot drinks; I don’t want cold water, I want hot cups of tea. In winter your tastes really change what you crave, don’t they? I want comfort food now. Is there a good comfort food that you can have?


Soup, but then I end up eating loads of bread with it. I just cannot stop the bread, I just love bread and I love toast and honey. I make it wholemeal at least but it’s still wheat!



Do you do all the cooking at home?

Who’s the most fun celebrity on a night out?

Yeah, although having said that, my husband’s been quite good recently, under pressure though, He’s just trying to get into my good books I think.

Brian Dowling or David Walliams. Both of them are the funniest guys I’ve met in my life.

Are you two up against each other in the schedules?

Yes, never a dull moment.

No, he’s on after me which is nice. His is doing really well. He’s really excited. He’s getting like, seven and a half million on a Saturday which is fantastic.

Where would they take you? Maybe sushi dinner then a bit of a dance, or back at our house. Yeah, a good laugh.

How’s Brucey?

Can you go out without it getting too snappy, snappy?

Brucey’s fantastic. He’s loads of fun. You know, he’s on such great form this year. What people at home don’t see is that he does a warm-up before the show so fifteen minutes before the show he’s high-kicking his legs up, singing and dancing. He’s getting people up out of the audience and dancing across the floor with them and I’m watching from the wings going, “Alright, stop now Brucey, save your energy. We’re about to start the show in 45 seconds!” And he’s there singing and dancing and tap-dancing. He’s unbelievable. I can’t think of many 80year-olds who can do that.

Erm, yeah, I mean, when you leave it’s always a bit snappy, snappy but… Do people come over to you? Yeah, sometimes. Is that alright? It’s okay. It’s fine. Unless you’re really drunk, then you feel really embarrassed and think, “Oh, please don’t take a picture of me now. This is not a good look!” Have you ever Googled yourself? Never. I am proud to say and I swear on my family’s life I have never Googled myself.

And he’s sharp as a tack, isn’t he?

Why not?

He’s amazing and a live show takes a hell of a lot out of you because of the energy and adrenaline… You’re running on nerves and adrenaline and afterwards when the adrenaline leaves your body, you’re absolutely depleted of energy.

Because it just seems like the ultimate in narcissism. One, it just seems like, why would I want to do that? Do I want to stroke my ego? Two, I’d probably hate what I found. I’d be like, “That’s not true, and that’s not true, and that’s bloody rubbish!” So I just think why stress yourself out? So I’d rather live in a little bubble and not take all that on board. I would never Google myself.

Has he given you any tips? Yeah, he’s careful what he eats and he’s very strict about exercise. He exercises every day, like three times a day. He does stretching exercises before he goes live on the show, these feng-shui-type exercises. Doesn’t he do that book, The Fountain of Youth, or something? I don’t know but I must ask him because whatever he does, it works for him. I told him he should bottle whatever he’s doing because he’d make flipping millions. He’s an example to us all really.

Have you ever Googled Vernon? No. I’d rather not know to be honest with you because I know it’s bull. I mean, the things that people write, like for example there’s all these Friends Reunited people that say that they’re Vernon and me, and they’re not! They’ve even used pictures from when our baby was born and we released a picture of her to the papers for charity. That’s the only time we’ve released a picture of her. We’ve kept her out of the limelight. And people have used that picture on their Friends Reunited site as if they are Vernon. It’s just absurd. So why would I want to buy into all that rubbish that isn’t real. And also the first few pages would probably be…

Every year I’ve said I’ll join a gym and get fit, and this year I did it, even though I did do it about July, six months late! And even then it was because I was forced, a quick panic move. This belly’s gotta go! And it has pretty much gone now and I feel better for it. I’ve got more of a bottom now which I always wanted. And I’ve got a very round face so it shows on my face before anywhere.

Sex? Naked? That’s what someone told me. I remember working with Eamonn Homes and he said, “Oh my God! I Googled you and it was all ‘Tess Daly naked’!” I said, “Sweetheart, trust me, it’s not me. It’s just my head on someone else’s body and let’s hope they’ve made it a good body!” I’ve never done anything like that. I’ve done loads of underwear and swimwear but that’s not saucy, is it? I modelled swimwear and lingerie for ten years of my career so I felt quite comfortable really, but I wouldn’t do sort of tarty stuff with my back arched, legs splayed, ‘come and get me’. That’s not my style, believe me. It was always sort of classy, tasteful, woman-friendly, fresh and natural kind of stuff, not anything slutty.

Any other New Year’s Resolutions?

What’s your worst personality trait?

I always have a resolution to treat myself to massage because I love massage. It’s my favourite beauty treatment in the world. I’m not really a facials kind of girl. I like a deep tissue massage; rather than having a few creams slathered on my face, I like to feel like something’s actually working. But then I end up having two massages a year. I always think I’ll have one a month because it’s got great health benefits and you feel amazing afterwards but I never make time for myself. I always think there’s something better I could be doing with my time. I’d like to make more time for myself where things like that are concerned because I tend to put myself on the back burner which any mother does.

Oh God, I’ve got lots. I’m a bit bossy, well, a bit is probably an understatement. Vernon and our friends would probably say I’m very bossy. I’m very bossy and I’m very particular about cleanliness and tidiness round the house so I get very anal about junk and clutter. It drives me crazy. I get cross if I’ve tidied somewhere and then someone else purposely dumps everything on the floor and it’s just messy and no-one makes any effort to maintain it. But that’s normal, isn’t it?

What about New Year’s Resolutions health-wise?


Drinks and high-kicks?

Could there be a row? There could be a row, yeah. There could be a bit of towel throwing. I’m not shy of a row but I don’t linger on it. I don’t harbour resentment. Get it out in the open and

Which celebrity do you have body envy of? Jennifer Lopez’s backside. She’s got a lovely curvy bum. I think it’s womanly and feminine and men love that. I would love to have a really curvy bum. Clothes hang better. And Cameron Diaz’s legs. She’s got super sportswoman’s legs, long and totally toned. Ooh, and I’d have toned arms. Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Not Madonna muscly, that’s too much, but finely muscled arms looks great on a woman. She looked amazing in that vest. What about hair? Oh God, yeah, I’d love the thick mane of someone like Jennifer Aniston. Long, thick, luscious and lovely. Demi Moore’s hair grows down to her waist. Good Lord, mine never grows past me bloomin’ shoulders. What about face? Well, I’d have a beautiful nose for a start. I broke mine playing netball in my teens and I hate the bump on it. I’d love to get it fixed but I’d be scared to get it fixed in case I looked like a woman with a nose job and not myself any more. I was born with a lovely little nose and then I broke it and I just wish I had the nose I was born with. I hate my profile. The only time I liked it was when I lived in Paris as a model because famously they love their Gallic, strong noses and for some reason, they always had me in profile there and loved my nose so I actually didn’t mind it for a short period. Would you have collagen or anything?

then poof! It’s gone, the cloud of resentment or anger has evaporated. Better to let it go than fester, I say.

Maybe eventually, but not right now, and I’d be very afraid of looking like someone who’d had plastic surgery because I think women tend to lose their natural beauty when they’ve just had one operation or injection too many. They lost the natural beauty that they had in the first place and look like frozen, scary versions of themselves. I’d be very wary of that.

Got any never-heard-before diet tips?

Have you got any tattoos?

Bananas I think are a good trick. Have a couple of bananas for breakfast and they’ll keep you going till lunch time. That’s my snack tip if I’m running out the house and I haven’t had breakfast.

Have you got any energy tips?

No, I’d get bored of it.

Green and Blacks chocolate, although it is organic.

I have the Rush Berocca, you know, the vitamin B and C? I also take Vitamin B12 sublingually (SP???) You can buy it in Holland and Barrett although it keeps selling out. It’s fantastic. It’s a pipette that you put on your tongue and it gives you incredible energy, a real boost. You notice it instantly, it’s amazing B12.

That’s not bad!

And if you’ve not had it do you notice?

Yeah, but the milk one which isn’t as good for you as the dark one. Also, mince pies, sweet stuff… I’ve got the sweetest tooth in the world. I can’t stop. Biscuits, cream teas when my mum comes to visit… I’m happiest in a tea room having afternoon tea. I know how to party!

I’d only have it if I was really run down and tired, once a week or so. I sometimes have Ginseng. And the bananas. That’s it really.

What’s your dirty secret? Smash? Pot Noodles?

Do you have to eat the whole pack? No, I never want to eat more than three biscuits. I wouldn’t eat the whole pack. Oh no, that would make me feel sick. But it’s constant, I’m a grazer. I nibble. I’m happiest when I’ve got something sweet in my mouth. Which Strictly judge are you most like? Len probably. I’m very fair and I’m always flying the flag for fairness. Len is salt of the earth and very fair so that’s what I’d be like. My girlfriend thinks he’s quite an attractive older man. He is quite good-looking actually. He’s the James Bond figure. That’s probably why he’s so popular in America, because he looks like a classic English gent. Do they constantly fly back and forth to do that? I don’t’ know how they do it. They’re commuting for eight weeks. Eleven hour flights every week and not only that, but because it’s eight hours behind, whenever I come back from LA I feel like I’ve got cotton wool between my ears for two days. So to have to go live where every word you say has to be coherent or else you look ridiculous… It must be terrible for their bodies. I don’t know how they do it but they must have some serious air miles on the flip side… Do you run to the pub or drive to the gym? Drive to the gym. I don’t go the pub, apart for a Sunday lunch. I’m at home putting my baby to bed, washing and bathing her. How am I going to be in the pub? I wouldn’t mind being in the pub more often but I don’t really like sitting and cradling a drink. I’d rather be in a restaurant having a nice meal with a bottle of wine. That feels more like a celebration for me, more of a treat.

What’s your stress-busting secret? Have a massage, put some chill-out tunes on really loud, open the windows and let the air in. Run round the garden with a rose between my teeth. Joking! I go for a drive or some retail therapy. Just treat yourself. Have you still got your old friends from when you were tiny? Well, I’ve moved from the area I was born in but that was half a lifetime ago. So you’ve got fancy London friends now? Yeah, but I’ve still got friends from up north who I remain in touch with and come and visit me but a lot of my friends now are from down here simply because that’s where I’m based and have been for half my life. Are you into the whole Facebook thing? No, I have enough demands on my time. I know I should but if I do I’ll be hooked and it’s just another thing to check to see if I’ve got any messages. We’re constantly checking our text or email, whatever medium it is that you communicate through and that’s just another thing that demands your time and takes you out of your moment in my opinion, out of you’re here and now. I’m very into appreciating the moment and not regretting the past. What will you do with your Saturday nights when it’s all over? I’ll miss it because I love it. I will miss it! Oh my goodness, what am I going to do with my Saturday nights? Actually, I’m very excited because Vernon gave up his Sunday on the radio for his family. He absolutely loved doing it and it was hugely successful and kept building. He was loath to leave but we had not had a weekend together apart from three weeks holiday a year in the eight years we’ve been together. And since Phoebe was born we’ve never had a weekend together. We couldn’t go and visit his relatives up north, we couldn’t go camping, go to the seaside, anything. So now he’s not working on Sundays. He’s given that up so we can have our weekends. So when he finishes on the radio on Saturday, he can come home and we can take off. The world’s our oyster. We can have a Saturday night away somewhere, visit family and friends. We can have a little seaside trip somewhere. I’m looking forward to having the freedom to plan a family day on a Sunday. We’re hoping to catch up on all those relatives. THE FINAL OF ‘STRICTLY COME DANCING’ IS ON BBC1 on 19th DECEMBER





Cardigan, £195, Trousers, £190 and Jacket, £520 –

Flannel military coat, £965, D&G at Harvey Nichols


Menswear has smartened up this season, with luxury brands opting for razor-sharp, deeply masculine tailoring coupled with a doublebreasted trench or field jacket.







Sam Ward

designer profiles:

ONE FOR THE LADIES: HOT COLOUR TREND Indigo stretch jersey tank dress at Michael Kors, Elie Tahari – pops of fuchsia balanced by hits of indigo – sexy denim jackets and silk blouses. GAP showed a dark indigo trench in their AW09 RTW collection. We love this long length cardigan – layer with a luxurious cashmere vest for the ultimate in winter chic. Indigo Cardigan (£34) from Westgate Dept Store, Harrogate. 5 Albert Street, HG1 1JU. 01423 523731.

Raf Simon – Creative Director at Jil Sander since 2005, Simon has recently collaborated on a line with Fred Perry is arguably the most influential Menswear designer around.

The look – super-slim and super-sleek — dark, angular, and fashionforward.

Jil Sander

Burberry Prorsum – Three-time Menswear Designer of the Year, Christopher Bailey took the helm in 2001. Yorkshire born and bred, Bailey cites the local area as one of his key sources of inspiration. The look –

The classic trench shouts true English gent.

Alexander McQueen – Showstopper, enfant terrible – call him what you will, but Alexander McQueen has some serious tailoring pedigree, having trained on Savile Row.

The look – Militant, morbid and eclectic.

WE LOVE... Alexander Wang


We didn’t think it was possible to love a designer so much, but Alexander Wang has won us over with his diffusion line, T by Alexander Wang. Super-wearable, understated, but undeniably sexy, his new collection features slouchy t-shirts, racer back vests and supersoft maxi dresses, which are wardrobe staples of the fashion elite – Cheryl Cole is said to be a huge fan. T by Alexander Wang will be available at Harvey Nichols Leeds from January. For further information call the Personal Shopping department on 0113 204 8888. From a selection, Harvey Nichols, Leeds and online at


Autumn / Winter Collection in stock Gift Vouchers available in store

29 The Grove 路 Ilkley Tel: 01943 607109


join:us Hands up if you would like to advertise with us!

For all our latest media opportunities contact

Nicola Severn

01924 413813



Simple Steps to recreate the catwalk style Erdem's AW09 collection was one of the most eagerly awaited shows of the recent London Fashion Week. Fresh from his success at the Elle Style Awards, Erdem created a stunning collection full of doll like silhouettes which inspired a playful bun. Models' heads were topped with a highly dishevelled chignon - the'Dolly Bun' - which was primed with mousse to give volume and texture,before being pulled into a ponytail directly on top of the head, backcombed to create static and twisted over into a bun.


Firstly blow-dry the hair upside down, which is crucial to adding static and volume to hair. Then prime the dry hair by working through Salon Shine Results Volume Boosting Mousse.


Next put the hair into a high ponytail (using two thick headbands to give a high base for the bun to sit on) on top of the head.

Then backcomb the ponytail using a Charles Worthington Conditioning Brush to add static, volume and texture.

To create the bun put your hand on the top of the ponytail and wrap the ponytail around your hand and secure in place with grips.






Once the hair is placed in the bun rub Salon Shine Results Max Hold Hairspray onto the palm of your hand and rotate your hand on the main section of the hair, below the bun to bring out static hairs.

Then dishevel slightly by pulling out random sections of the bun for a textured look. Finish with Salon Shine Results Shine All Over Glass Spray to give the hair a fresh look.

new for hair

Bryn Bevan

Ever wondered how the A-list seems to have beautifully styled and sexy hair at all times? It's all down to the right products! Mark Hill's Style Secrets range is packed with everything you need to get the look you've always wanted, no celebrity hair stylist required! From

VO5 Limited Edition Texturising Gum is decorated with a thoroughly British, Union Jack emblazoned lid, only while stocks last ... Bring out the trumpets, and the stylists! Nothing else has changed, it's still the same great product with the same amazing smell at the same wallet friendly price, so you can still sculpt and shape your usual creations, whether you like to texturise lengths, tame kinks, separate strands, define natural curls or smooth mops! £3.22 from Boots and major supermarkets

Andrew Collinge has introduced his Purity range, featuring professional performance shampoos and conditioners for women.The lavishly indulgent formulas feature organic Quinoa protein, a plant-based protein containing the two most important amino acids for strong and healthy hair, as well as exotic botanicals, known for their performance, and rare aroma-therapeutic oils with captivating fragrances. These ingredients, which are usually only found in super-premium ranges, combine to produce a sophisticated and advanced range of shampoos and conditioners that restore, revitalize and refresh hair.

NEW Remington Genius is the brightest new star of the straightening world. Representing the platinum standard in straightening iron technology, this superior deluxe

With extracts of Ginseng to help nourish hair mg Moulding Mud by Trevor Sorbie is perfect for giving rough texture, moulding shapes and adding definition to any look. £6.50 from Boots

straightener is inspired by salontechnology to give stunning results every time. In fact, it's just like having your own personal hairdresser at home...genius! £59.99 from Argos

£4.99 - more info:

At long last the speed and technology found in top salons can now also be found at home with the desiRED dryer by Nicky Clarke Professional. Styling hair for the party season, is a time when heated rollers and straighteners get used more than often. With Kevin Murphy's new PROTECTION.LINE all hair types can be protected against up to 220 degrees heat (most heat protection products on the market protect up to 180 degrees) without leaving any residue and weight on the hair, ensuring hair is protected from use of heated styling tools. Kevin created the range because, as a stylist, he saw how heat styling damaged model's hair. Using newfound technology from the ingredient Lanolin (found in the Australian rain forest) Kevin has introduced 6 products including a shampoo, leave ins and styling aids dedicated to protecting the hair from heat. PROTECTION.LINE is also able to create a number of looks when styling the hair, whilst providing protection against damage.

Ionic technology helps to control frizz and the dryer has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings for maximum versatility, a cool-shot button to add the finishing touch that enhances any style, a removable air filter and a professional styling concentrator. £39.99 from Boots and Argos nationwide

£13.95 each from 01282 613 413



It will be easier to avoid mince pies and hangovers this Christmas and New Year than to avoid a certain Mrs. Cheryl Cole – fashionistas, hair stylists, childcare experts, celebrity wannabes and lads’ mags aficionados all want a piece of the It Girl to end all It Girls. Can she really do no wrong? And we doyens of the ever-changing and slightly crazy world of beauty and cosmetics are no different. This season’s must-have look is all about smoky, dramatic eyes – direct from the Cheryl Cole factory of absolute perfection, of course! So, if you want to know how to achieve eyes as beautiful and black as Cole (sorry!) at your Christmas or New Year party, keep on reading!

Eyes like

Top tips for the

tHe eYeS

festive season

Start with a blank canvas – that’s your face, with no makeup!

with make-up

Choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and colour. Shop around the cosmetic counters and use those free testers before you buy! Always check the colour in natural daylight too.

artist to the stars,

Samantha Marshall.

To create those luscious, dark, smoky eyes you need a dark grey and a black eye shadow.

Use a brush to apply. Make sure you remove excess eye shadow before applying to the eye. I use the back of my hand, or you could use a tissue. This prevents the particles from the eye shadow dropping onto the skin below the eye.

Cover the entire eyelid with the dark grey colour first, extending it towards and beyond the outer eye corner (think cats’ eyes). Once the eye shadow is on, use a cream or gel eyeliner and apply underneath the eyes close to the lashes and on top of the eye following the lashes again. I then like to use the black eye shadow on top of the eyeliner to make it smudgier and give the desired smoky effect. Go all the way into both corners of the eyes, top and bottom. Be brave! The darker it is, the more dramatic they will be. Remember to blend it outwards into the grey eye shadow. Next, use black kohl pencil inside the eye - make sure it’s applied right into the corners of your eyes.

Finally, mascara: black mascara - and several coats too! If you want to use false eyelashes put a coat of mascara on before applying them. Once you have applied the lashes go over the edges with either the gel eyeliner or the black eye shadow. OK, so now Cheryl’s got some competition! But you’re not the finished article just yet…

tHe reSt Eyebrows: as your eyes will now be dramatic you’ll need to darken the brow area, otherwise they will disappear. I like using a dark brown eye shadow, applied with a brush.

Blusher: pinks are still a great colour this season. Try sucking your cheeks in and using a good brush - apply using sweeping movements from the top of the cheek bone.

Lipstick: with smoky eyes you can get away with a strong lip colour - perfect for leaving your mark underneath the mistletoe! Go for a strong red colour and as glossy as possible. Add lip liner for an even stronger look.

Remember: take your lipstick or gloss in your handbag for easy top ups - after all, who knows how many times you might find yourself underneath that mistletoe!

Samantha Marshall

Cole lookinggood


Aromatherapy Associates’ Precious Oils look fabulous and have divine Christmasy blends to get you through the festive period. The first is Frankincense and Myrrh for inner peace and the other bath & shower oil is Clementine & Ginger to energise. £12 from

Sam Recommends Clinique do great creamy eyeliner, which is long wearing and waterproof, it also comes with a mini brush for easy application. £14.50 from

MAC do a great lipstick called ‘Russian Red” - if you want a glossier finish then apply a Mac tinted lip gloss over the top in a similar shade. £12 from


E. Funkhouser have introduced 3 stunning new shades of lip gloss. Fire Opal stands out as the hottest colour of the season, in a stunning warm, reddish-orange tone and it looks fantastic on dark shades of skin.

The new glitter liquid eyeliner from Miners is inspired by this season's trend for shimmering metallic's - these gorgeous liners create a range of dazzling looks that are perfect for the party season ahead. £2.99 from

£12.00 from


A Girl’sGuide New to the MEMEME eye range are the funky Jewel Eye Pots. Girly and glam they will complete the disco look and the pots even contain a mirror for precise application!

