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Glaucoma Treatment Performed by Optometrist Glaucoma is a gradually affecting disease that damages the optic nerve in the eyes. Without treatment, glaucoma can advance to changeless, irreversible vision impairment. Reasons for Glaucoma There are various types of glaucoma. Most happen when pressure in the eye (intraocular) increases, harming the optic nerve yet in some cases optic nerve damage can happen even without intraocular increment. Few sorts of glaucoma are rare and are caused by abnormal eye disease development, drugs, infections or inflammatory conditions, interrupted blood supply to the eye, and injury. Side Effects of Glaucoma Cited as “silent thief of the light”, Glaucoma is a steady loss of vision which most don't notice. Few symptoms may include: 

Blurred Vision

Sudden loss of eye sight

Halos around lights

Nausea and vomiting

Eye redness

Eye pain or headache

Glaucoma Risk Factors: 

A higher risk of Glaucoma exists when

You are above 60 years of age

You have a family history


Sleep apnea

Migrane or Reynaud’s phenomenon

Long term medication

It is diagnosed through various eye examination performed by optometrist. In Los Angeles Optometry, doctors perform glaucoma using 

Eye drop




Laser Treatment

Medicines for Glaucoma Most medicines for glaucoma are regulated as eye drops. Often, pills might be prescribed as a transitory measure. There are an assortment of drugs utilized as a part of the treatment of glaucoma and most work either by reducing the volume of liquid created by the eye or enhancing drainage of eye liquid. Laser Treatment of Glaucoma During laser surgery for glaucoma, low-energy light emissions are drained through the eye channels to allow improved eye flow bringing down the intraocular pressure. These methods are performed in your Los Angeles optometry office or at an outpatient surgery centre. Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma Surgery for glaucoma might be prescribed when eye drops and laser techniques are insufficient to reduce eye pressure. Some surgical methods used to enhance the eye's drainage include the positioning of shunts, stents, or using your own particular tissue to make drainage. Long Lasting Glaucoma Treatment People with glaucoma require continuous, long lasting treatment to counteract visual deficiency. Solutions should be taken consistently and unequivocally as your eye specialist has prescribed. Visiting eye screenings (each three to four months) are likewise expected to screen eye pressure and to assess the viability of glaucoma treatment.

Glaucoma Treatment Performed by Optometrist  
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