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t c a r t n o C g n i r u t c a f u n a M Suppliers of complementary medicines for over a decade.

Company History Glen Gillard is Natural Vitality Australia’s Managing Director and has been in the health industry for over three decades. He has acquired many modalities over the years including Iridology, Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology and has studied with many Forefathers of Natural Health and Wellbeing. He has owned the retail brand of products under the WonderFoods label for nearly as long as he has been a Naturopath and still to this day, WonderFoods has the best milk alternative and Tangy Vitamin C powder on the market. His passion for health and helping people and also being of a business mind, has seen him own health food stores in Sydney and Brisbane and wholesale distribution companies in Melbourne and Queensland. All the while also having clinics and seeing patients wherever and whenever he is able. Continuing to educate himself with seminars and being an avid reader, (Glen has a library of health books that spans a 3 meter wall) there is not a symptom or a disease that he would not be educated or have advice on. It is his clinical experience and thirst to help people, that ultimately created Natural Vitality Australia. Natural Vitality Australia evolved from a small, two room laboratory underneath a house in 1999. Glen was experimenting with functional foods and herbal extracts, trying to create the right mixes for his chronic fatigue patients at the time. He was very busy running his Wholesale Health Distribution company. His wife and son ran their Health and Organic food store and the shop also had a clinic in which Glen liked to practise one day a week. His consulting was, and still is today, his real passion and it was from the time spent with his patients that Glen saw the real need for Functional Foods and Glycetracts and he created the brands, BioActiv and Sunray. Glen’s two Practitioner Only brands, that essentially were the kick start to NVA. Over a decade has passed and Natural Vitality Australia has grown exponentially and is now operating from its own HACCP approved premises in the heart of Brendale (30 minutes from the city). NVA not only produces its own health and vitamin ranges, but manufactures the worlds most potent Homoeopathics and most recently added natural cosmeceuticals to its line up. NVA also offers a contract manufacturing facility, as well as distribution and fulfilment services. There is so much that NVA can offer new and existing clients from research and development, current formulations under any label, graphic design services for the products, storage, warehousing and shipping nationally, or on a global scale. And if we can’t make it, we can help you find someone who can, as we are connected to the best TGA laboratories in the world. Natural Vitality Australia is all about creating, innovating and cultivating, as we strive to bring our customers the best natural medicines in the world with the latest advancements in health and nutrition at a cost effective price.

Facility & Quality Assurance Natural Vitality Australia maintains a fully HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified manufacturing facility with an open door policy to our existing and potential clients. To ensure a product is of the highest quality, efficacy, purity and potency, Natural Vitality Australia has a full time Quality Assurance team. NVA ensures that your needs are not only met, but exceeded every time. We source the finest raw ingredients at the most cost effective prices, maintain on-going research and development (both in formulation and manufacturing) and keep up with the latest technologies in manufacturing. We can deal in small quantities to very large quantities and provide all your packaging needs.


NVA’s bulk blending and packaging processes ensure we are the premier contract manufacturers for your dry food, nutraceutical or proprietary formula products. NVA specialises in proteins, green blends, sports nutrition, weight management and maintenance, health and wellness products. Our manufacturing facilities make it possible to blend any dry products and liquids to your own exacting specifications.


NVA can provide you with the guidance, expertise and advice required for you to private label or print your own packaging.


Our experienced research and development team, led by Director Glen Gillard can help you with research and development of new, customised products or reformulation and improvement to our current products.


Our graphic design and marketing team can help you from full service design of packaging and labels, through to flyers and marketing material.


Natural Vitality can store and warehouse all your finished goods and distribute your range.





