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Community center with a school, sports and child daycare

This is the main professional project I was involved in during my internship at the Dutch architecture and urbanism practice De Zwarte Hond. It is a school design consisting of a child daycare center and a sports center in Barendrecht, near Rotterdam. This commission was given to De Zwarte Hond in 2011 by the municipality of Barendrecht. The office had a final design proposal ready, however due to financial issues the construction had to be postponed.


I was involved in the new concept devision and model making for the new proposal for consideration in 2014. Our concept is to give all the four functions, the school, CJG, SKB & sports, their own identity while simultaneously housing all under one roof to create a sense of community and belonging. The design had to be context friendly as the surrounding buildings are mainly low rise housing. Furthermore entrance plains and access were also important issues that this design needed to address. My involvement in this project was brainstorming 3d volumes with by producing sketches, physical volume study models, and visualizations. I have also attended the client and user meetings with the project architects to present our design development.




Creation of plains

The Binnenlandse Baan (main traffic)

Various uses


1:500 Final model in context


Ground floor







First floor 3

Exterior impression


1:200 Physical model, exterior 5

1:200 Physical model, interior 6



Masterplanning St. Radigunds for multiple functions

The site is located in St. Radigunds street, outside the historical city walls of Canterbury but within walking distance to the city center. What makes this area so attractive is its close proximity to the railway station where the commute to central London is under one hour. In the surrounding area there is mix of uses, the main ones being residential and education buildings. The site is currently a small portion of a hard asphalt surfaced public car park providing approximately 40 parking spaces. This project consists of two work phases; first is the devision of a masterplan for the four functions of housing, boarding house, student acommodation and a school. The second phase is the indepth design of one of these functions in the masterplan. I have chosen to develop the private housing for the detailed study. The masterplanning commenced in a group of five students. As a group we researched and collectively brainstormed how to allocate each building a plot and what happens to the area in between. The concept was creating a hierarchy of space by organizing the site for public, semi-private and private uses.

For the group work my role was in the form of a researcher, physical model maker, sketcher of ideas and 3D modeler of the final masterplan.

Development sketches 7

Masterplan Analysis Allocation of site area

Hierarchy of space

1.Boarding House 2.Housing 3.School 4.Student

Site Access Cycle Path

The area in between Car Access

Pedestrian Routes

Soft Landscaping




Green Spaces Hard Landscaping


Massing development

Ground floor plan


Detail section

Exterior impression




Concept sketches

Templeman library extension and refurbishment

This project is for adapting and extending the existing structure of the Templeman library on University of Kent’s Canterbury campus. The implementations should address the new pedagogical, spatial, social and technical challenges posed by the design of contemporary university libraries. Until the digital revolution, the libraries functioned as a space to physically store and access information. This relationship between IT and physical storage is something in revision which directly affects library designs. The idea is to shift the Templeman library from a physical repository to a place of active teaching, learning and social interaction. The current library, as designed by William Holford in 1964, was constructed in four stages as the demand for shelf space increased. It constitutes a central admin area which is lined with four blocks of stacks and reading rooms on the east and west wings. The extension project brief requires the creation of a wide range of learning and teaching spaces, such as lecture hall, seminar rooms, group study areas and a series of informal spaces for socializing. As an important addition, the brief requires the new extension building to house an archive, reference library and an exhibition gallery for the British Cartoon Archive. The archive, currently housed in the existing Templeman library, is small and often not noticed by the students.



Construction area Connections

The connection between the existing library and the extension is in the form of connector bridges, creating an urban street below.


Central atrium Lecture theater

The central atrium goes the full height of the building and the lecture theater is in close approximity to the central zone for ease of access.


Exhibition gallery Restaurant

The gallery is located on the north to benefit from difused light, the restaurant is facing the south side.


Ramps Final curved form

The form is pushed inwards to create a curvilinear form with ramps on either side as access arms.


Interior main circulation


Extension main entrance



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