Olay’s first super-cream, regenerist Daily 3 Point Treatment Cream, is now available to purchase in a luxurious red gift box. 21,000 women in the UK joined a waiting list to secure their pot ahead of the official nationwide launch. The Cream targets the three primary areas of the face that lose elasticity – the eyes, jaw line and neck.

Jewel Eye Pots come with two compartments – one with a cream metallic base eye shadow and one full of sparkling glitter!

RRP £29.99 from Boots

INDULGE! Estēe Lauder have introduced their ‘Ultimate Red’ collection – a dramatic look of rich holiday reds and glistening accents of decadent gold. The eyes are drenched in rich smoky shades, softly and precisely defined by dramatic deep black eyeliner and dramatically gilded with hints of gold. Just in time for the mistletoe, lips are also a focal point this season in bright, holly reds and glistening golds. Skin is softly shimmering, carefully capturing the season’s soft lighting for a look of sheer radiance. From Estēe Lauder counters nationwide

£6.99 from Superdrug

BARGAIN! A simple sweep of Lipcote locks any colour on lips for hours. With eating and drinking high on the agenda this season, its unique kiss, water and smudgeproof formula upholds that newly applied lipstick look, eliminating the need to reapply. £3.49 from Boots and leading supermarkets



The Lowdown: The Day Spa Packages available start at £75 and cater for a range of needs, from‘time for myself’to


‘time to revive’. All packages include a Day Spa Pass which gives you full access to all the spa

SPA|REVIEW On’s Beauty Editor,

Bethanie Lunn, puts

facilities. Each package includes a set time period for treatments. Packages with longer time periods allow for more treatments. All treatments are prebooked so you know what to expect before arrival and can plan your day accordingly.

Leeds’s ladies-only Waterfall Spa through its pampering paces...

First up: A friendly receptionist reminded me of the times for my treatments and my lunch and, after filling in a medical form, handed me a card that operated my locker for the day. A brief tour followed where I was informed that I’d be collected for my treatments so I didn’t have to think about the time. This allows you to really switch-off and relax and makes the experience so much more effective.

The set up: The facilities are divided into separate zones. The Thermal Spa Experience comprises of the following areas: The Hyrdotherapy Pool is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating, with three different areas: The Beach - reclined seating submerged in warm water with small air bubbles that gently massage your lower body. Massage Fountain - two water jets at different heights to target varying parts of your body with a powerful massage. Body Jets - the bubbly spa area for an indulgent all-over massage. The Tropicarium is like a sauna but instead of the usual intense heat, there’s a maintained temperature of around 80°C, making it kinder to delicate skin and excellent for drawing out impurities for a gentle cleanse. The Aromatherapy Steam Room provides wet heat beneath a hypnotic ceiling of twinkling lights. Essence is injected into the steam with a temperature between 40 to 45°C making it therapeutic and relaxing. The Rasul Mud Chamber is a memorable highlight providing heaps of fun for groups. In a private room, you apply medicinal mud from pots for different areas of your body and face. The chamber then warms to dry the mud to your skin, giving a cleansing effect - think of it as a facial for your entire body. Lavender infused steam and showers then begin to rinse. There are also six treatment rooms, a pedicure and manicure area and the Relaxation Boudoir. The Relaxation Boudoir is wonderfully opulent. Home to a collection of individual circular beds hidden away behind delicate fringed curtains. This is where people come to turn off from the world and their responsibilities and, as I did, pause to take in the calming ambience and really reap the benefits of winding down.

My treatment:

What happened next?

I chose a Deluxe Pedicure (60 minutes), £70, perfect for tired feet.

I was taken to the in-house Cosy Café for a three course lunch. With an emphasis firmly placed on indulgence, the café has a champagne and smoothie bar serving dishes that are full of love and taste - no zero-calorie blandness here. The overall atmosphere was entirely relaxing and, notably, came without the awkward silences or the irritating new-age background muzak of some other spas.

The treatment begins with a relaxing foot soak and removal of nail polish. My toe nails were trimmed and a callous removing lotion was applied, then my feet were wrapped in soft towels. O.P.I nails colours are used - I opted for a shimmering deep red. Then, enjoying a complimentary drink (why not!), I laid back in the reclining chair. Next, my cuticles were pushed back and dead skin is removed with a foot file, followed by a final exfoliation and foot-soak. My favourite part was the foot and leg massage using the Ahhhh...that’s Better Foot Cream, from Waterfall’s own product line. To finish, a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat were applied and I was left with glamorous and soft tootsies!

Other treatments available: There is a generous list of Spa Treatments available in five different categories - Facial and Eyes, Hands and Feet, Body, Signature, and Mum To Be. If you’re spoilt for choice, the online ‘Treatment Chooser’ consists of five multiple choice questions, from what type of person you are, to how you feel now and want to feel after in order to recommend suitable treatments. Special Extras Waterfall Spa have their own range of face and body products that are used during the treatments. You can continue to reap the benefits after you leave the spa too, since all the products are available to buy and are easy to use at home.

Summary: Successfully combining the feel-good factor of thoughtful, individually-relevant treatments with their own innovative product lines, Waterfall offers an indulgent, invigorating and truly modern spa experience. The New Year starts here!

Waterfall Spa, 3 Brewery Wharf, Dock Street, Leeds, LS10 1JF T: 0845 634 1399


FOR CHRISTMAS? Jewellery gift ideas for the festive season

Jahyun Rita Baek ‘Cloud’ necklace in Perspex. Elegant necklaces from geometric discs of white Perspex that capture and reflect light and movement. £473 from

‘Chain’ necklace in oxidised silver and 9ct yellow gold. Characterised by delicately hammered hand-made link work, Bea Jareno’s pieces move fluidly on the body and are wonderfully tactile. £438 from

These Raised Circle Cufflinks in highly polished silver are the perfect stocking filler, guaranteed to put a big smile on his face.

Gold stackable rings, from left to right £480, £455, £430 Available from Pandora, 15 Queens Arcade, Leeds. T. 0113 243 3303

£40 from

Ideal for everyday wear, these understated large heart studs are an attractive, subtle gift. £25 from

Miquella Filigree gold plated ring with Onyx. £ 190 from

a925 silver brooch with 18 carat goldplated silver decoration and oxidised silver blackberries.

Bracelet with coloured murano glass beads. Murano beads from £25, silver from £20 and gold from £160

£81 from

From selecting the stones to deciding on the final finish, Mackay & Pearson involve you with the designing and making of your jewellery. Visit them in Horbury, or online. – prices available on request

Available from Whittaker's Jewellers, White Rose Centre and from Pandora, 15 Queens Arcade, Leeds. T. 0113 2433303

photos by John Waite –


Writer and Presenter,

on:what’s new

Bethanie Lunn, reports

reveals all that’s new in our region...

on all that’s new and fabulous in the region – from new bar and restaurant openings to the latest treatments.

British Hairdresser of the Year Chooses Leeds to Open First Salon in the North!

What she doesn’t know

Current winners of the prestigious British Hairdresser of the Year Award, the newly opened, hob salons have chosen Leeds as their first Northern base – of course they have!

isn’t worth knowing…

New Champagne Nail Bar Opens at Nicky Clarke, Leeds

Bringing quality hairdressing and exceptional client care, hob is set over two floors of simple, chic decor with super-friendly and highly educated staff. Headed up by Danielle Hollis and Phill Hutchinson, their status as hair care experts nurtures staff with on-going training at the hob London Academy to ensure every client leaves with a look they will love. We all know the dread and upset of leaving a salon with too much cut off or other such dilemmas but you’re in absolutely no danger of that happening here!

Eyebrow Specialist, Jo Pallan has opened her brand new champagne Nail Bar on the ground floor of the gorgeous Nicky Clarke Salon in Leeds. Jo Pallan’s rapidly-growing beauty brand began with her threading and eyebrow shaping business just six months ago. Now, with her booming client list, Jo has widened her range of beauty services – thank the Lord!

This reputation is cemented by numerous accolades the group currently holds including HAIR Magazine’s Regional Salon Group of the Year, the Wella Trend Vision International Colour Award and more.

These include classics such as a French Polish, to the more advanced gel overlays – all washed down with a glass of champagne or fine wine (age permitting!). I opted for a full makeover to enjoy the head-to-toe benefits this salon now offers, starting with gel overlays – nail colour that is chip-free, smudge free and long-lasting (yes, really!). Weeks later, I still have colour-perfect nails. I was then treated to a wash and blow dry by the super-talented Thor (I could do with a Thor at home!) and an eyebrow shape. Jo used a gentle tint to darken my eyebrows slightly in order to add more definition and then followed this by threading to shape them up. She is quick and highly skilled and I highly recommended her.

Providing superb cut and colour services seven days a week, the salon also offers Indian head massage, hair-up styling, extensions, nail services and innovative treatments.

hob salons, 12 Duncan Street, Leeds, LS1 6DL

Prices start from £15 for a mini manicure and from £20 for an eyebrow tint.

T: 0113 243 5555

Get the look -

WIN! WIN! WIN! To celebrate the launch of her champagne Nail Bar, one lucky reader can win this makeover including an eyebrow thread and shape with Jo Pallan herself, a manicure and a cut and blow dry, worth over £100! To be in with a chance of winning, answer the following question correctly: Q. How many months ago did Jo Pallan’s eyebrow shaping business begin at Nicky Clarke?

Email your answer to by 31st December!



The new Barry M Cosmetics Get The Look Gift Set is now available to buy online - available in two different sets, the green box includes two limited edition cult Dazzle Dust pots and a Glitter Liquid Eyeliner and the pink set includes two limited edition Dazzle Dusts and Fine Glitter Dust.

I’ve 2 sets of each to give away. Simply email ‘Barry M Gift Set’ to and we’ll enter you into a random draw. Closing date 1st Feb. £9.95 from

NEW Hollywood Favourite comes to Harrogate:

HEMPZ Treats Hit Harvey Nichols Leeds-born skincare brand, HEMPZ are now exclusively available to buy in Harvey Nichols stores from mid-November. You must try the new HEMPZ lip glosses. They took the formula from their no.1 selling moisturiser and added it to four lip-smacking flavours enriched with pure organic hemp seed oil. Flavours include Cranberry Vanilla Cake, Coconut Cream Frosting, Gingerbread Cookie and Pumpkin Pecan Cheescake. Each gloss contains a gourmet blend of natural honey and vanilla extracts, loaded with antioxidants and skin conditioners. Mwah!

The Fire & Ice medical facial is a favourite at Beverly Hill's Four Seasons Spa and has been dubbed the "Red Carpet Treatment", because A-Listers have it prior to their red carpet appearances! Fans include Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Evangeline Lily... Now it is available in Harrogate!

Lip Gloss: £9.99 (15ml) Available exclusively at Harvey Nichols. Stockist info: 0800 7816727 or

This intensive clinical facial is a wonderful deep pore cleanser, designed to rapidly resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing and encouraging skin cell renewal. It is therefore most suitable if you require anti-aging effects or for skin that suffers from acne or has sun burn.




Francois Nars, makeup artist and photographer will commemorate his 15 years in the beauty industry with the launch of ‘15X15’ – a celebrity portrait book which examines the use of makeup and icons. The limited edition book features 15 famous faces from the worlds of fashion and film including Marc Jacobs, Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Amber Valetta, and Daphne Guinness.

Cutting Room Creative has been a well-loved salon in Yorkshire for over 23 years with their Chapel Allerton branch. They now bring their expertise to the centre of Leeds with their stylishly eco-friendly salon split over two floors. Owners Charles and Karen Dodds state that colour has always been a passion at ‘CRC’, with numerous award wins securing the salon a place in the world of hairdressing colour. With that, L’Oreal will be opening up a colour academy within the new salon in early 2010. Totally original treatments include A Breakfast Blow Dry Bar, awakening you with a coffee, croissant and a look sure to impress in the board room, through to a Champagne Blow Dry Bar for afterwork drinks and fabulous nights out. Karen Dodds also offers an Image Consultation where your skin tone, eye colour, lifestyle and hair colour are taken into consideration to discover the textures, materials, shapes, clothes and colours that best compliment you. Gok Wan eat your heart out! As if that’s not enough, my favourite is the incredibly blissful shu uemura ritual ceremonies lasting 25, 30 or 50 minutes. Using essential oils and Depsea water combined with Japanese massage techniques using natural bristle brushes and scalp massages, these ceremonies are one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve ever had and are a service exclusive to CRC. I’m hooked. Cutting Room Creative, Albion Street, Leeds T: 0113 269 7070

iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

Profits from the project will be distributed among the 15 charities chosen by the participating celebrities including amFAR, White Ribbon Alliance and Greenpeace.

The facial involves a combination of two therapeutic masques using iS Clinical products. Firstly, a gentle resurfacing masque laced with cinnamon spice is applied. It gets toasty as it heats up on your skin hence the "Fire" term. It is clinically formulated with 18% unbuffered glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, malic acid, retinol, vitamin B3 and potent antioxidants, including green tea extracts. In truth, it tingled greatly but was in no way painful and is only on your skin for a total of 3-5 minutes all that is needed to work its magic. Next came the "Ice" part, a rejuvenating masque which was instantly cool and soothing. The blend of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, Japanese green tea extracts, liquorice extracts, grape seed extracts and rosemary extracts make for an intensely hydrating finish. This part felt hotter on my skin than the first part but everyone’s skin is different. None of it hurt, you can just feel it really getting to work. The entire treatment lasts around 20 minutes and my skin felt rejuvenated and firm. Surprisingly, there was little redness and just one hour later, my skin was its natural colour but extraordinarily luminous. I attended a big event that evening and got many compliments on looking ‘healthy’ and ‘glowing’. A must-try.

Available from Online Gallery, for a limited period only.

iS Clinical are medical grade products and require the skills of a trained medical aesthetician. The facial costs from £80-100 dependent on your skin. The product range for home use ranges from £21.00-in the region on £100.

Nars cosmetics are available at Harvey Nichols, Briggate, Leeds.

Available exclusively at Harrogate Aesthetics, 13 East Parade, Harrogate. T: 01423 567567

KORRES FACE, MATERIA HERBA NEW CERTIFIED ORGANIC LINE Greek skincare brand, Korres, introduces its first certified new organic line, Materia Herba, developed for those seeking the most sustainable skin solutions available. Materia Herba consists of nine products focusing on advanced moisturising, anti-ageing and restructuring actions and maximum skin-compatibility. The moisturising eye cream for the reduction of dark circles, £30 coupled with the nourishing night cream for all skin types, £35 leave you looking as though you’ve had a good nights sleep despite the fact that the truth may differ – perfect for those late night festive soirees on a school night! Available from Harvey Nichols, Briggate. For enquiries / mail order T: 020 7581 6455


What’s hot in the


A GREAT FIND! - ROOM 7 Room7 is a fantastic new find for me. Situated on Street Lane, Roundhay, they’re a fantastic fashion boutique with some great designer names instore. Plus, there’s a great menswear collection - so there’s no excuse for your other half to wait in the car! Room7, 64 Street Lane, Roundhay, LS8 2DQ t: 0113 236 9100

An A lter n ative to th e LBD Ditch your little black dress in favour of this body-hugging cobalt blue dress by Nico Didonna and team it with this edgy silver chain mail bag from Zara to really create an impact! Zara silver Chainmail bag, £19.90. Zara, Briggate. Leeds. Nico Didonna, available in Sudo Attire, Harrogate. t: 020 7959 2414

Tom Ford Launches Private Blend Collection

Return of the Mac Macs are a timeless addition to your wardrobe and year on year, they return as the style to be seen in. Guys, your wardrobes are no exception so invest in this Cotefield Mac and it will last you for years. Cotefield Mac, £89.95. White Stuff, 60-64 Vicar Lane, Leeds LS1 7JH.


Alongside the enthralling and sensual Tom Ford White Patchouli fragrance range, Tom Ford has released Private Blend, a range of six ‘special, original fragrances with the true fragrance connoisseur in mind’. With the expected sleek packaging, these intoxicating scents make a welcome addition to your skin and your bathroom shelf. If you want to go all out, purchase the Private Blend display tray made from Makassar wood with golden handles and black velvet lining for a mere £650.00 (250ml). Private Blend £150.00 (100ml) Available from Harvey Nichols, Briggate, Leeds

Everyone needs a pair of boots this season and these stylish, over-theknee riding boots with buckle detail from Moda in Pelle are perfect for a winter weekend away in the country. Back at work, team with opaque tights, a winter floral dress or simply a pair of jeans - a sure winter staple. £180 from / 0870 4101001

T h r e e Tr e n d s i n O n e This Miso dress embodies many of this seasons key trends with a strong silhouette, bold print and metallic threads and is a snip at only £29.99. Miso at Republic, White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds

Spice up Your Outfit

Suits You, Madam! Coco Chanel once famously said: ‘Dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, they notice the woman’, so thank goodness for Toby Luper who, with 35 years experience in the fashion industry, has now launched his tailoring services to women across Yorkshire. His Leeds based business, Hemingway’s Tailors will visit the client at a place which is convenient for them – be it home, office or elsewhere. Toby Luper, founder of Hemingway, commented: “A made-to-measure suit, tailored specifically to your exact measurements, is the only real way to make sure you get the perfect fit and excellent quality…it’s worth spending a little bit more to get something which will wear well, and which you look good and feel confident in.”

New MiH collection Celebrity favourites, MiH Jeans offer timeless style in every pair. The new autumn winter collection uses a palette of real, earthy tones including muted slate grey, inky black-blue and classic jet black. The classic cut makes MiH Jeans elegant enough to dress up but they’re cool enough to hang out in too.

Joules, 39 James Street, Harrogate.

Available at Harvey Nichols, Briggate, Leeds.

Live Lighter In The City! LighterLife have opened up a branch in Leeds City Centre. Ideally positioned just off City Square on Infirmary Street ,you can visit these lovely offices for lunchtime and early evening groups. LighterLife is a weight-loss programme with a difference. Award winning Counsellor, Melanie Ellyard offers a friendly and professional environment to explore and change your relationship with food, for a long term healthy future! So why not find out more or call on 0113 2565789 to book your free consultation appointment, you'll be amazed what you can achieve!

VINTAGE GOES ONLINE Devoted 2 Vintage (or D2V) have been in the designer-vintage market for 40 years and they have a huge collection of hand-picked Vintage Clothing to browse online, from Vintage Dresses to Vintage Suits, Skirts and lots, lots, more. There’s something for every occasion, from every-day wear to something that is perfect for that special occasion. This classic 1960’s black wool coat with faux fur collars is perfect for winter!

As well as full suits, Hemingway also offers made to measure shirts, skirts, trousers and jackets. Prices for a made to measure suit begin at £550. All products and more information are available at or by calling 0800 5423406.

For a cost effective way of updating your outfit, accessorize with brooches. Mix a blend of vintage and modern designs for full effect and adorn everything from your coat collar to your handbag with sparkle. I love this Joules Trinket Brooch, £18. Also available in Fuchsia

NEWS FLASH !!! My book, The Modern Girls Guide to Fabulousness (published by Book Guild), is released in October 2010. For up-to-date news, top tips and give-aways, visit my blog where you will also find details to enter a national search for stylish women in their heels. The winner receives a £100 shoe voucher to spend at House of Fraser!


Must-visit Thai Restaurant

Sukhothai is one of the best Thai restaurants in Yorkshire and comes with a long-standing reputation.

The intense flavours of every dish are down to their use of the best quality vegetables, leanest meats and freshest fish, with a host of herbs and spices flown in weekly from Thailand. Many courses are flash fried with a little oil to maintain the natural goodness of the ingredients and keep fat content low, but the real health-conscious will love the new menu -full of grilled and steamed dishes. Try the chicken satay with peanut sauce or Thai fish cakes to start and the sizzling duck platter is quite something. I recommend you finish with Maksong, the famous Thai Whisky. This delicious tipple is so light and creamy, leaving a refreshing peppermint taste in your mouth. There are two Sukhothai restaurants in Leeds - Headingley and Chapel Allerton. I visited the ‘Chapel A’ branch which was buzzing from early evening - so be sure to book upfront. Monday Lunch Closed, Tuesday to Sunday Lunch 12noon - 3pm, Monday to Saturday Evening 5pm 11pm, Sunday Evening 6pm - 11pm

The Angel’s Share launches American Kitchen and Lava Grill If you want a refreshing change to the usual Italian and Chinese dining experiences then your next stop must be the The Angel’s Share, in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. A first for Leeds, their new concept of an American Kitchen and Lava Grill presents a range of Americaninfluenced dishes. From a locally sourced range of steaks – including flattened rump with a chilli, garlic and rosemary infusion and an 18oz Porterhouse TBone to lighter dishes such as Maryland Crab Cakes, Gumbo and a bloody big rack of ribs! The real highlight for me, though, was the Lava Grill where you can personally cook choice cuts of meat, or a selection of seafood, at your table on red hot lava stones – all served with vegetable skewers, hand cut chips and a choice of sauces. This way, you can’t complain about how your steak is cooked, since you’re the one cooking it! It is fun, modern and absolutely delicious! Wash it all down with one of their new American beers and a homemade pudding; the doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce and apple pie are mouth-watering.

