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Hawaii Research

Honolulu •Waterfall ride • Our tropical ride flows right through Hanakapiai Falls, down the beautiful stream while people hike a distance up the seritan mountains.

Splash Bucket Water Ride • Walk right in and buckets will splash right in your face like a tropical rain storm. Bring your Speedo shoes, guarantee you will get drenched!

Lily’s Restaurant • Coconut Shrimp • Kastu Chicken • Coconut Cream Pie • Pineapple Up Side Down Cake

Lili O Kanali • Shell Natural Necklace • Perl vases • Sun Dresses • Beach Towels • Sun Glasses • Sun Hats • Sunflowers

Hawaiian concession stands . Hawaiian shaved ice (Flavors)

. Coconut . Dragon Fruit . Pineapple . Mango Flavor

Hawaii brochure  

Brochure for Hawaii

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