*MGQEDIEMSR-IRS Acai Berry powder Alfalfa powder Aloe Vera powder Apple Pectin -"SHJOJOF1ZSPHMVUBNBUF -"SHJOJOF)ZESPDIMPSJEF Ascorbic Acid Astragalus powder Bacopa/ Brahmi Bee Pollen powder Beetroot powder Beta Glucan powder #FUBJOF)$Beta Sito Sterol Bee Pollen Granules Bi-Carbonate powder Black Walnut Hulls Brewers Yeast Broccoli Sprout powder  Boswellia Serrata extract 3BX$BDBPQPXEFS 0SH

Calcium Ascorbate Calcium Carbonate Carob powder Cascara Herb powder Celery Seed Ground Bulk Chamomile Flower powder (Org) Chia Flour Chondroitin Sulphate Cinnamon powder Citric Acid powder Coconut powder Ground Colostrum powder (20%iGG) Coenzyme Q10 Coriander Seed powdered Cream of Tartar Creatine Monohydrate Dandelion powder (Organic) Dead Sea Salt DMG (Dimethylglycine) %3JCPTFQPXEFS %VOBMJFMMB(PME3FE"MHBF %POH2VBJ3PPUFYUSBDUQPXEFS /FUUMF(MZDFUSBDUQPXEFS 0BU4FFEFYUSBDUQPXEFS 1BFPOJB3PPUFYUSBDUQPXEFS &QTPN4BMUT

5SJCVMVT5FSSFTUJTFYUSBDU Fennel powder Folic Acid powder Fructose powder Green Barley Grass (Org) Ground Cloves powder Green Coffee Beans (FOUJBO3PPU (JOHFS3PPUQPXEFS (JOTFOHFYUSBDU Glucosamine Hydrochloride Glucosamine Sulphate (MVDPTBNJOF)$- 7FH

-(MZDJOFQPXEFS Goji powder (Wolfberry extract) Graviola Herb powder (SFFO5FB1& Green Tea Organic Grape Seed & Skin Gotu Kola powder Guar Gum powder Guarana powder Hesperidin Hibiscus powder Organic Hops Flower powder Horsetail Activated 7% Inositol +PKPCB'BDJBM1VMQNFBM Kelp -"MBOJOFQPXEFS -$BSOJUJOF#BTF -$BSOJUJOF5BSUSBUF -FDJUIJOQPXEFS -FDJUIJO(SBOVMFT (FSNBO



.BSTINBMMPX3PPUQPXEFS Marienbad Salts Magnesium Carbonate Magnesium Chloride Modified Citrus Pectin St Mary’s Thistle powder Milk Minerals powder MSM /FFN-FBG5FB#VML /FUUMF-FBGø Nettle powder Oats Herb (Avena Sativa) Oligofructose 0MJWF-FBG(MZD'SFTI Onion powder Passionflower powder Pea Protein powder Pectin Citrus Potato Starch Potassium Bi-Carbonate Potassium Citrate Potassium Sulphate Psyllium Hull Pumpkin Seeds Quercetin 3FJTIJ.VTISPPNQPXEFS 3PTFIJQ4IFMMT0SHBOJD 3JDF#SBO 3JDF'MPVS'JOF(SBEF 3PTFIJQT 8JME3PTFMMBQPXEFS 3PTFNBSZQPXEFS 0SH

3JDF1SPUFJOQPXEFS 3VUJOQPXEFS Sarsparilla powder Bulk Saw palmetto herb powder Sea Salt Pacific Fine Seaweed powder Shark Cartilage Bulk 4IBUJWBSJ3IJ[PNFFYUSBDU Siberian Ginseng powder Silica Colloidal 4MJQQFSZ&MN#BSLQPXEFS Sodium Alginate powder Sodium Citrate powder Sodium Ascorbate Soy Protein Isolate 90%Â

Soy Protein Isolate 90% Spinach powder Spirulina powder Stevia powder 90% Magnesium Sulphate Sprouted Wheat powder Tapioca Maltodextrin Tapioca Starch Tienchi Ginseng powder 5.(ø #&5"*/&"OIZESPVT

Tomato powder 5VSNFSJD3PPUQPXEFSø Vegetable Charcoal (activ) Vitex Agnus-castus Fruit extract Wheat Grass powder White Chia Seeds 8JUIBOJB3PPUQPXEFS WPC80 Undernatured Wheat Sprout powder Xanthan Gum Xylitol :VDDB3PPUQPXEFS Zinc Chloride Zinc Citrate Zinc Gluconate Zinc Oxide


Health Script products are formulated from the standing ranges of Sunray Health, BioActiv BOE/1.PSZPVSPXOGPSNVMBUJPOT)&"-5)4$3*15MBCFMTFOBCMFZPVUPPSEFSGPSNVMB with your own clinic label and details to help ensure repeat scripts come back to you.