CHAPEL ALLERTON: 8 Regent Street, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 4PE T: 0113 237 0141

This menu is enjoyed in the new upstairs dining room from 6pm with the usual bar menu still available before this time.

HEADINGLEY: St Anne's Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3NX T: 0113 278 1234

American Kitchen and Lava Grill The Angel’s Share, Stainbeck Corner, Chapel Allerton, LS7 3PG T: 0113 307 0111

Rooftop Lounge Bar Concept Reaches Leeds Granary Wharf is the latest regeneration area in Leeds, with a host of upcoming café’s and the huge City Inn hotel. It hosts an impressive 333 bedrooms and the ambient City Café restaurant. South facing on the canal, this will be a picturesque dining experience come the summer months - but the real jewel in the crown is The Skylounge. Go 13 floors up and the elevator opens into a stylishly chic and welcoming lounge bar affording spectacular views across the City. Low seating, dim lighting and mellow tunes create a warm atmosphere which hots up as the night progresses. The bar menu comprises tasty treats from sharing dishes to elaborate mains and simple salads and burgers. The Naked Burger, with no dressing or bread but more salad, is ideal if you’re watching your waist line. The table service allows you to relax as your order is taken and delivered to you, eliminating queues at the bar and their cocktail list is one of the best around. Try one of their best-selling champagne cocktails or for something a little stronger, the Midnight Kiss is bound to hit the spot – Contemporary Scotch, Compass Box Hedonism, used as a martini base with apricot liqueur, chocolate liqueur, vanilla syrup and espresso. Wow-wee! Don’t Miss! The brand new Sunday Brunch menu, from breakfast rolls to American style pancakes and for December, the 2 course and 3 course Christmas menus from £9.95 per person. Skylounge is open from 11am-11pm Monday – Wednesday, 11am-12pm Thursday and until 1am on Friday and Saturdays. City Inn Leeds, 2 Wharf Approach, Granary Wharf, Leeds LS1 4BR T: 0113 241 1000


Finalist in National Award Latitude Wine & Liquor Merchant has reached the final three in two categories of the prestigious Drinks Retailing Awards 2010 – Independent drinks retailer of the year and Independent spirits retailer of the year. Latitude Wine & Liquor Merchants is Leeds’ only city centre independent wine and spirit retailer. I shop here frequently - you must try their weekly tastings on Fridays, from 5pm. Latitude Wine and Liquor Merchant 5 Cherry Tree Walk, The Calls, LS2 7EB T: 0113 245 3393.

Do you like the idea of a bar that comes to you? Mr. Frothy is a former ice-cream van turned mobile bar from the brains behind The Cross Keys, Further North and North Bar. Playing the Rocky theme tune as it approaches, this retro bar on wheels is available for hire all year round. This has to be the coolest bar out there, and it comes to you!


The ever-cool team of Leelex Ltd (Jake's Bar, The Angel's Share and Oporto) have done it again and this time bring you an original flavour with South American inspired street food, a new wave of premium tequilas and electro indie tunes. Set over two levels, Neon Cactus is instantly warming as you step into a Mexican-themed room of rich reds, dim lighting and an old school mezzanine DJ booth. Downstairs leads you to a lo-fi underground cavern, perfect for intimate parties or to rock out after one of their signature tequila cocktails and you must try one of their fiery Sangritas, delicious! See if you can spot an actual 'neon cactus' - hours of fun. Neon Cactus adds class to tequila, messy Mexican street food and good old fashioned enjoyment. See you there. Open Tuesday - Friday from 5pm and Saturdays from 12 noon. Neon Cactus, 35 Call Lane, Leeds LS1 7BT To ast Introduces N ew S aturday n ight e nter ta in m ent 'Toast Presents…' is the venue’s new Saturday night entertainment, presenting live music every other Saturday starting from November. Toast is a forward-thinknig venue with consistently mouth-watering offers that introduce originality, like this Beer Kwak (pictured), £4.50 with an impressive 8.8% ABV! Also look out for the delicious burger menu during live football games where all burgers are reduced to just £5.00. Enjoy as you watch the game on the big screen.

CupCake Craze

Hello Kitty Headphones Not just for kids, Hello Kitty is celebrating her 35th Anniversary this year with the launch of her new winter collection that will be available in time for the Christmas period.

Comes to Chapel Allerton

These Hello Kitty headphones feature superb sound and bass quality and are available in a range of colours from black and gold, white and silver to a girly pink colour-way. £39.99 Available at

Beth’s one to


The Sunshine Bakery opened on December 1st, headed up by David Bennett, former Chef for Marco Pierre-White and Head Pastry Chef at the Star Inn at Harome. Bringing a blend of tasty, traditional and charming delights to Chapel Allerton, all made by hand on a daily basis, you can expect a range of cute cupcakes, whoopee pies, and fresh coffees to French patisseries, specialty breads and fresh soups. Try the Irish Stew and Sage Dumplings during these cold winter months, mmm! It’s about time more high calibre chefs, more variety and more fresh produce at affordable prices came to the foodies of Leeds! The Sunshine Bakery, 182 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 4NZ T: 0113 2680656

OT L E Y B R E W E R S G E T B U S Y ! The Otley Brewing Company has launched the ‘Real Beer Box’, a fully customisable crate of the world’s finest alcoholic beverages available from Available in boxes of 12, customers can choose from a selection of 120 ales, ciders and perries, which are individually sourced from around the globe. The company offers its own hand picked Real Beer Boxes featuring its best-selling regular, seasonal and speciality products, starting at £33. and

Worth a Peak: The Garden House I love discovering exciting little boutiques in which to indulge. My latest little black book entry is The Garden House, a pretty little interior boutique, nestled on the charming Church Street, Wetherby. Small but perfectly formed, The Garden House oozes delightful peonies and hydrangeas from Sia Home Fashion Collection, mirrored lamps and gorgeous handmade custom jewellery with crystals and moonstones. Everything in the shop is picked to excite every feminine fancy, so much so that Owner, Tracey Heap has proudly become known for inspiring her clients with her interior design knowledge it will captivate you with its charm, take a peek inside. The Garden House, 8, Church Street, Wetherby, LS22 6lp. T: 01937 582043


Yorkshire singing and song writing Duo, NEXT PAGE have just made it through to the National Grand Final of the Open Mic UK after wowing the judges with their song ‘Crazy’ at the regional finals, hosted recently at Sheffield City Hall. Formed by Lisa Crawford, a powerful soul vocalist, and Heath Lanzillotti, a prolific and thoughtprovoking songwriter, they met whilst working together for a recruitment firm in Leeds and decided to combine their musical talent to form the dynamic duo NEXT PAGE. It is a good job they did since they will now go on to represent the region in the National Grand Final with the hope of walking away with a prestigious management and recording contract. You go guys!

Charity Event Gives Leeds Shoppers a Feel-Good Treat Did anyone get to experience the lovely delights of Leeds Shopping Week? There were a whole host of charity events to raise money for good causes. I attended a pampering party during Leeds Shopping Week at Henry’s Café Bar on Greek Street, Leeds where a bevy of treatments from local businesses raised money for Running for Helen in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. Well done to all!

and finally...

With all that partying in your sky


scrapers, be sure to protect your feet

If you are the designated party planner this season whether it’s a work Christmas bash, a night out with the girls or a family gathering, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do at The Light. Fun family nights out can be had at Nando’s and Brio Pizza and there are some great Christmas menus to choose from at Browns, Café Rouge and The Lounge as well as party packages for all types of celebrations big or small.

with Love Your Shoes gel pads to avoid blisters and pain that beloved high heels can bring! Carry them in your handbag so you can party for longer. From £3.95, available at Superdrug.

If you want to let your hair down then the newly launched White Room and Groovy Wonderland at Tiger Tiger will have you dancing until dawn and if all that partying means you’re too tired to make it home then The luxurious Radisson BLU is right on the doorstep - and all this without even having to brave the cold weather outside! Fore more details or menu information visit


Sparkle this christmas... ....MAKE ..MAKE T HEM THEM U NFOR G E T TA B L E UNFO RGETTABLE

PAND P ANDORA 15 Queens Ar Arcade, cade, Leeds LS1 6LF, 6LF, 01132433303


All i want for christmas... ...MAKE THEM UNFO RGETTABLEE

Whittakers The White Rose Shopping Centre, LS11 8LU, 0113 2702272 The www

N CH fe OW RIS elg A TM or VA AS ge ILA G ou BL IFT s.c E A S o T


Discover Waterfall Spa Products Waterfall Spa Products offer all the benefits of professional quality spa products in the comfort of your own home and as part of everyday skincare regimes. Our product blends combine a fusion of the purest, natural ingredients to soothe, protect and nourish skin with delicate fragrances to awaken the senses and give you a spiritual lift for the perfect body, mind and soul experience.

Browse or buy online at Become a fan on Facebook Waterfall Spa Leeds

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Paul Bedford


“Perhaps, it’s now time to push

yourself a little harder”

If you’ve been following my fitness plan (and thanks to all those that have contacted me over the past year) you should now be reaping the benefits of your change in lifestyle - the results of your hard work should be showing and, perhaps, it’s now time to push yourself a little harder and go for the Next Level!

CHANGE THE ROUTINE Your body becomes used to familiar training and, if you continue to train the same exercises for the same period of time, you will struggle to progress any further. Mix up your training using different styles such as circuits, super-sets, drop-sets, intervals and many more (see your instructor or use the internet to research these styles further). This will shock your body and give a bit of fun and variety back into your workouts - you’ll soon be aching like the good old days.

In the final part of his 6-part guide to a healthier lifestyle, On’s fitness and health expert, Paul Bedford, reveals ways to take your new-found techniques to the next level - just in time for the New Year!

DIET AND SUPPLEMENTS We’ve learned that a healthy diet goes hand in glove with a fitter lifestyle. Remember, our bodies work like engines and need fuel in order to function - the more you train, the more you need to eat. If you’re pumping iron and looking to develop muscle then you need to increase your protein intake so your muscles can grow. Protein shakes are a good way of hitting your daily protein-required intake - get advice from your local gym about the best ones for your routine. If, however, you’re looking to increase your training on a more cardiovascular level then you’ll need to up the carb intake - you’ll get tired quick without them! Isotonic drinks have fast-releasing carbs and electrolytes which are lost during training which should give you a welcome boost.

10K? IRON MAN? MR. UNIVERSE? You should now be much fitter so why not reset your goals and try something new? There are plenty of local 10km runs from around £15 and there’s a whole lot of satisfaction in completing a course, especially if you’re doing it for charity. Why not be even more daring and enter an iron man/woman or triathlon to really test your physical state - you’ll never know unless you try!

Facts: 36

Are sports drinks really any better than plain old water for your workouts? Peter S, Sheffield In short, yes. It’s a well-researched area (I actually did a study on this for my dissertation at university!) and it has been proved that sports drinks have a more positive effect than water on the body during exercise. Most sports drinks contain sugars and electrolytes that are lost though exercise - water doesn’t contain them. These help your body maintain its natural balance for longer and, thus, keep you active for longer. I play rugby and I am in really good shape, I’ve a pretty good 6 pack and 10% body fat but my body mass index classes me as morbidly obese! I don’t get it? Gary Simms, Ilkley

PUSH ONTO THE NEXT LEVEL Yes, all the stars have them and, of course, they’re not affordable for everyone but personal trainers are a sure-fire way to motivate you towards the next level. You’ve probably seen them at your local gym terrorizing other members but don’t be scared - they will push you to places you haven’t been before and the benefits can be huge. If you ever feel that motivation flagging a PT is wellworth considering.


In your situation BMI is not the best measurement to use. BMI is a measurement of your height -to-weight ratio and, I’m guessing, if you play rugby you’ll be carrying a lot of muscle and be a heavy guy. Don’t worry - stick to the body fat reading and you won’t be far wrong.

ENJOY IT! Take plenty of recovery time from your workouts to avoid injury but don’t forget the most important part of your new, healthier lifestyle you must enjoy it! Don’t become a slave to the gym - you’ve done the hard part physically and now it’s time to treat that new body and mind! Get out on the town! A good balance of physical and mental happiness is, ultimately, the perfect route to a better lifestyle.

Females naturally carry more body fat than men. This is mainly due to the need for extra fat during pregnancy.

I’m fit but inflexible. What’s the best way to go about improving my flexibility? Miss D, via email A major problem with many people who come to the gym is that they don’t stretch before or after exercise. Stretching your muscles past their comfort zone helps to expand them and increases flexibility. Yoga, Pilates and Body Balance are all great methods to assist with this too.


by Paul Howard


What does a vision of Christmas mean to you? Is it the smell of the tree, the glitter of the lights and the rustle of wrapping paper? A time for friends, family, old and young - new toys to play with, old stories retold again and again. Maybe it’s the aroma of the turkey in the oven, a time for bling and parties, with good wine, good spirits and hearty cheer. I’m dreaming of Christmas. The presents. The arrival of family and friends. The food and wine. The specialness of it all.



Think first about apéritifs. One word should be at the top of your shopping list - Sherry. Let’s get this straight; Sherry is not just for old codgers, so go to the back of your cupboard and throw away the half empty bottle of Aunt Mabel’s dank and sickly sweet cream sherry left over from last year. Sherry is cool - just ask the Spanish - and comes in a wide range of styles, so try a Fino, or the more delicate Manzanilla. Both are bone dry, pale white wines made by a fascinating process that allows yeast to grow on top of the wine in the barrel during maturation. It’s this yeast (called flor) that imparts the moreish tangy and briny taste and makes it so good when served well-chilled, perhaps with a bowl of olives or with nibbles and cheese. They can be conveniently bought in half bottles and once opened will keep for a week in the fridge. Always are best drunk young, look out for bottles released within the last 12 months - the L number on the label shows the date. For celebrations there is nothing better than a bottle of fizz. In On issue 11 (August/September) I recommended some inexpensive fizzy alternatives to Champagne that are perfect for parties and New Year revelry, however, if you plan to be alone with your special one then really it has to be Champagne, the ultimate romantic indulgence. You could spend a small fortune on vintage wines or luxury prestige cuvées, but these are best left to mature further over many years. Instead, my choice would be to look for a top-notch non-vintage Champagne from a famous house that will grace your table. The run-up to the festive season is the time to buy, with plenty of attractive discounts available. And if you want to stock up, wait until the January sales! Christmas dinner meanwhile is usually the largest and most elaborate meal of the year. Regardless of the meat chosen for the centrepiece, (duck, goose, chicken, beef, pork, lamb or game are all viable alternatives to turkey), this is a meal that’s a minefield for wine matching. Just think of all the various ingredients; cranberry sauce, chestnut stuffing, horseradish, mustard, bread sauce, sausage meat, bacon, chipolatas and various vegetables including essential Brussels Sprouts. These myriad flavours combine to challenge any wine. In order to cope you need wine companions with power and vivid flavours.

But this vision of the festive season can be fraught too. What to buy? Whose turn is it to have Aunt Mabel? What about the excess and the expense? Is the turkey burnt and have the sprouts gone to mush. And there’s still nothing on the telly. What to do with leftovers and hangovers? While I can’t advise you about how to cope with any of those dilemmas I can suggest some delicious wines to enjoy throughout the entire festive period without wear and tear on the nerves. And never forget that a well-chosen bottle of wine always makes a much appreciated gift.

White wines need to be full-bodied, fruity and voluptuous. In this category, the role is played to perfection by new world Chardonnay, especially as there is no other grape that has quite the affinity for a lick of judiciously introduced oak. The best producers from California, South Africa and Australia manage to integrate oak and wine perfectly, giving the wine additional backbone and complexity while preserving balance and elegance - no mean feat. Avoid those cheap and unpleasant versions that rely on the addition of oak essence or chippings for their oak flavour rather than use real barrels. For a red wine, look for power, bold fruit and soft smooth tannins to cope with that riot of food flavours. For me, big red Zinfandel from California hits the spot every time, closely followed by the indigenous reds from Italy’s hot south - Primitivo (which is Zinfandel), Nero d’Avola and Negroamaro. Australian Shiraz, especially the big bruisers from the Barossa, follows closely behind. If you still want to show off a prized pedigree bottle of red wine, for example from Bordeaux or Burgundy, then consider serving your roast meat of choice simply dressed, just with herbs and a few vegetables - that will allow the more subtle and complex potential of the wine to be fully appreciated. Inevitably, there are the leftovers. A wine that seemed great with Christmas dinner often fails to deliver with cold cuts the next day. With the exception of rare beef with Burgundy and Bordeaux, tannic reds are best avoided. I’ve found lighter and fruity reds such as Beaujolais and Dolcetto work well, while for goose, nothing beats an off-dry German Riesling. Sauvignon Blanc remains my weapon of choice against bubble and squeak! Finally, it’s time to pass the Port. Here’s a stereotype: Port is red, alcoholic, drunk after meals, good with Stilton cheese or classic Christmas pud. It’s enjoyed mostly by ancient men with gout, smoking stogies in leather-backed armchairs, hidden inside a room from which women are barred. And then there’s all that decanting palaver. All quite enough to turn you into Rowley Birkin QC. Here’s another stereotype: Port is either cheap ‘n’ rough Ruby, or else the good Vintage stuff is hugely expensive and needs years of cellaring. Thankfully, there is a great alternative - Tawny Port. This is a versatile drink with youth appeal that needs no decanting. It’s genderinclusive, sold in chic bottles at nice prices and brilliant with nuts, cheeses, puddings, chocolate, dates and coffee, or just on its own. A perfect after-dinner drink, Tawny is also good as a long drink when topped up with ice and lemonade! So if you follow some of these ideas this Christmas you’ll encounter some great wines guaranteed to add a little pizzazz to your seasonal enjoyment. As for me, relaxing at home in a state of well-fed contentment in front of a blazing fire is the festive experience I crave the most.


Have a cool Yule.








Champagne Pol Roger, Brut Réserve, NV. Champagne, France. 12% González Byass, Tio Pepe, Fino Sherry, Jerez, Spain. NV. 15% This world-famous wine remains hugely underrated. Pale coloured, with a classic brine and almond nose, it tastes fresh and full-flavoured. There's a citrus zip and it is very, very dry, leaving a cleansing and refreshing impression with a salty moreish finish. There's more body here than with many a Fino and it has a little less briny tang than a Manzanilla, hence it makes a fine introduction to the style. Serve chilled, nothing works better with a bowl of olives or cheese and nibbles. It's also a wonderful alternative partner for crab and oysters. Widely available, including supermarkets. Around £9.00 for a full-sized bottle.



Ravenswood Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel, California, USA. 2006. 14.5%

Also known, for obvious reasons, as "white foil", this is an elegant non-vintage Champagne that defines the Pol Roger house style. Pol Roger was a favourite of Sir Winston Churchill, being a rich blend of 30 different base wines from at least two vintages. All three grape varieties (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier) are present in equal parts. With three years on the lees (UK stocks get an extra six months to appeal to the "English" palate), this is a rounded and elegant wine of considerable depth and it is drinking immediately on purchase or over the next five years or more. You'll find blossom, green apples, brioche, stone-fruits, nuts and a lick of honey in harmonious proportions.

Vergelegen Chardonnay, South Africa. 2008. 13.5%

Harrogate Fine Wines, £29.99.

Majestic, £9.36.

Always a favourite South African producer, Vergelegen provides a rich, buttery and creamy Chardonnay with skilled wine making. Aged and partially fermented in French oak barrels, this is a pale green/gold wine that is capable of matching a wide range of food; particularly roast poultry - turkey, chicken and guinea fowl. While the reinforcement of oak treatment showing up as toasty notes, it still manages the trick of being elegant and balanced. There's good control of alcohol and acidity, a refined stone-fruit and citrus palate, flinty minerality and a long dry finish. Drink now and over the next 3-4 years.

Ravenswood's Joel Peterson is a notable champion of Zinfandel and makes a range of different Zins that over deliver for the price and this example sits in the middle of the range. His motto is "no wimpy wines"! Buxom yet well proportioned, it's a classic fullbodied red made from 84% Zinfandel, 14% Petite Sirah and 2% Carignan that is given 18 months maturation in French oak. It's those ancient Zin vines that bring scent, complexity and a sumptuous palate, with vivid blueberry and plum fruit to the fore. Despite the alcohol level all is balanced, while bright acidity, soft tannins with brown spices and a long smoky finish complete the impressive package. Drinking well yet capable of improving over say 3-4 years, when leather and balsamic notes will appear.

Warre's Otima 10 year old Tawny Port. NV. 20% This is a lovely old light mahogany colour, tawny if you will. It smells of walnuts and dried fruits, especially figs. While sweet, it is about as dry an example as you'll find, not cloying, in a relatively light bodied style with a big burst of figgy-fruit and a long length measured in minutes. The comforting warmth of alcohol hits at the end. What's not to like? It'll keep a week in the fridge if necessary but you won't have it that long. Widely available, including supermarkets.

