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Understanding the Varied World of Print-onDemand

The work of self publishers and writers has become much easier now that services like print on demand are available to make the job easy and interesting. Cost effective, convenient, and hassle free, this service has single handedly changed the way the self publishing industry moves and operates. And the best part – this system eliminates most of the risks associated with being in this industry. All you need is a little out of pocket expense and you are all set. Now that we are on the subject, let us try and understand what the print on demand industry is all about and how you stand to gain from using it to your advantage. Here is everything you need to know about this service. •

Printing on demand is quite a convenient method of getting your literary material into the market. The system is quite fast, meaning that you can get your creation in front of your audience quickly and in a timely manner.

One of the most important aspects of this service is how easily you can get started with it. Setting up your POD account is really simple plus you aren’t required to complete too many formalities either.

As the name suggests, on demand printing allows for economy of scale. This means that as and when your customer places an order for your material, you can then initiate the printing, publishing, and binding process, keeping in mind the order size and requirements. This prevents many unnecessary losses which the author of the material might have had to bear otherwise.

This system also offers just-in-time-production. Whether one copy or a hundred, your customer will get his order printed, published, and delivered to his/her doorstep in just a few days, without too much time lag. Companies offering POD services offer high quality solutions that will ensure your customers are satisfied with what they get.

This system also eliminates the whole need for inventory management and storage. POD completely removes this responsibility from the shoulders of the publisher/distributor and thus cuts down on the costs involved as well.

The system happens to be pretty simple indeed. The book printer has a digital file of the book and its cover in its computerized book-making machine. These files are completely accessible to the owner/author of the manuscript and can therefore be edited as and when required. These files are used for printing purposes as and when orders come in.


On demand printing is not just beneficial for the one-time, small self publishers. The big names in the industry also find this cost effective system quite advantageous when it comes to keeping their out-of-print titles alive and in circulation.


The quality of print can also be vouched for. Traditional printing involves the use of large scale printing presses that would churn out a huge number of copies of your manuscript. But the computerized printing system used here allows for a much easier, accurate and better quality printing.

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