Wonder Foods is all about easy to use, affordable and quality health solutions for the whole family. It began with a single product developed back in the early 80s called “Wonder Foods Natural Whey Drink�, a low allergenic milk substitute which was developed for children with milk intolerances. 30 years on, this great tasting milk alternative is still being enjoyed by thousands. Teamed with our other best sellers Wonder Foods Vitamin C and Hesperidin powder, Organic Stevia Drops, Nicerweigh and WalkaWeigh, Wonder Foods has gradually become a recognised and trusted brand in many homes across Australia. We pride ourselves on being a family owned and operated Australian business, all having a passion for health. We continue to create and develop the best functional foods available and the brand now CPBTUTPWFSQSPEVDUT DBUFSJOHGPSZPVOHBOEPMEJOFWFSZBSFBPGUIFJSMJWFT Wonder Foods offers options for higher immunity, detoxification, slimming, weight management, assisting digestion, better joint care, sports endurance, beauty from within and more, because everyone’s better health is our concern.


8FBSFQSPVEUPJOUSPEVDFUIFOFX3PTB/BUVSBMT3BOHF After 30 years of successfully treating skin, scalp and hair conditions including hair loss, scarring, acne and varicose veins; Australian Naturopath and Herbalist Glen Gillard applied his holistic expertise and DMJOJDBMSFTFBSDIýOEJOHTUPDSFBUF3PTB/BUVSBMT6TJOHPOMZUIFQVSFTUJOHSFEJFOUT FBDIGPSNVMBIBT been carefully blended to our certified standards. "U3PTB/BUVSBMTPVSQIJMPTPQIZJTUPDPNCJOFUSBEJUJPOBMIFSCBMXJTEPNXJUIUIFMBUFTUBEWBODFTJOTLJO care science. Using medicinal grade herbal extracts, essential oils, unique nutrients, and antioxidant TVQFSGPPETUIF3PTB/BUVSBMT3BOHFGPSNFOBOEXPNFOFOSJDIFT TPPUIFT OPVSJTIFTBOEFOIBODFT your skin, hair and health.



BioActiv is the most efficacious health range of bio-activated functional & fermented foods and super nutrient formulations for the most outstanding value. Glen wanted something that was full of vital nutrients that his clients could easily take a couple of times a day to boost that energy reserve that they were digging so deep to find. Green Barley by itself was not enough, so Glen created his own Glyco Nutritional Blend. This product has astounding results. BioActiv GNB has now been surpassed in sales by BioActiv favourites Yucca Blend, Peristal and Volcomin Forte but it was the founding product in the range that expanded Glen’s clinical prescriptions to functional foods and has been the backbone in the creation of this amazing brand. This range prides itself on providing practitioners with a first class, affordable, great tasting range that they can offer any patient with the reassurance they are giving their patient the best possible care. Functional foods are readily absorbed and digested more easily by the body than pills and capsules. They also taste great in juice. BioActiv is your functional food best friend.