Any wine queries? Email Paul at

“add a little pizzazz to your seasonal enjoyment”

Around £11.50 for a 50cl bottle.

Majestic £9.49.

Cartridge ink for your humble inkjet printer is far more expensive per millilitre than vintage Champagne. A well known brand of ink cartridge is £29.00 for 17ml, (£1.70 per milliliter) compared to a bottle of Dom Perignon 1985 at £172.50 (23p per milliliter) or even Krug Clos de Mesnil 1985 at £750 (£1 per millilitre). An equivalent wine bottle of ink would be £1,275 - that doesn't taste good and probably doesn't last much longer either!

Q. Screw caps seem to be becoming everprevalent on our wine bottles and part of me misses the satisfying 'pop' when pulling a cork. Is there a quality difference with corked and screw capped bottles or do the screw caps simply prevent cork taint? Carl Dews, Keighley.

A. Some perceive screwcaps as being of lesser quality but some of the world's greatest wine estates have converted to them. Most wine is made for immediate drinking rather than for ageing, so screwcaps are seen as an easy answer to cork taint, though they are not without their own drawbacks. Cork may turn out to be more suitable for wines made for

ageing, but a full evaluation is naturally years away. Meanwhile, much better corks are now available in response to the screwcap threat, reducing the incidence of cork taint. All of this is of course win-win for the wine drinker. Screwcaps do remove any need for corkscrews, though most Sommeliers are actually delighted! Quality corks will remain available, allowing you to enjoy that satisfying pop and the wine.

Q. Just what are those dregs you find at the bottom of red wine bottles and why aren't there any in white wine? JT, via email.

A. The dregs are completely harmless sediment, usually a combination of tartrate crystals dyed red, plus tannins deposited as the wine matures in bottle. While white wines do not possess tannins they can still throw sediment of white tartrate crystals in just the same way and these can look like shards of glass. Hence another reason that deposits in white wines appear less commonly is because many wine makers use preventative techniques in preference to alarming their customers! However, sediment can imply fine quality in both red and white wine - it suggests the wine was made to improve with age and not heavily filtered. Just decant or pour carefully to leave the dregs behind.




$' $' Pele’s favourite Brazilian Dish!

#$ &!( *+ /( ( *! (.-,-!/ The On:

Recipe Pledge Quick, Seasonal, Delicious & Guaranteed to Work!


,* !++0

# '* "(!


2kg diced chicken breast, 1 white onion, 2 tbsp paprika puree, 2 tbsp concentrated liquid chicken stock (white), 5 tbsp freshly chopped coriander, 400g cooking prawns, 450ml coconut milk, 100g salted peanuts, 1tbsp chopped garlic, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 red chilli, 1 tbsp of roux ( flour and butter mix ).

Slice onions thinly along with the peppers and chilli, heat a large saucepan with 2 tbsp of cooking oil and add the sliced ingredients along with the chicken

("+! $!(-,

until the veg is soft and the chicken has coloured.

5 Raspberries or 25ml Raspberry Puree 50ml Havana Especial Rum 12ml Lime Juice 12ml Sugar Syrup ( 1/2 water and 1/2 sugar) 10 Mint Leaves Top of Champagne

Add the garlic, paprika and chicken stock, cook for a further ten mins and then add the peanuts and coconut milk. After a further ten mins of cooking on a medium heat add the prawns. At this stage add some of the roux mix, a teaspoon at a time, until you reach the required consistency. Take off the heat and add freshly chopped coriander and season to taste. Recipe supplied courtesy of Azucar 5 Brewery Place, Leeds, LS10 1NE (0113 2435761) Opening times: Tue-Wed 5pm - 12pm, Thu-Fri 5pm - late, Sat-Sun 12 noon - late, Mon closed

!-#) Muddle the sugar syrup and some mint leaves in a glass. Add crushed ice, lime juice, rum, and the raspberry puree. Stir gently and top with Champagne to finish. Harvey Nichols’ award-winning Fourth Floor Café and Bar is open seven days a week. For further information contact 0113 204 8888. Pictures by Steve Stenson -


celebrate Christmas at


For a full schedule, dates & prices please visit our website

TyyÉÜwtuÄx _âåâÜç  0113 243 0905









Mixed Olives, roasted mediteranean vegetables, cured ham and sausage, manchego Turkey meatballs in cranberry and thyme gravy cheese and warm bread. PECHUGA DE PAVO CON

CALAMARES A LA ROMANA Squid rings and lime mayo

TORTAS DE PESCADO AHUMADO Smoked fish cakes and alioli


PAELLA DE MARISCO Seafood paella

POTAGE DE FRIJOLES Aromatic vegetable and bean stew

JALAPOS Green jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese in a crispy crumb

PATATAS BRAVAS Cubed potatoes topped with a spicy tomato sauce

CHAMPIÑONES CON AJO Garlic mushrooms



JAMON SERRANO REBOZADA Turkey breast wrapped in serrano ham in a crispy crumb served with a sour cream and jalapeno dip.

CHORIZITOS Y CHIPOLATAS EN VINO CALIENTE Chorizo and chipolatas cooked in mulled wine and served with caramelised onions.

ARROZ CON POLLO A classic dish of chicken and rice with influences from Spain and the Caribbean



Lamb kebabs and yogurt dip.




2 FOR 1



Traditional spanish tomato bread

FOR BOOKINGS CALL: 0113 234 0418



A Simple, Healthy And Attainable New Years Resolution



Alison Holland



In the last decade, sushi has become one of the trendiest, tastiest and healthiest food options around. The number of sushi restaurants found in major cities has quadrupled and an international population of avidsushi lovers has emerged.

When the festive season is long behind us and Spring, once again, on the horizon, the impossible task remains: how to achieve both a satisfied appetite and a whittled waistline. Eating a generous amount of sushi this year is a practical New Year’s Resolution; packed with nutritious ingredients and a fusion of delicious flavors, sushi is the healthy, sustainable and tasty choice. Contrary to popular belief, the term sushi does not mean only raw fish. Rather, the term refers to vinegar rice topped with other ingredients.



There are many different types of sushi including the popular nigirisushi and maki-sushi rolls. Nigiri-sushi is sushi that often contains

slices of raw tuna, salmon and prawn, on a pad of rice. Maki-sushi is rolled sushi, consisting of fish, fresh vegetables or other ingredients rolled up inside a thin sheet of nori (seaweed) and seasoned rice. Maki-sushi is cut into bite-sized pieces and can easily be eaten with chopsticks. Sushi appeals to a wide range of people because of the different options available. Sushi restaurants often offer an endless amount of dishes that appeal to an array of appetites. Vegetarian sushi options, generally consisting of fresh vegetable rolled in rice and nori, is readily available at most sushi restaurants.

Sushi can often be difficult to order if you are beginner, so ask your waiter any questions. Chino Latino, the award-winning modern pan-Asian cuisine restaurant, offers the UK’s best healthy and delicious sushi and sashimi. Freshly and expertly prepared with the best ingredients, Chino Latino will most definitely turn you into an avid-sushi lover. Voted as one of the top 50 restaurants in Europe, Chino Latino boasts an acclaimed menu with a wide variety of sushi and sashimi, including the award winning Sushi Tanuki roll, made with fresh tuna, salmon and sea bass in a California style roll with avocado and spiced tarragon. Located at the exquisite Park Plaza Riverbank London, with rooms from £99 per night, Chino Latino offers a sophisticated and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Celebrate the New Year and start your simplest new year’s resolution ever - eat more sushi. For dinner reservations or information on the restaurant’s monthly sushi classes, visit

Sushi deconstructed.

OLIVE ALIVE-O A quick guide to Spain’s special ‘little apples’ Spain is the leading producer of olives. Left to ripen in the long hot Mediterranean summer,

Sushi is said to be one of the reasons why the Japanese population is amongst the healthiest in the world. It is made of healthy and fresh ingredients that offer a tremendous amount of health benefits.

the fruit is world-renowned for its rich subtle flavours and delicate texture. A nutritious and sophisticated centrepiece at social gatherings,


Spanish table olives are the perfect gourmet

Most sushi options contain fish, which is abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are essential to the human diet as we do not synthesise them biologically. Omega-3 is considered to be brain food, helping ensure optimal functioning of the brain. In addition, Omega-3 has been scientifically proven to naturally lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, as well as moderate blood sugar levels.

accompaniment to any occasion. But just how should your serve and with what drinks when entertaining?

The fresh fish found in sushi is a great source of low calorie, low fat and high quality protein. Fish also provides a high number of B vitamins known to improve energy levels.

Seaweed: Sushi often contains seaweed, which not only enhances the flavor of the sushi, but also contains a high vitamin and mineral content including calcium, potassium, iodine, iron and zinc, all of which are part of a healthy diet

Rice: Widely known to provide sustainable energy, rice helps make up the suggested 30 per cent carbohydrate component of every meal. Sushi restaurants are slowly beginning to offer sushi made with brown rice instead of white. Full of nutrients and fiber, brown rice is healthier alternative to white rice.

Which varieties make the best crudités? Spain has around 260 types of olive tree but the most popular types of table olive are the Manzanilla, which

Soya Sauce:

translates from Spanish as ‘little apple’, Gordal -

Soya Sauce is composed of permeated soya beans. Soya beans can protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease, promote healthy bones and help alleviate menopausal symptoms. If you are watching your sodium intake, make sure to request low-sodium soy sauce, as regular soy sauce often contains high amounts of sodium.

delicious green olives as big as quails eggs, Hojiblanca, Carrasqueña and Cacereña. Try serving a mix so your guests can choose their favourites - and don’t forget a dish for the stones if unpitted. Olives are an excellent accompaniment to all types of wine, though whites tend to work better with green

Wasabi: A green paste, often served on the side of sushi dishes, wasabi can be mixed with soy sauce to create a flavorful dipping sauce. It contains a compound called isothiocyanates, which a recent scientific study has shown helps fight tooth decay. In addition, research has also shown when wasabi is regularly consumed, it can prevent blood clots and even aid in the prevention of cancer.

olives and reds with the darker varieties. Choose a wine with a sweet or fruity flavour to bring out the saltiness of the olive - think stilton and port - it’s the same balance. Sherries also work exceptionally well with olives for this same reason.

Ginger: Many people eat sushi with ginger to enhance the flavor. Ginger has been known to aid digestion and prevent colds and respitorary illnesses.


MANTELL’S RESTAURANT A great place to meet and eat!

Tuck in!





LIVE MUSIC Every Sunday from 6pm

Sunday Roast Lunch or Dinner only £6.99

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This isn't your usual bog-standard, fleece-'em-dry, Christmas Deluxe Edition from Stefani Germanotta, freak-fashion queen, electro pop icon and 2009's most stratospheric new shooting star. This eight-track stand-alone disc is a great new record in its own right. And it isn't the crazy outfits that separate the girl from New York from her slew of contemporaries - it's something much simpler than that it's the brilliant, hook-laden, self-penned songs. These aren't vacant flights of pop-whimsy - there's a tough, street fighting undercurrent, some stylishlyplayed influences on show (Blondie, Prince, Bowie, Prodigy) and some genuine subversion - in 'Speechless', a song about an abusive relationship, she memorably sings, "I can't believe how you slurred at me with your halfwired broken jaw". The 'New Madonna' tag is apt, yet simultaneously misleading because, like all the best pop stars, Lady Gaga is a true original. Pop's rebirth and pop's future, right here.


4/5 10th . . .THE ONLY ONES - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .JULIAN CASABLANCAS - Leeds Met . . . . . . . .IAN BROWN - Academy, Leeds 11th . . .MAGIC NUMBERS - Leeds Brudenell 12th . . .MONSTER MAGNET - Leeds Met . . . . . . . .SAW DOCTORS - Academy, Leeds . . . . . . . .MARS VOLTA - Refectory, Leeds 13th . . .DAVID GRAY - Academy, Leeds 14th . . .THE POGUES - Academy, Leeds . . . . . . . .STEELEYE SPAN - St George's Hall, Bradford 15th . . .ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN - Academy, Leeds 16th . . .FRUIT BATS - Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds . . . . . . . .PIL - Academy, Leeds . . . . . . . .OK GO - Academy, Sheffield 17th . . .RUNRIG - Harrogate International 19th . . .QUIREBOYS - Academy, Sheffield 21st . . . .SHED SEVEN - Academy, Leeds

LADY GAGA - 'The Fame Monster'





22nd . . .SHED SEVEN - Academy, Leeds

Supergroups are a derided concept reclaimed. My Morning Jacket, Bright Eyes and M. Ward are doing the rounds as 'Monsters of Folk'. Various members of Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and Reverend and the Makers are lurching around as 'Mongrel'. And now there's 'Them Crooked Vultures' - an unholy hybrid of various parts of Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and Led Zeppelin. Course, they're all doomed to failure. Musicians are way too egotistical to indulge in the necessary compromise of collaboration. And anyway, who wants a watered-down version of any of the bands mentioned above (least of all Reverend and the Makers!). Still, at least Messrs. Grohl, Homme and Jones have decided to put artifice to one side - this is a fairly standard set of hard, immaculately played blues rock with the volume set at 11. Jones, no doubt with seniority on his side, might be the one pulling the strings here as at least half the tracks sound like Led Zeppelin, but there's an awkward politeness, a sort of back-slapping bonhomie that's immediately at odds with the very best this trio have achieved in their formative bands. It's a jam, it's a groove, it's a good time had by all, no doubt. But it's also got a strange emptiness where it's big, beating rock heart should be. OUT NOW

SPIRITUALIZED - 'Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space' 3CD re-issue

16th . . .SAXON SHORE - Leeds Brudenell . . . . . . . .TALL LIKE GIANTS - Nation of Shopkeepers 18th . . .WOLFMOTHER - Academy, Leeds 21st . . . .ALL TIME LOW - Academy, Leeds 22nd . .HENRY ROLLINS - Academy, Leeds 23rd . . .DELPHIC - Cockpit, Leeds 24th . . .SLAID CLEAVES - Henry Boons, Wakefield 25th . . .JAMIE T - Academy, Leeds 26th . . .REEL BIG FISH - Academy, Leeds 29th . . .ETIENNE DE CRECY - Academy, Leeds 30th . . .IMELDA MAY - Victoria, Halifax 31st . . . .ADAM GREEN - Cockpit, Leeds

,- % (




The 90's greatest record? Let's not go there, but it's 12 years since Jason Pierce fused psychedelia, trance rock, gospel and soul for this drug-dependent, world-weary but devastating magnum opus. A journey into rock's far future for sure; 'LAGWAFIS' was also a step back to the 'headphone symphonies' of Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother'. It also stamped out the last dying embers of Britpop's failed young dream and paved the way for rock's most ambitious new stargazers - Fiery Furnaces, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros. Enveloped in inspired prescription-style packaging, this was a heartfelt confessional to the power of love and loss - with drugs, both prescribed and otherwise, as a constant, aching backdrop. Songs range from meditative, dreamlike blues to gigantic wall-of-sound wigouts; start with skeletal, twinkling pianos and end with car crashes of horns and electricity. The London Community Gospel Choir add colour and shade throughout, soaring through a number of tracks, at times seemingly at war with Pierce's massive, multi-layered arrangements. This 3-disc revision comes re-mastered, repackaged and includes live cuts, demos and instrumentals and is just about as essential as breathing. Buy it. OUT NOW

…10 Years ago this month: GO-KART MOZART - 'Instant Wigwam and Igloo Mixture' Lawrence Hayward won't ever be a household name, but his ten years in Felt, creating delicate, shimmering indie atmospherics have quietly influenced everyone from Pulp to Belle and Sebastian. Wilfully perverse at times, he's one of pop's last great maverick outsiders. His 90's band, Denim, across three outrageously entertaining albums, attempted to forge a new kind of rock, far removed from the stale, classic lineage of Beatles, Byrds and Big Star sound-alikes. He failed heroically, needless to say, and returned with Go-Kart Mozart - 16 very short songs of novelty electronica played through a pure-pop siphon that further blurred the boundaries between silly and serious. So 'Sailor Boy' is a breakneck sea shanty, 'Here is a Song' conventional pop genius, 'Today' an instrumental duet with PacMan and 'Mrs Back To Front' an utterly bizarre kids' book narration with operatic choir, swearing, pub singers and a tribute to a shopping centre. All in a day's work. Another great chapter in one of pop's most interesting and unconventional career paths.


4/5 ( !'0 !! ,





3 Tunes:

3 Club Nights:

The Popular People's Front - 'Arpin' On' (Popular Peoples Front) Phantom Slasher - 'Nicoteen' - (Noid) Leon Louder - 'Get Lost' - (Baker Street) Polaroid Club (Leeds) - first Friday every month Hi-Fi Club (Leeds) - 'Funky Wormhole' Dubstep to Soul and Funk to Old Skool Hip Hop - Last Thursday in month The Viper Rooms (Harrogate) - Decadance (every Saturday) - Classic Dance, Disco, House, Retro & Soul.

cinema&dvd for the weeks ahead sweeps he adopts an intimate hand-held style that lends the film a rampaging, primitive quality whilst amplifying Director: Spike Jonze the story's gentle wit. Stars: Paul Dano, Forest Whitaker, Mark Ruffalo The ten foot monsters are never less than compelling and you'll do well to suppress a tear when they indulge The enduring appeal of Maurice Sendak's classic in a group hug to end all group hugs, although Paul children's book lies in the many layers he managed to Dano, rapidly emerging as one of the most interesting pack into a concise, slim package - Freudian dream analysis, broken home allegory, Blake-ian 'Innocence and character actors of his generation, almost steals the show as a comically sad goat who feels like no-one ever Experience' exploration, rollicking good romp with massive furry creatures - and it's to Spike Jonze's eternal listens to him without ever providing a single reason why anybody should! credit that he captures much of that special Sendak feeling in this poignant adaptation. Verbally sparse - you'll find no voiceovers, no explanations, no monologues here - and flitting between Tackling the perils of childhood head on, (co-writer Dave Eggers insisted the children should not be depicted as 'de- aching melancholy and unbridled joy on a whim, it's fanged' but shown as the boiling stews of anger, pain and hard to say whether the kids will take this as a Christmas treat or a coruscating journey into their psyche. joy that they really are) Jonze uses Sendak's book as a Whatever, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is a triumph from jumping-off point to examine adolescence in all its first frame to last. ferocious complexities. Eschewing grand cinematic

Where The Wild Things Are

onfilms Me and Orson Welles


ondvds Moon


Director: Richard Linklater Stars: Zac Effron, Christian McKay, Claire Danes

Director: Duncan Jones Stars: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey

A fairly agreeable imagining of Orson Welles's legendary staging of Julius Caesar, almost ruined by a vacant Zac Effron but, in fact, saved by an extraordinary performance from young Christian McKay, as the iconic Director. Brilliantly capturing every Welles-ian characteristic - the sonorous voice, the mocking self-modesty, the eyebrow arch and sense of constant amusement - without ever resorting to caricature, McKay takes you beyond plain impersonation and slowly reveals the subtle defence mechanisms under the man's outward pomp and bluster until, quite brilliantly, revealing the emotional chink in his armour. It's a fabulous portrait. It's a mystery, then, why Linklater chooses to use the 'passive observer' method to link the film together. Zac Effron's Richard Samuels is a naïve outsider, thrust into the Welles wonder-world so that the characters can explain this world to him (and, in effect, the audience). It's a sloppy device and cynics might point to the role being created especially for the bankable Effron. Whatever, he's not up to the job and fails to flesh-out a bland role that badly needs an actor with considerable more screen presence. Beautiful period detail (we've become used to such movie indulgences as much as we've become accustomed to vast CGI-created otherworlds) combines with a quippy, occasionally corny script to provide a mostly charming movie, albeit with limited appeal.

Impressive for a debut film to so quickly become anointed in the cerebral space movie canon, but the eerie Moon already stands alongside 2001, Contact and Gattaca as a chin-stroking sci-fi classic. The undervalued Sam Rockwell at last gets a lead as Sam Bell, a blue-collar Joe with days left on his contract as the sole inhabitant of a moon colony designed to harvest energy and send it back to Earth. He's looking fairly ragged when we meet him and his only company is Gerty, a clunky robot (voiced by Kevin Spacey) who cuts his hair and provides inept psychological counselling. When the home communications break down, his fragile links with humanity disappear. And then he starts hallucinating. Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son, fact fans) assimilates a glut of influences into a tight and claustrophobic whole and just as dramatic inertia is creeping in, he ups the ante by bringing in a clone of Sam Bell - albeit a younger, angrier clone - who insists he his there to fulfil the contract the original Sam started years ago. It's a brave conceit and well executed, respecting the genre's codes by not relying on special effects and lavish production values and relying on ideas to keep you gripped. A careful, intelligent movie where originality and storytelling outweigh a deficiency in momentum.


onretrodvds Garden State



DID YOU MISS THIS? 5 YEARS AGO THIS MONTH. Director: Zach Braff Stars: Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, Ian Holm

Anyone who can identify with the spirit-sapping inertia of small town living - and the small moments of beautiful escape they can provide will identify with Zach Braff's auspicious writing and directorial debut. Garden State is a funny, pithy film, taking slackerdom into previously unchartered areas of existential angst. When the already-depressed Andrew's (Braff ) mother dies he is forced to return to his New Jersey hometown and reconnect with old, jaded school friends. He hangs out, catches up, gets stoned, swaps desperate one-liners ("Wanna party after we've buried your mom") until Sam (Portman) comes along. Sam adds hope, spontaneity and colour to the grey wash and encourages Andrew to do small, unique, memorable things. As a story arc it's terrifically underplayed. The film starts off slow and world-weary and hardly picks up any pace at all. When Braff could bring in the fireworks he deliberately back-steps. The many scenes of humorous reserve are enough alone to carry the film's weight - which is, after all, asking serious questions about apathy and wasted lives. Plus, when the big moment comes, it's all the more impactful. A sad smile, but a warm smile. Garden State is a small delight.





DECEMBER 11: THE STEPFATHER: Michael (Penn Badgeley) returns home from military school to find his mother happily in love and living with her new boyfriend (Dylan Walsh). As the two men get to know each other, he becomes more and more suspicious of the man who is always there with a helpful hand. (15) UNMADE BEDS: The quirky story of Vera (Déborah François) and Axl (Fernando Tielve) who both live in the same London warehouse but who's paths never cross until fate steps in. (15) CARRIERS: Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus. (18)

THE LIMITS OF CONTROL: Jim Jarmusch directs the enigmatic story of a mysterious loner in the process of completing a criminal job. (15) DECEMBER 18: HUMPDAY: Two guys take their bromance to another level when they participate in an art film project. Stars Joshua Leonard. (15) DECEMBER 26: MY FATHER MY LORD: A respected rabbi is forced to come to terms with the demands of his faith and the welfare of his own family. Best Film winner at Tribeca. (TBC)

JANUARY 1: DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS?: In New York City, an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small-town Wyoming as part of a witnessprotection program. With Sarah-Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. (TBC) I'M GONNA EXPLODE: 'Bonnie and Clyde' meets 'Pierrot le Fou': the Mexican nueva Nouvelle Vague is still alive! (15)

POST GRAD: Ryden Malby graduates from college and is forced to move back into her childhood home with her eccentric family, while she attempts to find a job, the right guy, NOWHERE BOY: A chronicle of John Lennon's childhood with Kristin Scott Thomas, Anne-Marie Duff and David Morrissey. (15) and just a hint of where her life is headed. Comedy. (12A) SPREAD: A sex comedy centred on a serial womanizer and his SHERLOCK HOLMES: Detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) and his stalwart partner Watson (Jude Law) engage jilted lover, with Ashton Kutcher. (18) in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England. Guy Ritchie directs. (TBC)



“That was the ambition of the band, getting out of Manchester. We did that”

It’s 20 years since The Stone Roses’ debut album soundtracked a generation and although the band’s iconic former front man, Ian Brown, has always preferred to look forward rather than back - his recent 6th solo album, ‘My Way’, is his best yet - a new Deluxe Anniversary Edition of the classic debut has at last given him reason for some rare and revealing reminiscence. Twenty years, since the Stone Roses album, then? Yeah, I know, crazy really. Amazing. Crazy. Yeah.

Manchester. That was the ambition of the band, getting out of Manchester. We did that. I loved those days, yeah. The first time I was ever in Manchester was the press conference for the Spike Island Concert. How do you remember that? I remember that there were journalists from all over the world and no-one asked us any questions. And there was some guy there from Manchester who jumped up shouting and started asking questions and it was kicking off he nearly had a fight with another journalist. That was the only action there. Really boring. No one asked us any questions. “Come on, ask us questions!” I don’t know what it was. Was it our reputation? Why didn’t people ask us questions? I guess it all started off with a stupid tabloid person asking you stupid questions. That’s right, they did. A woman from the Daily Star asked us daft questions, and then no one else joined in.

Good memories of those days? Yeah, great memories of those days, absolutely! First time coming to London and staying in London, being in a big recording studio, the first time going to Japan and Barcelona and Hamburg. Amsterdam. Amazing.

And then you started getting annoyed and all the journalists got frightened. Hahaha, right! Funny.

Wasn’t it really intimidating as well? No, we absolutely loved it. We’d done five years unemployed, dreaming of getting the album finished, and dreaming of getting out of

I’ve read somewhere that you mixed your new album in the very spot where you signed your first contract? Yeah. I actually wrote the songs in the same

room as we signed the Roses deal in. That’s coincidence! Dave McCracken, my long-term collaborator, he got a writing room in Battery Studios, I said I know where that is! So I came down and he was actually in the actual room where there used to be the office where we signed the deal, and his mixing desk was where the desk was where we signed the deal. I felt that was like - I always say life is about points and circles. This time I’ve come full circle. Sixth album written in the spot where I signed the deal 20 years ago. Did you set out to do anything different with this album? Yeah. We wanted it to be a wall of sound and we wanted it to be minimal at the same time. So there’s a lot of space on it. I’ve got three drummers playing on it at the same time to give it the sound, that fat wall of sound. There’s nothing synthetic on it. We have used some synthesizers, but we’ve got real trumpets, real drums, real bass guitars, real guitars. And we wanted to make it sound contemporary, super modern, 21st century, and we wanted every song to sound like a single. We were taking “Thriller” as the blueprint for that. Cause “Thriller” is kind of flamboyant, there’s a lot going on, but at the same time each song sounds like a single. So that’s what we were trying to achieve with this album.

Did you set out to do anything different with this album?

Blues. I can’t see anything of worth coming out of them places. They’re just entertainers, aren’t they.

Yeah. We wanted it to be a wall of sound and we wanted it to be minimal at the same time. So there’s a lot of space on it. I’ve got three drummers playing on it at the same time to give it the sound, that fat wall of sound. There’s nothing synthetic on it. We have used some synthesizers, but we’ve got real trumpets, real drums, real bass guitars, real guitars. And we wanted to make it sound contemporary, super modern, 21st century, and we wanted every song to sound like a single. We were taking“Thriller”as the blueprint for that. Cause“Thriller”is kind of flamboyant, there’s a lot going on, but at the same time each song sounds like a single. So that’s what we were trying to achieve with this album.

Black music, Soul, Funk and Reggae were a big thing for you. How did you get into those styles?

Isn’t it amazing that all the rest of British industry has gone down the tube, and the music industry is the one leading industry. Yeah. It’s the only one left. Right.

Yeah. I got into Reggae originally through Punk rock. In 1977 I’d go to Punk Rock shows, and there weren’t actually that many Punk records out in 77, so they used to play Reggae between the bands. And a lot of the Punk bands used to have Reggae bands supporting them. And I read that Johnny Rotten was into Dr. Alimantado, so I was:“Oh, I’ll check him out.”And then Joe Strummer would tell you about Prince Far I or Culture. Johnny Rotten even talked about Van der Graaf Generator and Can. Yeah, I really like Can. I didn’t get into them until years later. And I got into Can‘cause somebody said that“Fool’s Gold”was like a Can song. The drummer’s brilliant in Can. Why is‘Thriller’ an influence? Is it just because every track was a single, or did Michael Jackson mean more to you than that? No, it was just that. And also it was flamboyant. And at the time it came out it was supercontemporary sounding. It was brand new sounding. And I wanted something that sounded 2009. What did you feel about his death?

In your day, nobody got into it because they wanted to be part of an industry, they just wanted to make music. That’s right. People thought they could change the world, expressing themselves. These days they just wanna be stars, don’t they? They just want to be famous, don’t they?

A bit mixed, really. From growing up with him, and him being an amazing music maker, you know I loved him from when I was a little kid, and then I loved‘Thriller’, and I even liked the Bad album. Then when those allegations came out in 1993 I just went off him a little. Mixed feelings, really, when he passed. I mean, when James Brown died, that ruined my Christmas morning. Really did. Took the shine off Christmas. I didn’t feel that way with Jacko. He died already for me in 1993, really. How did becoming that kind of idol figure with the Stone Roses affect your style and your attitude?

Do you blame X Factor, or is it other things? I blame a bit of that X Factor/Pop Idol kind of thing. The whole celebrity culture, how vacuous it is, OK and Hello! magazine, I think that, maybe as things are hard for people in this recession, people will be looking for a bit of glamour, and that celebrity culture comes in. I see it as hero-worshipping the rich. I think it’s all a big con. What do you think of this theory? In the 80s, when greed became OK, when it became OK to own a Porsche and show off with it, and it became more difficult to get student grants, it became more difficult to get unemployment benefit - so fewer and fewer people could actually afford to run a band. And now you go to college, like the Brit School in Croydon, to learn how to be a pop star. Isn’t that totally against the spirit of the music? I think that the late 70s and 80s welfare state was responsible for so many bands. The Smiths, New Order, us and the Happy Mondays came out of that. And later Oasis, probably one of the last dole culture bands. Being on the dole at that time there was no chance of getting work, so you didn’t have to go to the Job Club. You could get used to living on your unemployment benefit, you had all the time to yourself to work on your band. And a lot of those bands came out of that culture, and I think the harder things get, the better things are, usually, aren’t they, creatively. When there’s a recession it usually means that more things get creative. Whereas when things are easy, things lose their edge. People get more innovative. More innovative, that’s right. I can’t see anyone ever coming out of Brit School - there’s never gonna be a John Lennon coming out of a Brit School, or a Johnny Rotten or a Joe Strummer. You’ve got to live a life and be a real person to be a real artist. Right back from the day. From when they played the

People just love you. That’s beautiful. Mental torture, to me that’s having three kids living on the 10th story and you’ve just been made redundant. That’s mental torture. Or your wife’s just been diagnosed with cancer and you’ve got four kids. There’s mental torture. Not success and love. The ability to keep making music and to keep going around the world and the opportunity to do that is far from mental torture, honestly. What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you? Probably losing my auntie. Deaths. Losing friends. Had a friend die last week. The loss of someone, definitely. How do you deal with that? I suppose you have to go deep and celebrate the life and think of all the good things. And you lay in bed and it’s two o’clock in the morning and you’re missing them, you think about the good things they did, the times they made you smile, or they made you warm inside. Think about the good things in someone’s life and that’s how you get through coping with their death. What did you envisage you might be doing before you did the first solo album? I wanted something that was the complete opposite to the crazy life of being a Rock’n’Roll star. You know, the grief, and the lack of peace because someone wants a piece of you all the time. Something the complete opposite - which was, for me, doing what my granddad did before the War, which was growing flowers, and taking flowers to the market - really simple and really human and really pure. Something the complete opposite of the dirty music game with all its trappings and temptations and people stealing off you and all that kind of thing. Something honourable, which to me, was growing flowers and taking them to the market. Is it true you’ve not drunk alcohol for years now? I’ve mastered it now. Now it’s great, yeah. I can watch a room degenerate in an hour with alcohol. I just watch them all drop. Do you remember when you used to go to a wedding when you were twelve? Or a birthday party? There are a lot of adults and they’re all drunk. You were dead conscious when you were seeing the adults regress, degenerate. I see that daily now. Great! Did you never feel that alcohol helped you relax when you were stuck with your music, for instance, or it helped you talk to people?

I suppose all adulation; I let it go in one ear and out the other. I don’t treat it seriously. I’m still the same person. And my family still live in mainly the same places, and my friends are the same friends I’ve had since I was 16, so we all grew up with nothing together. I feel also because I come from Manchester, and I’m still connected there, I’m in little danger of losing sight of that. It’s too ingrained in me now. Too many years have gone by - it’ll never change. I’m still as anti-establishment and anti-authority as I was when I was 14. I don’t feel I’ve mellowed any. I support the underdog even more than I did then. Even though I’m adulated and put on pedestals and given awards, I still consider myself as the underdog. Still.

No. I’ve always had a love for people. I’ve always liked talking to people, no matter - everyone’s got a story, everybody. I still love people. I don’t need alcohol to make that connection. And I hate the way the stranglehold the liquor companies have on the world. They run all the sports events, they run all the music events, they’ve got a pub in every corner, they’ve got liquor stores in every corner - I hate the power that they’ve got. I’d love to see the world without liquor for a week. See what it does. I’m really against liquor. I think it’s one of the biggest evils of the world. And the people that sell it and market it are evil dogs to me. It’s misery, really. IAN BROWN’S NEW ALBUM,‘MY WAY’, IS OUT NOW. HIS EUROPEAN TOUR CONTINUES THROUGHOUT DECEMBER & JANUARY.

It must have been hard, though, to resist the temptation of just thriving on being held up like that. It must be very hard to deal with the high that you get when you get on Top of the Pops for the first time. No, no. cause to me that’s all love. I’ve never been insulted in the street. No one’s ever shouted a bad word. No one’s ever said a bad to me. I only get love. I only get people going“I love your music”or“I love your new song”or“I saw your show once”.






“It’s a feast and an unstoppable, always reliable, delight”

THE MENU REMAINS CONCISE AND, SEEMINGLY, NEVERCHANGING. THERE’S NOT A LACK OF CHOICE HERE - JUST A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF THE FOOD AND A STRICT ADHERENCE TO THE‘IF IT’S NOT BROKE, DON’T FIX IT’PRINCIPLE. ANYWAY, IT’S A PRETTY ACCURATE RULE-OF-THUMB THAT THE MORE REFINED A RESTAURANT’S MENU,THE BETTER THE FOOD. So don’t expect neatly ironed napkins Fuji Hiro is authentic right down to the seating and service. Come as you are, grab a table and order a Coke. The food, as it should be, is the real star here. Their Ebi Gyoza dumplings (£4.50) come sizzling and moist - a chewy, doughwhite pillow enveloping a fabulous dicing of prawns, ginger, spring onions and garlic that, no matter how much you try, you just can’t replicate at home. And oh how we’ve tried! There’s a chilli dipping sauce too, for all you spice-kick addicts. Yakitori (£4.95) are grilled and skewered pieces of chicken that are complemented by a squidge of ketchupresembling sweet soy sauce - crispy, grease-less and straight from the street vendors of Tokyo. Simply delicious. Ramen broths are a fine art in the Far East with almost every locality having their own variation - I’m not knowledgeable enough to accurately place the Fuji Hiro version - let’s just call this the West Yorkshire variety and be

proud! So, the Seafood Ramen (£7.95) comes with a slab of salmon, a fresh green dash of watercress and a mound of expertly prepared white noodles. Delve deeper and you’ll find full-flavoured mussels, scallop, squid, tempura king prawn and seaweed. It’s a feast - and an unstoppable, always reliable, delight. Cha Han (£7.95) is a mountainous rice dish including shredded chicken, leeks, lettuce, carrots and mushrooms. It’s deliberately salty and comes with a crucial side of Miso Soup to help it down. Quality and quantity, anybody? Here, you’ll eat well and have your hunger sated - all for a meagre fifteen quid. Before the next dim-witted conceptbefore-food restaurant comes along and fails, those clever marketing men should pay Fuji Hiro a visit. Quality food in unpretentious surroundings a recipe for long-lasting success. How’s that for a concept?

NEED TO KNOW: Fuji Hiro, 45 Wade Lane, Leeds, LS2 8NJ Tel: 0113 243 9184 OPENING HOURS:

Sun - Thurs 12:00 - 22:00 Fri & Sat 12:00 - 23:00 2 courses approx £13 Limited vegetarian options best eat elsewhere, no website




in the

spotlight... a guide to what’s on in the theatres


Runs until Saturday 16 January

Harrogate Theatre's festive pantomime returns with the magical Aladdin, which will once again display all the theatre's hallmarks of a truly traditional pantomime. Aladdin celebrates a whole host of welcome returns including Harrogate favourite Tim Stedman who celebrates a decade of pantomimes. This year, take a trip to the Far East for an adventure that promises to be more magical than ever. Aladdin and Princess So-Shy are in love; however Princess So-Shy's father, The Emperor of China, forbids such a marriage to a lowly peasant boy. If Aladdin can retrieve the magic lamp from the cave of treasures and bring to life its genie he

With the help of Wishee Washee, Widow Twankey and a whole host of hilarious colourful characters everyone from the young to the young at heart is guaranteed to have a great time singing along and booing the baddies. All this combined with spectacular scenery, jokes galore and a galactic adventure thrown in guarantees you the magic and sparkle that makes Harrogate Theatre's pantomime a festive family favourite throughout the region.

£10 - £18 Tel: 01423 502116

Escape to Neverland with Northern Ballet Theatre and the boy who never grew up...


PETER PAN 17-27 December Join Wendy, John, and Michael as they soar into the night sky with Peter, to a magical land of mermaids and fairy dust, where children can fly and adventures happen every day. But beware - danger is just around the corner; Captain Hook and the pirates are looking for revenge and Peter Pan is top of their list. For a hundred years children (and adults) have drifted off to sleep dreaming of Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, crocodiles and, of course, Captain Hook. Northern Ballet Theatre's production brings the magic to life, complete with pirates, fairies, wild animals and death defying feats of flying! The ballet is completed with a score by Oscar winning composer Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love).

£10 - £32 Tel: 0844 848 2706 THE VICTORIA THEATRE, Halifax CINDERELLA 12 December - 3 January The Victoria Theatre promises a truly magical feast of festive family fun this Christmas season. Help the Fairy Godmother weave her magic over Cinderella so she can meet her Prince Charming at the Royal Ball, and watch as the Ugliest Sisters in pantoland try desperately to stop her dream from coming true. Add some spectacular scenery, breathtaking costumes, fabulous songs and hilarious knock-about comedy and you have the best traditional family pantomime around.

£9.50 - £16 Tel: 01422 351158


will have untold wealth. But the dastardly Abanazar also has his eye on the lamp and has alternative plans for Aladdin.

THE CHINESE STATE CIRCUS 28 December 3 January The Chinese State Circus brings a brand new spectacular to the UK. The production features world-class acrobatics, gymnasts, The Tai An Acrobatic Troupe from the foot of Mount Tai and Martial Arts Warriors from the famous Shaolin Temple. It is a show completely unequalled in any production of physical theatre, stretching the limits of human achievement. Legendary fabled characters from Chinese Folklore will host the all-new production and the show is narrated by one of the most famous characters, the Monkey King. Performances include; back-flipping acrobats spiralling through rotating hoops, a dizzying succession of beautiful plate spinning oriental divas, candelabra balancing knotted contortionists, swinging Chinese pole balancing, beijing bicycle balancers and a lusciously set and costumed performance of the Lion Dance. Finally the deadly grace of martial arts from the Shaolin School of Kung Fu, Wu Shu and Qigong.

£12 - £30 Tel: 0844 848 2706

WEST YORKSHIRE PLAYHOUSE, Leeds CINDERELLA 11 DECEMBER - 23 JANUARY Have you had your invitation to the ball? Why can't sisters just get along? Why can you never find your shoes when you need them? Just some of the questions that may be asked as West Yorkshire Playhouse prepares Cinderella for the ball this Christmas!

Director Gail McIntyre and Writer Mike Kenny have built up an enviable reputation for imaginatively staged plays that spark young children's imagination and offer a whole new perspective on familiar tales. Whether it's a garden full of balloon flowers and an audience of pigeons (Snow Queen 2009) or a gigantic spoon and a ship in a bottle (Beauty and the Beast 2008), expect to be involved, entertained and maybe even a teensy bit scared (but not too much).

£10 - £15 Tel: 0113 2137700

THE SECRET GARDEN Runs until 23 January In an imposing manor house, in the heart of the Yorkshire Moors, there's a door that once led to a magical garden, a door that's been locked for many years, the key buried and all but forgotten. When ten year old Mary Lennox is suddenly orphaned she must make the journey from sun-baked India to live with her distant uncle in wintry Yorkshire. Spoilt and unhappy it's only when Mary meets a local lad, Dickon, and learns of the lost garden that she begins to take an interest in the house, its inhabitants and the stories it holds. With the help of the wild birds and animals Dickon calls his friends, can the two of them find the key to the garden and unlock the secrets growing inside? Following in the footsteps of his acclaimed production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Ian Brown directs a spellbinding brand new musical adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic children's novel that's guaranteed to blossom in the imaginations of children young and old.

£14 - £29.50 Tel: 0113 2137700 LYCEUM THEATRE, Sheffield SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS 11 December- 10 January Pantomime returns to Sheffield's Lyceum with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The star-studded cast includes pop icon, Toyah Willcox as The Wicked Queen; the hilarious Damian Williams (last year's Widow Twankey) is back by popular demand as Nurse Nellie and the funniest man in town, Toby Foster, makes his Lyceum debut as Muddles the Court Jester. Local legend, Bobby Knutt will also make a special 'virtual' appearance as the Man in the Mirror. They are joined by a top quality supporting cast and seven of the best professional dwarfs in the country. Written and directed by Paul Hendy and produced by the team that brought you last year's smash hit Aladdin, Snow White promises to be traditional, top quality, family entertainment.

£12-£20 Tel: 0114 249 6000 ALHAMBRA, Bradford JACK AND THE BEANSTALK 12 December - 31 January


Billy Pearce makes a triumphant return to the Alhambra Theatre's stage this Christmas in the spectacular family pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.

Dust off your corsets, strap on your suspenders and fish out those fabulous feather boas as the Rocky Horror show returns with a bang.