5IF#JP3FTFBSDI4ZTUFNXBTEFWFMPQFENPSFUIBOZFBSTBHPJOBRVFTU to fulfil the health needs of patients. As the human race has evolved over time, and diseases and health disorders have changed, a 21st century BQQSPBDIUP)PNPFPQBUIJDQSFTDSJCJOHXBTNPTUEFTJSBCMF#JP3FTFBSDI was created based on the Alchemic teachings, combined with the theory PGFMFNFOUTBQQMJFEGPSUIFCPEJFTOFFETUIBU"VTUSBMJBO/BUVSPQBUIBOE )PNFPQBUI $MJWF3JDIBSETIBENBTUFSFE Making these multi potency formulas all by hand, without the use of electricity and putting positive energies into these homoeopathics, Clive came to realise he had a range totally unique that was achieving amazing results in his clinic. Once he retired he chose to share his wondrous knowledge and secrets and+ entrusted long term friend and colleague (MFO(JMMBSEXJUIIJT#JP3FTFBSDISBOHF #JP3FTFBSDIJTUIFNVMUJQPUFODZIPNFPQBUIJDSBOHFGPSUIFTUDFOUVSZ5IFTZTUFNJTTJNQMFGPSUIF 1SBDUJUJPOFSUPQSFTDSJCFBOETJNQMFGPSUIF1BUJFOUUPVTF#JP3FTFBSDIHFUTUPUIFIFBSUPGBIFBMUI problem fast.


4VOSBZ)FBMUI$PMMPJEBM4JMWFSIJUUIFNBSLFU*UXBTUIFĂ˝STUDPMMPJEBMTJMWFSPOUIFTIFMGBUUIF UJNFUPCFQQN QBSUTQFSNJMMJPO NBEFXJUIOPFMFDUSJDJUZBOEUPIBWFBTUBCMFTIFMGMJGF5IJTIFBMUI product has been so widely accepted over the years, that we have had to keep the same labelling on it TPUIBUZFBSTPO JUTGPMMPXFSTDBOTUJMMĂ˝OEJUBNPOHTUBMMJUTDPNQFUJUPSTUPEBZ Over the past decade Sunray health has expanded to functional foods and glycetracts and now owns PWFSQSPEVDUT*UVOEFSXFOUBSFCSBOEJOHJOBOEOPXMPPLTHSFBUPOBOZQSBDUJUJPOFSTTIFMWFT Specialising in functional foods for everyday use, there is single foods to multi ingredient super foods. Plus our Sunray Botanicals are one of Australia’s largest efficacious ranges of herbal glycetracts. Our glycetracts are bio-activated with colloidal minerals and fulvic acid, plus sun energised with added glycerine. The Sunray range is not only abundant in products to choose from but it offers the highest of quality ingredients from a HACCAP certified manufacturing plant in Brisbane. Sunray Health only uses GMO Free, non irradiated, pure ingredients that are certified. It is our mission at Sunray Health to be the practitioner’s first choice for functional foods.


Natura Prescriptus Medicina is only a small ‘practitioner only’ range and although it may only have a shelf or two of things to offer its clinician, it has some key products that practitioners can offer every patient that enters their clinic. Supplying mineral celloids to Australian & New Zealand practitioners for over 30 years, the range has always focused on its quality mineral celloids, but now the range has evolved and today NPM carry’s the worlds best alkalising drops Alka OH- and the yummiest tasting ble. liquid vitamin B tonic, Super B, available. It has the lowest priced cough mixture on the market that has been tried and tested for years with fast results and NPM can boast its latest addition, Citra-Bio, is the most potent of all health digestive liquids, offering not only pro-biotics but olive leaf, paw paw, pomegranate and more. It is a practitioner only range with huge potential to make the practitioner a good income with cheap prices for the patients but quality second to none.

It has the lowest priced cough mixture on the market that has been tried and tested for years with fast results and NPM can boast its latest addition, Citra-Bio, is the most potent of all health digestive liquids, offering not only pro-biotics but olive leaf, paw paw, pomegranate and more. It is a practitioner only range with huge potential to make the practitioner a good income with cheap prices for the patients but quality second to none. Fighting acidity, correcting digestion and looking for mineral deficiencies are all key steps to be addressed with any client suffering of ill health. That is why NPM now has all the tools to really pack a punch and win some wars on ill health. NPM, should be a clinician’s best weapon.

11 Aldinga Street, Brendale, QLD 4500 Phone: (07) 3205 4622 Fax: (07) 3205 9433

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NVA Contract Manufacturing Catalogue