Joining Billy this year is West Yorkshire born television star Gaynor Faye . Billy and Gaynor will be joined by WEST END Hairspray star Leanne Jones and Tony Adams. Tony is fondly remembered as Adam Chance in the long-running television programme, Crossroads.

It's the original, it's the best, it's the world's favourite rock'n'roll musical, so jump on board for another rip-roaring ride!

Let Frankie rose tint your world all over again as Richard O'Brien's frolickingly fabulous classic returns.

£11.50 - £29.50 Tel: 01274 432000

With all the elements of traditional pantomime and much more, Jack and the Beanstalk is set to enchant and excite audiences of all ages with this classic adventure story for all the family. Featuring the hapless Jack, Dame Trot, their beloved cow, a handful of magic beans, a larger than life beanstalk and a very mean giant at the top of it!

£7.50 - £22.50 Tel: 01274 432 000

THE CARRIAGEWORKS, Leeds SLEEPING BEAUTY 14 - 23 JANUARY When King Cactus and Queen Marigold have a beautiful baby girl they are overjoyed, but the bad Witch Hazel is determined to spoil the celebrations. luckily, Nurse Dottie Dettol and the Good Fairy Lilac are on hand to foil the witch's wicked plans. Their journey takes them into the Forbidden Room, past the Witch's Cave and through the Haunted Forest as they try to help the handsome Prince Alexis in his search for the Sleeping Beauty.

£8 - £10 Tel: 0113 2243801 Ladies & gentlemen please take your seats for the next




on walks


Crummackdale might be one of our lesser-known dales but it plays host to one of Yorkshire’s more intriguing geographical anomalies. Take an upwards route from the classic Dales village of Austwick and eventually you’ll come upon fields upon fields of giant boulders, many of them incongruously and precariously balanced upon smaller, different coloured rocks.

&ahardplace A 2-hour circular from Austwick village to the Norber Erratics. It’s a genuine geographical head-scratcher - and you might have to dodge various students who’ve come to witness, ponder and work out how this strange phenomenon could have happened. Older boulders of Silurian basement rock sit on top of younger limestone - the result of a mighty ice age glacier sweeping them from an outcrop half a mile away and depositing them across the limestone shelf. Thousands of years of erosion have since helped to produce some extraordinary natural sculptures – mainly down to the Silurian rock being much less prone to erosion than the limestone beneath. Hence, there are some fairly extraordinary two-tonne balancing acts on show! So, beginning in Austwick centre and passing the Gamecock pub, turn left up pretty Townhead Lane for 20 minutes of winding but pretty road walking. Eventually you’ll meet a small crossroads of lanes – take the left turning. About 50 yards on, leap a stile and you’ll find a well-defined cart track over a field. After crossing the field, take the steep (and sometimes slippery) slope upwards, following the wall, until you can wind back clockwise up the bank toward an easy-to-see guide post - take the Norber direction. Soon (50 minutes) you’ll find yourself below a green shelf of limestone that’s littered with blocks of ancient Silurian rock. Find your way upwards until the slope levels out and you can feast your eyes more conveniently across this remarkable plain.


There’ll be plenty of ‘seat shaped’ boulders for a hot coffee and keep a keen ear out for wheatear, pipit and curlew, active in these parts. After contemplating the ancient rocks, retreat back downhill to the stone wall in the lower part of the field. Look for a group of larches and you’ll find a step stile and, thus, begin your descent back into Austwick via a clear alternative route.

NEED TO KNOW: DISTANCE: 4 miles | DIFFICULTY: Fair | TIME: 2 hours WHERE: Austwick village lies off the A65 between Settle and Ingleton. REFRESHMENTS: There’s a good pub, The Gamecock, in the village. WHAT ELSE: In Harry Sleight’s ‘Craven and North West Yorkshire Highlands’ he alludes to a bygone tradition in Austwick of ‘the failings and lack of ordinary intelligence of its inhabitants.’ It seems one medieval local could be seen relentlessly pushing an empty wheelbarrow in and out of his barn - apparently he was wheeling sunshine into it to dry his hay!

The path will skim along another rocky feature, the unconformity of Nappa Scars (truly a geologist’s dream, this walk!), until you meet Crummack Lane (90 mins). Follow the road back to the aforementioned crossroads and descend into the village. Key Trail NORBER ERRATICS FOOTPATH WATER





Thousands of years of erosion have since helped to produce some extraordinary natural sculptures DISCLAIMER: The walk and map should be used merely a guide. Walkers should use the appropriate O.S map and take care to follow the rights of way. We cannot take any responsibility for trespass on private land.


your ticket to december & january... GRAVES GALLERY, Sheffield

its pointed arches and cluster columns the style was highly evocative of the Middle Ages and Old England and became immensely popular in the 1700s. Horace Walpole's mirror from Strawberry Hill, Chippendale the Younger's organ screen from Harewood Church and Lady Pomfret's library writing table will be among the items on show.



Drawn from the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, 'Comedians: From the 1940s to Now' presents an array of iconic images of some of Britain's best-loved entertainers. From Frankie Howerd and Monty Python to celebrated double acts such as French and Saunders, this collection of intimate portraits by photographers including Annie Leibovitz and Henri Cartier Bresson captures the public and private faces of British comedy. CASTLE HOWARD, York RUNS UNTIL 20th DECEMBER NATIONAL RAILWAY MUSEUM, York THROUGHOUT DECEMBER & JANUARY

Discover the magnificent Duchess of Hamilton restored to her streamlined form. The locomotive is a stunning piece of Art Deco opulence built in 1938 that wowed design critics on both sides of the Atlantic. The streamlined Duchess was a modern machine for a modern age and can now be viewed at the NRM as she takes pride of place in this new exhibition exploring the links between 1930s fashion, engineering and design.


YSP's annual contemporary craft show plays host to four recent graduates who are showing 2D and 3D work in a mixture of materials including found objects, ceramics, textiles and paper. Using innovative techniques, these graduates have produced highly desirable pieces of contemporary art. The exhibition also features exciting work by 30 jewellers, using materials such as paper, textiles, silver, gold, acrylic, copper, tin, semi-precious stones, aluminium and wood adornment. BRADFORD 1 GALLERY RUNS UNTIL 4th FEBRUARY


Retrospective exhibition of one of Britain's greatest and most original artists, made possible by the closure of the Watts Gallery for restoration. Over 80 works explore all facets of GF Watts' work, including portraits, landscapes and engagement with social issues. MEDIA MUSEUM, Bradford THROUGHOUT DECEMBER & JANUARY

Joanna Quinn is a British animator with a witty take on life. This exhibition brings together drawings from the last twenty-five years and also includes some of her commercial animations such as 'Charmin' and 'Whiskas'. Using her original artwork, notebooks and films, the exhibition explores her methods and approaches and the reality of working in today's animation industry.


Plastic Culture looks at the visual and cultural impact of the 1960's Pop Art movement upon subsequent generations of artists in Japan, the UK and the USA. It demonstrates how the pioneering work of Andy Warhol enabled artists to work using new media and technologies, and to approach painting and photography with a set of concerns and attitudes led by technological innovation. It also shows that what came after Pop Art was not simply a celebration of consumerism.

Castle Howard will be opening for Christmas, with the Howard family welcoming visitors to experience the magic of Christmas at Castle Howard. The House will be adorned with the Howard family's own decorations and traditional fresh foliage displays. Friendly guides will be located throughout the house to share tales of Christmas past and present, as visitors move between decorated rooms lit by flickering candles and cosy fires.

TEMPLE NEWSAM, Leeds This exhibition trail will focus on the many examples of Gothick style to be found among the furniture and decorations at Temple Newsam. With


Celebrate Christmas with the Brass of Opera North and Leeds Philharmonic Chorus at the annual family carol concerts, in support of the Lord Mayor's Charity Appeals. KIRKSTALL ABBEY, Leeds 19th DECEMBER

The Abbey is the perfect location for a festive sing-song with local group, The Heritage Singers (2-3pm)


19th - 20th DECEMBER

Millennium Square hosts the annual return of Christkindelmarkt, one of the largest German Christmas Markets in the UK. Visitors can stock up on festive goodies including cookies and sweets, cakes and fruits and those delicious smoked sausages and meats, or take away the seasonal chill with a glass of Glühwein, hot soup or traditional Bratwurst.

Take a magical Christmas journey on Santa's very own Steam Train. During the one hour round trip, Santa makes his way through the train helped by his team of pixies and elves. Santa visits all children and personally gives them a quality present appropriate to their age. Adults all receive a mince pie and seasonal drink! Booking essential.

The little ones can enjoy fun-fair rides while the shoppers browse among the traditional chalet-style stalls for Xmas gifts - handmade jewellery, toys, decorations, cards, candles and accessories.





Fashion Revolution: British Style from the 1960s and 1970s is an exhibition that looks at the iconic fashions of the era.


From the late nineteenth through to the mid-twentieth century, the sculptor's education - drawing from life, from nature, or from the cast - was remarkably consistent. With post-war rethinking, the curriculum changed radically, but was in many ways just as rigid. Using a wide range of material from individual sculptors' archives, 'Sculpture in Painting' examines how sculptors have been taught to see three-dimensionally.



Memories of a once thriving industry are preserved in the paintings of textile mill interiors in 'Not Just Run of the Mill' by Janis Bowie. Evocative watercolours attempt to capture the light and airy atmosphere of the mill environment, whilst large acrylic works portray how the imposing structures of machinery dominated the mill setting. OTLEY CHEVIN 24th JANUARY


'The Growing Point of Art' display focuses on work produced by the Fellows during their time in Leeds and subsequently acquired for the Gallery. A section of the display, that will change, brings into sharper focus the work of one Fellow in particular.

Join the rangers of Otley to learn how to identify garden birds in preparation for the BBC's Big Garden Birdwatch and make bird feeders to take home for the birds in your own garden.

Just days before the gig was due to happen, Heidi and Jade rang JK & Joel @ Breakfast to announce they would be pulling out because Amelle was being treated for nervous exhaustion (not nervous extortion as someone in our office accidentally wrote in an email - I shall protect his identity!). Heidi and Jade promised to still come to Leeds to meet their fans but would not be performing. Radio Aire was suddenly splashed over glossy magazines and newspapers, all of them wanting to get the scoop on what had happened with Amelle. In the end, Heidi and Jade took to the stage and ended up in tears explaining to their fans what had happened. It was quite a week for Radio Aire. Oh, and huge thanks to Taio Cruz and Gabriella Cilmi who stepped in to ensure a brilliant free gig still took place.

AireWaves Behind the scenes news and gossip from the region's biggest radio station...

Rich Williams

For a week in the month of October, Radio Aire found itself in the centre of the biggest showbiz story in the country (bar Katie and Peter, obviously - but that doesn't count!). Cast your mind back to an announcement that was made involving Sugababes. No, not the one about them all getting on like a house on fire. No, not the one confirming there were differences in the group. No, not the one about Keisha leaving the band. No, not even the one confirming that the new member would be Jade Ewen. In fairness to you, there have been a lot of Sugababes' announcements to get your head around!revolving doors of Radio Aire HQ. (Interesting aside #368: When typing Sugababes for this article my computer has put a wiggly red line underneath the word to alert me to an incorrect spelling. Its suggested amendment is from Sugababes to Squabbles. How apt!)

A recent guest of mine on The Homerun was Alexandra Burke. She is a really lovely lady and deserves all of her success, although I think I took her a touch by surprise. During the interview I told her that I had seen her perform in the past. She instantly assumed it would have been on the X Factor tour earlier in the year. It wasn't. I told her that it was only in front of a couple of hundred guests and it was down in London. She looked bemused until I explained to her that when a friend of mine got married a few years ago (before Alexandra had been on the X Factor), the band at the wedding had none other than her good self as their lead singer. I think it caught her a bit off guard!

You might remember seeing Gordon Ramsay's F Word recently searching for the best Italian in the country. The show featured Headingley's 'Salvos' which went on to take the accolade. Filming for this was top secret and no one in Leeds knew what was happening until I blurted out the news on The Homerun. Whoops!


I'd received a call from an anonymous listener who told me that his daughter was walking past Salvos, popped her head round the door and saw none other than Gordon Ramsay himself. Listeners were then ringing in to confirm that the acid-tongued Scot was in Yorkshire. I rang Salvos to find out what was happening but they remained tight-lipped, much to my disappointment. I forgive them though... their Gnocchi Sorrentina is the best!

I digress.

Other guests to have recently stepped through the revolving doors of Radio Aire include Robbie Williams, who admitted that when he was on MTV Cribs he rented some friends and made out as though every Saturday he has 'Sound of Music' days where they all watch the film on his big television! Will Young popped in and said that he can't even go for a jog without being spotted. He was in Brighton running down the pier when a man shouted at him 'Keep going Will!' He wasn't sure if he'd meant the jog ... or his career!

HEIDI & JADE Squabbles, sorry, Sugababes, were due to perform a free gig for Radio Aire listeners in Leeds at Clarence Dock as part of this years' Leeds Shopping Week. After the confirmation of the new line up we had managed to secure their first gig since the split and it was to happen right here in Leeds. This was a gig that was always likely to command a lot of media attention nationally. Everyone wanted to know how the new girl would fit in to proceedings. However, it ended up commanding far more media attention than anyone could have imagined.

And finally, one to watch for 2010. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason DeRulo who is going to have a massive career having already penned one of the best songs of 2009, 'Whatcha Say'. He swapped Miami for Leeds and was loving it ... especially the Dalek building at Bridgewater Place.





Room to dream A luxury interiors home walkthrough for 2010.



1a Qaanaaq Lamp made out of driftwood from Bleu Nature. £920 from


Always ensure your wood burner is fitted by a qualified professional.

Oslo, £108, Polestar inc transformer, £50 and Low Heat Columini, £175.


2 1


Thanks to intelligent multi-room solutions, Loewe’s new ‘Reference’ line audio experience can be enjoyed throughout the buyer’s living area without any major installation expenditure. The entire Loewe Reference product line can be operated with just one single remote control. OLED display on the remote control is activated when it is used in adjacent rooms, thus simplifying selection and operation. Plus, the entire system can be placed on a single floor plate made of polished aluminium, giving the Loewe Reference a sculpture-like character. More info:

4 This unique, modular Rythme sofa was designed by the Missoni Studio Home exclusively for Roche Bobois. The sofa is composed of 30cm-wide individual seat ‘slices’ that sit between 2 x armrest sections. As it is bespoke-made, customers choose the number of ‘slices’ they want in their sofa (with no limit on the length!) and the fabric for each (could be one uniform colour or each section could be upholstered in a different fabric from a wide selection of Missoni Home jacquard and cotton velvets). Roche Bobois then make the sofa accordingly (into one solid piece). The price of the sofa as shown is £4,840




A wood burning stove can provide a stunning focal point for any room, whether traditional or modern. It is an efficient way to heat your home and can also be very environmentally friendly. The Stûv 21/95, as pictured with rusted finish cladding, comes at £6,229 and is available from BMF Ltd, visit

Here, discreet architectural lighting is used to dramatic effect. Low Heat Columinis uplight each of the arches. Bronze Oslos light the stair treads drawing ones eyes up the stairs. Low voltage Polestar 50s are directed onto key artworks and provide pools of light to lead you sown the corridor.

From John Cullen Lighting 020 7371 9000







Instead of blowing the budget on expensive units, worktops and appliances, then playing it safe with a plain and sensible roller blind, why not refresh your kitchen with this cost-effective Roman blind in ‘Rocco’ from the brand new Novatec collection? From £192 for a 60cm x 80cm blind




These useful storage tins are a bit of an in-joke, showing as they do specific colours and their reference codes. A benefit to this is that you can be certain of precisely which colour you’ll be getting! Great for those for whom a perfect match is essential. £14.95 from



Dinesen Oak floors look amazing in this light and airy study room. They cost from £109 per m2 depending on the thickness, width and length of the floorboards. More info:




Gorgeous ‘Pepite Style’ cotton percale bed linen with an embroidered trim from Descamps. Duvet £128 kingsize Pillows £34 Small cushion covers from £20


stockists 0207 486 1900



The Candy single bed is perfect for teenagers and has a second bed neatly hidden away underneath. Simply lift up the side of the base and pull the second bed out. It has a lifting device to set it up and the option to cover the head of the mechanism with a matching headboard cover. Perfect for those teenage sleepovers! £1,890 from



Kaldewei’s Bassino Shower Bath is the ultimate in luxury. It has been designed to allow the bather to float freely in the water as if in the open sea or a sumptuous swimming pool. The ultimate in relaxation. From £2,505. Available from BMF Ltd, visit





Mezzo Sofa available in fabrics and leathers. Occa 690 coffee table available in Black, Oak and Walnut Available from BoConcept Redbrick Mill, Dewsbury.




A flower for all seasons All gardeners have done it. I certainly have. Gazed at some improbable hot house specimen, all glamour and charm, in the stacks of the local garden centre, and

“The loveliest things in life

thought – “That’s a beauty. I’ll have one of those.” It always ends in tears. The plant By Barney Bardsley

usually finishes up on the compost heap. Flowers – more than most things – are creatures of place. Take them out of their natural habitat and they will wilt. But the one

are not necessarily

thing that gardeners struggle with most, is an over optimistic nature. No matter if your garden is wet, heavy, acid clay, like mine, there is some part of the brain that longs for the tropical allure of a pale blue Agapanthus, or a red-orange Bird of Paradise. Stop right there. The loveliest things in life are not necessarily the most rare – or out of reach.

the most rare – or out of reach.”

In matters of the earth, do not despise the delights that are already wafting right under your nose...


Barney Bardsley’s book “A Handful of Earth” is published by John Murray, £7.99

To that end, here is a compilation of my Top Ten Plants to end the old year with, and to herald the new. The following line up – some of them structural and evergreen, some seasonal and flowering - may not have the most brilliant blooms, or unusual shapes and scents, but they are reliable and richly rewarding in their own right. Make way for some unsung heroes of the gardening world.



If you are looking for


WITCH HAZEL This is a curious-looking individual, but strangely compelling. The Chinese witch hazel (hamamelis mollis), a woody shrub which produces small, spidery yellow flowers directly from its shoots and branches, is miraculous for two reasons: one, it flowers from December to February, when everything else is fast asleep; two – its fragrance, which is utterly exquisite. The witch hazel’s scent, will waken your senses, and make you dream of summer.


SNOWDROP This little beauty is as pretty and demure as the witch hazel is weird. The drifts of tiny white flowers which pop up every February in my back garden are as dear to me as blue skies on a rare, bright winter’s morning. You have to make room for a little patch of them somewhere. The Common Snowdrop (galanthus nivalis) is the hardiest. There is nothing this little ballerina likes better than cold, damp, heavy soil. But beware – buy plants “in the green”, because the flowers take years to establish from the naked bulbs.


BAMBOO This would be my one disc to take to a desert island...Bamboo is an evergreen beauty, its tiny, pointed leaves shimmering from long, flexible, sandy-coloured canes: its whole structure built for movement and grace. Watch how the breeze takes it and sets the whole plant alive with ripples, shivers and a gentle, seismic trembling. Miraculous. I have learned the hard way not to put this into open ground – they are very invasive plants. In a large pot they will be perfectly happy – but keep well watered. They are always thirsty. Choose a clump forming variety – such as the fargesia – rather than the runners, which will take over the farm in next to no time.



PHORMIUM With its sword sharp leaves and strong, upright habit, the doughty New Zealand flax is a worthy foot soldier in the formation of the structural shape at the back of a border. Green or purple, and defiantly evergreen, this baby will get big – but just prune it back when you need to, it won’t mind a bit.

winter cheer in small containers, don’t bother buying winter pansies – they will keel over at the first whiff of wind and


HONEYSUCKLE (Lonicera Japonica) This is a memory of childhood – all wrapped up in one gorgeous, unforgettable smell, and an open hand of a flower, cream and yellow and soft. Dreamy. Honeysuckle will scramble happily over any hedge or frame, filling your garden with bumble bees and your nose with an intoxicating fragrance.

rain. Plant cyclamen instead - they come in three shades: white, pink and red and are both beautiful and sturdy.


ROSE “By any other name...” How could this one not be on the list? With over a hundred species, it can be hard to choose. I am particularly fond of the rambling roses, with their single flush blooms, followed by a show of fat, shiny rosehips in the autumn. “Rambling Rector”, despite its silly name, is a very pretty creamy white rambler. But don’t be fooled by the demure blooms, keep an eye on its growth, it’s a rampant rector too!

If you are lucky enough to have a holly in your garden, with its lovely bright red berries, then

A U T U M N net a sprig or two right


DOGWOOD All hail the redoubtable cornus sanguinea, a native plant from our ancient hedgerows, producing abundant foliage, which turns a rich, Rioja red in the autumn before falling, to reveal this plant’s secret weapon: a forest of shiny red stems which glow like flames, all through the dull winter months. I love it with a passion. Prune it back hard in February – and it will get better and better each year.

now. Otherwise, when you come to clip some for your Xmas decorations, you will find, as I have, year after year, that the birds have got there first – and scoffed the lot!


CAMELLIA This is the most exotic flower on my list. What a beauty. The shrub is evergreen, with waxy, dark green oval leaves, but the flowers, when they burst forth from fat pupa-like buds, are intense, curvaceous blooms, ranging from white to soft pink to the deepest erotic red. They need an ericaceous (acid) soil: mine grow in special compost in pots. In the eighteenth century, a secret language of flowers evolved, as a way for illicit lovers to communicate. Choose a pink camellia for “Longing for you.” The red one: “You’re a flame in my heart.” Protect your camellia – and your heart – from heavy frost. They are tender creatures.


AUTUMN FLOWERING CHERRY (prunus subhirtella autumnalis rosea) We are all familiar with the wonder of spring cherry trees, bedecked like brides with profusions of white and pink flowers. Less showy but more valuable to the autumn and winter garden is the autumn flowering cherry. This petite tree drops its leaves in November and then immediately springs into life again, with tiny pink-white blooms dotted against its bare branches, which last all through winter, till spring – thankfully - comes around once more.

Want to stop evil spirits from crossing the threshold this winter? Then plant a couple of hellebores – Christmas


POPPY What a bright shining star this one is. It comes in a range of colours, but scarlet has to be the best. Choose either the papery evanescence of the small field or corn poppy (papaver rhoeas), which you can grow from seed, or buy the silky opulence of the oriental poppy (papaver orientale) in plant form. With its huge, intense, red flowers, splashed with shiny black at the petals’ base, and that curving, swan’s neck of a stem, this flower evokes passion and longing, more than any other.

roses – which are gentle little white flowers, atop a palmate leaf. In olden days, they were attributed with magical powers. Worth a try.




PROPERT Y T he r e g ion’s hotte s t pr ope r tie s

GUIDE GLEASTON, HIGH CLOSE, RAWDON A unique opportunity to acquire this mature 5 bedroom stone built property set in an enviable position in this highly sought after location on the outskirts of Rawdon. High Close is situated off Rawdon Drive which is a private road and 'Gleaston' sits in an elevated position at the head of the cul-de-sac. Viewing is recommended to fully appreciate this lovely home and also the picturesque setting.

Asking Price £675,000 T: 0113 203 4939 email:

2 THE STABLES, EAST HARDWICK, PONTEFRACT Superb barn conversion brimming with character features, renovated to a high standard and situated in this quaint and attractive hamlet of Hundhill. This delightful home features three reception rooms, family kitchen and playroom, four bedrooms, with two en-suites and bathroom. Second staircase leads to a study room/possible fifth bedroom. Majestic gardens and a sweeping driveway lead to a double garage.

Asking Price £695,000 T: 0113 203 4939 email:

THE WINDMILL, BULLERTHORPE LANE, COLTON An unusual Grade II listed former windmill believed to date back over 600 years and has been developed into an outstanding contemporary home yet retaining and showcasing many of the original workings. Having a high specification of fittings throughout and many interesting features, this five bedroom property is ideal for the growing family but would also make an ideal unconventional office premises (subject to planning). No Chain.

Asking Price £649,995 T: 0113 203 4939 email:


104 SELBY ROAD, GARFORTH, LEEDS A recently built five/six bedroom detached family home situated in this desirable location enjoying a superb aspect and is set in approx 1 acre of grounds. This bespoke individual home of approx 4200 sq ft has been built to the highest specification and quality and enjoys extremely spacious and versatile accommodation, presented to the highest order with quality fixtures and fittings throughout.

Asking Price £925,000 T: 0113 203 4939 email:

10 ALWOODLEY GATES, ALWOODLEY A most beautifully presented and luxurious, six bedroom modern detached property situated in this exclusive development and built by Cala Homes.

“most beautifully presented and luxurious”

The property has been much improved and fitted to a high standard to provide a sumptuous home in a contemporary style. This fine home is ideally located for access to Leeds Centre, nearby amenities and in particular the Grammar School at Leeds.

Asking Price £895,000 T: 0113 203 4939 email:

THE OVAL, 25A BRACKEN PARK, SCARCROFT A substantial five bedroom, four en-suite bathroom detached property situated in this exclusive North Leeds residential area of Bracken Park. Having undergone extensive improvements by the current owners, in an open plan style to include a fabulous RMK kitchen by Arlington, wiring for an internal sound system and stands in well screened grounds with a carriage driveway to the front leading to the integral double garage.

Asking Price £899,995 T: 0113 203 4939 email:

THE OLD COURTYARD, WESCOE HILL LANE, WEETON A superb four bedroom stone barn conversion set in 6 acres approx of garden and paddocks, approached via electronically controlled gates. Outstanding views towards Almscliffe Crag. Having a fine lounge with pitched roof and exposed beams, dining kitchen, three ground floor bedrooms one with en-suite and a loft floor master suite with en-suite. Beautiful landscaped gardens and three paddocks all enjoying far reaching views.

Asking Price £895,000 T: 0113 203 4939 email:


Wetherby Road, Scarcroft Scarcroft Manor forms part of a grand residence which sits in 1.4 acres, believed to date back to the 1840's and divided into 2 properties in 1927. The property provides substantial 7 bedroom accommodation which incorporates a three bedroom Coach House, and offers a tasteful blend of contemporary and traditional style with many original features. There are 5 reception areas including 3 drawing rooms, 2 kitchens, utility room and 6 bathrooms, with beautifully maintained gardens and tennis court backing onto Greenbelt countryside.

The asking price is £1,600,000


Leeds Road, Otley A unique opportunity to acquire this magnificent Victorian home, dating back to the late 1800's and built in a Gothic style, in an elevated position. On the outskirts of this popular Wharfedale town, this imposing home offers most versatile accommodation set over four floors, with 5 bedrooms, 3/4 reception rooms, 4 bathrooms, useful cellars/bar, outdoor heated swimming pool and hot tub, 3 garages. Steeped in a wealth of original character, this charming home must be viewed to be fully appreciated.

Offers over £1,295,000

Manning Stainton Fine & Country Leeds T: 0113 203 4939 Email:

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the charter design company limited 1 church road | roberttown | liversedge | west yorkshire | wf15 7ls t: 01924 413800 e:

Yorkshires Y orkshires p premier remier h home o m e interiors interiors s showroom... howroom...





Design Benson Pure Des sign Leeds 18-20 Benso on Street Leeds LS7 1BL 6490 T: 0113 218 649 90

F:0113 218 6499 E:info@puredesignuk.c com www.puredesignuk.c com





David Leck spends a few days in a South American capital, European in feel but distinctly Latin American.

Terraces &T-Bones

You could be forgiven for experiencing a sense of geographical displacement on arrival in Buenos Aires.

Stand on one of the Argentine capital’s wide boulevards and you could easily mark out your surroundings as distinctly European: Paris, possibly? Madrid, maybe? Yet scratch even fleetingly below the surface and this place is passionately, vibrantly Latin America. It is also a city with considerable charm, an edgy disposition and bags of attitude. Not, for nothing, do Porteños (residents of BA) have a penchant for the psychiatrist’s couch, a liking for the plastic surgeon’s scalpel and, according to some, egos that are said to have residents of other cities in the region scuttling away with inferiority issues.

There’s no better example of Argentine style and attitude than the city’s Recoleta Cemetery. Now, stick with me. I know the thought of a morning passing the resting places of the great and good may seem like no incentive whatsoever to take the 15-hour flight due south but this is one of BA’s highlights. It’s a Hampton Court-style maze of opulence. If the wealthy departed could enter a game show and win the most ornate, extravagant, overthe-top tomb in which to out do the “neighbours” then Recoleta would be the result.


Pictures: Veloso Tours/David Leck.

But having visited this most interesting and often quirky of capital cities twice, my hunch is that much of this is a reflection of the country’s turbulent past as it is about levels of arrogance.

What else...

No matter how great a city it is, you’re unlikely to be heading to Argentina just to spend a few days in its capital. Here is the Index guide to what else you might include in a trip to this richly diverse country.

It’s a fair bet most visitors are here to locate the final resting place of Eva Peron, the country’s former first lady and - a half-century after her death at the age of 33 - still regarded by some as saint and saviour and by others as fascist whore. Whichever your view point, Evita is a much an enduring symbol of Argentina as the passionate tango, soccer, and those legendary steaks. The city is noted for its coffee houses. Here they assume the same role as social nucleus as our own pubs and bars but that Latin passion has shaped, scarred and influenced many of these hostelries through Argentina’s rich literary heritage as well as less savoury times typified by social unrest, financial ruin (they saw a run on the banks at a time when we would have said “that can’t happen here”!) and military oppression The most famous is Café Tortoni - a 150-year-old temple to R&R BA-style with waiters in bow tie and tails, marbled floors and mahogany panelled walls, all of which is enough to make you dread the sight of another Starbucks. A short walk away is the Plaza de Mayo, dominated on one side by the Casa Rosada - from whose balcony Evita addressed the adoring masses. But this is also a part of the city where you are reminded of the country’s troubled past. Following a bloodless military coup in 1976 a brutal dictatorship was installed in which mass murder and torture where the order of the day. Over the next seven years an estimated 30,000 people - mostly but not exclusively Argentineans - were made to “disappear”. The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo march on the square, peacefully and with great dignity, weekly to this day.

As the country enjoys a period of relative economic stability, Buenos Aires has seen the arrival of sophisticated bars and fine dining to rival anything London, Paris or New York has to offer.

One of the great pleasures of Buenos Aires can be had exploring its leafy neighbourhoods or stopping off for a café con leche (a latte with a kick) or to watch an impromptu pavement-side display of the hypnotic, passionate tango. Porteños have a certain attitude but delve beneath the surface and you will, on the whole, find them a people with a sense of style, a love of life and a take on events that has obviously shaped their journey through turbulent times.

The Argentinean zest for life is observed to no greater, or impressive, extent than in its love of the beautiful game. The world famous Boca Juniors and River Plate represent the local equivalent of Chelsea and Arsenal. The rivalry is legendary and, even if you’re not a football fan, if you’re in town when one of these giants is playing at home, then the sheer spectacle and fervour on display really is worth experiencing. As the country enjoys a period of relative economic stability, Buenos Aires has seen the arrival of sophisticated bars and fine dining to rival anything London, Paris or New York has to offer. Head for the rejuvenated dockside area of Puerto Madero and be spoilt for choice, or make for the trendy Palermo district for a confection of tree-lined streets, artists and intellectuals, and some seriously good food, And, yes, if you’re a carnivore then that Argentinean beef is every bit as good as you’ve been told. Messrs Rice and Lloyd Webber asked when penning Evita: “What’s new, Buenos Aires?”. The answer these days is quite a lot. A city that wears its heart on its sleeve, locals with considerable style, and a gateway to a country that surprises at every turn, you may well find yourself completely captivated by this intoxicating capital.

Salta Part of the Northern Provinces, Salta is a fascinating place in which to spend a few days and is also the gateway for exploring pre-Columbian cultures, ruins of native villages, and forts and constructions dating back to the time of the conquest and colonisation. Mendoza Locals claim it as one of the most beautiful cities in the country but Mendoza and the surrounding region is probably best known as the centre of Argentina’s large (the world’s fifth biggest producer) and highly regarded wine industry. Bariloche No, you’re not in Austria or Switzerland, but Bariloche’s stunning natural beauty typified by stunning scenery, chocolate box beauty and great outdoor exploring, has a distinct alpine feel. El Calafate The gateway to the stunning Perito Merino Glacier (for once, the words “truly breathtaking” are more than justified), El Calafate is a great base from which to explore this part of Patagonia.

FACT FILE British Airways (www, is the only airline flying direct to Buenos Aires from London (with a brief stop in Sao Paulo). Fares start from around £750. Cheaper deals may be available via Madrid with Iberia ( Latin America specialists Veloso Tours (020 8762 0616; has five nights in the Argentine capital from £1444 per person staying at a four-star hotel and including flights with BA and transfers. The company also has the 12-night Pampa Tour of Argentina costing from £3105 per person. Also try Pettitts (




Matthew Peacock Chevin Cycles

BY DESIgN Trail tough, technically tenacious and blisteringly fast ...Whyte Bikes are here to stay. Formula 1 designer Jon Whyte created the British bike brand“Whyte”. his aim was to build the best performing, and most technically advanced Mountain Bike in the uK. his award winning PrST-1 and Whyte 46 created new riding genres and revolutionised the uK Mountain Bike Scene.

The bikes are designed to be ridden relentlessly hard, and they repay your effort as the tightest, most responsive and toughest trail bikes available plus being the lightest in their class. Whyte’s reputation for reliability has been proved over and again by riders doing hundreds of kms on Saturday, grabbing a few hours sleep, and doing it all again on Sunday. There are few bikes that can stand that kind of stress. The famous Quad Link suspension found on the E-120 range also creates a uniquely responsive ride and shock absorbing performance while shielding the shock from mud and debris. There is enough tyre room to cope with the worst claggy mud in winter or wet 24 hour race conditions (that sums up a UK summer!).

how? All the Whyte designers are experienced cyclists and they ride the same trails, compete in the same races and events as the rest of us, and this is reflected in the design of the bikes. Every Whyte Mountain Bike is designed and tested in the UK. With components chosen to suit UK trails and superb mud clearance, they are a perfect choice for UK riders. It is no coincidence that the original Whyte design team created the first full suspension bike to win the National XC series. Racing is in their blood. They understand the adrenaline rush on riding the fastest, most brutal course, and have not compromised the design to give maximum performance.


It is no coincidence that while any fragile featherweight bike can take smooth groomed course glory, Whyte bikes have won at the most grueling‘real rider’events. 2009 winners include the‘storm lashed’7-day Trans Wales race, the Somme like attrition of the‘Dusk to Dawn’race. Whyte were also winners at the brutally technical Laggan XC and won the top two places (yet again) at this summer’s Polaris event. In addition, countless other personal victories on podiums and summits every weekend. If you would like to experience the stunning acceleration, glued traction and exceptional chaos proof control, Chevin Cycles have demo Whyte bikes. So, if you feel like having a go on one of the award winning bikes on the Otley Chevin, give us a ring and arrange a ride.

ThE rANgE hArDTAIL WhyTe 901 £1099 WhyTe 905 £1499 - Demo Bike aVaiLaBLe WhTye TraiL 631 £1599 WhyTe TraiL aL £2149 WhyTe TraiL Ti £3999 CArBoN hArDTAIL 19c £2399 19 race £2799 19 Works XX £3999 CArBoN FuLL SuSPENSIoN e-120 s £2699 e-120 XT £2999 - Demo Bike aVaiLaBLe e-120 Works XX £5499


Chevin Cycles Limited The Showrooms | Leeds Road | Otley | West Yorkshire | LS21 1BR

01943 462773


The Great

Specialists in Ski Clothing and Equipment for the family skier through to the dynamic extreme skier.

Established 1975

Friendly and experienced advice to make sure you get the correct equipment for the job.

We always strive to stock the best in Winter clothing available covering all price levels in Jackets, Pants, Fleeces, Thermals and Gloves all of which are perfect for everyday wear as well as on the slopes.

Tel 0113 2504686

1 Ivegate • Yeadon • Leeds • LS19 7RE




Duncan Thorne




A World Cup, a grand Slam, Five and Six Nations, heineken Cups, Premiership titles, Player of the Year, Players’ Player of the Year, top try scorer, three British Lions tours, 66 Tests and the oldest man to play for the Lions - Neil Back MBE has seen it all and won it all (more than once). So there’s no-one better placed to lead Leeds in their bid to retain their Premiership status.

“The first year was non-negotiable we had to get promoted to the Premiership - and we did.”

Tough, uncompromising and belligerent as a player, Back has already achieved success in his role as Head Coach of Leeds Carnegie after guiding them to promotion from League One at the first time of asking. During his playing career he showed determination and an incredible drive to win that bordered on the side of gamesmanship depending on your allegiance, but the one certain thing with Neil Back is that he’ll give 100 per cent and leave no stone unturned as he continues in his quest for perfection. Now facing one of his biggest challenges, how does he stop the yo-yo effect that has blighted Leeds over recent years and establish the club in the Guinness Premiership? “When I arrived at the club we had a three-year plan,” he says. “The first year was non-negotiable - we had to get promoted to the Premiership - and we did. Year two our objective is consolidation in the Premiership and success is finishing 11th as that will fulfil our goal, but we want more than that. “If we achieve our objective and consolidate, then next year we get a full share of the money that’s distributed to the Premiership clubs. So from a financial point of view we get an extra million (pounds) in the pot and this means recruitment becomes easier because you’re a Premiership club, more finance comes in through sponsorship, corporate hospitality and more people come through the gates.


Photo by Steve Stenson

“So if we can stay up we can really build and push on in the following year. “When Harlequins and Northampton went down they retained the majority of their squad. When Leeds went down the previous time the majority of players had a clause in their contract saying they could leave and they did, so it was a rebuilding process then and we had to do it again. “Last year was about getting the people in to achieve our goals and bringing them on and then shedding some off that weren’t good enough, bringing some on top and then moving that squad up. We’ll do the same this year as well so everyone’s moving forward to a better place. “There are some players in our squad that aren’t good enough for the Premiership but we provide everyone with the best environment to maximise their potential. If you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough and we can sort of live with that but if you fail through lack of effort then that’s tough. “At the end of the year we want them to look back and say ‘I couldn’t have done anymore’ and we’ll move on and bring better players in to achieve the goals that we want. This is top level rugby and we’ve to be honest.” The ‘best environment’ Back talks about is clear to see as he shows me around the Leeds Rugby Academy built on the old Headingley Rugby Club site. The club’s unique partnership with Leeds Rhinos and Leeds Metropolitan University means Back has access to sports science, physiotherapy and research departments, the academy training facilities and Headingley Stadium - and all are within a three mile radius.

“Everything we need is here and in place for this to be a great club for the future. The training facilities are fantastic, we’ve training pitches that are better than a lot of club’s first team pitches, they’re the same dimensions as our playing pitch and we’ve sports science at the university. Players here should really develop with these facilities.” With the infrastructure in place and the plan devised, all that’s left for Back is to execute it. As ever, he’s straight to the point as he’s always been throughout his career. “We always knew with this group of players that there were better squads out there, so it’s really important that we could get them in the physical shape so they could compete for 80 minutes and we’ve demonstrated that in preseason and our games so far in the Premiership, including the win at Wasps,” he adds.

“I hooked up with the head of sport at Loughbourgh University and worked on diet, nutrition, rest, recovery and had an individual programme four years before everyone else started doing it. Because I’m not the biggest, I had to be fitter and give myself an edge elsewhere and hope others weren’t doing the same. “I’ve never been a big drinker because I knew it was detrimental to performance. I don’t need a lot of drink to have a good time and I didn’t enjoy the singing and all that sort of thing on the team bus that you get with amateur rugby anyway. “Since 1996 when rugby became professional the game has changed drastically. Thanks to funding from the Rugby Football Union we were ahead in terms of fitness and nutrition - you could see it when the English boys toured with the Lions in 1997.

“We’ve built an environment here that is very critical and very honest and our feedback sessions are such that no-one can hide and noone does hide.” Who would dare? This is a man who refused to be beaten on numerous occasions throughout his playing career. Discarded by England coach Geoff Cooke in 1991 and told he was too small for international rugby, he still became a pioneer of the modern game, with his steely determination to be the best and by being the fittest and most willing to sacrifice.

“We’ve a lack of experience in terms of dealing with the pressure of game management and decision making in the Premiership; we’ve to be clearer, quicker and more precise and with more experience they’ve become better equipped with making decisions under pressure and their ability to concentrate for the full 80 minutes. “This has grown with each game and those are the signs that you want to see. “We carry out video reviews of the forwards and backs, team reviews and individual reviews and we’ve been able to demonstrate the performance has been good but it’s not been consistent and at this level, lapses in concentration can be brutal. “Nothing other than matches can provide you with these challenges, you can try and replicate it but it’s all about game time and making the

“Our level was so much higher and by the 2001 tour we had pulled away and that’s why in 2003 (when England won the World Cup) we were slightly ahead in terms of performance and fitness. By the 2005 Lions tour everyone had caught up, so now sides will get the edge through skill development and game understanding.

“When I started my career rugby was amateur and I was a pensions’ manager working a flexible 35 hour week in an office, training twice a week with Leicester and three times a week on my own.

decisions under extreme pressure but we’ve not reached a plateau yet, it’s been a continual improvement and that’s pleasing.

“This has been the same with Leeds. We had to reach the required physical level and we have. The next stage of our development is finetuning the players and their all-round games to maximise performance.

“It’s this kind of sacrifice and determination we are striving for at Leeds.”

if everyone at the club puts in as much effort as Back, part two of his masterplan will be a success and Leeds can push on and become an established Premiership side. Failure and excuses don’t appear on his CV.

“Being a professional means just that, you’ve got to make sacrifices and all the best players do it.” Back provides a great example of this with a story about his former England team mate, Jason ‘The Fun Bus’ Leonard.

“When we turned professional the England players had to bring all our food in each week to get weighed, show how much we’d eaten and have all kinds of tests. We all brought cartons of things in but Leonard came in with two dustbin bags full of tins and things he shouldn’t have been eating. “When he was asked how much alcohol he had during a week he said 24 pints and the nutritionist assumed that was three or four a night and he said “no, 20 pints on Saturday night and four at lunchtime on Sunday to top up!” “But all credit to Jason because he realised he had to change in the professional era and he went on to be England’s most capped international forward of all time.




FASTFORWARD>>> Lexus is marking its 21st year in the luxury car market in highly-specified style with the elegant new IS 250 Convertible. As well as offering the fastest folding roof in its class, smooth, high power and sleek aerodynamic design, it presents an enviable list of standard features including a 6-CD autochanger, eight speakers with 5.1 digital surround sound and semi-aniline leather seats all as standard. Hard Disk Drive satellite navigation with Dynamic Route Guidance and striking 18-inch alloy wheel are also designed in from the start.


These features - and many more - make the is 250c a compelling choice, and Lexus have left nothing to be desired in their pursuit to create a rewarding and engaging open-top driving experience.

“The Lexus is 250c delivers on all fronts”

In fact, a quick glance at the specification list very quickly starts to make the competition look distinctly under-equipped. “It’s all part of the Lexus philosophy,” says Adrian Smith, Brand Manager of Lexus Leeds. “The list price always presents a thorough package because we firmly believe that customers shouldn’t need to ramp up the cost of their car with expensive options. It’s why, for example, the IS 250C offers features like intelligent Adaptive Front Lighting, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and front and rear parking sensors as standard.”


>>INNOvATIONASSTANDARD A comprehensive specification list is a definite plus point. So is the fact that this is a convertible from Lexus. Convertibles need impeccable build quality and particularly when there’s a powerful 204bhp, 2.5-litre V6 engine under the bonnet - sleek, aerodynamic design to provide sharp handling and a comfortable, quiet drive. The IS 250C delivers on all fronts, with design features including highly rigid construction, acoustic glass, a steeply raked windscreen, an ultra-smooth profile and dynamic, duck-tail rear styling.

The roof itself is, of course, central to the car's appeal. With its lightweight three-part structure, it can be opened or closed in just 20 seconds at the touch of a buttonmaking it the fastest and smoothest of its kind on the market. And thanks to some clever packaging, it gives the IS 250C class-leading load space, generous rear seat access - via a clever onetouch seat fold and slide action plus ample room for rear passengers. The seamless motion of the roof closing is a piece of pure theatre.



All in all, it's an extremely attractive package when compared with the offerings from the more ubiquitous models in this class. If you would like to find out more, Adrian Smith of Lexus Leeds would be delighted to discuss the specifics. "We can easily demonstrate the cost efficiencies of Lexus. I always find that people are very pleasantly surprised when they find out how much they can save. But it's not just about saving money. It's also important to have first hand experience of the comforts, refinement and sophistication of the Lexus IS 250C."

When it comes to safety, the IS 250C also excels. Designed to meet the Euro NCAP five star safety rating, it offers six-airbags - including the world's first twin-chamber airbag for the front passenger Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management, incorporating Vehicle Stability Control specially tuned to optimise the handling of an open top car, and a revised Pre-Crash Safety system.

The IS 250C is available from £34,550 on the road.

For more information or to arrange a test drive call Lexus Leeds on 0113 251 1400.


OBJECTS IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR MAY APPEAR JEALOUS Either that or just very glad to see you. That’s because the new IS 250C convertible, for all its dynamic appeal, is also a refreshingly elegant sight to behold. Being a Lexus, it sets new standards in other areas too. Not least, for its hard-top roof that raises or folds with blissfully smooth precision in a class-leading 21 seconds. To test drive the distractingly desirable new IS 250C, call Lexus Leeds on 01132 511 411.

LEXUS LEEDS, Domestic Road, Holbeck, Leeds LS12 6HG.

IS Series prices start from £22,410 to £54,166 OTR and comprise petrol and diesel powertrains. Model shown is IS 250C SE-I at £35,130 including optional metallic paint at £580. Prices correct at time of going to print and include VAT,

IS 250C fuel economy figures: extra-urban 39.8mpg (7.1L/100km), urban 21.6mpg (13.1L/100km),

THE NEW IS 250C delivery, number plates, full tank of fuel, one year’s road fund licence and £55 first registration fee.

combined 30.4mpg (9.3L/100km). CO2 emissions 219g/km.




The refresh provides power and storage for a wide range of mobile devices and prevents the usual tangled web of wires from various leads and connectors. Specifically commissioned by Apple, Bluelounge created the Refresh to fit into day-to-day environments, from the office work desk to the bedroom side table or the kitchen. The Refresh combines attractive design, ease of use and practicality as it is compatible with over 1000 products and can charge up to four devices at one time.

Weighing only 85g The Medion Life S47000 splashresistant hD sports camcorder offers a compact recording solution for any outdoor enthusiast. The pocket sized camcorder can also be used as a digital stills camera at 720p HD resolution and an MP3 player. These features combined with outer casing and a splash water resistant body makes the S47000 a handy device for recording irreplaceable memories.

£79.99 from

It records video using H.264 codec to QuickTime MOV files and can hold up to 90MB of internal memory, which can be easily expanded via SDHC card and with its high performance Li-ion battery users can shoot for hours.

This tiny, snazzy Flip Mino Pocket Camcorder has a huge following already and this latest version is expected to fly off the shelves this Christmas. Simple to use and with its instant online video publishing facility and USB arm you can easily upload videos to YouTube. Its has also been designed with a shiny, mirrored finish so you can see your reflection in the casing, meaning you can frame yourself accurately within the shot before uploading.

£99.99 from The Soundorb Aurora is the first Made for iPod and Works with iPhone speaker system to feature a separate wireless sub-woofer for exceptional sound recreation.

£169 from INQ Mobile recently announced the INQ Mini 3g, with internet-based Twitter, Facebook, Skype and media sync capabilities, making mobile internet accessible to everyone, without a hefty price tag.


under £50 for pay-as-yougo - more info

Including an integrated ambient light, the SoundOrb Aurora is a ground-breaking first for the leading iPod and iPhone accessories brand Gear4. £249.99 from

No kettle required - this revolutionary hot water bottle heats up in just 15 minutes by plugging it into the mains. After unplugging, it gives out comforting warmth for up to 4 hours. Great for bedtime or for warming up cold feet, hands etc.

The ubiSurfer is the first netbook to offer users free Internet access in the uK and low cost roaming in Europe and uSA. Delivering a desktop-like web experience for mobile devices, the UbiSurfer provides fast, easy access to web pages, while preserving the familiarity to which consumers have become accustomed.

£12.95 from

£159.99 - more info

LogMeIn Ignition is a nifty mobile app which allows mobile users to control their remote computers from their Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

There’s nothing worse than being left stranded with a flat mobile phone battery or stuck on a long train journey when an MP3 player goes dead, but thanks to Varta’s new portable battery charger - the V-Man Power Pack - these can now be problems of the past.

With LogMeIn Ignition the user’s iPhone or iPod touch becomes an extension of their computer. With just one touch of their Apple device, users can connect to their remote office or home computer and work as if they were sitting in front of it. £17.99 from the Apple App store

The Sunrise Wake-up Clock can wake you up naturally with gentle brightening light to imitate sunshine, your choice of radio station or a nature sound. The large screen will display the time on a radio-controlled clock to ensure the accuracy and the user friendly design will ensure that no technical knowledge is required. The Sunrise Wake-up Clock will coax you gently into the day rather than getting woken with a jolt by a shrill alarm. £99.99 from

The Xsight Touch from one For All means you now only need one remote for an entire entertainment system. It controls up to 18 different devices from 2,800 brands - including DVD players, hDTVs, cable/satellite boxes, CD Players and computer games centres.

The V-Man itself can be conveniently charged in one of two ways. Either from the mains, with the V-Man Plug mains adapter, or via a USB port on a PC or laptop. After just five hours, it is fully charged and ready to be used anytime and anywhere. £34.99 from The new Braun Silk Epil Xpressive Wet & Dry allows you to epilate whilst soaking in a hot bubble bath, minimizing the pain! It can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm (as opposed to waxing which requires hairs to be about 2mm long) and as such removes the necessary re-growth stage that you experience between waxes perfect for silky smooth party legs. £99.99 - more info

You can create six personal profiles, giving instant access to favourite channels for each member of the household or by genre such as movies, sport etc. Set up is easy too, with no manual required. £129.99 from

This mirror polished nickel uSB keyring with 1GB of memory is the perfect way to keep hold of those important documents. £34.95 from Cadeaux, Leeds

Make cooking for the family easier in 2010 with the new Intellisteam from Morphy richards. A revolution in steam technology, it brings a whole meal together to finish precisely at the same time thanks to its intelligent digital timer. The Intellisteam comes with a pre-set time guide clearly displaying how long it takes to cook different foods such as chicken, fish, rice, sauce and even eggs.

The Varnam Q3 is a new motion-sensing games console that will entertain the whole family without hurting the pocket.

£99.99 from

The Q3 contains 40 pre-loaded games, including 10 interactive titles and 30 classic arcade style games including tennis, horse training, swimming, golf, dancing, car racing and snow boarding.

PowerBall is addictive and fun - and a great exercise tool for toning arms.

£89.99 from

£28 from

The Messless Charge Station is designed to charge portable electronic devices, such as MP3 players, mobile phones, handheld game consoles, PDAs, digital cameras and more. Designed by Giugiaro, voted in 1999 as the best designer of the 20th century, Messless is stylish, simple and incredibly useful. There are 4 docking stations, allowing you to charge your mobile, iPod, camera all at the same time! The pack includes 6 connectors that can be interchanged. £69.99 from




Jono Baker

Perk Up other than being a really, really good restaurant on the Market Place in ripon, what relevance does perking up have to the world of equities and finance? Well, not much really, other than the perks that are associated with buying shares.

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, the following are examples of what you can expect: Marks and Spencer’s plc offer a book of discount vouchers sent out each year to shareholders; this book usually comes out in January with the dividend. The discounts they offered last year were: M&S Café and Spend & Save vouchers distributed to shareholders who appeared on the Marks & Spencer share register on the dividend record date of Friday 14 November 2008. M&S still has one of the highest percentages of share capital held in individual ownership among major companies in the uK and, after additional feedback, made changes to the shareholder voucher offer, increasing the offer by: adding two 10% off vouchers (valid 23 to 26 • January 2009) making the • more flexibleclothing and home vouchers With the exception of the 10% off vouchers, the offers were valid from 1 February to 31 March 2009. Interesting to note that, as well as receiving a 10% discount in that year’s voucher book, if you had held 1,000 shares on the 14th November 2008 and still held them today, you would be looking at a profit of £1,510.

Shares should never be purchased on the strength that they will give something back to you in money-off vouchers but few people actually realise that they do sometimes offer little‘perks’- and some people use and appreciate them. The really interesting thing is the range of perks available. Some of them are genuinely attractive, but if you want to use them, you must check the full terms and conditions before you act.

Shareholder vouchers were sent to shareholders in July who appeared on the Marks & Spencer share register on the dividend record date of Friday 29 May 2009. The offers were similar to last year but with an emphasis on the 125th year anniversary. Shareholders who hold a minimum of 200 shares in BA plc on a record date in early November each year are entitled to a Shareholder Discount Coupon. This coupon entitles the shareholder and up to eight travel companions to a 10% discount on BA flights. Coupons are sent automatically to those shareholders who hold their shares on the Register; for those holding their shares through a PEP, ISA or in nominee account (other than BAIS) the coupon has to be applied for by your Plan Manager. The British Airways shareholder discount scheme will be amended with effect from 1 January 2010. Shareholders will only be eligible for the discount if they have registered to receive communications relating to their shares electronically. Again, if you had invested £1,000 on the 3rd November 2008 your holding would be worth £1,428.37 on the 9th November 2009. Not a bad return if you are looking at buying shares on the basis of a 10% flight discount!

They offer a range of promotions including Vodafone McLaren F1 merchandise giveaways to legal helplines. They also offer a‘Shareholder Club’that offers exclusive discounts dependent on which level you are in the club. The levels are based on whether you wish to receive your dividend payments by cheque, direct payment or re-invest the dividend. The latter offers a 15% discount off cruises, gourmet Spanish foods and prize draws. But be mindful - Santander’s share price has over the last 12 months seen a 65% difference between the lowest and highest point. It’s not just in the UK that you can obtain perks in buying shares. Anheuser-Busch, (think Budweiser and Stella beer) owns a chain of theme parks under the Busch Gardens and Sea World names. Shareholders are given a 15% discount on the price of admission as well as a grab bag full of various‘goodies’. Stockholders of Starbucks are given free coffee! Tucked in with their annual report, investors will find a certificate for a free drink at any Starbucks location.

Now there’s one shareholder perk that will literally perk you up!

Next plc issue a voucher which entitles the shareholder to a 25% discount on most purchases made on one occasion at any Next store. The Company offers a discount voucher to any first named, registered shareholder holding 500 or more ordinary shares as at 1 April each year. The voucher is usually posted to shareholders in mid April and entitles the recipient or their immediate family to a 25% discount against most purchases at any one time of full price merchandise in Next Retail stores. The voucher has no monetary purchase limit and expires on 31 October of the same year. If you bought the minimum holding of 500 shares at the estimated price on the day of 31st March 2009 £13.24 you would today be sitting on a profit of £3,265.00 with your holding worth £9,885.00.00. Santander Group plc has a whole website dedicated to showing what you can receive as a shareholder.

The information in this article does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation, or take into account individual investment objectives, or financial circumstances. Seek advice from an investment professional, solicitor or accountant before making any investment decisions. Charles Stanley & Co. Ltd is a member of the London Stock Exchange. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


“It’s not just in the UK that you can obtain perks in buying shares”

There’s a slap-up meal for two at


La grillade for the best letter Please send your letters, news and opinions to As always, if we select your correspondence as Letter of The Month, we pay for a slap-up meal for two at the fabulous La Grillade in Leeds!

Letter of the month

I'm with Alison Holland when it comes to the irritating phenomenon of bloggers and tweeters taking pictures of their food and posting it online as they're eating! There must be a point, but I can't see it! It ranks alongside those people who film music concerts from their mobile phones instead of actually enjoying the experience themselves - and while they're at it ruining the experience for the line of people immediately behind them by blocking their views!

Ah, the curse of 'Friends'. It's like Tutenkhamen for Thespians. 90% of the cast's films are nothing short of diabolical - and I'm bewildered how your writer can rate Jennifer Aniston's movie output at six out of ten (Issue 12) !?! Her phoney formula film-making is at the root of so much that's wrong with Hollywood culture - join-the-dots screenwriting, ten million in the bank, move on to the next one. I mean, she always seems pretty smart - and your interview proves it - but wouldn't it be great, just once, to see her out of that stale rom-com comfort zone?

Rich Williams might think he looks pretty cool with his shades on standing next to Taio Cruz (Aire Waves, Issue 12) but I bet he regrets wearing that Zippy & George t-shirt. Image spoiler or what!?

Anne-Marie, via email

Aggie, via email

Agreed. And we reckon, deep down, she can't wait ... enjoy your meal at the fabulous La Grillade, Anne-Marie. Ed.

Defend yourself, Rich! Ed.

A 'Friends' reunion; it's inevitable isn't it? But after the 'Sex and the City' movie fiasco I won't be watching. How to reduce the best drama of the last 20 years to a pile of designer rubble in two painful hours. I'm still wincing... Debs, Shipley Clive James! Blimey, I thought he'd been shipped back to Oz years ago. But your interview (Issue 12) intrigued me. Maybe I'm naïve but I thought he was a TV link-man for daft Japanese game-shows and out-of-tune Cuban novelty singers! But poet, polyglot and all-round intellectual - you learn something every day! Speaking of which, your writer's correct - his website is indeed a thing of wonder and a true source for discovery and inspiration. Clive James's newest fan, via email Just a quick thankyou for featuring Clive James. I attended his show I enjoyed Duncan Thorne's interview with Ricky Hatton (Issue 12). I was one of the thousands who travelled to Las Vegas to see his fight with Manny Pacquiao. Although Ricky lost, it was a brilliant experience. There aren't many sportspeople I'd cross continents to watch but Hatton is one of them - a true legend and a thoroughly decent bloke. Plus, let's not forget, Pacquiao is possibly the best pound-for-pound fighter ever. Jason Cooley, Ferrybridge Highlighted by his recent destruction of Miguel Cotto - his seventh World Title in his seventh weight division. It was no shame to lose to Manny Pacquiao! Ed.


How can you compile a rock 'n' roll guide to Yorkshire without mentioning Goth? Bradford, Leeds and Whitby are the genre's spiritual homes and The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission are from these parts. Come on, the Corn Exchange wouldn't be what it is today without eyeliner and Jack Boots! Ailsa, Skipton Fair point, Ailsa. Although to give us our dues we did cover Goth in our Lost Bands of Leeds article in Issue 8. Ed. I was recently visited by an American architect friend of mine who was thrilled by the quality of old buildings in Leeds centre. It's easy to forget, as we poke our noses through each shop window, the lovely architecture above and surrounding us. He had a particular fondness for The Grand Theatre and The Civic Hall but the real jewel, according to his expert eye, was Bridge House on Hunslet Road - all fabulous curves and elegant roof space. To think the building came so close to demolition at one stage! Chris McDonald, Leeds And a good chance for me to shout out for my personal favourite, Kirkgate Market. A true gem. Ed. A quick thanks to Bethanie Lunn for her Brand Alley heads-up (What's New, Issue 12). Christmas shopping is now officially sorted! Amy P, sent via Blackberry

AB, via email

Dear Aggie, Imagine my excitement to see someone had written to me. Customarily a new contributor to this fine magazine might expect welcoming letters of support and encouragement. Sadly, upon reading your message my optimism was instantly crushed. How naïve of me to choose a sub-standard Tshirt when interviewing Taio Cruz. What must he have thought?! I shall, in future, carefully consider whether retro TV T-shirts are appropriate to sport in future editions! rW. Nice magazine, beautifully presented ... but there's one thing missing: children. I imagine most of your readers are professionals with families and I, for one, would enjoy the chance to read about days out, kids fashion, parenting advice etc. It's hardly a lifestyle magazine without it. What do you reckon? V. Thomas, Stanningley hmmm ... is this a good bit of advice? What do our other readers think? Please let us know, usual address. People might be forgiven for thinking Harrogate enjoys living up to its somewhat sleepy reputation - not only has Alan Titchmarsh been in town again (yawn) the region recently hosted the slowest ever car chase - a stolen tractor was pursued for eight miles towards Leeds/Bradford Airport at speeds approaching 30mph! Mr J. Crossley, Knaresborough Yes, thanks for the update, Mr Crossley. What's next? Rogue geese being driven across Station Parade? Anyway, what's this we hear of a phantom flasher! Oh, the shame...Ed.

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hoT CoFFEE PhoTogrAPhY




Charley Boorman’s tour begins on the 22nd February and includes dates in York (8th March), Sheffield (10th March) and Bradford (18th March). For more info visit

King of the road Following on from the

Last thing you did that made you feel good?

Last refuge ... where would you go?

phenomenal success of his

To my dad’s house in Ireland.

Sydney to Tokyo, and his

Seeing my wife and kids after my last trip ‘From Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means’ - I was away for 3 and a half months!

round-the-world travels with

Last thing you'd want to be doing right now?

Ewan Mcgregor, the intrepid

Sitting in an office, doing a 9-5 job.

last biking adventure from

actor, adventurer and author Charley Boorman has decided to take a break from trekking around the world

Last night on Earth ... What's your poison? A decent bottle of red wine.

Fret not, he hasn’t lost the travelling bug just yet! he’s

Last person you’d want to share a drink with?


taking to the stage for an evening of chat and anecdotes from his worldwide escapades. on: hitched a ride with him – for some Famous Last Words…

I’ve been married for a long time and I think one of the things that makes us last the course is our openness and honesty with each other. It gives us both a great sense of security Last but one ... random question: what’s the best stretch of road you’ve ever travelled?

Last supper ... What are you ordering? A rocket and bresola salad with parmesan and balsamic and olive oil. Veal kidney’s tossed in crème fraiche with bacon pieces and shallots in a tagliatelle pasta.

and stay a little closer to

Last the course ... tips on loot, love & life?

Sounds clichéd but if it really was the last person on earth, it would have to be my wife. Apart from that it would have to be Valentino Rossi (multiple MotoGP World Champion). Last time you shed a tear and why? I was watching The Bachelor Party – they were tears of laughter, I was on a flight to Australia and it had me in hysterics.

When Ewan and I did ‘Long Way Down’, we were in Ethiopia and we came in from Sudan and went up the west side of Ethiopia to Eritrea where it’s a very high mountain range and we were going up and down on these very messed-up mountain roads, which made very tough riding, with trucks coming the other way. We then went up to a place called Adigrat which is on the border of Eritrea and headed back down towards Abadar on the east side where it had the most amazing tarmac-ed road back to Addis Ababa. Your Famous Last Words?

“i’m gonna finish the Dakar rally”…..which i didn’t, i ended up with 2 broken hands instead!

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